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[DC Universe] - Tales Of A Harlequin

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Ryona_Scribe, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Gotham City, in the dead of night. An old abandoned factory by the river. Glass shattering, a brief moment of silence, the sound of a dreadful impact. A man, panting, gazed out of an until-recently closed window, ignoring the blood staining parts of the glass. He was tall and somewhat lanky, with messy short green hair and skin that redefined pale. He wore a purple classy suit and a grin unrealistically large with painted red lips. His eyes appeared wild, crazed, yet vast intelligence sparked within them if one was daring enough to make eye contact.

    "It had to happen sooner or later," the man spoke as he began to chuckle, "since I won't see you soon, I guess I'll see you later!" The man laughed as he walked away from the window, but soon his laughter ceased with a sigh.

    "That was lame, now that I think about it. I need to fire my writer," his voice picking up from a mumble to a roar as he reached the end of the platform where he stood, looking over dozens of horrified gang members, "and you all need to get packing! We're outta here! The whole damn thingie got crippled right before it could be the greatest thingie ever! It's like looking for something good to say about that chump Booster or discovering the sweet sound of Robin's painful demise, it just ain't happening!" With a pause, the man broke out into laughter, slapping his own knee and shaking as he failed to control himself.

    "Was that last one too soon? Oh well! Back to work, losers!" The crown prince of crime, The Joker, was at the top of his game despite a single person intervening. No one ever got in his way and lived to tell the tale. No one.

    The one who dared cross his path... The one who fell to their own demise at the hands of this psychotic gang warlord... Wore red and black clothing, and was buried in the wood pile she had landed in, motionless and likely broken beyond imagination from her fall. Her name was Harley Quinn, former partner of Joker, a jester of great renown as she had the true potential to be on equal footing with the criminal mastermind himself.

    Perhaps... That is what he hated most?

    -Thirty Minutes Earlier-

    Harley Quinn giggled as she skipped through the lively factory, full of gang members in green and purple warming themselves around barrel fires and preparing various weapons. They all stopped to take a look at the giddy young woman as she bounced her way towards the back of the building. Her clothing was form-fitting, leaving little of her picture-perfect cheerleader's figure to the imagination. Interestingly, the uniform was black and red, with alternate colors for her shoes, gloves, leggings, torso, and jester hat. Her face, while covered by an expression of pure cheerfulness, was painted entirely white with make-up. Her lips and eyeliner were both black, though her lipstick showed slight shades of a deep red with the right lighting.

    Harley eventually reached her goal, the upwards platform at the back of the factory where a single person worked tirelessly over a lit desk almost overflowing with pages of plans for any imaginable number of creations and gambits. The gang members looked at each other as Harley reached the top and approached him, whispering something into his ear. With a chuckle, the man stood up and straightened his tie.

    "This should be hilarious. Lead on, Harley." he said following behind the giddy clown. With glee, Harley went into the office and lowered the blinds quickly as the door was closed behind her, leaving the gang wondering what Harley would want with the Joker after the last time the two were together, he told her to leave by means of hitting her with a pistol and leaving her to take the fall when the cops showed up. After a few moments, Joker's voice echoed loudly through the entire building, sending fear rushing through every man in earshot.

    "You did WHAAAT?!"

    Harley rubbed her ears, her smile not fading in the slightest despite Joker's currently rather unhappy demeanor.

    "You heard me, puddin'! I figured him out. I can tell you who he is," Harley spoke as Joker walked across the room, sitting heavily in an office chair while rubbing his face in pure disdain, "and with a bit of Googlin' we could get all the info we need! Puddin... We won. We finally won! He'll never know what hit him!"

    "Harley," Joker grumbled as he gazed angrily up at his sidekick over the top of his hand that currently was massaging his face in a vain attempt to relieve his rapidly building stress, "just how much do you know?"

    "Don't you worry Mr. J, I got it all! And in hindsight, I guess it makes sense, but in a weird... Comic book kind of way. He is-"

    "Hush!" Joker spoke quickly, though this made the female clown look around quickly.


    "Nevermind. Now Harley..." Joker said as his smile returned, standing and walking towards the girl, "You know what this means, right? Celebrating. We can smash him tomorrow. Why rush? We have him right where we want him, right?" Harley responded with a happy nod as Joker slid his arm around her shoulders, pulling her into a one-armed hug, "Then we need to pop a few pizzas and order a few corks, am I right? You did good, pumpkin. Now, this calls for a little personal celebrating, if you catch my somewhat unhealthy drift." Harley visibly blushed, which was surprising considering her make-up. Joker then gestured to a rope hanging in the middle of the room.

    "Can you do me a favor, darling?" Joker asked as he walked over to a desk, shuffling through the contents slowly, "Tie that into a noose and put your head through it."

    "Sure thing puddin'," said Harley as she did as instructed without a single care, "but why for?"

    "A little role playing," Joker explained as he pulled out something and pocketed it, approaching Harley as she stuck her head through the new noose she had just finished,
    "just so we know how we are going to say our last lines to the fool when we nab him. These gotta be good, you know? We need to have feeling in this one, not just random every day quips or yucks. Get my meaning?"

    "You are so right, Mr. J!"

    "Of course I am, now here. Hold these." said Joker as he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and placed them around Harley's wrists, confusing the girl.

    "Getting really into character, huh?" Harley became slightly nervous as Joker tightened the noose around Harley's neck, making the girl hold back a giggle.

    "Tryin' to choke me out?"

    "Nope. I just want to make sure you don't fall over during all of this."

    "Fall over? What do you-" Suddenly, Joker rammed a knife into Harley's stomach, catching the female jester entirely by surprise. Joker pushed the knife as deeply as it would go before pulling it out. Harley tried to say something, but her words were cut short by a back-handed slap that almost turned her around entirely.

    "Mis... Mister J..." Joker then stabbed the knife into Harley's left leg and let it remain there as he used both free hands to slug Harley's bleeding stomach over and over, covering his fists with her blood. Harley could do nothing with her hands restrained, and the noose held her upright as the punches continued to pour on, knocking precious oxygen and liquid from her body. Over and over, until finally Joker stopped and looked over his gloves, which were almost entirely stained red. Annoyed, he changed his focus to Harley's face.

    "You, just, ruin," Joker spoke, adding a haymaker of a punch to Harley's face with every word, "every, little, thing, don't, you?" He finished his sentence and jabbed at Harley's nose not once but twice, causing blood to trail down her bruised and slightly-swolled face from her nose and corners of her mouth. Joker took a step back and looked over Harley with disgust before walking to her side and placing a hand on her shoulder. Harley turned to Joker weakly, but with his free hand he proceeded to assault her vulnerable rib cage with punch after punch. Beating her hard enough to cause blood to flow more freely from her open wounds, until he finally heard a cracking noise come from Harley's body. Circling around her, Joker continued the assault on her ribs from the opposite side, pounding her relentlessly in the same fashion. After the beating reached the point of smashing ribs on the opposite side of Harley's body, the room had already been filled with the young woman's endless pained screams and agonizing shrieks.

    Joker stepped before Harley and removed the knife from her leg by dragging the blade upwards, slicing through costume and flesh until he pulled back. As Harley began to cry and whimper helplessly, suffering from horrible pains inflicted upon her, Joker leaned inwards and whispered into her ear.

    "The funniest part of this joke... I haven't done anything lethal yet." Harley's eyes widened as Joker pulled her leg out straight, then brought his foot down, shattering her knee entirely. A piercing scream reverberated off every wall in the factory, making the gang members do everything in their power to avert their attention. They listened to The Joker do things like this all the time to guys who crossed him the wrong way, but he never went this far with Harley, the beautiful girl so full of life and cheerful energy.

    Minutes passed, and the screams finally ended. Joker sat roughly in his chair, holding a dart gun and a tazer. With a sigh, he tossed the weapons aside and looked over Harley Quinn, who was motionless and bleeding from countless wounds dotting her entire body. Regardless of the wound count covering her body, it paled in comparison to the horrible wounds inflicted within her. Both of her legs were broken, and her jaw appeared to be broken as well, her costume torn all over and her left arm was out of socket. Joker approached Harley and lifted her chin to look into her empty, tear-covered eyes.

    "The worst way to ruin a joke," Joker said in an eeriely calm voice, "is to know the punchline ahead of time. No one ruins my fun. No one takes my spotlight. There is one Joker. Always has been, always will be." Freeing Harley, Joker dragged his former sidekick out of the office and to a window, hurling her through it and shattering the glass in the process. A trail of blood was left where Harley's body had been, even leaving traces around the window. Harley plummeted through the air until her body smashed into a wood pile, mauling her tortured body further.

    As the Joker left the window and began ranting at his gang, a dark figure quickly made way to the wood pile. After examining the body of Harley, it quickly darted off away from the factory grounds, carrying the body with it. Halfway across the city, inside of a spacious room, a woman walked along the side of a pool filled with tannish green liquid. She did not seem bothered by the fact the room was full of lush greenery, plants seeming to have grown and taken over most of what likely was previously an indoors garden.

    "I knew it would happen. I knew he would be angry. How could I have stopped him? How could I have stopped you?" The woman sighed as she sat down beside the pool, sliding her green-tinted legs into the pool with a small box on her lap. Sliding some bright red hair behind her ear to clear her vision, she gazed into the pool before her. At the bottom of the pool which was deep enough for the base to be but a foot below the woman's feet was the naked body of a girl whose body was badly mangled and covered in brutal injuries.

    "I remember hearing you joke once," the woman spoke as she slid her fingers over the lid of the box, her eyes still focused on the body in the pool, "about being banished from hell once upon visiting there in death. I considered it another one of your dimwitted ramblings until I saw you tonight, beaten as you were. I thought you were dead, Harley... I thought I lost you, but you were breathing. Unconscious, but breathing. I tried moving you, but all I heard from you was the sound of more bones breaking, so getting you here was no small feat. Just tell me what you were thinking..."

    The woman opened the box, gazing inside at a mask within. She lifted the mask from the box and looked over it sadly, seeing the familiar shape and size that she had seen so many times before around the head of one of her most hated enemies.

    "What was going through your mind when you unmasked Batman?"

    To Be Continued...?


    Harley Quinn doing something impressive? In MY storybook world? It is more likely than you think. I'll be completely honest, my stories involving this subject are going to be a little biased... While Joker is my favorite villain from the DC comics, Harley is likely my favorite comic book character... Ever. I just adore her. Her personality, her outlook on life, her boundless determination and the energy she packs could leave the squirrel from Hoodwinked gasping. Every time she appears, my heart goes all a flutter, but one aspect about her makes me hate life itself. Considering the forum this story is posted in, this will sound redundant. But I hate how long she has been in an absurdly abusive relationship with The Joker. He is cool, she is cool, but them together gets me pissed. I don't know why, I mean I even enjoy putting her through a ryona-filled situation, and yet I still find the whole matter annoying. I'm complex. I don't know. I'm ranting. On a side note, I think I'm going to delve into a semi/not-so related story involving a subject I have brought up in a different post, but let me know if you want to see where this one is going.

    Ciao, and enjoy your Thanksgiving week!

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    You're not the only one with that complexity, and you're not the only whose bought it to our attention through expression of the written language. But I can say that I especially understood it when you expressed how annoyed you are at Harley's absurdly abusive relationship with The Joker even though you enjoyed putting her through a ryona-filled situation. There's no problem being complex, really, Ryona gives me that same complex.
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