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Dark Elf Dungeon Adventures!

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Raden, Feb 10, 2013.

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    A while ago, Unrelated made a quick little dungeon for Idoro and myself to go through on IRC. We got chatting about it and it inspired me to do my own, despite never having played D&D and never DM'd any game before. I think I have managed to glean enough knowledge to do this, and I think it turned out well! Everyone involved had fun anyway, so that makes me feel really good about it. Anyway, I kept a log of it and though I would post it up.

    This stars:
    Idoro as the paladin Elodie
    Unrelated as the earth mage Serilda
    daman077c as the fighter monk Arisa
    bakurete as the ranger Mia Dearden (Baku is not a regular on IRC and therefore did not get to finish, so the character appears to simply disappear after a little.)

    <Raden> Your previous night's stay in the local tavern's inn was uneventful, until the middle of the night. You don't know exactly what happened. Waking up in the middle of the night.. intruders... cloth over your face... and then falling asleep again.
    <Raden> The next time you wake up, you're not in the tavern. You're in a dim cave, with sparse lighting.
    <Raden> You are all strapped to tables, but they seemed to be in a hurry to get you all strapped in.
    * Serilda groggily awakens, finding herself bound. "Hzzwah..?" Realizing her predicament, she struggles to try to slip out!
    * Mia wakes up and looks around. She looks at a wall to see if theres any nearby walls are trapped or theres an secret exist on them
    <Elodie> Upon awakening, Elodie examines herself to see just what happened.. "..." She growls and tries to move, but realizes she's trapped. "Damn.. cowards."
    <Elodie> The second thing Elodie does is to test to see how strong her bonds are, and if they'd break if she gave a good enough effort to get out.
    * Mia looks at the women that are trapped with her. "Are you ok? Is anyone hurt?"
    * Arisa too awakens... and finds her wrists and ankles tied down. She struggles, but can barely budge. She immediately gets nervous, and looks around, spotting other girls in the room.

    <Raden> Serilda is able to move a little. Evidently they thought she was too weak, and didn't bother using tight or particularly good bindings. You can probably bend your wrist and direct a spell, if you tried hard enough.
    <Raden> Mia: Your eagle eye as an archer spots on the west wall a section that doesn't seem to line up properly with the rest of it.
    <Raden> Arisa: Despite being unarmed, your muscular build told them you were probably good at fighting. Your binds are metal shackles, and they're pretty sturdy.
    <Raden> Elodie: You pull on the strap, and feel slight give to them. The right one is rotting slightly a little lower.
    * Elodie gives a mighty push forward, seeking to break out of her bonds with one go! "Hrrghha!"
    * Serilda Channels some earth, her fists becoming as stone! She easily rips through her binds. "Heh.."
    * Mia gives a little smile. She pushes the unlikely brick, She then turns around as sees that the other girls are fine. She shakes her head. She is still weak. She must think about herself first.
    * Arisa quickly looks to the other girls. "Umm... can I get some help? I... I can't get out of these things." She again tried to wrest herself free.

    <Raden> Elodie's pull in her binds is rewarded with a RIP sound! Another one of those should do the trick as the rotting leather gives way.
    <Raden> Serilda rears the leather easily, channeling the Hulk. Now, about your ankles...
    <Raden> Mia stays stuck to the table, her inability to telekinetically push the wall prevailing.
    <Raden> Arisa wriggles cutely in her steel binds.
    * Mia cannot reach the brick, Of couse this frustates her. She first looks for a rock to throw at it. If this option fails she is going to have to....*sight* ask for help.
    * Arisa grunts. "OK, seriously, I can't get out of these things." She relaxed, knowing she could do no more than just watch the other girls work to get themselves free from their bindings.
    * Elodie sits up and tugs at the rotting binding around her legs, looking to Arisa. "I will assist you shortly, ma'am." Once she is free, she hops off, seeing that everything about her is in due order. She then walks towards Arisa's table.
    * Serilda sits up, shifting her feet as best as she can, as she carefully aims a shot of acid at the bindings on her ankles!

    <Raden> Mia isn't going to throw much of anything strapped to a fucking table
    <Raden> Arisa begins to get angry as she waits (im?)patiently for assistance
    * Mia rolls her eyes. "Hey....Can you please aassist me gentle Ladies"
    <Raden> Elodie tears free her bindings from the table!
    <Raden> Serilda easily melts the leather on her ankles, and is now free completely.

    * Arisa smiles, relaxing further. "Ah, thank you. This metal is too tough for me to get out of, hehe." She twists left and right slightly to get herself a bit more comfortable on the table.
    <Serilda> "Alright.. hold still." Serilda moves over to Mia's table, carefully melting the straps keeping her down.
    * Mia loses no time and get's up, Before even saying than you she pushes the brick. It's been driving her mad.
    * Serilda moves over to help Elodie with the last of her bonds, though she arrives in time to not really do much other than help the knight off the table.

    <Raden> Everyone is free now.
    <Raden> Mia moves over to the wall that she saw, and pushes on it.
    <Raden> The wall slides away, revealing what looks like a dump. Trash, junk, crap, rusted weapons....
    * Elodie rises from the table, nodding in thanks to Serilda. She then slides off and stretches her arms, legs and other muscles out a bit. Once done with that, she looks around the room.. trying to see if she can spot her sword and shield anywhere.
    ? Mia could use this time to thank the mage who helped her. However she looks in the pile of rubish to see if theres any quivers or arrows. Preferably her own quiver
    * Serilda just follows the others, since she didn't have any weapons to take...

    <Raden> Elodie can't see her weapons anywhere. May have to make do with what you can get...
    <Raden> Mia does the grunge work, pulling all the weapons out of the crapheap. Most of them are junk, broken, or corroded, but there's a half-decent sword thrown away only because the owner upgraded, and a stone club that might not be totally worthless.
    <Raden> Serilda is a magic user and thus detests conventional barbaric weaponry.
    * Elodie walks over and picks up the sword, examining it. "I suppose it'll have to do."
    * Elodie gives it a few good practice swings, away from the others.
    * Mia takes the Club, She look at it with some regret. But it'll have to so.

    <Raden> Armed and dangerous, you finally take a look around the room. It's a large-ish cavern, with a large iron door to the north, and wooden doors to the east and west.
    * Mia checks the iron door, Put's her ear besides it to see if theres anything she can hear with her peculiar elf ears.
    <Elodie> Feeling awkward without her shield, Elodie sighs and looks to the wooden door to the west. She heads towards it, trying to be as quiet as she can in her armor and puts her ear up to the door, seeing if her normal human ears can pick up anything..
    * Serilda waits between the two, since it wouldn't make any sense to split up at this point. "Well, this is interesting.. Who would have dragged us down here, anyway?"
    * Elodie looks back to Serilda, upon making eye contact with her, she shrugs.

    <Raden> Mia: You hear nothing from behind the door, but when you pull away from it, you notice it isn't latched tight. It's jammed, but not locked...
    <Raden> Elodie hears nothing behind her door either. It's made of good wood, and polished.
    * Elodie withdraws from the door and walks over to Serilda. She gazes over at Mia and says, "It appears we must make a choice."
    <Mia> "I think this door van be opened, Yet we must be preprared. I've heard nothing comming this way. Let us hope my ears dunnot decive me"
    <Serilda> "It's possible your equipment might be through one of these wooden doors."
    <Elodie> "This is true. Let's chance one of the wooden doors." Elodie makes her way to the door she was previously at and seeks to open it with her left hand, keeping her sword steady in her right.

    <Raden> The door is locked, jammed tight.
    <Mia> "I vote for that too, Let's cheeck the woden doors"
    <Elodie> "Drat.." Elodie spat, looking behind her, to the other door. "This one is locked, but perhaps the one over here.." She makes her way to the other wooden door and tries to open it in much the same fashion.
    * Serilda nods, keeping close enough to provide support. "If all else fails, we could try bashing them down.."

    <Raden> Shuffling over to the western wooden door, you take a look at it.
    <Raden> It looks like it could be thrown in the junk heap behind the wall.
    <Raden> Tattered, marked up, splintering... it's in a pretty sad state of disrepair.
    <Mia> "Too easy, It may be a trap"
    * Elodie snickers. "Trap or not, we won't get anywhere by standing around." She then takes a few steps back from it and gives it a good ram with her shoulderguard!

    <Raden> The door flies open, hits the wall with a BANG, and one of the hinges falls off.
    <Raden> You might still be able to close it, but it's REALLY in a sad state now.
    * Mia takes Elodie by her shoulder and scolds her
    <Mia> "Being reckless like that is going to get us killed!"
    <Serilda> "That's not reckless. That door was asking for an end."
    <Serilda> "So... what's in the room?" Serilda tries to peer in past her companions.
    * Elodie chuckles, nudging Mia out of the way. "Nonsense." She agrees with Serilda quietly and looks inside herself.
    <Mia> "Fine! Go ahead them maybe you trigger a trap
    <Mia> "I can save you from the back!"

    <Raden> Outside the door is a short corridor that turns to the left.
    <Raden> Torches line the walls, illuminating it.
    * Serilda sighs. "Regardless, this definitely isn't the time for us to be fighting amongst ourselves. Can it wait until after we've made these bastards pay for putting us here?"
    <Elodie> "I'll lead. Watch my back." Elodie says as she walks forward, turning to the left and peering down the corridor to see what awaits them.
    <Mia> "Tsk...Fine..." Mia stays on the back she looks around the room. Either these torches are lit with magic or someone is specting them.

    <Raden> The corridor is the same stone cavern as the room you came from. You must be underground.
    <Raden> The cavern has been created with a purpose however, as the rock face is unnaturally smooth. Not smooth like marble, but it's been at least cut down to bot be uneven.
    <Raden> Vents are quite obvious on it.
    <Raden> Next to the vent is a green lever, with a sign above it.
    <Raden> The corridor turns to the left.
    <Serilda> "...why would someone just have one of those lying around?"
    * Elodie tilts her head and puts her free hand on her side. "....Now why would something like this just be sitting here..?"
    <Elodie> "I hope they don't seriously expect us to pull this."
    * Elodie looks behind her. "Any of you know what a 'neurotoxin' is?"
    <Mia> "Let's ignore it. Let's keep going"
    * Serilda shrugs. "A toxin is a poison, right? It can't be good."
    <Elodie> "Agreed.. to both of you."
    * Mia pats Serilda on the head. "Yes, Yes it is"
    * Elodie continues down the corridor.

    <Raden> Turning down the short corridor, you see a nice loooong cooridor. The same straight-cut, rough-edges-hewn-off type of corridor you came from. This is not a natural construct. You were brought here intentionally for sure.
    <Raden> Torches dot the side of the corridor about halfway, when they stop, leaving the rest of the corridor in pitch darkness.
    <Raden> You can see grooves in the wall, large enough to put things.
    * Elodie examines these features carefully and continues on her way, noting the darkness. "I wonder why they didn't light the rest of this corridor.."
    * Mia cheecks on the back, Maybe grab one of those torches to light the way
    * Serilda checks her satchel, noting that they did at least empty it. "Damn..." Checking the ground, she looks around for any loose stone in the area while keep an eye on Elodie.

    <Raden> Mia grabs one of the torches off the wall to help illuminate their way.
    <Raden> Elodie peeks her head around in the alcove to see if anything is in it. There's a gargoyle statue, with a terrible grimace on it.
    <Raden> Why it's in an alcove? .....
    <Raden> Serilda looks for some rock. There's none available, but someone grabbed a nice blunt object earlier. Maybe some could be made.
    <Mia> "So...Humans do we keep going?"
    <Elodie> "Ngh.." Elodie remarks, drawing her head away from the alcove. "Grotesque taste, whoever brought us here.."
    <Serilda> "Huh. What's in there?"
    <Elodie> "A statue, some sort of gargoyle.. phheh." Elodie shakes her head and continues forward.

    <Raden> Stop!
    <Raden> As you stride past the statue, there's a *click* and *thup* sound.
    <Raden> A dart shoots from the mouth of the statue, directly into Elodie's neck!
    <Raden> After a few moments, nothing seems to happen... it seems like this was either a deterrent... or the first of a progression.
    <Serilda> "Elodie! Are you okay? That dart.."
    * Elodie yelps and nearly slams against the opposite wall in surprise, her free hand immediately rising up to catch her neck! "Agh.. something.. something got me!"
    * Elodie feels around for the dart and pulls it out. "Damn it!"
    <Serilda> "What triggered it? A pressure plate?" Serilda checks the floor closely.
    * Mia examines the Gargoyle statue. She does it from the side it might fire again.

    <Raden> Mia's ranger eye reveals that the statue is an elegant marble, with a dart-shooter recessed in the mouth.
    <Raden> Serilda checks the floor, and indeed finds a pressure plate connected to the statue.
    <Raden> Elodie is annoyed, but not harmed terribly otherwise.
    <Mia> "it was a trap indeed, That door was too inviting. Mage do you know any healing spells?"
    <Elodie> "Damn contraptions..." Elodie says as she takes another step forward, foot-first, seeing if the ground would give way. If not, she would proceed a bit more carefully forward. "I suppose we should assume all of these alcoves harbor some sort of trap."
    * Serilda shakes her head. "I was never very good at even mending stone. My job has always been to burn flesh, not mend it."

    <Raden> You keep going until you come upon the second alcove, much the same as the first.
    <Raden> *alcove
    * Elodie slides her leg forward, giving a forceful step on the ground in front of the alcove, seeing if it gives way.

    <Raden> Stop!
    <Raden> *click* *thup*!
    <Raden> A dart shoots out, past Elodie's face, striking the opposite wall and falling to the dirt.
    * Mia tries to grab the dart with her right hand. Luckily her ranger like abilieties are not rusted yet
    * Elodie gasps. That one nearly clipped her nose! "..."
    <Elodie> "It might be prudent to just duck our way through here.."
    * Elodie looks behind her to the others.
    <Serilda> "Makes sense." Serilda crouches down, ready to follow.
    * Mia examines the dart trying to see if she can identify what's on those things

    <Raden> Mia looks at the dart. There's a slight gooey sheen on it, like it's got some sort of gel on it.
    <Raden> And it's very sharp. Might be useful, might not. It's still a weapon, which you're pretty sore for right now.
    <Elodie> "Okay then.." Losing a bit of her coolness, Elodie continues forward carefully. Just because she's crouching doesn't mean she could be safe from everything...
    * Mia takes the other dart that hitted Elodie. Ranger eyes and litttle darts this might be usefull. She aproaches the Gargoyle statue to see if she can grab more of these.
    <Elodie> Upon reaching the next alcove, she tests it much the same as last time, except this time she was crouching.
    <Serilda> "Hey.. maybe we could use that club to push the plate from a bit further back. Better than sticking any part of us into the path."
    <Elodie> "Perhaps.. elf-girl, you wish to take the lead then?"
    <Mia> "Elf...Girl....
    <Mia> "Ok, If we are going to survive we need to make sure we know each other and oue abilities"
    <Mia> "My name is Mia Dearden, I am a expert with the bow and arrow. My keen eyes can bulls eye almost enything"
    <Elodie> "Very well. I am Elodie, I can take a hit better than any of you.. and that's all you need to know."
    <Elodie> "Now come over here with that barbaric weapon and test these plates."
    * Mia uses the cub to try and push the plate away
    <Mia> "You mage, Are you going to talk?"
    <Serilda> "Heh. Serilda Vieth. Earth-caller, as you've already seen."
    <Elodie> "Interesting field. I don't hear of very many 'earth' mages so to speak."
    * Serilda nods. "A rare breed. Aspiring mages usually go for the flashier schools."

    <Raden> Mia hits the pressure plate from a distance with the club.
    <Raden> *click* *thup*
    <Raden> This dart is aimed low, as if it would strike someone in the ankle or leg. The least likely protected area, usually given in to boots or other footwear.
    <Raden> It too sails across the corridor, hitting the wall and falling harmlessly.
    <Raden> This one is coated with a viscous green gel.
    <Elodie> "Ha.. what, do they expect us to just rush blindly down this hall and get hit by ever dart along the way?"
    <Elodie> "Let us continue in this manner, we should be safe."

    <Raden> The torches continue for a short ways, and then stop, shrouding the rest of this corridor in a darkness more total than any you have seen. Or not seen, as the case may be, as you don't see much in the dark.
    <Raden> There are no more alcoves in the wall.... as far as you can see, anyhow.
    * Elodie sighs. If only she had gone through with the latter half of her cleric training instead of going through combat-training, she might have had the ability to create her own light. But alas.
    * Mia tries to extend her arm with the torch to see if she can see soemthing. By this time her eyes should have grown acostumed to darknees and see a lil bit further.

    <Raden> As you continue down the corridor, you begin to hear a very faint chittering noise....
    * Elodie tightens her grip on her sword. "Mia.. I should probably lead from here on."
    <Mia> "Be my guest..."

    <Raden> Continuing down the hall, the noise gets louder and louder...
    * Mia grabs one of the darts it rest uppon her hand. If this thing is also alchemised or mechanical she might need to use other strategies....
    * Mia thinks about it. All she has it's a really big stick. This isn't looking good
    * Serilda quietly follows, tracing the wall with her hand and feeling for vibrations.
    * Elodie switches places with Mia, and holds her sword out in front of her as she makes her way down slowly.

    <Raden> As you get closer, the chittering noise gets louder... and then the torch illuminates the source of it....
    <Raden> It's a swarm of plague rats!
    <Raden> There's at least half a dozen... dozen! Of them! Six dozens!
    <Raden> The chittering reaches a fever pitch as the light from the torch illuminates the rats, startling them from their meal.
    <Raden> Seeing new food, they begin to rush in your direction!
    * Elodie stops immediately and looks behind her. "Back, we need to move back.. now!"
    <Elodie> "Hand me the torch.. quickly!"
    * Mia runs away ans she uses the torch trying to scare the rats away.
    <Elodie> "Mia! Damn it.."
    * Elodie follows after her, urging Serilda to hurry.
    <Serilda> "...Of course."
    <Elodie> 'Unless.. do you .. know something that could stop them?"
    * Serilda backpedals a bit, putting both hands out in front of her, releasing a wave of acid! It's range isn't great, but it might scare these things back.
    <Serilda> (think burning hands, but... acid)

    <Raden> The rats stay back away from the flame, but they continually eat the distance trying to be put between them as the party backpedals.
    <Raden> Acid is sloughed over the rats. Terrible screaming is heard, and some go down, but it seems like more join the swarm.
    <Serilda> "Well, that didn't work as well as hoped."
    * Elodie looks to Serilda, a look of amazement on her face. "Perhaps not.. impressive though. Let's move!" She gives her a little shove before moving on herself.

    <Raden> You backpedal down the corridor, back to the room you came from... past the neurotoxin vents....
    * Mia rushes along with the girls "Wait, We can use the toxins...!"
    <Serilda> "Go for it, but I'm not going to be in this hall when that happens!"
    * Arisa runs ahead of the group, screaming. "KEEP THOSE THINGS AWAY FROM ME!!"
    * Elodie nods. "Mia, you seem to be the nimblest here. Be careful!" She runs past Mia, leaving her to man the switch.
    * Mia uses the torch to keep the rats on a place while she activates the leaver. She then throws the torch that the rats while she runs aways. "Spirits of the earth don't avandon me now"
    * Elodie tries to get the door shut as the other girls filter out.
    * Mia runs her gutss out.

    <Raden> After some finagling, you get the door shut as smoky green gas pours into the hallway. The rats make awful screams as the toxins melt their lungs and brains, slowly and agonizingly killing them.
    <Raden> Finally, the screams of death subside.
    * Mia gasps trying to catch her breath. "Well...That was...Fun..."
    <Serilda> "Well, it's unlikely that hallway was used for any significant travel. Shall we try another path?"
    * Elodie listens to the terrible screams and feels a knot form in her stomach. Looking visibly shaken.. those could have very well been the screams of people...
    <Elodie> "Y-yes.. could we agree to stay away from corridors?"
    * Arisa also stops, taking in a deep breath. Because she was a great runner, she wasn't as out of breath as Mia. "What... what were... those things?"
    <Elodie> "Rats.. carrion devourers.. probably diseased. Did anyone get bitten?"
    * Arisa quickly checks herself... and finds no bites. "I don't have any bites on me..."
    * Serilda checks her boots, finding no holes.
    <Mia> "No...I didn't."
    * Mia get's up while arching her back
    <Elodie> "Good.." Elodie quietly says a prayer to the Gods in her mind and motions to the large iron door. "Perhaps we should try that one."
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    <Raden> With the party lucking out and not being bitten by infested vermin, they are back in the first room. A metal door is to the north, and a very well kept wooden door is to the east, locked tight.
    <Raden> The tables are still in the middle of the room.
    <Mia> "Wait....What's your name woman that runned right pass us?"
    * Arisa looks at Mia, smiling. "Lady Arisa."
    <Mia> "Nice to meet you, I am Mia an Archer. Serilda an Earth mage and Elodie."
    <Elodie> "Excuse me, but I can introduce myself.." Elodie says, stepping in front of Mia. "I am Elodie Lancefall, pleased to meet you Lady Arisa." She gives a slight bow.
    <Mia> "Now, Where were you hidding those manner tin canned lady?"
    * Elodie turns to Mia with an upturned nose. "Hmph!"
    <Elodie> "Now, what say we continue through that door? Or shall we try the wooden one?"
    * Arisa looks to the wooden door. "It looks locked... I dunno if we could break through it."
    * Elodie nods. She looks to Mia and Serilda for their input.
    <Serilda> "Heh. Knocking it down is certainly doable, it's just a question of whether you want to make the noise or not."
    <Mia> "Can you melt it Serilda?"
    <Mia> "At least the doorknob"
    <Elodie> "I think we've made plenty of noise... if they wanted to show themselves they would have done so by now."

    <Raden> Inspecting the door a little more carefully, you see it has been very well preserved.
    <Raden> Meticulously so.
    <Raden> Polished, gleaming... it's very intact.
    * Elodie looks to Serilda and nods her 'okay do it' to her.
    <Serilda> "Of course." Serilda forms her hands into fists, which harden into stone! She launches herself at the door with a mighty punch!

    <Raden> The magical augmentation of fist is met by the door's guard, as clashing magical energies kick off a large flash of light.
    <Raden> It's clear now just how this door is well preserved.
    * Mia 's eyes widen in surprise. She goes near the door in order to inspect it. This it imposible and it's getting ridiculous. There must be runes on it or something.
    <Serilda> "Auugh...!" Serilda stumbles back from the backlash. "Mage-locked.."
    * Arisa stands in stunned amazement as Serilda clashes against the door... and then quickly has to cover her eyes, as a nearly blinding light fills the room! "What is this door made of!"
    * Elodie tilts her head. "Odd.. but perhaps all it needs is a good smash.."
    * Elodie pounds her fist in her palm. "Back up, ladies."
    <Mia> "HANG ON!"
    * Elodie gets a good distance.. and-
    <Elodie> "Huh?!"
    * Mia inspect the door more closely. There must be someting that interfire with the magic. A seal or something.
    <Mia> "Let me inspect this...Just wait..."

    <Raden> Mia looks around the door, her trained eye carefully glossing everything over. It really is a very well kept door.
    * Elodie begins to get impatient. "....Mmph."
    <Elodie> "Clear out of the way, if this doesn't work we can just try the other door!"
    <Arisa> "Maybe I can help..."
    * Serilda steps out of the way, checking the iron door.
    <Mia> "Maybe it's protectet agaist magic...I couln't find anything. Try ramming it with non magic elements"
    * Elodie looks to Arisa. "Oh? What's your specialty, if you don't mind me asking, my lady?"
    <Arisa> "I am a fighter," Arisa replied to Elodie. "I'm trained to use my fists and feet when needed."
    <Elodie> "I see.. perhaps you'd like to try your hand at this then?"
    * Elodie steps back.
    * Arisa takes in a deep breath... and then lunges at the door, jumping into the door feet first! "Yeeaaah!"

    <Raden> *THUMP*! Arisa hits the door like a human javelin, comes to a dead stop, and falls flat on her back in a perfect dropkick.
    <Raden> The door doesn't even so much as vibrate.
    * Elodie turns her head away sharply. "Oh.. bless her... that looked painful.."
    * Arisa groans as she hits the ground hard. "HNGH!" She quickly sits up, grabbing her lower back. "Oww... ok, that didn't work. Can't say I didn't try..." She walked away with a whimper.
    <Mia> "This is impossible....At this rate well never get out of here, Let's try the steel door"
    <Serilda> "Heh. What, you guys thought the weakling mage couldn't do it, so you'd give it a shot?"
    * Elodie looks to Serilda. "No offense, but you would need some muscle behind those fists to be able to put them to any good use."
    <Mia> "It's not like that, Try hitting the Iron one, I remember it was not as much locked. It was jammed"
    * Elodie shrugs and then heads to the iron door.
    * Arisa scoffs. "Hey, just because the door was mage locked with magic, doesn't mean it couldn't be broken down with force!"

    <Raden> The iron door is as Mia described. It's large and iron, but not closed. It's open about an inch, and stuck.
    <Arisa> "Serilda, try this door. This one should break down."
    * Elodie walks up to the door and stands aside, seeing if the mage could pull this one off.
    * Serilda raises an eyebrow, looking at the door. "This is gonna be loud, either way..."
    * Arisa lets out a sigh. "OH, JUST GET ON WITH IT!"
    <Serilda> "Right!" Serilda puts her hands together, launching a hammer blow at the door!

    <Raden> BRONGGGGGG!!
    <Raden> The sound of stone reverberating off steel sends a cymbal crash through the room
    <Raden> The door does shift though, opening about six inches.
    * Arisa grins. "Try it again!"
    * Elodie nods.
    * Serilda recovers from the strike, wincing at the noise. "It's unjammed enough, can't we just push it open?"

    <Raden> Nope.
    * Serilda rushes at the door to strike it again!

    <Raden> BRONGGGGGG!!
    <Raden> The door sends another sonic shockwave bounding around the cavern walls, shifting the door another eight inches. Should be plenty of room for skinny women to get through now.
    <Mia> "Let's go then"
    <Elodie> "Might be too narrow for me.. I am in armor, after all."
    <Elodie> "But.. might as well try."
    * Elodie attempts to squeeze her way through to the other side.
    * Arisa sighs, burying her face into her hands. She's trying hard not to laugh.
    * Mia pushes Elodie so she can fit through*
    * Serilda gives the door a good knock to try for another couple of inches clearance.

    <Raden> Elodie tries to squeeze through the doorway... resulting in a comical moment where she is stuck against the door, with her breasts smushed against it.
    <Raden> The door is loosened though, and finally, Elodie squeezes through, which pushes it open enough for the rest to follow suit.
    <Elodie> "Yaah!" Elodie yelps as she pops through and hits the floor.
    <Serilda> "Rrgh... my arms are going to be so sore.." ...at least her hands didn't feel anything while under that enchantment.
    * Arisa follows the group through the door, her face still buried in her hand. "Oh, man..."
    <Elodie> Fortunately for Elodie, she doesn't feel the tap as her bottom is covered by a nice metal plate. Nevertheless, she feels slightly embarrassed at getting stuck and rises to her feet. "Then again, there is something to be said for being.. small."

    <Raden> Looking around the room reveals its disturbing and confusing nature.
    <Raden> The north wall has three things on the wall that look like door knockers.
    <Raden> There is a fourth one underneath the second.
    <Raden> The south wall has a string of numbers.
    <Raden> 1-1-2
    <Raden> 2-1
    <Raden> 3-3-1
    <Raden> 2-2-3-1-2
    <Raden> Skeletons hang from the ceiling by chains, with clasps around the neck, at least a dozen total.
    <Raden> Coffins dot the room, laid out in a row.
    <Mia> "Small? Well, I wouln't know about that since some of us don't cover everything with the armor
    <Arisa> "What in the world...?" Arisa's amazed at what the room holds, and in a way, is also nervous as to what this room holds.
    <Serilda> What a strange sight. "Huh. What do you make of this, then?"
    * Mia acknolegues the room after her pity insult. Sometimes she feels like a prima donna wizard trying to make clever insults. She looks around the room again to see if she spots any other clues.
    * Elodie looks around the room, noting the morbid imagery and thinking to herself.. some sort of.. execution room?
    <Serilda> "Well, let's have a look around, shall we?" Serilda says, as she walks to the nearest coffin and forces it open!
    ? Arisa quickly ducks, covering her head. "I wouldn't do that!"

    <Raden> Empty. It looks like it was meant to house one of these bodies, but someone else had other ideas for them.
    <Raden> But are they identical?
    * Arisa stands up, obviously skiddish. She walks up to the rings, grabbing one and giving it a slight tug as she rested against the wall. "Ok... that coffin scared me. I thought it was a trap, or something."
    <Serilda> "Don't be silly." Serilda walks down the row of coffins, opening them as she goes.
    <Serilda> "How would you even trap one of these things, anyway?"

    <Raden> Empty. Empty. Bugs. Empty. Worn out on the inside, as if rotted. Stained... used more than once? Ew.
    <Raden> Wait... this one has something in it.
    <Raden> A gleaming sword and shield, decorated in Elodie's emblems!
    <Raden> While getting her weaponry back is a nice thing... was that coffin reserved for her?
    <Raden> It does look new...
    * Elodie shakes her head. She didn't quite agree with looking inside coffins..
    <Serilda> "Who buries a sword and shield? Honestly..."
    <Arisa> "Ooh, that sword is nice and shiny!" Arisa's attention quickly turned back to the rings, however, as she grabbed another and gave it a very good pull. "I wonder what these do...?" she whispered to herself.

    <Raden> Pulling it does nothing, but I bet it'd make a nice sound if it hit something.
    * Mia cheecks other graves. Maybe she finds her quiver there...
    * Arisa twists her head as it doesn't budge... so she lifts it up, and knocks it against the wall. Her heart is racing, hoping this isn't a very large death trap...
    <Raden> CLACK.
    <Serilda> "Hey Elodie, do you recognize these?"
    <Elodie> "Hm?"
    <Raden> Mia does indeed find her weaponry as well! Also in a new coffin...
    * Serilda pulls the sword and shield out of the coffin.
    <Raden> These new coffins are definitely meant to be reserved now, no question about it.
    * Elodie gasps, running towards Serilda with a CLANK-CLANK and nearly tackling her over once she reaches her. "You.. you found those in THERE?!"
    * Serilda hands the arms to Elodie. "Yeah. Weird, right?"
    * Arisa turns to the girls. "I think these rings correspond to the numbers on the wall. Each of us grabs a ring, and knocks it against the wall... I think."
    <Serilda> "Even if that's the case, they're not spread across the room. Why would more than one person need to be hitting them?"
    * Elodie takes her equipment graciously. For a second, she seems very indebted.. and after placing the used sword down and handling her familiar equipment she says, "Thank you."
    * Arisa looks to Serilda. "I dunno, I just thought the four ring corresponded to each of us."
    * Arisa walks to ring #2 and knocks it against the wall, cringing as she hopes it's not going to kill her...

    <Raden> It rings out the same CLACK sound as the first one did.
    * Arisa sighs, then knocks the second ring against the wall in the 1-1-2, 2-1, 3-3-1, 2-2-3-1-2
    <Arisa> pattern, thinking the numbers to be some sort of special code...
    * Elodie watches with interest as Arisa does this, not speaking a word.

    <Raden> Lots of clacks sound, but nothing actually happens.
    <Raden> The code is broken up this way, but there';s this other ring that doesn't appear to be part of it at first glance.
    * Arisa frowns, scratching her head. "Maybe I'm thinking this all wrong..."
    <Serilda> "Perhaps these numbers indicate the order to hit those rings. The fourth one is rung between lines?"
    <Serilda> "Or at the very end of the combination."
    * Arisa snaps her fingers, her eyes wide. "Maybe that's it!"
    * Elodie nods. "Good thinking!"
    <Arisa> I think I know now...
    <Arisa> "MMM! The code pertains to which ring to knock!"
    ? Arisa goes in order, knocking ring #1 1-1-2, ring #2 2-1, ring #3 3-3-1, and then ring #4 2-2-3-1-2

    <Raden> There are multiple clacks as the top three rings are knocked against the wood plaques they are on, but the fourth ring, now that it has been rung, only gives a dictinct "THUMP" sound.
    <Raden> Again, the room is left soundless after the noise disspiates.
    <Serilda> "Huh." Serilda hits the fourth ring again.
    <Raden> *THUMP*
    <Arisa> "Maybe knock that ring in the code?"
    <Serilda> "Well then, nothing left but to experiment."
    * Serilda starts hitting the knockers. 1, 1, 2, 4...
    * Elodie sheathes her equipment and looks over at the code on the wall, trying to make any sense of it.
    * Serilda tries hitting the rings in the order listed in the code, ringing the fourth one after each row.

    <Raden> clack clack clack THUMP.
    <Raden> There is a sound of metal shifting.
    <Raden> As the last THUMP is rung out in the final line of the code, nothing seems to happen immediately.
    <Raden> That is, until you can hear the metallic clank of a shackle opening.
    <Raden> Not long after that there is a clattering sound on the floor.
    <Raden> One of the skeletons has been released from its neck shackle.
    <Raden> There is then a rapid fire succession of "clank" and "clatter" noises, as the rest of them fall, one by one to the floor.
    <Raden> Their hollow eye sockets light with an ominous blue colour... and then they rise to their feet!
    <Raden> "You have freed usssss..." says a terrible, whistling voice.
    <Raden> "And nowwww... we will free you....."
    <Raden> "from your shackles.... of the living worrrrrrlddd....."<Raden> The skeletons begin to advance.AAAAAAAAAAAAA
    <Arisa> "Oh god, what have you done!" Arisa shouted, fearing for her life.
    <Arisa> "Really Serilda, what have you done?"
    <Serilda> "I did SOMETHING, which is more than can be said of some..."
    * Serilda pulls some small pebbles from her pouch, and flings them into the air.. they grow in size and shoot toward the nearest skeleton!
    * Arisa backs up against Serilda. "What are we going to do?"
    <Elodie> "Easy." Elodie draws her sword and shield, running towards one of the skeletons and sweeping her sword down against it! "We destroy them."

    <Raden> Serilda's pebbles sail outward, enlarging in mid flight!<Raden> They knock against the skeleton and crack some of the bones, and it is knocked backward!
    <Raden> A skeleton tried to sneak up on Serilda from behind, but Arisa stands between her and it! The skeleton reaches for her throat with its hands.
    <Raden> "Your life.... restores ussss....."
    <Raden> Elodie takes a flourishing swing at one of the skeletons. The sword strike hits it in the leg, but only chips a small piece out.
    <Raden> Another skeleton grabs Elodie from behind, holding her in place!
    <Raden> "We will be resssstored.... by you...."
    <Elodie> "Gah.. what.." Elodie growls as she is grabbed, shaking her body about to get free! "Unhand me you filthy abomination!"
    <Serilda> "Grr.." Serilda swings both her hands out, spraying out acid at as many of the skeletons as she can catch!
    * Arisa swiped her hands at the skeleton grabbing at her, before throwing a standing high kick to the side of its head! "Yeeah!" she shouted.

    <Raden> Elodie shakes around, but the skeleton's grip is stronger than they look. A second skeleton lumbers over to her and hits her with a hard punch to the stomach.
    <Raden> Serilda manages to catch one of the skeletons with some acid in the rib cage. The skeleton does not react to it, but the bone slowly begins to dissolve.
    <Raden> Arisa takes a massive kick at the skeleton's head... score! The head goes sailing across the room!
    <Raden> But the skeleton continues like nothing happened! It takes a swinging punch at Arisa, connecting with her jaw.
    <Raden> The skeletons on the outer fringe continue closing in, in a straight line, like they're not watching where they are going. Oftentimes they bump into each other.
    <Arisa> "HURRK!" Arisa groaned, stumbling away. She however stepped forward again, throwing a push kick at the skeleton's chest, trying to shatter its spine!
    <Elodie> "HURGH!" Elodie grunts, doing her best to contain her breath, as to not scream in pain. She had fought skeletons before, but these were a lot stronger. She gritted her teeth and looked at the skeleton who punches her with pure malice..
    <Elodie> "Curse.. you.. gghhh!" she grunts, struggling to get free once more!
    <Serilda> "Jeez.. persistent, aren't they?" Activating her stone fists, she turns and punches at the skeleton holding Elodie, aiming for its spine!

    <Raden> SNAP! The skeleton holding Elodie is broken in half and clatters to the floor!
    <Raden> As Arisa moves, the skeleton closest to her shambles directly... past.. her?
    <Raden> It occupies the spot she was previously in momentarily, then turns in her direction, and heads for her again!
    <Raden> The skeleton that was holding Elodie no longer traps her, but the one that hit her draws back, and slugs her again.
    <Raden> Luckily for her she is able to get away now, as the other skeletons continue to all seemingly head to the same point, bounding and clattering off each other.
    * Elodie , free at last, brings her shield up to guard against the second blow. "Not this time!" she shouts defiantly, charging forward with her shield out and giving the attacking skeleton a good bash to the chest!
    * Serilda takes advantage of the skeletons clumping up, and gets into position, letting loose acid against a few at once!
    <Arisa> Shaking a bit, Arisa spun, unleashing a back side kick across the skeleton's body!
    <Arisa> "What's wrong with these things?" Arisa asked the girls.

    <Raden> The hilt of Elodie's sword bashes into the sternum of the skeleton in front of her, causing a huge spiderweb crack to appear.
    <Raden> It's thrown clear of the attack, back out of range. It gets up and continues its slow march back.
    <Raden> As it takes a step, a chip falls out of its sternum from the damage.
    <Raden> Arisa's back kick is enough to crack ribs and sweep the skeleton out of range. Two more are closing in, and will be in strike distance shortly.
    <Raden> Serilda's acid attack washes over the cluster of skeletons... but is less effective this time. It's like the first attack was absorbed somehow, studied and is being adapted to.
    <Raden> Luckily, it is not completely ineffective, and it drastically weakens bones on multiple skeletons.
    <Raden> The group continues to close in on the girls' centralized location.
    <Arisa> "This isn't working!" Arisa shouted, backing up a few steps. "Any ideas?"
    * Elodie growls, seeing the skeletons close in. "Girls, stay close. This might get hairy.." she targets one of the weakened skeletons and drives her sword towards its torso!
    * Serilda follows suit, sticking close to the knight and driving a stony fist into another weakened skeleton!
    * Arisa also backed up towards Elodie and Serilda. "We need to think of something, and QUICK."
    <Elodie> "Think with your hands, pugilist!"

    <Raden> As the girls cluster together, the skeletons in the back that had wandered slightly more aimlessly suddenly seem more focused!
    <Raden> Their attention now snaps directly to the trio, standing back to back to back.
    <Raden> Elodie's sword is rammed halfway through the spine of a skeleton, severing its connection to whatever is controlling it. It flops like a marionette, but the sword gets stuck in it as the razor edge catches on bone shards and marrow.
    <Raden> Two have fallen, but the rest continue on.
    <Raden> The two skeletons closer to Arisa attack, one grabbing her by the throat, and the other by the legs... they begin to drag her away from the group, toward one of the newer coffins!
    <Raden> Serilda's rock-assisted punch demolishes a skeleton with ease, after having weakened its bone structure.
    <Raden> But another one is coming up behind her...
    <Arisa> "HAAGH... help... me...!"
    * Elodie turns to face Arisa immediately, hearing her cry for help, but she is unable to pull her sword out. She gives it one good tug, aiming to help her comrade once her sword is free!
    * Serilda turns as well, and rushes the one holding Arisa's legs, looking to clobber it!
    * Arisa frustratingly tries to kick her legs free from the skeletons grasp... it's the only thing she can do!

    <Raden> Unfortunately, the cluster of skeletons now works against the three, separating Arisa from the other two.
    <Raden> The skeletons drag Arisa over to the coffin laid out for her.
    <Raden> As the trio separates, some of the other skeletons seem lost for a moment.
    <Raden> Those closer to Arisa start to follow her, four in all, while the other 5 remaining continue to engage Elodie and Serilda.
    <Raden> They clearly aren't operating on anything resembling sight... might old axioms prove to work here?
    <Elodie> "Nnnyyaagh!" Elodie screams, ripping her sword free, spinning and perform a wide slash out at multiple skeletons! "Be GONE!"
    * Arisa again tries to kick her legs free from the skeleton's arms. She's too far away from her partners for help... she's certainly in dire straits!
    <Arisa> "Gahgggh.. help..." she coughed out.
    * Serilda lets loose with acid once more!

    <Raden> Elodie gives a hard yank on her sword, forcefully freeing it. The razor edge makes a nasty scraping noise as it is pulled through bone.
    <Raden> The force of Elodie's swing cues down a another skeleton cleanly and bites deeply into the spine of another.
    <Raden> Serilda lets fly with another acid wash, but this time it just sloughs off, like water off a duck's back and dissipates. It looks like that won't be much use anymore...
    <Raden> Still a lot of damage had been done, and the few skeletons that were weakened should be fairly easily destroyed... even with unaugmented blows.
    <Raden> The skeletons holding Arisa have her over to the coffin marked for her. They throw her in, and as she sits up, she is met with a headbutt, which knocks her back down into it.
    <Raden> One of them tries to pick up the lid, but they haven't seemed to take any notice of even each other.
    <Raden> The lid smacks off one of the other ones, breaking a rib and knocking it back, at the same time knocking the heavy stone lid out of its hands, landing with a BAM on the floor.
    * Elodie turns her back, after seeing that her attack had succeeded. She runs over to where Arisa is and charges into one of the nearby skeletons shield-first! "Leave her be!"
    * Serilda punches down the skeleton that Elodie had weakened, covering her maneuver.
    <Arisa> "Ooowf..." Arisa moaned, the headbutt knocking her senseless.

    <Raden> The group is, for a moment, split into three, and the skeletons around Elodie and Serilda are immediately confused.
    <Raden> They don't know whether to go after Elodie, or if Serilda is still there... but after a moment, they turn to Serilda!
    <Raden> Three skeletons face down Elodie, while four more attend to Arisa, but mostly get in each other's way.
    <Raden> Elodie charges into one of the skeletons and drills it into the wall with her shield. The force bashes it into the wall, knocking it apart!
    <Raden> The one with the lid makes a grab for it again, picking it up.
    * Arisa quickly shook her head free of the cobwebs floating about and quickly stood up in the coffin, jumping out with a flying kick to the skeleton holding the lid! "Haaaahh!"
    * Elodie turns to face the three skeletons coming for her.. she smiles and holds her shield up in front of her. "That's right.. come and get me you brainless sacks of marrow!" She backs up a bit, hoping they can understand and fall for the taunt..
    * Serilda stares down the skeletons in front of her... and moves to the coffin that held Elodie's gear! Once there, she lets loose with another rock throw at one of the skeletons.
    <Raden> Arisa shakes off the headbutt, and launches a flying kick directly into the skeleton fumbling with the lid! Another sonic boom sounds and the lid flatly hits the floor again. The skeleton involved is sent backwards, with broken ribs!
    <Raden> They're starting to come apart...
    <Raden> One of them that was holding her down, however, gets up behind her. It's only a short trip, just the other side of a coffin, and it launches an underhand punch into her stomach!
    <Raden> Elodie taunts the skeletons to no avail... but they start to follow her regardless.
    <Raden> Serilda moves around to the other coffin, and throws another pebble, which grows to a large boulder size in no time!
    <Raden> It promptly flattens the skeleton in front of her, crushing the bones into as many shards as shattered glass.
    <Raden> One of the few remaining skeletons moves from where Arisa was. Once Arisa moved away, the nearest target became Serilda, and it grabs her from behind in a choke hold.

    <Serilda> "Hah, let's s-GAKK!" Serilda kicks her legs, trying to get free of this thing!
    * Elodie looks back to the others, noting that Serilda has gotten caught. "Damn it!" she yells, she then takes a few steps back and holds her shield in front of her..
    <Elodie> She then cries out in ferocity and charges straight for the skeletons, seeking to break through their line and ram the skeleton grabbing hold of Serilda!
    <Arisa> "Aggh!" Arisa moaned, doubling over slightly, an arm wrapping across her stomach.
    <Arisa> "Serilda..." Arisa groaned, reaching in desperation for her friend.

    <Raden> Elodie's attack is effective enough... she hits the skeleton with ferocity, but it was behind Serilda when it grabbed her, so Elodie's bull charge sends both Serilda and the skeleton flying! The skeleton flies clear across the room while Serilds only rolls a couple of times.
    <Raden> The skeleton has so much momentum that it slides and skitters along the ground, bashing into the wall skull first and breaking its neck.
    <Raden> Only three remain, but one of them has Arisa in all kinds of trouble as it hammers her across the back, knocking her down.
    <Serilda> "Ough!" Serilda lands on her butt, tumbling backwards until she's facedown! She climbs back to her feet, assessing the situation..
    <Arisa> "UNGH!" Arisa groaned. There was a muffled pop, and she collapsed to the ground, holding her back. It wasn't a very bad injury, but she was yet again in dire straits! "Oww... girls..."
    * Elodie curses under her breath, not meaning to knock over her ally. She then turns to see Arisa getting pummeled! "No!"
    <Elodie> She quickly bolts for her comrade with no regard for her own safety and fiercely swipes her sword at the skeleton attacking Arisa!

    <Raden> It's a good thing Arisa was down and out of the way of that swing, as it may have cleaved her in half as well! As it stands, the skeleton is rent viciously in half!
    <Raden> The remaining two are still advancing in their slow, methodical way..
    <Elodie> The paladin smirked, offering a hand to help Arisa to her feet. Such softies these girls were..
    <Elodie> These skeletons weren't a match for her, fortunately. She just needed to make sure she could keep these two safe!
    <Arisa> "Thanks." Arisa said, taking Elodie's hand with one hand, her other still rubbing her lower back.
    <Arisa> Quickly her eyes turned back to the skeletons. "There's still two of them..."
    <Elodie> "Indeed. Let's finish them off." Elodie turns around to face the remaining skeletons. She bangs her hilt against her shield to get their attention and advances towards them slowly, a barrier between the enemy and ally..
    * Serilda maneuvers for a clean shot, throwing another rock at one of the remaining skeletons!

    <Raden> They know exactly where you are, with your having stood in one place. They aim directly for Elodie and Arisa...
    <Raden> ... which catches them totally off guard when Serilda's rock throw catches one from behind and carries it twoard the wall.
    <Raden> But the rock is coming directly at Elodie as well, when Serilda hit it from behind!
    * Elodie gives a quick gasp and brings her shield up in front of her, just in time to take the impact of the rock!

    <Raden> The rock hits Elodie's raised shield, and absorbs enough of the impact to not hurt, but it still knocks her off her feet and onto her butt.<Raden> The skeleton is crushed between a... rock and a hard place, quite literally, and clatters to the ground in pieces.
    <Raden> Only one lone skeleton remains, too stupid to know when to quit... the group had no intelligence of its own, instead using location tracking... the longer one stayed in an area, the more of a life sign the skeletons had to latch on to. Grouping together only made it easier for them to find you, but the one skeleton now is caught an equal distance between all three party members.
    <Raden> It's quite comical watching it shuffle in circles, trying to decide who's life sign is stronger, as it faces Elodie, then Serilda, then Arisa, looking like a lost animal.
    <Raden> This really is quite a sad sight.
    <Elodie> "UNF!" Elodie squeaks as she is forced down hard on her bottom. Luckily, her pillowy buttcheeks make the perfect cushion for her fall, and she takes no damage. She slowly gets to her feet and looks at the skeleton, shuffling around.
    <Elodie> "..I don't know what it's doing, but.. I cannot let it exist any longer." She runs up to the animate pile of bones and strieks it hard in the skull with the hilt of her sword, seeking to knock it senseless.. or apart!* Arisa jumped forward with Elodie, launching at it with a flying kick to the chest! "HAAAYEEEAAH!"
    <Serilda> "Heh." Serilda is too amused to participate in this creature's destruction, and hangs back.

    <Raden> As Elodie and Arisa's life signs becomes the strongest in its vicinity, it turns toward her just as she bashes it in the skull. It looks almost... sad, somehow?... as Elodie's sword caves in its skull while Arisa's flying kick shatter it into pieces!
    <Raden> With the final skeleton blasted to pieces, there is an eerie silence around the room...
    <Raden> .... which is decimated by the sound of stone grating on stone!
    <Raden> A new line appears under the code on the north wall.
    <Raden> 2-2-1-3-2-3-1-2-3
    <Raden> Input at own peril

    <Arisa> "Do we even... WANT to knock that code?" Arisa asked, looking at Serilda and Elodie.
    <Serilda> "Peril, huh. How bad can it be? And we haven't found any other way out yet.."
    <Elodie> "We must, if we wish to escape this place. Remember, we're at our captor's mercy right now. We have no choice."
    <Serilda> "Well, then..."
    * Serilda inputs the new line...

    <Raden> The last thump echoes, and sounds like rolling thunder....
    <Raden> There's a hideous cackle, and then a disembodied, echoing voice rings out...
    <Raden> "Finally... I am almost free.... there is only one step left....."
    <Raden> All the destroyed skeletons begin to rattle, and then are pulled to the center of the room.
    <Raden> They begin whirling in a circle, like they are caught in a cyclone. Slow at first and then faster, and faster....
    <Raden> Finally they are all rendered apart into individual bones... and then they begin to reform, slowly, into a large, twisted abomination of a golem, with multiple points of articulation.
    <Raden> It stands easily fifteen feet tall.
    <Raden> It has two long arms and legs, all appendages able to twist into nightmarish looking forms...
    <Arisa> "WHAT. THE HELL. IS THAT." Arisa stood stunned, her jaw near the floor.
    <Serilda> "I haven't seen anything like that before.."
    * Elodie looks up at this creature, a grimace on her face. "..."
    <Elodie> Bravely, she takes a few steps forward in front of her comrades, holding her shield up in front of her, sword at mid-level. "Whatever, or whoever you are.. we will not be intimidated! The minions of darkness shall fall to my blade!"
    <Elodie> "Come, do your worst!"

    <Raden> The skeleton golem stops for a moment, then looks like it is focusing... there is a rapid metallic clanking as it slowly covers itself in steel.
    <Raden> Other adventurers had told tales of such a thing, but it seemed so outlandish....
    * Elodie blinks in amazement.. were its bones..
    <Elodie> "Be careful, girls!" she cries out. "This one may prove to be tougher than we think.."
    <Elodie> Seeking to garner its attention, she runs up to it and rams its leg with her shield!
    * Serilda circles around to the side. "Let's see if we can't do something about that metal.." she ponders, letting loose with acid against the beast!
    <Raden> Elodie's shield caroms off the skeleton golem's leg, creating a gong sound! It's loud, but a mere irritant to the golem.
    <Raden> Serilda, however, is much more than an irritant... the acid spatters over to the metal coating, and at first it seems like nothing happens... but it begins to slowly eat away at the steel surrounding it!
    <Raden> It rusts and flakes off where the acid touched it.
    <Raden> The golem, however, is unamused, and ducks down to deliver a punch right in Elodie's stomach!
    <Arisa> "Serilda!" Arisa shouted, dashing forward to her. "You little..."
    * Arisa quickly jumped into the air, swinging a jumping roundhouse kick towards the golem!
    <Elodie> The paladin tries to bring her shield down in defense of her chest, but is too late. There is a loud sound of metal against metal as the golem swings its fist into her stomach!
    <Serilda> "Grr..." Stepping back a little bit, Serilda aims a rock at the weakened section of the construct's armor!
    <Elodie> "Agh!" Elodie cries out as she is staggered by the blow, her arms moving out at her sides, leaving her body exposed!

    <Raden> Arisa's jumping roundhouse only raps her leg off the golem's steel-clad body! Ow, ow, ow, ow..
    <Raden> The golem is powerful, but it is slow, and single minded. It ignores Serilda for the time being, even though a rock spell impacts the weakened bone.
    <Raden> The weakened bone cracks and the metal bends, but it's terribly strained....
    <Raden> eventually the golem's weight causes the bone to break, and it now rests on one of the multiple other hands and feet surrounding it.
    <Raden> It give the golem a sort of lopsided look.
    <Raden> The golem slowly rears back to throw another punch Elodie's way.
    <Arisa> "Oww, oww, owie..." Arisa groaned, bouncing on one foot, holding her shin. Looking at Elodie, her eyes grew wide. "Elodie!" She jumped in front of Elodie to protect her.
    <Elodie> Having some time to recover from the attack, she raises her shield, seeing the golem prepare for another attack. "Huh..?"
    <Elodie> "No.. you fool!" she yells at Arisa, giving the martial artist a hard shove, intending to take the blow herself!
    * Serilda carefully steps aside, carefully aiming another acid shot at the golem. Her training is starting to show as she continues to aim for maximum damage while missing her companions..

    <Raden> Arisa jumps in to protect Elodie, only to be shoved aside as Elodie stands stalwart to take the blow with her shield...
    <Raden> but the golem uses its combined strength to send Elodie flying backward across the room!<Raden> Elodie is sent quite a distance. Her armour prtotects her from most of the bumps and collisions with the floor, luckily...
    <Raden> Serilda drops more acid (HEY now) on the skeleton golem's armoured appendages, creating more weak points...
    <Elodie> "Yaaahh!!" Elodie screams, a small part in the back of her mind regretting taking the blow.. but the greater part of her knowing it was the right thing to do.
    <Elodie> She flies through the air, weightless until she comes down hard on the ground, rolling and thumping about. The weight of her armor adds on to the damage of the impact, and when she stops moving.. Elodie is out of breath.
    <Elodie> Taking a moment to get a breather, she slowly rises back to her feet. "Is that.. your best?"
    <Serilda> "Grr... fall, already!" Serilda charges the creature, launching a stony hammerblow at one of the new weak points!
    * Arisa bounds back to her feet. "What was that all about?" She quickly turns back to the golem, and launched an attack, a thrust kick to one of it's weak points!

    <Raden> Serilda breaks more bone and corroded steel with a blunt hammer shot. Another of the golem's multiple joints crack and break, making it even more crooked looking.
    <Raden> Arisa's kick hyperextends one of the mutant's joints backward with a snap. It stays standing, but its mobility on that joint is reduced.
    <Raden> Meanwhile, the golem turns its attention to Arisa, and grabs her around the throat with one of its multi-jointed arms!
    <Arisa> "HURRK!" Arisa's arms quickly grab at the creature's arm holding her neck, her face quickly contorting in pain. "Get... off... hurrk..."
    * Serilda steps aside once more, this time launcing acid straight up the creature's backside! "It just doesn't get the hint, does it?!"
    * Elodie gets to her feet and takes a deep breath, preparing for another charge! She aims for the hyper-extended joint charging forth with her shield out, seeking to topple the creature to the ground!

    <Raden> The golem continues to squeeze down on Arisa's throat, choking her. The metal around its many arm bones digs into her.
    <Raden> Serilda lobs a blob of acid at the golem's backside!
    <Raden> The amount of metal there takes a little longer to corrode, but still does its thing eventually...
    <Raden> Elodie's shield bash crunches into the hyperextended joint, sending it back the other way!
    <Raden> this time it snaps off, and the golem is highly unbalanced now.
    <Raden> It tries to move, but sort of makes an awkward paddling type movement to get around.
    <Raden> It now focuses on Serilda, backhanding her across the face with its other long arm!
    * Arisa's arms fell from the golem's arm as she chokes, quickly fading. "Haaack..."
    <Serilda> "Pwaah!" Serilda spins around, stumbling into the wall! "Urgh.. bastard..!"
    <Elodie> "Release her!" Elodie screams, running at the arm that is holding Arisa and giving it a forceful charge with her shield! If her blade couldn't pierce its armor, she would have to break it with force!

    <Raden> Arisa is fading, quickly, turning purple, but Elodie smashes one of the many arm joints on the arm holding Arisa, breaking it and causing it to flop around on its own accord.
    <Raden> It's still wrapped around Arisa, but the choking force is no longer being applied.
    <Raden> The golem rears back preparing another power-packed punch, looking to smash Serilda into the wall.
    * Arisa took in a deep breath, her hands quickly grabbing the arm and tossing it from her neck. She sunk to her knees, rubbing her neck and shuddering from her scary experience.
    <Elodie> Seeing Arisa free, Elodie turns back to the Golem, seeing its arm about to head into Serilda! "Oh no.." she mutters, sailing forth into the arm with her shield out, hoping to interrupt the blow!
    * Serilda recomposes herself, only to see the golem aiming at her again! Panicked, she chucks a rock at the creature, hoping to damage it enough..

    <Raden> Elodie ran in to protect Serildam and ended up taking the hammer blow instead, as her body slammed hard up against the wall, spinning her head.
    <Raden> Arisa is free, and recovering, breathing hard.
    <Raden> Serilda's rock knocks into the golem's other arm, snapping it off about halfway at one of the many arm bones!
    * Serilda is panting, but still gets close to find an armored spot and acid it! "This thing's.. gotta.. almost be done..!"
    * Arisa slowly rose to her feet, but was shaking wildly. "I can't... can't..." She was wobbly on her feet, stumbling into the wall. Her eyes were distant.
    <Elodie> "YAAHHH!!" Elodie screams as her body is smashed up against the wall, making quite an imprint. Pinned, she sticks to the wall for several seconds until she slowly slides off, collapsing onto the ground in a heap...

    <Raden> Serilda drops more acid.... onto the creature. It smokes and hisses as the leg joints corrode. It's operating on one leg now, but it pushes itself around using a leg and an arm. It is unable to stand, but it does have long reach, with all those arm bones collectively making one appendage.
    <Raden> Elodie takes the blow, momentarily getting stunned.
    <Raden> Arisa manages to recover from her predicament earlier. Good thing for the others...
    <Elodie> Hissing, the beaten paladin rises to her feet, bringing her shield up in front of her once more. "Not.. giving up.." she said through clenched teeth, marching towards the one-legged golem.
    * Serilda moves in close as well, intending to put stone fists to use..
    <Elodie> Still a little slow to gain her strength back, Elodie instead chooses to strike one of the creature's weak spots afflicted by poison with her sword. Perhaps it was weak enough to be able to be damaged by it!
    * Arisa still stood stunned. She finally snapped out of it, her eyes wide. She shook her head and looked at the golem in amazement. She knew she had to attack. She lunged towards the golem, attacking a weakened spot with another thrust kick!

    <Raden> Elodie's sword manages to slide right in to the golem's upper leg bone, completely severing one of the multi-jointed legs!
    <Raden> The golem's movements on the ground are pitiful by now... but watch those arms...
    <Raden> Arisa snaps off another fierce kick, forcing another joint to bend in a way it was never meant to, and another CRACK is heard as more bone snaps in twain.
    <Raden> Serilda gets a good position to cause a lot of damage, if those arms don't get in the way...
    <Elodie> Getting her steam back, Elodie takes to striking the golem in several areas, seeking to end its existence! (Consider this my extended input to just finish it off.)
    <Arisa> Putting her back to it, Arisa leapt into the air with a backflip, swinging a bicycle kick to the back of the golem's head and neck!
    <Serilda> Seeing the others beginning an assault, Serilda joins in, pounding away wherever she can!

    <Raden> Elodie flies into a holy rage, powerful slashes cleaving even through the steel appendages, even evere the acid did not touch them.
    <Raden> Serilda's rock pounding shatters the golem's bones, and Arisa puts the final touch on it with a graceful flash kick!
    <Raden> Finally, the golem is overwhelmed and after a drawn out scream, the remnants of it turn to dust and blow away.
    <Raden> There's another sound of grating rock, and this time, a door is revealed on the east wall, in the corner of the room.
    * Serilda pants heavily, trying to catch her breath, sweat showing on parts exposed by her outfit. Her magic could make her as strong as any fighter, but that didn't mean she had the endurance to back it up!
    <Serilda> "Ah.. ah... whew... That.. was something..!"
    * Arisa takes in a deep, deep breath. "Finally... finally it's... over." She fell to a knee as the adrenaline wore off, and pain shot through her back and neck.
    * Elodie takes to leaning against a wall, feeling a pain in her chest. She considers taking her armor off momentarily to address any wounds she may have underneath.. "Perhaps it'd be best.. for us to take a short rest before continuing on.." she proposes, setting her sword and shield down and removing her helm from her head.
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    <Raden> The sound of grating stone is heard yet again, and another door to the east is revealed, a little further down the wall.
    <Serilda> "Huh.. two doors..?" Serilda walks over to examine the doors.

    <Raden> One leads down a longer corridor, lit up with torches.<Raden> The other leads into another room.
    <Arisa> "I agree... Elodie. We should stop and rest." Arisa rolled onto her back, her chest heaving with each breath.
    <Elodie> After donning her armor once again, Elodie silently volunteers to lead. "I suggest we see what this other room holds."
    * Serilda has a look of concern. "Are you fit for combat? You got pretty banged up, there.."
    * Arisa quickly stood to her feet. "Mmm. Your ribs looked pretty banged up."
    * Elodie smiled. "I'll be fine. It's nothing I haven't taken before."
    * Serilda nods. "Alright. Let's keep moving, then."

    <Raden> You enter another smaller room, where the floor is speckled with old blood.
    <Raden> You see bodies sliced in half, cleanly, as if from a great blade.
    <Raden> This room has a very grungy, dirty look, and the ceiling looks man-made.

    <Arisa> "Well... this is a lovely room of death." Arisa says as she walks into the room, looking around.
    * Elodie cringes. "Barbaric.. I cannot leave this infernal dungeon without meting out justice to our foe.. or foes."
    <Arisa> "Mmm... Serilda, can you throw something across the room? I don't like how there's these dead bodies lying around here... I smell a trap."
    * Serilda looks around... and grabs one of the body halves, throwing it across the room.

    <Raden> The plan to use a decoy was a smart idea (no, seriously.)
    <Raden> There is a "SHING" sound, as that of metal being scraped quickly along something.
    <Raden> Suddenly, a massive pendulum swings down, and with a mighty cleave, a giant curved blade swings through the corpse as if it were made of paper.
    <Raden> It swings back and forth freely now. You can easily run through it on it's backswings, as it was made for steralth and no longer has that option.

    * Elodie looks at Serilda blankly. "..."
    * Serilda returns Elodie's look and shrugs. "What? It worked."
    * Elodie looks to the other end of the room, seeing nothing of interest. "Let us just leave. There is no reason to linger here."
    * Arisa starts shaking a bit. "What... was that?"
    * Arisa takes the lead, jumping past the blade as it swung, timing it so she passed it on an upswing.
    * Elodie follows suit, skipping past as the blade paused in the air.
    <Elodie> *paused
    * Serilda gets paranoid, but hops through quickly when there's an opening.

    <Raden> You go through the door to the north. It leads down a short corridor.
    <Raden> As you go trhough the cooridoe, the sharp smell of ammonia seems to emanate from the walls.
    <Raden> The corridor turns right.
    <Serilda> "Huh.. what would they be doing that would cause a smell like that?..."
    * Elodie sniffs the air as she walks along the corridor. She stops in her tracks and turns to the others. "Smells like it's coming from the walls."
    * Serilda stops, almost bumping into the other party members. "The walls?" She turns and looks closely for any kind of cracks or something this could be coming from.
    * Elodie follows suit, touching one of the walls, feeling for any suspicious openings.

    <Raden> Made of stone and being porous, it's had plenty of time to absorb all sorts of chemicals etc. The smell at this point is as much a part of the wall as anything by now.
    * Arisa wrinkles her nose. "Eww... this hallway smells AWFUL!"
    * Elodie shakes her head. "Might as well continue and see what the source is. I see little other choice.." She advances down the corridor, turning the corner to the right.
    <Serilda> "Seems like another trap.." Serilda mutters, but follows regardless.
    * Arisa slowly follows, worried they may be stepping into a bad situation. "I've got a bad feeling about this..." she said, her nose still wrinkled.

    <Raden> As you round the corner, the hallway stops 15 feet in, in a dead end.
    <Raden> A skeleton is propped sitting against the wall.
    <Raden> In its desecrated hands is what looks to be a journal.
    * Elodie looks behind to the others. "Looks like it has a journal of some kind... should we..?"
    <Arisa> "Yuck! I wonder if that skeleton is the reason for this smell..." Arisa slowly stepped forward towards the skeleton.
    * Serilda looks around as best she can. "It could have something important in it. Or could just be the bait.."
    <Arisa> "You want me to grab it?"
    * Elodie looks to Serilda. "Perhaps she should."
    <Elodie> "Besides, I'm sure you have a trick up your sleeve in case it turns out to be a trap" She says with a smirk.
    <Serilda> "Hm. Alright." Serilda walks over to the skeleton and grabs the journal.
    <Arisa> "Ok... here goes..." Arisa slowly reached up, grabbing the journal in the skeletons hands and attempting to yank it away!

    <Raden> The journal comes away easily, as dead people don't exactly fight back. You now have a journal.
    <Serilda> "..."
    <Serilda> "Let's get out of this hallway first, THEN read it."
    <Arisa> "All of that... the trap... that room of death... for a dead end hallway and a journal?!?"
    * Elodie agrees, waiting to trail behind the others as they leave.
    * Arisa scoffs, turning with the group and walking back down the hallway.

    <Raden> Going back into the pendulum room, you read the journal.
    <Raden> "This is a nightmare. My commandante is dead. My crew are dead. I'm the only one left."
    <Raden> "I've had to resort to cannabalism to survive, but as I devour their flesh, it devours my mind..."
    <Raden> "And then the skeletons. Oh... oh God... I ran. I hid. I cowered. I'm a disgrace. But what could I do?"
    <Raden> "They gave up looking for me. So I wandered around...
    <Raden> "My mind fracturing at this point, I came across some buttons on the wall. I thought I had nothing to lose, so I... I pressed one."
    <Raden> "My wounds disappeared! I was revitalized and ready to take on the world again! But then..."
    <Raden> "those other cursed buttons... Gouts of flame shot from the wall. Another one made me feel more sharp... yet another made me weak, tired... as if I were diseased.
    <Raden> "I pressed the first one again, that erased my wounds... nothing happened."
    <Raden> "The buttons are vicious. Colour coded, but.. how? I don't-"
    <Raden> the entry begins to become marred by old blood.
    <Raden> Pre__ ___ __ ed bu____ la_____ ___ ___hope of surv___.
    <Raden> The rest is obliterated.
    <Serilda> "....huh."
    <Elodie> "Useful information, regardless of its.. grim ending."
    * Elodie gives Arisa a nudge with her elbow. "I suppose we may encounter these buttons in the other room?"
    <Serilda> "It's the only place left to look, regardless."
    <Arisa> "We... we might." Arisa looks towards the door leading back to the room with the coffins. "I dunno where they may be."
    * Elodie heads back for the coffin room.

    <Raden> Going back to the coffin room, the skeletons have all disappeared. There is no evidence they were ever in here.
    <Raden> There is still a door to the east, in the corner of the room.
    <Elodie> "....The skeletons.." Elodie shakes her head. "..Let's just continue. I feel the longer we linger.."
    * Elodie heads for the east door.
    * Arisa quickly follows Elodie, looking to waste little time, lest another trap springs.
    * Serilda follows, wordlessly considering the words in the journal.

    <Raden> Going through the door, you head down the hallway. It is lit the same, torches every 30 feet or so.
    <Raden> As you come to a section, the leftmost wall looks smoothed out and polished in one area.
    <Raden> Four buttons have been placed on the wall, the size of one's palm. Red, green, blue, and yellow.
    <Raden> There is absolutely no indication anywhere on what these do, but it may have been documented somewhere.
    <Arisa> "I... don't wanna touch those things." Arisa quickly backed up a few steps.
    <Elodie> "If we do not, we may never be able to leave here."
    * Arisa lets out a sigh. "Maybe one of you can press them..."
    <Serilda> "Well, we can try to figure it out, or we can continue down the hall to see if we can find more answers that way."
    <Serilda> "I'm guessing this obscured part of the journal says something like 'Press the red button last for any hope of survival', which would make sense considering that the first button healed him but didn't work again after that."
    <Serilda> "But it doesn't give any clue or indication as to whether the others should be hit in a particular order, or if pushing the buttons does anything helpful at all."
    * Elodie nods.
    * Arisa lets out another sigh. "So we just push them... I guess?"
    <Serilda> "He says the third button made him feel sharper. Perhaps he hit them all in order from left to right at first..."
    <Elodie> "Then we should do it in a reverse order."
    <Serilda> "Makes as much sense as anything else."
    * Elodie reaches to press the yellow button, her hand stopping in front of it as she loks back to the others.
    <Elodie> "Ready?"
    * Serilda nods.
    * Arisa cringes slightly. "Ready..."
    <Raden> As Elodie presses the yellow button, she begins to feel weak, and tired, as if she has not slept for days.
    * Elodie gives the yellow button.

    <Raden> Elodie finds it difficult to stand as weakness washes over her, as if she hasn't has a rest in the longest time...
    * Arisa looks at Elodie, a bit nervous. "So? Anything?"
    * Elodie stands straight at first, but her consitution quickly weakens and she shudders violently. "Haa.. wh.."
    <Elodie> "uhh.." she groans as she falls to her knees, nearly breathless. "...Tired...fatigue.." she mutters between breaths.
    <Serilda> "The weakness... indeed, it seems to have been left to right..."
    <Elodie> Try as she might, she cannot resist the urge to lay down.. and collapses onto her side with a 'CLANK!'
    <Arisa> "Crap." Arisa looks as Elodie falls to the ground. "So left to right..."
    <Serilda> "Elodie! Are you able to continue?"
    * Elodie's eyes feel as heavy as anvils... and she struggles to keep them open. "Llleeaave...mmm..."
    <Serilda> "Then the third button made him feel sharp.. which would be..." Serilda presses the blue button!

    <Raden> There is a click as something mechanical seems to activate.
    <Raden> Suddenly, a sharp blade zips out of the wall, and drives itself into Serilda's stomach!
    <Raden> She might be able to hang on for a little... but something has to be done here.
    <Serilda> "Hurgh..! That's.. not.. feeling.. sharp.."
    * Serilda slumps over.
    <Arisa> "SERILDA!"
    <Serilda> "The.. buttons..! Red.. last.."
    * Arisa quickly kneels down, holding Serilda in her arms. She presses her hands against her wound, quickly covering her hands in blood.
    <Arisa> "The red one?"
    <Serilda> "Red... LAST.."
    * Arisa quickly stands up, pressing the red button!
    * Elodie stirs, fighting the temptation to sleep. She looked up just in time to see Serilda get stabbed. "....Nnnoo.."

    <Raden> Arisa hits the red button, quickly.
    <Raden> A cooling mist washes from a vent in the ceiling, and soon, the party's wounds are healed, and they are energized and rejuvenated!
    * Serilda lies there a moment, recovering her breath.
    * Elodie sits and then stands up immediately, launching herself at Serilda and nearly tackling her over. "Serilda!"
    <Serilda> "Wah! I'm.. ok.. I think. That really stung, though."
    <Arisa> "Whew! Ok! We need to keep moving... I don't like these buttons. I don't want another trap..."
    <Elodie> "You are.. good.. okay.." She releases her hold on Serilda, allowing her to breathe once more.
    <Elodie> "One more button then..?"
    * Serilda slowly gets her footing back. "It seems to be the answer."
    * Elodie pushes the only button not previously pushed..

    <Raden> The three women begin to feel sharper, more alert, more perceptive... like they're learning something subconsciously.
    <Raden> Their abilities all improve a little. Hearing, agility, eyesight, all get just a little better.
    <Serilda> "...Well. Um.. I guess we'll just keep looking around, then? This hall continues..."
    <Arisa> "Wow... I feel a bit... invigorated!" Arisa looks to Serilda. "I agree."
    * Elodie looks around, her armor feeling like it weighs nothing. She gladly marches past the two girls. "Let's go, no time to waste!"

    <Raden> You come to the end of the corridor. It turns right. There is a plaque hanging on the wall.
    <Raden> (at the corner here that is)
    * Serilda peers around the corner..
    * Arisa slowly walks around the corner, and upon seeing the plaque, steps to it, looking it over.
    <Arisa> "What... is this?"

    <Raden> stop!
    <Raden> Arisa reads the plaque.
    <Raden> Thin wisps of red energe enter Arisa's eyes... she turns on the party and attacks them!
    <Raden> Arisa stares at Serilda and Elodie, cocking her head.
    * Serilda turns back. "Huh.. is something wrong?"
    * Elodie looks to Arisa. "Well?"

    <Raden> Arisa slugs Elodie in the stomach!
    <Serilda> "Arisa! What the hell..?!"
    <Elodie> "Gagh!" Elodie yells as she staggers back. "Wh-what's gotten into you?"
    <Elodie> She thinks to herself, 'I'm wearing a breastplate, and I still felt that.. I suppose some fractured ribs don't help..'

    <Raden> Arisa's eyes glow red, as she faces the others.
    * Arisa faces the others, seeing Elodie staggering back.
    * Arisa didn't seem in control of her body... like something had taken over her body!
    * Elodie draws her shield up instinctively. "Something's wrong with her. Serilda, defend yourself!"
    <Raden> Arisa steps in, and plants a side kick into Serilda's ribs.
    * Elodie rushes up to shove Arisa against the wall ,seeking to disorient her!
    <Serilda> "Gauuugh!" Serilda stumbles to the side. Looking around, she only sees the plaque on the wall... and fires a rock at it!

    <Raden> The rock grows in size, but only bounces off the plaque. The magic is gone, it's just a plaque now, but the rock bounces off the plaque and knocks Arisa backward!
    <Raden> The momentary strike seems to shake, just for a second, whatever this is that has a hold of her, and her eyes return to normal... before they slowly turn red again.
    <Raden> Arisa spins and throws a punch...
    * Arisa again throws a punch, and a very wild one at that. This magic that's taken over her body... it's something else!
    * Elodie throws up her shield in defense. She was surprised at how hard this woman could hit! But as powerful as they were, Elodie would have no issues defending herself if she continued to focus on her. "Serilda, can you destroy it?!"
    * Serilda nods, and launches herself at the plaque, smashing it with her stone fists!

    <Raden> The plaque shatters into a dozen pieces, at least, but nothing appreciable happens.
    <Raden> Arisa grabs Serilda from behind while she is attacking the plaque, trying to choke her out.
    <Serilda> "Urkk..!" Serilda thrashes in the monk's grasp, but Arisa is far too strong for her!
    <Arisa> My hands slip around Serilda's neck, choking her!
    * Elodie comes from behind Arisa, bashing her back with her shield! "Get off!"

    <Raden> As Elodie strikes Arisa, again, the demonic possession falters...
    <Raden> When Arisa cries out in surprise, it's a mixture of her own voice and the spirit of which possesses her!
    <Arisa> "AGGH!" Arisa cries out. It's mixed with the spirit's, making for an eerie sound.
    <Raden> Arisa's choke on Serilda is relaxed, as she momentarily regains control
    * Elodie grabs Arisa from behind in a chokehold! "Got you..!"
    <Elodie> "Serilda, get away as quick as you can!"
    <Arisa> "Hurrk!" I groan, again mated with the spirit's voice.
    * Serilda slips out, turning to Arisa. "Grr... I'll knock that thing right out of her!" and she drives a stone fist into Arisa's belly!
    * Elodie grunts, feeling the force of the punch herself. "Not so hard.. I'm right behind her you know."
    <Arisa> "UNGH!" Arisa moans, grabbing her abs, saliva flying from her mouth onto the ground.

    <Raden> Elodie slips a choke hold on Arisa, catching the demon off guard.
    <Raden> As Elodie and Arisa struggle, Serilda lays a stone fist into Arisa's stomach.
    <Raden> The energy possessing Arisa gets weaker and weaker... allowing Arisa to regain more and more control!
    <Raden> Finally, the demon gives up the fight, and Arisa has returned!
    <Elodie> "Begone.. foul demonspawn!" Elodie tightens her hold!
    <Elodie> "Release Arisa.. NOW!"
    <Arisa> "HURRK! Guys... it's... me..." Arisa coughs out.
    <Serilda> "Hah... ah... I.. may have overdone it, there.."
    <Elodie> "I wil.. FORCE YOU OUT!" Elodie releases the chokehold, only to wrap her arms around Arisa's torso.. "FORCE.."
    <Elodie> ..Suplexing her as she swings her back! "...YOU!!"
    <Arisa> "WHOAAH!" Arisa yelps, being thrown by the suplex down the hallway.
    * Serilda just watches, wide-eyed.
    <Elodie> Without anyone to stop her, and still feeling invigorated, Elodie runs up to Arisa, and draws her sword. "Because if you don't leave... then I will kill your host.."
    <Arisa> "Ssssstop! Elodie! ELODIE! IT'S ME! ARISA!" Arisa shouts, trying to snap Elodie from her trance.
    <Elodie> "Hraagh!" Elodie plunges her sword into the ground...
    <Elodie> ...and it embeds itself inches away from Arisa's head.
    * Serilda finally moves to catch up with the group. "Elodie..? Are you two okay?"
    * Elodie looks down at Arisa, panting heavily.. a murderous look in her eyes.. "...."
    * Arisa quickly pulls herself to her feet, crawling at speed to Serilda's knees. "SAVE ME! ELODIE'S POSSESSED!"
    * Elodie sighs... and after a few more moments, sheathes her sword.
    <Elodie> "..I am sorry, Arisa. I am glad I was not forced to kill you."
    <Serilda> "Um.. anyway. Are we good to continue, or do you guys need another moment to rest?"
    * Arisa pulls herself up. "I... I need to go pee."
    <Elodie> "I'm good to move on." She turns back to look at them. "Shall we?"
    * Serilda goes back to peering around the corner to see what's further down the hall..

    <Raden> The hallway extends down a pretty good ways, illuminated by the same torches in their holders on the wall.
    <Raden> As you go down the second hallway, there is a sign on the wall.
    <Elodie> Spotting the sign, Elodie says, "Another sign.. perhaps I should read it this time."
    <Arisa> "Yeah... I'll let you read it." Arisa says, rubbing her arms.
    * Elodie nods, takes a deep breath and walks up to the sign.. reading what it has to say.

    <Raden> The sign is blank.
    <Raden> Then the number 5 appears, as if etched into the sign before Elodie's very eyes!
    <Raden> It is erased shortly after, and replaced with a 4...
    <Serilda> "What does it say?"
    <Arisa> "Elodie..." Arisa says, getting a bit nervous.
    * Elodie stares at the sign blankly for a moment.. before realizing what the sign means..
    <Elodie> She whips around, her face wide in fear. "Run.. RUN!"

    <Raden> 3.
    <Raden> 2.
    <Elodie> Whether her friends heed her advice or not, Elodie begins to run back down the hall!
    * Serilda runs back, trying to get around the corner!
    * Arisa turns, tripping momentarily, but gets up, lagging behind her partners. She too tries to get back around the corner

    <Raden> 1.
    <Raden> The sign explodes violently, taking out a large section of the wall!
    * Serilda ducks against the wall as the explosion goes off around the corner. After a moment, she peers around carefully..
    <Raden> The floor where the sign blew up is strewn with rubble, what used the be the wall.
    * Arisa gets around the corner just in time for the explosion to rock the hallway. She takes in a deep breath, covering her ears.

    <Raden> A couple of the torches have been knocked loose, rolling around on the floor now.
    <Serilda> (So does the hall continue? Was there anything behind the destroyed wall or is it caved in?)
    * Elodie leans against the wall, breathing a sigh of relief. "Is everyone okay?"
    <Serilda> "Looks like we made it. Sheesh.."
    <Elodie> "Good.. good.. well, hopefully the rest of the way was not obstructed.. let us continue. (Moving forward down the hall.)
    <Serilda> "It's strange how much resources must have been put into this place.."

    <Raden> Past the rubble thrown around on the floor, you continue on down the hall.
    <Raden> As you go, there is another sign on the wall.
    <Serilda> "I'd like to study this.."
    * Arisa sees the sign. "Serilda, you look this time."
    * Serilda walks up to the sign, looking at the floor. She carefully leans around, trying to see if she can get a look from the side..
    * Elodie follows behind closely, sword at the ready. "..."

    <Raden> The sign is written in rune lettering.
    <Raden> Only Serilda will be able to make sense of it.
    <Raden> It reads as follows:
    <Raden> "The one who's eyes glide past these runes shall be preserved for all eternity."
    * Serilda starts to read it out loud, but trails off. "What does that even mean...?"
    <Elodie> "What does it say?"
    * Arisa walks up behind Elodie, still nervous. "Yeah! Tell us!"
    <Serilda> "The one who's eyes glide past these runes shall be preserved for all eternity?" Serilda shrugs.
    <Serilda> "Guess this one's broken," she says, walking over to see what's further down the hall..
    <Raden> stop!

    <Raden> As Serilda turns away from the runes, blue bolts lash out and grab Serilda, freezing her to the wall by her arms and legs!
    * Elodie nearly jumps back in surprise!
    <Elodie> "What in the bl... Serilda!" she yells, seeing Serilda plastered to the wall!
    <Serilda> "Wha.. ack!!" Serilda is slammed against the wall, her arms at her sides and legs slightly spread.
    <Arisa> "What the hell!" Arisa screams, quickly taking up a fighting stance.
    * Serilda wriggles in place. "That was.. unexpected."
    * Elodie approaches Serilda, grabbing hold of her bonds, and tugging on them. "Don't worry.. have you out in a sec!"

    <Raden> The ice is thick and solid. Good luck with that.
    * Elodie growls and bashes on the ice blocks with the hilt of her sword. "Damn it..!"
    <Arisa> "Ooh, try a torch!" Arisa says, quickly running back and grabbing a torch.
    * Arisa brings it back to Serilda and holds it up to the ice, trying to melt it!
    * Serilda hangs limply for the moment, conserving her strength... though the ice was making it hard to not shiver.

    <Raden> The ice begins to melt around Serilda's thighs... but as it does, it grows around her upper body, enveloping her stomach now.
    * Elodie blinks, watching the ice accumulate. "Uh.. it.. seems to be having an adverse effect.."
    <Serilda> "Huh... aah!" Serilda suddenly finds herself without even wriggle room!
    * Arisa frowns. "Elodie, you grab one and try!"
    <Elodie> Grabbing a torch from the ground, Elodie holds it up to Serilda's upper body. "Here we are."

    <Raden> Melting the ice around her upper body only causes it to grow around her legs again.
    <Raden> It seems to be maintaining the same volume...
    <Serilda> "...can you chip it at all with your sword or shield? Or even those gauntlets.."
    <Serilda> (Er, does Elodie wear gauntlets, I forget lol)
    <Elodie> "Arisa.. what if we.."
    <Elodie> "What if we held the torches to both areas at the same time?"
    <Arisa> "Maybe that'll work, Elodie!"
    * Arisa holds her torch to Serilda's leg, motioning for Elodie to do the same.
    * Elodie holds her torch to Serilda's upper body.

    <Raden> The torches are held at both freeze sites simultaneously.... nothing much seems to happen, as the volume remains constant.
    <Raden> Serilda's lips are just starting to turn blue from the cold.
    <Elodie> "Hm.. not as I hoped."
    * Arisa frowns again. "Maybe the stone club will work? I dunno..."
    * Elodie looks to Arisa. "Any other ideas?"
    <Elodie> "The club.. it just might work."
    <Elodie> "Well, I'll let you have a go. My sword arm is kind of sore."
    <Serilda> "It's possible that you may need to partially melt one side... thin it out.."
    <Elodie> "Ah yes. Serilda, which part do you prefer to be freed first then?"
    <Serilda> "Well, if my arms were free I might be able to help as well, though it's unlikely."
    * Elodie nods. "Uppder body it is then." She holds the torch to Serilda's upper body, until the ice begins to accumulate at her lower half.

    <Raden> Indeed, this is the effect it has, as the ice melts around Serilda's arms and stomach, crystallizing around her legs further. They are fully enveloped by the time enough ice is melted to free Serilda without burning her with the torch.
    * Elodie waits for Arisa. "Time is precious, please hurry!"
    * Arisa takes the club and swings it at her stomach, trying to break the ice there!
    <Elodie> (Upper half, where the ice is weakest, yes.)

    <Raden> The ice is easily chipped away, leaving Serilda very cold, but her upper body free.
    <Raden> The ice that is broken off does not magically reform. It simply melts, turning into ordinary water.
    <Serilda> "Rggrggggghhh..." Serilda wraps herself in her arms, and shivers..
    <Elodie> "It's working!"
    <Arisa> "Where now?
    <Arisa> "Where now?" Arisa asks, looking at Elodie.
    * Serilda looks down at the massive chunk of ice covering her legs.
    * Elodie holds the torch to Serilda's legs. "I have an idea. We'll simply put the torch to her legs and let it thin out as it filters to her chest... then just chip away at it until she is free."
    <Elodie> "Sound like a plan?" (So we're not stuck on this all night.)
    * Serilda nods.
    <Serilda> "Just.. get.. me.. out of here..!"

    <Raden> As Elodie expected, attempting to melt the ice only causes it to travel up Serilda's body, but as it does so, it thins out enough to be chipped away by any of the blunt objects the group possesses.
    * Arisa swings the club over and over again at the ice covering Serilda's chest, chipping it away.
    <Raden> Finally, the ice is all shattered, and Serilda is free of it, but is very cold.
    <Serilda> Cold... and soaked. Her outfit was giving very little protection from this, as she shivered heavily.
    <Arisa> "Serilda! You ok?" Arisa shouted, dropping the club and rushing up to her.
    <Serilda> "I'll.. be.. fine.. so.. cold.."
    * Arisa rubs Serilda's arms, trying to warm her up as best she could.
    * Serilda takes a moment to warm up by the two torches, and soon is able to move normally again, but still uncomfortable
    * Elodie puts an arm around Serilda. "Ice to have you back." She smiled.
    <Elodie> "Once you're good to go, we can move on.. and see what other fun is planned for us."
    * Serilda says nothing at Elodie's terrible pun... but as soon as her back is turned she grabs a chip of ice and shoves it down her armor!
    <Elodie> "EEP!" Elodie squeals, shaking and shivering as the ice chip travels down her backside!
    <Elodie> "Okay, okay.. I know it was a bad joke." She smiles, shaking her butt and letting the piece of ice drop to the floor. "Uck. Can we continue on?"
    <Arisa> "Haha!" Arisa laughs, watching Elodie and Serilda playfully fight.
    * Serilda nods. "Yes, I am ready."

    <Raden> As you come to the end of the hallway, it continues on right.
    <Raden> There is also a door on the wall here.
    <Arisa> "Shall we... enter?" Arisa asks.
    <Serilda> "Well, at least it's not another sign."
    * Elodie nods. "We might be at the end of the road here.."
    * Elodie steps forward and opens the door.

    <Raden> Opening the door, you come to what looks to be a music hall of sorts, hacked into the cave as it were.
    <Raden> There's a piano in the northeast corner of the room, playing (with) itself.
    <Raden> Suddenly, a note messes up, and then there is a furious pounding on the piano, causing many notes to ring out at the same time.
    <Raden> The music then resumes...
    <Serilda> "A glitch.. or an alarm?"
    <Elodie> "I don't know what a 'glitch' is.. but I'm willing to bet whatever is playing knows of our presence.."
    * Elodie inches towards the piano, her shield raises in front of her.
    * Arisa is the last to enter the room. "I... don't like the sound that piano is making..."

    <Raden> Elodie silently slinks toward the piano, an impressive feat given her armour.
    <Raden> The music continues playing, and then is messed up again.
    <Raden> Again, what sounds like someone hammering on the keys angrily rings out across the room.
    <Raden> As Elodie gets closer, she can see bloody rags strewn about.
    * Serilda follows Elodie toward the piano, wanting a look at this thing for herself!
    <Arisa> "What... IS that?" Arisa asks, slowly walking behind the two.

    <Raden> At the sound of ARisa's voice, the music stops....
    <Raden> ... then picks up again when nothing more is said.
    <Raden> It's a haunting tune... and who or what ever is playing it seems to have a short temper.
    * Elodie eyes the rags carefully. "...Eh?"
    * Elodie creeps closer, close enough to get a good look at one of the rags.
    <Arisa> "Ok... that was seriously creepy. I think something might be in the room..."
    * Serilda follows carefully, though part of her wants to just smash the thing!

    <Raden> stop!
    <Raden> The music stops again at Arisa's voice.
    <Raden> "Someone is there..." a voice says.
    <Raden> There is a short gasp.
    <Raden> "Ooh! Maybe play time!"
    <Raden> Unseen to the trio, the figure at the piano looks around, and then sees them.
    <Raden> "Nyehehehehe!" he cackles. "New friends to make!"
    <Raden> The door they came in through slams shut, and a heavy thud sounds as it locks!
    * Elodie raises her shield up. "Prepare yourselves!" she yells out, drawing her sword. "We are not here to make friends.. release us and you may yet live to see tomorrow!"
    <Arisa> "Oh man... what'd I do NOW?" Arisa asked, taking up a fighting stance.
    * Serilda looks at the others... shrugs.. and then shoots acid in the direction of the voice!

    <Raden> "GYAAAARRGGHHH!!" the voice cries out as it is burned by the acid!
    <Raden> "You... You HURT me!" the goice cries out, dementia in its voice. "YOU... HURT ME!"
    <Elodie> "There's more where that came from!" Elodie shouts, holding her sword up. "Show yourself!"
    <Raden> "Ah, you, yes.. much more reasonable.. Unfortunately, I cannot show myself..."
    <Raden> The voice sounds like the owner is very unhinged.
    <Raden> "You see, I was trying to find the secret to invisibility..."
    <Arisa> "Oh great... a crazy. Invisibility? How are we supposed to fight this... THING?"
    <Raden> "for years, I could not find it! No, no, no, could not. Nope. Not at all. But you see, haah, I did find it after all! Nyehehehehe! Yes, yes I did! You see? Hmm? Hm? You see"
    <Elodie> "Save it.." Elodie growls. "..and suffer my wrath!" She charges towards the source of the voice, ready to press into him with her shield!
    <Raden> "Wait, you.. can't see... nobody can seeee....."

    <Raden> Elodie charges, but the invisible figure simply trips her up!
    <Raden> "Nyehehehahaha! I've been invisible sooooo long, it's like, whoa."
    <Raden> It's not clear if he was already this insane to start, or if turning himself invisible made him this way, but he's off his rocker for sure.
    <Raden> "And now YOU three come BARGING IN HERE and interrupt my MUSIC HOUR??!"
    <Raden> "HOW. DARE. YOU."
    <Raden> Elodie is kicked in the face!
    <Elodie> Losing her balance, the kick to her face is enough to knock Elodie onto the ground! '"UMPFFH!!"
    <Elodie> She lands on her back with a loud CLANG, scrambling back to her feet. "Bastard..!!!"
    * Elodie swipes her sword in the direction of the voice!
    * Arisa rushes towards the sound, but doesn't know where to strike! "Where are you, you piece of crap!"
    * Serilda sits at the piano...

    <Raden> The unseen figure has his attention turned to Arisa, charging at him and swinging wildly.
    <Raden> He takes a step to the side, and Arisa runs past him.
    <Raden> "Hee hee!" he chortles. "You missed me, PBBBTTTTTT!!"
    <Raden> Elodie's sword juuuust missed him, due to the sidestep. If he hadn't moved, it could have ended bad for him.
    <Raden> Being invisible, there's not really any perfect way to track him... if he could only shut up, he might be untrackable at all, but years of torment have left his mind a figurative ruin.
    * Arisa grumbles, quite loudly at that. "There any water in here? Something to flesh this guy out?"
    * Elodie growls, holding her sword up once more. "Yes.. his blood."
    * Elodie draws her blade back, the tip beginning to shine with light..
    * Serilda looks at the piano, a little confused. "So.. I push these levers.." She starts pounding at the keys randomly!
    <Elodie> "Arisa, move out of the way! NOW!"

    <Raden> Where once beautiful but haunting music poured forth from the piano, Serilda's random jabbing on the keys just lets out noise.
    <Raden> It's an attention grabber though.
    <Raden> "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY PIANOOOOOO!!" he screams out. There's the sound of footsteps, and then Serilda is shoved wildly out of the chair!
    <Elodie> "I have you..!"
    <Raden> The figure begins talking to his piano. "Ohh, did she hurt you? You made such terrible noise..."
    * Elodie charges for the piano seat and rams the spot with her shield!
    <Serilda> "Oof!" Serilda falls to her side. She notices the bloody cloth lying about... then grabs a bundle and throws it in the direction she was shoved from!

    <Raden> Elodie appears to bounce off the thin air, but there is a thump, a grunt, the piano shifts, and then there is the loud sound of half the keys being hit all at once. He landed on the keys, obviously.
    <Raden> "you.... YOU... Why do you do this to me??" he yells out.
    <Raden> There is the sound of footsteps as he runs away.
    <Raden> Suddenly from the corner of the room, a glass beaker half full of something comes flying at the group!
    <Raden> The madman is throwing chemicals around! Were... were they meant to mix?
    <Elodie> The paladin pursues the invisible foe, following after the sound of his footsteps! "Don't you-"
    <Elodie> Seeing something coming for her, Elodie quickly tries to duck!
    * Arisa looks around wildly, perplexed as to what's going on. "Hey! What the-?"
    * Serilda gets to a kneeling position by the piano. "Guess that didn't work.."

    <Raden> Elodie ducks the phial, and it smashes into the floor, spreading its contents.
    <Raden> Now that Elodie is a little closer, she can see in the darkened corner of this room. It looks like a makeshift laboratory of some kind,, with beakers and chemicals of all sizes and colours.
    <Raden> And this total lunatic is just whipping them at random! He lets fly with another beaker!
    <Raden> He pounds the table, making everything clatter.
    * Arisa runs to the table, grabbing a beaker. "Hey! Crazy! Catch!" She throws the contents of them in what she thinks is his direction!
    * Elodie holds her shield up to protect herself from the beakers, inching forward slowly so she could dodge if needed! "When I catch you.."
    * Serilda stands up, now seeing the laboratory everyone is focusing toward. "Hey.. how about you surrender before I smash all that crap at once?" She pulls out a rock, hefting it in one hand..

    <Raden> "YOU WANT IT SMASHED?!" he yells out. "WHY, I CAN MAKE YOUR WISH A REALITY!"
    <Raden> He begins hurling beakers even faster now, as if he is using both hands. They come fast and furious, some of them turning end over end as they go, spilling some of their contents in midair.
    <Raden> While the group is preoccupied with that, he climbs up on the now empty table.
    <Serilda> "Screw this guy," Serilda says, throwing the rock straight at him!
    * Elodie does her best to avoid the barrage of beakers and vials thrown at her!
    * Arisa jumps backwards, staying away from the table. "Man! This guy really IS crazy!"

    <Raden> There is now a hissing sound as the chemicals all react with each other, smoking. Broken glass covers a wide area of the middle of the room.
    <Raden> The stone itself begins to crumble and dissolve.
    <Raden> Serilda's rock punches into the lunatic's chest!
    <Raden> "EEEEYYARGH!!" he screams out, as he pulls the rock shards out.
    <Raden> Blood begins to stain his clothes, but the dark colour is not seen, at least in the shadowed corner of the room anyway...
    <Raden> "Grrrr...." there's a *THUMP THUMP* as he takes two steps, and then jumps into the air, landing on Elodie and tackling her to the ground!
    <Elodie> Too busy trying to avoid the myriad of things flung at her, Elodie doesn't even anticipate the invisible lunatic jumping at her. The attack is sudden and catches her completely off-guard!
    <Elodie> "OOPH!" she grunts as she is tackled to the ground. Immediately, she begins to push off and away from the mad man! "How.. dare you..!"
    <Arisa> "Elodie!" Arisa screams, rushing towards her friend. She throws a kick above Elodie's body, around her chest! "HeeaaaAAH!" she yells as she throws the kick.
    * Serilda climbs on top of the piano, watching as she tries to track this guy's position!

    <Raden> "UAHH!" the figure yells. Arisa caught him squarely in the face, something he clearly wasn't prepared for!
    <Raden> He falls off Elodie backwards!
    <Raden> Blood starts to stream from his nose.
    <Raden> "By dose!" he yells out, a little nasally. "You broke by dose! GRRRRR...."
    <Raden> He's on the move again, as there's an audible and rapid sound of footsteps, as if he were running again!
    * Elodie rises to her feet, glad that her ribs were not impacted very hard from the lunatic jumping on her.
    <Serilda> "Seriously, why don't you just give up? We get out of here, and someone out there might be able to help you."
    <Elodie> Seeing the small amount of blood hovering in the air, Elodie runs after her foe! "Yes, give up and we may show you mercy yet!"
    * Arisa takes a step back, watching Elodie run after the crazy man. "Get em'!" She slowly reaches down for her foot, doing her best to hide it. "Owww... oww... owie..." she whispers to herself.

    <Raden> The insane being launches himself at Arisa, tackling her now!
    <Raden> He tries to punch her in the face, but his blows are, well, as erratic as he is.
    <Raden> They aren't aimed very well, if at all. He's not of right enough mind to think about that.
    <Raden> "WHY! CAN'T! YOU! SEE! ME!" he yells, punctuating each word with a strike. He misses the last one entirely and punches the floor, yelling out in pain.
    <Arisa> "HUNGH!" Arisa cries, tumbling to the ground. Her arms quickly raise up to cover her head. "A... little help... here?"
    <Elodie> "Rrrraagh!" Elodie screams, jumping at where she supposes her foe's back is, and latching on if she hits!
    * Serilda puts the rock away as she walks over to Arissa... fists taking their stone form..
    <Arisa> "Get... him... OFF ME!" she shouts, shoving her hands upwards as she hears the man's hand bash into the ground.

    <Raden> Elodie's prediction is correct, as she is now on the back of the insane being, their combined weight pressing down on Arisa.
    <Raden> Serilda prepares her attack, as the being stands with some dificculty, with Elodie on his back. It looks like she is levitating.
    * Elodie pulls back on what she can only guess is her opponent's head. "Re..lease..her!!" she screams, pulling back with all of her might!
    * Serilda puts one hand out to make contact, and for a moment seems to show... pity?.. as she drives her other fist home!

    <Raden> The figure reaches behind him, trying to grab Elodie's hair or something to throw her off him, but Serilda's punch attack drills him in the stomach.
    <Raden> "PHHHHFFFFF...." he exhales hard. They know he's stumbled over because Elodie seems to sink lower to the ground.
    * Arisa takes in a deep breath as Elodie and the man's combined weight lifts off of her.
    * Elodie hangs on tight, despite his movment and pulls back on his head even more! "Give.. it.. up!!"
    <Serilda> "..." Serilda puts a hand out as a guide once again, this time at the man's head! She aims for a knockout punch...
    * Arisa stands up, and steps forward. "You little piece of crap!" She snaps a front kick towards what she thinks is his jaw...

    <Raden> Elodie clings to the figure for all she can, knowing she finally has a hold on him. She pulls his head back.
    <Raden> Arisa's kick flicks out and snaps him back further, knocking him out of the way of Serilda's attack.
    <Raden> He grunts once, and is dazed enough, possibly for Elodie to finish things.
    <Serilda> "Hmph. Well, you've got him, then. What do we do with him?"
    <Elodie> Grabbing hold of her sword, Elodie gives one good bash to his head with the hilt of her sword! "CEASE THIS TIRADE!!"

    <Raden> "oomph.." he grunts, as he slumps forward, then rolls onto his back.
    <Raden> "Please... I... cannot live... in this manner...."
    <Raden> "You... tracked me? You can see me?" he asks, the manic lilt in his voice gone.
    <Arisa> "Are you done?"
    <Elodie> Relieved to see him relent finally, Elodie sheathes her sword and stands up. "No, we cannot see you. But if you're willing to listen to reason.. we.." she turns to the others.
    <Elodie> "...We may be able to help you."
    <Arisa> "Help him?!? HE TRIED TO KILL US!"

    <Raden> At Elodie's declaration, he becomes enraged again.
    <Elodie> "And so what do you suggest, Arisa? That we kill him in cold-blood?!"
    <Raden> "NOOOOO!! I MUST BE SEEEEEEENNN!!!" He begins to thrash wildly!
    <Elodie> "Ahh!" Elodie yelps as she crashes to the ground! The trips were becoming more common, and she was being accustomed to having her armor weigh her down by now...
    <Elodie> "We'll try to help you.. just.. calm down, dammit!" she exclaims, getting back to her feet.

    <Raden> The figure begins to sniffle a little. "For years, I've been trying to turn myself visible again... the accident left me... like this..."
    <Raden> "Vials of something blew up and got on me. spreading ... spreading... I thought it was erasing me, but it only made me like this..."
    <Raden> "I have tried for many years to undo it, but I...-"
    <Raden> He takes a few shuddering breaths.
    <Raden> "I've failed, every time... there's nothing to be done for it..."
    <Raden> "I cannot live like this anymore..."
    * Arisa stood agast, not knowing what to say. "I... I'm..."
    <Elodie> Upon seeing (Or not-seeing ,rather) the man finally break down, Elodie lowered her sword and shield. "I see.. but.. you will allow us to possibly find you aid then? I know many alchemists and wizards who may be able to.. find some cure for this."

    <Raden> There's a short gasp.
    <Raden> ".. other.. alchemists..?"
    <Raden> He's been in here so long, he's forgotten abotu the outside world.
    <Raden> *about
    * Elodie nods. "I'm sure between the three of us, we'll find someone.." She smiles slightly, in an attempt to re-assure the man.
    <Raden> "Then will you..."
    <Raden> "... will you defeat the terrible ones that run this place?"
    <Raden> For the first time in their dealings, he is calm, almost... serene.
    <Elodie> "We intend to, yes. Perhaps you can help us."
    <Raden> There's another gasp.
    <Raden> "Me... help you? You would allow me?"
    * Elodie smiled. "Yes.. just.. don't try anything funny of course!" She puts her hands on her hips.
    <Raden> "If I can help those who can help me... I would be grateful for it..."

    <Raden> He stands up.
    <Raden> "Please, accept my apologies. I, well... am not so well these days..."
    <Raden> it looks like hope can cut through almost anything...
    <Raden> He holds out his hand, producing a glowing rune.
    <Raden> "Here. You will need this. There is a large wooden door that is magelocked. You may have come across it. This will open it."
    <Arisa> "I... don't like this. Why should we help him? You tried to kill us! All of us!"
    <Serilda> "And we tried to kill him, too. So we're even. Now, we can help each other get out of here."
    * Elodie shoots Arisa a dirty look before receiving the rune from the man. "Thank you. And what will you do while we secure a way out?"
    <Raden> "I ask you to please kill those who operate this place. They are... they are pure evil. They know nothing except violence.
    * Elodie nods curtly. "We will if we must."
    <Raden> "They will not accept your words, only your deaths."
    <Raden> "I am Mortren. You are a... paladin, yes?"
    <Elodie> "I am. Elodie is my name."
    <Raden> He nods, unseen. "Then I accept your words. A good paladin always keeps their word. I believe you."
    <Raden> "The magelocked door is this way."
    <Raden> There's footsteps, and then the door to the north opens. It's the one you came through to get in here.
    * Elodie smiles, looking to Arisa and giving a "Told-you-so" look before following Mortren.
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    <Raden> You are back in the room with the swinging pendulum. To tget to the door you came through to get here, you have to cross the pendulum. It's barely even a hazard though, you would have to stand there and let it hit you at this point.
    <Raden> Mortren crosses the pendulum and then opens the door on the east wall.
    <Raden> "It is this way."
    * Elodie follows after, easily avoiding the pendulum. She thanks Morten and then passes through the doorway.
    * Serilda continues to follow..

    <Raden> (there was another room, I warped it. :p)
    <Raden> You are back in the room you started in, with the junky wooden door, the iron door, and the magelocked door.
    <Raden> "All you have to do is stand in front of the door, and throw the rune, so that it hits the door. I do not advise touching it... I don't know what happens, but safe to say, magic powers can be quite... unpredictable."
    * Elodie nods, and approaches the magically-locked door. She tosses the rune at it from a considerable distance, awaiting to see what would happen...
    * Arisa cringes, watching the rune fly towards the door.

    <Raden> Sparks fly as the contradictory magicks collide, and after a few seconds, the unlocking rune has dropped the magical field around the door, allowing it to swing open...
    <Raden> The rune was consumed in its use, vanishing completely.
    <Raden> "Well then," Mortren says. He opens the door, giving it this eerie impression of the door opening itself, as if whatever was on the other side is inviting them in.
    <Elodie> "Alright girls.. are you ready?"
    * Serilda nods, steeling herself for whatever lies beyond.
    * Arisa nods as well, and takes in a deep breath.

    <Raden> As they step through the door, they come into more corridors.... but these ones have been highly manufactured. Whereas the rest of this underground temple, dungeon, etc. has been carved out of the rock, this was definitely built, as smooth stone and pillars with orbs of light are the norm instead of hewn rock and torches.
    <Raden> The corridor turns right then left a few times, until soon they come upon a room, from which their recently-heightened hearing can pick up voices about 30 feet away.
    <Raden> You still possess three darts, one normal, one lightly poisoned, and one heavily poisoned.
    <Raden> And a good way to get the jump on someone....
    <Arisa> "Well... this... is an interesting change."
    * Elodie turns to the others, pointing forward to indicate that she could hear voices. Considering her movement in her armor might arouse suspicion she whispers, "Perhaps one of you should go forward and see if we can see who we are up against."
    <Raden> "I can, if you would like..."
    * Serilda shrugs. She wasn't encumbered, but not very used to sneaking around..
    * Elodie nearly jumps at the sound of the invisible one's voice. "Ah.. w-who better then.. right?"
    <Raden> "I will return."

    <Raden> He goes down the hallway, taking in the view of what he sees in the door. He then comes back, making sure to make a little noise as he does, to alert the party to his return
    <Raden> "There are five dark elves, conversing. They said something about the new captures. I believe they may be referring to you. Something about your heads on pikes as a warning of their dominance...."
    <Raden> "Have you any weapon to spare? I can at least get the jump on them..."
    <Arisa> "We have the club..." Arisa replies, looking at the group.
    <Elodie> "And the darts.. good for one use only, but with two..."
    <Raden> "Darts? Please, show me."
    * Elodie nods, handing the darts to where she supposed the man was standing.
    <Raden> Mortren takes the darts. "Thank you. Please follow behind. The surprise will not last long... but it may be long enough."

    <Raden> Mortren heads down to the open door, and sneaks in.
    <Raden> The dark elves are in conversation.
    <Raden> "So what should we do with the captives then? They've been on those tables for hours by now. Let the big pendulum take care of them?"
    * Elodie follows close, doing her best to be as quiet as possible in her armor.
    <Raden> "oh, I know, let those rats feed on something. Except maybe that skinny unarmed one, mostly bones on her."
    <Raden> "What about that one with the armour?"
    <Raden> "Pff. We took her weapons, she's useless without them."
    <Raden> "Oh, I know... let the invisible guy experiment on them, he's nuts anyway."
    * Elodie blushes. 'Useless?!' she thinks to herself..
    <Raden> Mortren directs his attention to the one who just uttered that line, but before he can strike, the one beside her says "Yeah, that poor guy... we keep telling him we can see him, hah. He's so out of his-"
    <Raden> Mortren produces the darts, and rams them into the bases of the two dark elves' necks!
    <Raden> "Huack-" they stop short.
    <Raden> The one that was hit with the heavy poison immediately begins to black out and fade.
    <Raden> "P... pois..on.." she gasps, before slumping to the floor dead.
    <Raden> The one with the light poison stands up as if to fight, but sits back down at the table. "Unnnhnnnh... dizzy... not... coherent.."
    <Raden> The other three stand up in alarm.
    <Raden> "Who- Mortren! Is this your doing?!"
    * Elodie steps aside, motioning for Serilda to strike from a distance!
    * Serilda follows the cue, launching a rock at another one of dark elves!
    * Arisa lunges at the second elf, quickly throwing a roundhouse kick at its head!
    * Elodie charges in with Arisa, launching an attack with her shield at the most magey-looking of the elves! (Depending on what they're wearing of course!)

    <Raden> The rock shard punches into one of the dark elves' shoulders, jamming the joint.
    <Raden> "Ahh!" she yells out."What the hell? Intruders! Get them!"
    <Raden> Arisa's kick lands flush on the unarmed dark elf. The dark elf takes it, and comes back with one of her own!
    <Raden> Elodie takes a large swipe at the mage of the dark party, but she jumps back out of the way, the sword missing her, but cutting through her robes.
    <Raden> The dark elf that was poisoned looks a little green around the gills, but makes an attempt to get up and get behind Elodie.
    <Raden> The mage begins to charge up a spell, and one of the fighters starts directing traffic.
    <Raden> "Get the rock thrower!"
    * Elodie stands defiantly against the mage, charging at her while she is readying her spell! "You're mine!"
    <Arisa> "UNGH!" Arisa groans, her hand grabbing the side of her head. She sinks to a knee, throwing a punch at the stomach of the elf that just kicked her!
    * Serilda follows into the room, trying to find a position to fire acid at both of the fighters!

    <Raden> Elodie leaps over the table at the mage, but is caught with an electric shock that is amplified by her armour!
    <Raden> Arisa punches the dark elf in the stomach from her knees, causing her to cough and exhale hard. In response, she tries kneeing Arisa in the face!
    <Raden> The soldier elf tries pulling the rock shards out of her shoulder, but Serilda scored a beautiful hit, and really jammed a shard into the joint. She pulls hard on it, but can't free it.
    <Raden> "Urgh! Damn it all..."
    <Raden> she slides her shield off her arm and takes up her sword in it.
    <Raden> The poisoned, groggy looking one is trying to do something useful, and musters her energy for a punch, knocking Serilda for a loop... but she falls to the floor on her hands and knees. She may only have had the one in her.
    <Arisa> "AGGH!" Arisa groaned, the knee catching her across the chin. She quickly grabbed the elf's knee, however, and attempted to drive her backwards and possibly take her down!
    * Elodie is too late, and is caught in the attack of the mage. "Hggghhhaacck.." she groans, her entire body stopping short of her target and trembling violently due to the electricity!
    <Elodie> After the efects leave her body, she struggles to balance herself after the attack.. magic was the one thing she had no real defense against. Regardless, she looks to the mage as she prepares to attack her once more!
    <Serilda> "Agh!" Serilda is knocked aside just as she was getting ready to cast her acid spray! She ends up blasting the poisoned one full on!

    <Raden> Arisa takes the knee in the face, but being an unarmed fighter, she's accustomed to things like that. She catches the dark elf's leg and pushes her off balance.
    <Raden> She backflips out of it gracefully, and then leaps into the air looking to drive a kick home, but she leaps just a little too high, giving Arisa a split second more reaction time..
    <Raden> Elodie tries to attack the mage again, but is caught with the hilt of the swordfighter's blade, stunning her. The mage moves in, looking to pull her armour off!
    <Raden> Serilda is caught perfectly with the punch, but the consequences are disastrous for the poisoned one. Acid washes over her, and she screams terribly as she is badly burnt.
    <Raden> As she is curled into a ball whimpering, her head suddenly snaps back, straightening her body a little, and then she falls limp.
    <Raden> "That's for lying to me, you miserable cow..." Mortren said, a snarl in his voice.
    <Elodie> "Oof..!" Elodie lets out, the attack from the swordfighter surprising her completely! Reeling, she doesn't even notice the mage going in to remove her armor..
    * Arisa takes the slight bit of opportunity given by her opponent to duck the kick. Watching her land, Arisa quickly launched forward with a thrust kick to the back of the elf's head!
    <Arisa> "Heeaaah!" Arisa shouted, as she threw the kick with everything she had.
    <Serilda> Seeing Elodie in a spot, Serilda, launches a rock at the swordfighter!
    <Raden> Arisa's kick sends the unarmed fighter directly into the flight path of Serilda's rock shard, spearing her in the chest.

    <Raden> "Huck..." she gasps, as it strikes her just off the center.
    <Raden> She looks down and sees it sticking out of her... she pulls it out and throws it back at Serilda!
    <Raden> Thrown with beautiful technique, even an awkward object like that has a graceful flight path... but is grace enough?
    <Raden> The mage of the group presses her hands on Elodie's back, sending another crippling shock through her.
    <Raden> The swordfighter pulls the straps on her armour apart, looking to tear it off her body.
    <Elodie> "AAACK!!" Elodie's body stiffens as the electricity courses through her body. She is powerless to stop the swordfighter from removing her armor, and soon she is without her chestpiece!
    <Elodie> Once the attck has run its course, she falls to her hands and knees. In desperation, she swings out weakly towards the swordfighter, though the movement is sluggish due to her being weakened by the shock attacks.
    * Arisa smiles, though quickly is frightened to see Elodie wounded. She quickly jumped into the fray, leaping at the mage with a flying kick!
    <Serilda> Fortunately, Serilda's magic had run its course and the rock had returned to its normal size... but she was still not prepared for such an attack, as the rock beans her in the head! She stumbles, holding her face with both hands..

    <Raden> "SHAYAHH!" The mage makes a pushing motion with both hands, and a wall of force knocks Arisa back over the table again!
    <Raden> There is a commotion at the door, as another dark elf shows up!
    <Raden> "Damn it! Go to pee and miss all the fun!"
    <Raden> She quickly takes stock of the situation, and then grabs Serilda from behind!
    <Raden> The rock in the swordfighter's shoulder shrinks back to size, and she can move it again, but it's very sore. Still, she uses the opportunity to pull Elodie's gauntlets off her, kneeing her in the face as she does.
    <Arisa> "AGGH!" Arisa groaned, flying backwards in the air. She slammed against the floor back-first. Quickly she rolled onto her side, holding the small of her back.
    <Serilda> "Ack! Hey..!" Serilda struggled in the dark elf's grip!
    * Elodie's rage quickly begins to take a turn towards fear as she realizes what's going on.. "W-wait.." she stutters, "Wha-GHHKK!!" she gags as she is kneed in her face, falling onto her back, her gauntlets stripped!

    <Raden> Arisa hits the ground hard, stunning her long enough for the unarmed fighter to get to her, and kick her in the ribs as she tries to get up.
    <Raden> The new one that entered the fray is wrestling with Serilda, trying to get her into a hold, but the struggle is a fierce one.
    <Raden> Still, it does take Serilda's attention off the mage and the swordfighter, who continue to strip Elodie of her armour, as they pull her armoured leggings off, leaving her only in her black leotard and leggings.
    <Raden> As Elodie falls to her back, the swordfighter lays a stomp into her stomach.
    <Elodie> The paladin gasps as the last of her armor is pulled off her body. Her fierce expression has given way to a look of fear, and without her armor she appears no more fearsome than any normal young woman would in her attire..
    * Serilda tries her best against her attacker, but she's only a brawler at best-- she's got no experience at this wrestling stuff!
    <Arisa> "HUNGH!" Arisa moaned, feeling a crunch as the elf's kick cracked a rib, maybe two, in her body. She rolled almost a complete 360, ending back at her hands and knees, her hand quickly grabbing her stomach and ribs.
    <Elodie> "D-don't do this." she stammers, suddenly feeling a heavy stomp to her stomach! "AHHHH!!" Her entire body seems to fold up at the attack, her eyes wide in shock. She hadn't been struck without her armor to protect her in a long time..
    <Raden> The mage waves her hands, and Elodie is lifted off the floor to a vertical position. The swordfghter then discards her sword, laying in a body blow to Elodie's stomach.

    <Raden> The unarmed fighter comes down with a stomp on Arisa's back, flattening her.
    <Raden> Serilda is able to augment her struggle with stone power, giving her a little extra strength to fend off the grappling, but it's not enough to break the dark elf's grip entirely.
    <Raden> "Damn it, just hold still!" she says. "The harder you make this on yourself..."
    * Arisa let out a gasp of pain, feeling the unarmed elf's stomp slam against her unprotected spine. She quickly flattened to the floor, still holding her ribs. "Hhhh... help..."
    * Elodie's body is suddenly lifted into the air.. the confused paladin can only utter a "Huh.." before she is struck again in her stomach, causing her to double over and grunt in pain!
    <Elodie> Coughing, she tries to move herself, in an attempt to escape!
    * Serilda is quickly losing steam against this one.. her earth power made her tough, but no stronger than some warriors!

    <Raden> The mage and swordfighter continue to work over Elodie, as a punch is swung right into her crotch!
    <Raden> "haha, this is so much more enjoyable than just killing them outright..."
    <Raden> The unarmed fighter relaxes a little as Arisa is pounded into the stone floor. She drops a knee on Arisa's back.
    <Raden> The grappler begins to get a better hold on Serilda, in the beginnings of a choke hold.
    * Elodie's unprotected crotch is assaulted, forcing her to bite her lip to prevent her from crying out. The look of pain is evident on her face though, and she can begin to feel tears welling up..
    <Elodie> 'Blasted magic' she thought to herself. 'The work of the dishonorable..'
    <Arisa> CRUNCH. The unarmed elf's knee injures something in Arisa's spine, and she quickly rolled onto her back, arching her back up high into the air, her hands run through her hair. "Aaahhh... help me... someone! Ribs... broken... something's wrong in my back... I don't wanna die!"
    * Serilda twists in the grappler's grip.. "Hrk.." but a choke meant she had at least one arm free! She swung back with a fist, trying to drive her attacker off!

    <Raden> The punch bounces off the grappler's nose.
    <Raden> "Ow! You just don't know when to quit!"
    <Raden> The grappler grabbed one of Serilda's arms, and wrenched it behind her in a hammerlock, torquing it.
    <Raden> The swordfighter rears her fist back slowly, letting Elodie take in the sight completely... before launching it into her crotch again.
    <Raden> "Ooh... that seems like it might hurt..."
    <Arisa> (:O)
    <Raden> The unarmed fighter looks down at Arisa, with completely no mercy. She picks her up, and then drops her down with a backbreaker.
    * Raden has been taking notes :P
    <Arisa> (lol)
    <Elodie> Unable to hold in her screams anymore, Elodie makes quite a disturbing yelp, something that one would never imagine a paladin as resolute as her to ever make.. though she quints her eyes tightly, she cannot hide back the tears..
    <Elodie> She gasps sharply as the pain courses through her, panting hard. She lifts her head up at her assaulters and weakly mumbles "Bastards.." before her legs go limp, leaving her hanging in their grip.
    <Serilda> "Agghhh!" Serilda is forced onto her toes to try to relieve the stress on her shoulder! Her back arches slightly as she's pulled back, with her stomach and chest stretched and vulnerable.
    <Elodie> 'Just need to.. get some.. energy back..' she thinks, struggling to get supported back on her feet..
    <Arisa> "AAAAAAHHHHHH!" Arisa screamed, feeling another crunch in her back. She flopped to the ground and rolled onto her side, sitting up on her arm slightly. Her free hand quickly grabbed at her now heavily injured lower back.

    <Raden> After the barehand fighter had dropped Arisa in a backbreaker, she picked Arisa's limp body up, and held her there for a moment, before doing it to her again. Pain rips through her spine into her legs.
    <Raden> Elodie was being held up by the mage's force magic, and pummeled by the formerly-armed swordfighter. The swordfighter rears back, and punches Elodie directly in the chest, aiming for the sternum.
    <Arisa> "AAAAGGGGHHHH!" Arisa screamed, again flopping to the floor in a heap. She couldn't last much longer; she needed help. "Elodie... Serilda... someone... hhhhelp..." she moaned, her right hand slowly reaching for her injured lower back.
    <Serilda> "MMnnnhGGHH!" Serilda groaned as she was twisted, trying to use her free arm to smack the grappler off of her!
    <Elodie> "NNGH!" Elodie grunts as she is hit in the chest, the wind knocked out of her. She inhaled sharply and shut her eyes tightly. "Let.. go of me.." she muttered, her voice weak as she was still suffering from the blows to her crotch. Perhaps she had become too reliant on wearing her armor this whole time...
    <Elodie> But she couldn't give up.. the pleas from Arisa instilled urgency within her, and soon she was beginning to stand once more on shaky legs! "Let go of me.. noow..."

    <Raden> The unarmed fighter's attention is totally on Arisa, enjoying the cries she is eliciting from her. She brings her leg up, and stomps viciously on Arisa's back.
    <Raden> Arisa begins to cough up blood.
    <Raden> Serilda is twisted like a pretzel, and then the grappler puts her foot in the back of Serilda's knee, pushing her to the ground, and getting more leverage.
    <Raden> The unarmed fighter fakes a punch to Elodie's face, making her flinch... and then knees her in the crotch instead.
    <Raden> Serilda reaches behind her to try to free herself, and she ends up jabbing the grappler in the eye!
    <Raden> "GAH! Damn it..."
    <Raden> her eye waters up a little, blinding her somewhat in that eye..
    * Elodie at first gasps, waiting for a strike to her face.. but instead, it is to her lower body.. "HYAAAHHH!!" she cries out as the bony knee collides with her sensitive crotch. The pain was unbearable, and she could not stop the tears from flowing from her eyes. The strength she was trying to build up had all been lost.. just like that.
    <Elodie> Her legs closed in, in a pathetic attempt to protect herself from any more strikes, and she let her head hang low as to hide her face from everyone else..
    * Arisa spits out a mouthful of blood, her eyes growing wide as she spots the crimson liquid on the ground. Her heart begins to race, scared that she could indeed be dying! "Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh... hhhelp..." Arisa moans again. She does her best to pull herself to her hands and knees.
    <Serilda> "Mrrrnngh..!" Serilda is kicked to her knees, getting twisted further! She makes more wild swings with her free arm, desperately trying to break free and bring her magic to bear once more...

    <Raden> The swordswoman laughs at Elodie derisively.
    <Raden> "Hahahaha! Where is your deity now? You've been deserted..." WHAM! Another punch to the solar plexus.
    <Raden> The unarmed fighter sees her chance, and riases her leg up, driving home another fierce stomp into Arisa's spine.Something makes a terrible CRACK sound, and Arisa is flattened to the floor again, drooling blood.
    <Raden> Then her legs go numb...
    <Raden> Serilda fights with the grappler. She might have an opening after having jabbed her in the eye with her thumb.
    <Raden> In all the commotion going on, one of the swords starts to shift, slowly. Mortren is hoping he will not be noticed...
    <Elodie> At mention of her god, Elodie began to raise her head.. "What.. did you.. GAAagh!"
    <Arisa> "AAAAAHHHHH!" Arisa screams, blood spraying from her mouth. Her hands reach for her spine... and she can't move her legs! "Help me! Oh God, help me!" Arisa screams, completely terrified!
    <Elodie> "Aaahh.." she sighed weakly, hanging her head once more as the pain settled in. How weak was she that she couldn't even defend the good name of her God? She shifted her weight forward a little- anything to try and escape the grasp of these fiends!
    <Elodie> "A..Arisa.." Elodie says weakly, putting forth a pitiful effort to escape the hands of the dark elves.
    * Serilda struggles more.. and tries to take whatever advantage she can from her position, reaching up to claw at her attacker's breast!

    <Raden> "Hahaha.. your Goddess has left you... weak, pitiful... beaten... you are nothing..." The swordfighter punches Elodie across the face again, splitting her lip.
    <Raden> The unarmed fighter reaches down and picks Arisa up, then holds her up by the throat, as she is incapable of standing.
    <Raden> "Your fate is sealed..." She picks her up into the air by her neck, and then drops her hard across her knee, breaking her spine!
    <Raden> Blood oozes and bubbles out of Arisa's mouth...
    <Raden> The fighter drops Arisa's body to the ground... only for Mortren to move in with the sword!
    <Raden> There's a sharp scream that is cut short as the sword ethereally drives itself through the fighter's back.
    <Raden> She arches over backward, gurgling.... blood wells out of her mouth and onto her body.
    <Raden> The dark elf falls to her knees, the light in her eyes flickering, and then going out, as the blood covered blade slides out of her torso.
    <Raden> The elf looks down at the fatal wound almost curiously... and then flops over dead.
    <Raden> The other three dark elves' attention is all on this spectacle...
    <Raden> ... which lets Serilda reach behind her blindly, and rake at her attacker, catching her totally off guard with a grab attack!
    <Raden> "EYAH!" she shouts, but she's still clearly distracted by the mysterious sword attack...
    <Arisa> Pulled to her feet, Arisa soon finds herself brought into the air... and then down across the fighter's knee! Arisa lets out an ear splitting shriek of terror as her spine shatters into several pieces, fatally wounding her. Blood quickly fills her mouth, oozing and running down her cheeks. Slowly, her head lulls to the side... and she falls limp.
    <Elodie> "Hpph!" Elodie spits out blood as her lip begins to bleed. She raises her head weakly. "No.. y-you're wrong..I.." She doesn't see what happens to Arisa's attacker, giving her time to try and muscle herself free!
    <Elodie> "I have NOT been forsaken!!"
    <Arisa> "Elodie... Serilda... I... I... failed... you..." Arisa moans as she succumbs to her injuries.
    * Serilda, having grabbed the dark elf's breast, digs in with her fingers, twisting slightly!

    <Raden> Everyone'as attention is turned to the dying dark elf, giving Elodie and Serilda the opening they need!
    <Raden> Elodie pulls free of the force magic holding her as the mage's attention falters, allowing her to retaliate now!
    <Raden> The grappler dark elf shrieks in pain as much more sensitive parts of her body are grabbed on to and twisted! The pain and the shock are nearly crippling, as the dark elf falls to her knees, her legs getting weak from the intense pain signals her brain is feeding her body.
    <Elodie> "A-ARISA! ..." Weakened , but still able to mount a defense, Elodie pulls free of the restrictive magic and her first action is to give the mage a swift, hard punch to her face! "You monsters!!"
    * Serilda's other arm is pulled back over her shoulder as the dark elf falls, and she loses her grip! Still, maybe the dark elf's grip was weakened... she tries again to struggle, pulling on the dark elf's arm!

    <Raden> The mage is punched square in the face! Elodie is not some helpless maiden without her sword... the punch lands clean, knocking the mage backward and disrupting her magic entirely!
    <Raden> "Uah!" she yells out, knocked loopy from the unexpected blow.
    <Raden> Seeing this, the swordswoman goes after Elodie!
    <Raden> "H-hey! Wait a minute, you pale-skinned slime! Get back here!"
    <Raden> The swordswoman tries to make a grab for Elodie.
    <Raden> The one grappling with Serilda hooks her leg in front of Serilda's and then pushes her forward, tripping her up.
    <Raden> Shecrosses Serilda's legs over, and then traps them with her body, pulling Serilda's hair so that she can get a hold on her chin, and then twists her head to the side!
    <Elodie> Hearing the swordswoman yell at her, Elodie spins her head around to see her coming for her! Quickly, she ducks down, driving her elbow into her attacker's stomach!
    <Serilda> "Agghhh!" What the hell was this she was in? Regardless, her attacker left both her arms free... she reaches out, firing acid at the dark elf mage!

    <Raden> The dark elf mage screams in abject agony.
    <Raden> "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!! IT BURNS! IT BURNS!!" she screams, as acid sprayed over her... she's holding her face. It seems like it got her in the eyes, a fact that is confirmed soon after...
    <Raden> "I- I'm blind! I can't use my magic! Derajan, help!"
    <Raden> The mage's hands reach out in front of her as if to grab on to anything.
    <Raden> The swordswoman can't help, as Elodie's elbow drives straight into her abdomen! The whoosh of air is accompanied by Elodie being nearly headbutted as the swordswoman doubles over quickly, exhaling hard.
    <Raden> "You slimy wretch!" the grappler says, yanking Serilda harder, tightening the hold.
    <Serilda> "Rgh... just.. you.. wait..!" Serilda growls, punching at her attacker's arms!
    <Elodie> Quickly, Elodie cups her hands together and gives the swordswoman a double fist uppercut! "Vile FIEND!!"

    <Raden> "Ouf!" the swordswoman yells out, as her head snaps back and her nose breaks.
    <Raden> The mage begins blind-firing electric bolts!
    <Raden> Serilda manages to hammer away at her attacker's arms... she tries to maintain the grip of Serilda, but the punches are starting to deaden her arm, and she has no choice but to let go!
    <Raden> With nothing holding her in place, and her legs not trapped against the dark elf's hips anymore, Serilda is free... for the time being.
    * Serilda rolls to the side, clutching her neck with both hands. "Rggnngh.." Slowly, she gets to her feet..
    * Elodie quickly makes a dash for her sword, spotting it on the ground and rushing to pick it up!
    <Raden> With nothing stopping Elodie, she grabs her sword as the mage can't see her and the swordfighter can't recover fast enough from the double punch to intercept her!
    <Raden> The mage fires an electric bolt that just zips past Elodie's face, careens off the wall, and dissipates when it hits the floor.
    <Raden> Elodie is now armed with her sword! The swordfighter begins to backpedal along the floor...
    <Raden> The grappler stares down Serilda, before rushing in to try to sweep her legs with a double-leg takedown!
    <Elodie> Seeing the mage as a threat, Elodie quickly brings her sword forward, smashing the mage in the forehead with the hilt of her blade! Her movement is much swifter than what she is accustomed to without her armor!
    <Elodie> "Begone, foul darkspawn!!"
    * Serilda is ready to throw herself into a powerful swing at the grappler, who suddenly rushes low at her! "Whhaaaa!" Fortunately, her boobs cushion her fall enough that her head doesn't smack against the stone!

    <Raden> Elodie cracks the mage in the skull with her sword hilt, breaking her skull.
    <Raden> "Unhhhhh..." she moans, as she falls over backward.
    <Raden> As a final act of vengeance, she fires an electric bolt at Elodie, who takes it squarely in the chest, being in front of her!
    <Raden> The swordfighter who was retreating suddenly comes forward again!
    <Raden> The grappler tackles Serilda, landing her on her chest. She grabs her legs and crosses them up with her arms, then puts her legs around Serilda's torso with a scissor hold!
    <Elodie> Relieved to see the mage finally put to rest, Elodie relaxes her sword arm.. only to be struck in her chest by a rogue bolt of lightning!! "Nyaaaagghh!!" she screams, her body stiffening in place, dropping her sword to the ground!
    <Elodie> Once the electricity had run its course, Elodie stumbles backwards.. her body has taken a lot of punishment, and even with her heightened abilities from the buttons.. she is starting to get fatigued.
    <Serilda> "Hrggh...!" Serilda wriggled a bit in the hold, but once again, her arms were free! She reached for her pouch for a rock...

    <Raden> The grappler is really tying Serilda's legs in a knot with the reverse body hold (that Texas Cloverleaf scissor thing I showed you)
    <Raden> She pulls on Serilda's legs, trying to pop her knee!
    <Raden> Elodie is shocked and can't reach her sword in time, being beaten to the punch by Derajan...
    <Raden> ... but when she grabs for it, it doesn't budge!
    <Raden> "...??!" she pulls harder on the handle, but again, it's like it is glued to the floor...
    <Raden> Suddenly there is a *crack* and she is sent backward, her nose twisting again!
    <Raden> "AGH!" she yells out. "What the fu-... you... How dare you attack me?"
    <Raden> "Give it up," says Mortren. The sound of his voice locates him next to Elodie!
    <Raden> "I am not your servant anymore...." a little of his crazed inflection comes back.
    <Raden> "These people are going to help me... something you.. YOU... never did... you lied to me, Derajan... you told me what I wanted to hear, hehe. And I bought it... didn't I... oh yes, I believed what you told me... "Doing the right thing," you said. "Helping a greater cause," you said.
    <Raden> "When in reality, all I was doing was helping you and your sick... TWISTED ENDS.
    <Raden> "Well, speaking of ends... this little dungeon is at an end... your reign of terror is at an end..."
    <Raden> His voice drops to a haunting whisper.
    <Raden> "Your life... is at an end..."
    <Raden> Elodie's sword appears to float in midair as he stoops over to pick it up, presenting her with it!
    <Raden> He begins to move silently, making sure he is unheard.
    * Elodie nods, taking her sword from Mortren and holding it at Derajan's throat. "Restrain her, if you would, Mortren.. there is one more we must deal with before we can end this nightmare!"
    <Serilda> "Grrg...aAAAAH!!" Serilda stops what she's doing and starts bashing at the grappler's legs with stone fists!
    <Elodie> Turning in Serilda's direction, Elodie runs forward, swinging her sword at the grappler!

    <Raden> Mortren grabs Derajan, holding her in place. It looks like she is being held magically, almost as if by one of the mage's force walls.
    <Raden> The grappler is trying to break Serilda's legs, and she is pulling harder and harder on them, trying to weather the punches and grit her teeth...
    <Raden> ... but she notices a shadow fall over her.
    <Raden> "Huh?" he looks up, just in time to see Elodie's sword flash at her!
    <Raden> At first, she thinks nothing happened, until she feels a warmth spreading down her chest.
    <Raden> She looks down, and is appalled to find she is not only gushing blood at a terrifying rate, but she can't breathe! Her throat's been slashed!
    <Raden> She releases Serilda from the painful hold that almost broke her knee joint, and clutches uselessly at her neck.
    <Raden> "Uhhkkk... erkkk.. ucchhhhh...."
    <Raden> all it does is manage to soak her hands in her own blood, as more and more washes out of her. Finally, she starts to feel very cold, and she falls to the stone floor.
    <Raden> She spasms around a little bit, and then comes to rest, still.
    <Raden> Mortren is still holding Derajan. She looks terrified.
    <Raden> "No... no.. please, don't..."
    <Elodie> Seeing justice done, Elodie helps Serilda to her feet.
    * Serilda pants, putting all her weight on one leg as she stands. "Rgh.."
    <Elodie> She then looks over to Derajan, seeing the terror on her face. "You.. you wish for mercy, do you?"
    <Elodie> She walks over to Arisa, kneeling beside her and putting a hand to her neck to check her pulse. 'Please.. Arisa.. be.. alive' she thinks.

    <Raden> There is no response from Arisa. Her eyes are half open, in an eerie, ghostly image.
    <Elodie> "Arisa.." Elodie places her hand on Arisa's chest.. giving it a good shake. "ARISA!!"
    <Elodie> For the first time since they entered, her voice sounds distressed.. whispy..

    <Raden> There is no pulse. She's gone... a victim of the dark elves total lack of moral, or heart, or anything good.
    * Serilda limps toward Derajan, stony fists ready to do their work. "My friend there is a paladin. She follows a code of honor that demands she accept any offer of surrender. After all, she's the good guys."
    <Elodie> The realization that she is gone is a slow one, Elodie's hand begins to temble as it leaves Arisa's body. "....."
    <Serilda> "I... am not." And she punches the dark elf in the face!
    <Elodie> It's a matter of seconds.. her trembling hand balls into a fist, and pure rage overrides her emotions. She quickly stands to her feet and gives a terrifying roar of anger!
    <Elodie> "You.. wretched... FILTH!! RAAAAAAAGHH!!" she screams, running towards the elf with no regard for the others who might be in the way, slashing her down the middle!

    <Raden> Mortren lets the dark elf go as Serilda makes contact with her jaw, knocking her three steps backward... as she begins to fall, however, Elodie's razor-sharp sword enters her skull, cleaving through her body and exiting through the crotch, a clean... well, the cut is clean, the result is decidedly NOT- cut down the middle.
    <Raden> The elf was dead the instant the sword struck her, and all that hit the floor was a pile of meat, bone and sinew.
    <Raden> Elodie and Serilda stand in the empty chamber, looking alone except for Mortren's presence.
    <Raden> "I am terribly sorry about your friend..." he says, trying to reassure them.
    <Raden> "Her death was not in vain... this evil place is finally no more..."
    <Raden> "Her death was one of a hero's."
    * Elodie continued for a few more steps as she cut through the evil elf.. her body was stained in various spots by blood, and her breathing was erratic as she stopped a few meters away from the others.
    <Elodie> It was a few seconds before her rage subsided, her sword clanging to the ground as she dropped it from her hands. She would remain like this for a moment.. standing in silence, the only sound being her heavy breathing.
    <Elodie> But soon, that would subside as well as she started to catch her breath..

    <Raden> "And so, like a dream..." Mortren says... his voice fading...
    <Raden> "The story... it ends... thank you for saving me..."
    <Raden> his voice gets fainter and fainter.
    <Raden> "I am now... free..."
    <Raden> Suddenly, the whole place begins to shake and rumble...
    <Serilda> "We'd.. better get out of here!" Serilda says, grabbing Arisa's body.
    <Elodie> Noting the sudden change in dynamics, Elodie nods and rushes to pick up her belongings, quickly donning her armor and recovering her sword and shield. 'I won't lose anything else to this place..' she thought to herself.

    <Raden> The ceiling starts to come down around you!
    * Serilda lifts Arisa's body into a fireman's carry. "Come on, let's go!" she calls, making for the exit!
    * Elodie rushes behind Serilda, ready to assist if need be!

    <Raden> You head out the door. The fresh, clean, sculpted look of the corridor is breaking. Cracks mar the formerly-perfect sculpt. Some of the light spheres are cracked and shattered.
    <Raden> The corridor heads left and right.
    <Serilda> "Damn... which way?"
    * Elodie hesitates.. "...Well.. we don't have time to choose. Let us go right.. and may the gods be with us.."
    <Elodie> She heads down the right path, motioning for Serilda to follow.
    * Serilda nods, limping behind.

    <Raden> The right path is the way you came before. A little longer to traverse, but safer, as the sculpted cavern provides somewhat of a more stable environment.
    <Raden> Eventually, you come through the magelocked door you originally went through. You are back in the room you started in, the exit straight ahead!
    <Raden> The sun is bright, shining, inviting...
    <Elodie> "Go Serilda, I have your back!"
    <Serilda> "Nrggh..!" Serilda pushes herself as best she can, with a hurt leg and hauling another person!

    <Raden> Rocks pound down around the girls! The entrance is close... closer.... finally, they make it back outside!
    <Raden> And just in time too, as the rest of the built cavern hammers down around the inside, completely obliterating everything in there.
    <Raden> The dark elves' bodies will never be found.
    <Raden> As for Elodie and Serilda... what is next?
    * Serilda collapses, dropping Arisa to the ground. "Phew.. ah.. ah.."
    <Serilda> After a moment of catching her breath, she looks to Elodie. "Well.. I guess we should get her to one of your churches? If they can't bring her back, they can at least give her a proper burial.."
    * Elodie looks to Serilda and nods solemnly. "With luck.. we may see her brought back to us.. let us make haste."
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