CWF: Ryuko Matoi vs Mikasa Ackerman


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Oct 19, 2015
After Karate Girl, Lady America and Becky left the arena, a new female referee with red hair and freckles on her face wearing a black and white striped bikini jumped into the pool, picked up the microphone and started announcing.

‘Moving on to our second match! Please welcome, from Trost District: Mikasa Acherman!’

The doors opened and a young girl with black chin-length hair and brown eyes walked into the arena. She was small with white skin but her body was firm with strong biceps and a small six-pack on her abdominal. She were black bikini and she was barefooted as she jumped into the pool.

‘And her opponent!’ the referee continued. ‘From Tokyo Bay: Ryuko Matoi!’

The doors opened again and another young girl with short black hair with a red tint with blue eyes entered the arena. She was the same height and size as Mikasa and has the same pale white body with muscles biceps and six-packs on her abdominal. She wore black bikini and was barefooted as she stepped into the pool. Mikasa studied Ryuko: amused.

‘What do you know?’ Mikasa amused. ‘We are almost alike: except with the red tint and blue eyes.’

Ryuko scowled and glared at Mikasa. ‘What are you getting at?’

Mikasa laughed. ‘Don’t take it so seriously! Can’t a girl get trapped in her own museing?’

‘Whatever!’ Ryuko said rudely. ‘Let just fight bitch!’

The referee signalled the start of the match and Mikasa struck first with a backhand chop towards Ryuko’s breasts but Ryuko blocked it and swept Mikasa off her feet and onto her back. Mikasa merely jumped onto her feet and swung her left leg into Ryuko: striking her in the abdominal. Ryuko spat out saliva but held on to Mikasa’s leg and elbowed onto her knee. Mikasa cried in pain but with Ryuko supporting her leg, Mikasa jumped on her left leg and swung it onto Ryuko’s face: kicking her onto her back. Ryuko cried in pain and held her face as Mikasa pushed herself up onto her feet and kicked Ryuko in the side: making Ryuko screamed. Mikasa pulled Ryuko up by the hair and lifted her into the air: only for Ryuko to lean her weight forward and dropped behind Mikasa.

Before Mikasa could turn around, Ryuko pulled the string of Mikasa’s bikini top and let it fall into the pool: showing Mikasa’s pink nipples. Before Mikasa could register what happened, Ryuko pinched and twisted Mikasa’s pink nipples: making her screamed in pain. Ryuko smirked as she used her toes to push down Mikasa’s bikini bottom: showing Mikasa black hairy vagina. Mikasa cried as she walked backwards and slammed Ryuko on the wall of the pool: making her gasped in pain.

Ryuko pushes Mikasa away from her with her left foot: sending Mikasa sprawling on the floor. Mikasa got onto her knees and sensing that Ryuko was about to attack her, elbow Ryuko in the stomach: making Ryuko spat out saliva. As Ryuko backed away, Mikasa turned to face her and ripped of her bikini top: showing Ryuko’s pink nipples. Before Ryuko could react, Mikasa grabbed hold of her bikini bottom and wedged it into Ryuko’s vagina: making her screamed in agony. Then to Ryuko’s surprise, Mikasa locked lips with her: kissing deeply.

Ryuko’s eyes widened then closed in bliss as both she and Mikasa tongue wrestled and sucked each other’s tongues. Ryuko pushed Mikasa’s hands away and pulled the strings of her bikini bottom: letting it dropped into the pool and showing her black hair vagina. As they kissed, they connected their hairy clitoris and pink nipples: gently rubbing them together. Soon, they were moaning in each other’s mouths and they becomes louder as they increased their pace on their vaginas and nipples. Soon, both of them gasped as they exploded with cum: flowing out of their vaginas and filling up the pool. They broke the kiss and panted heavily, leaning against each other.

‘Damn...’ Ryuko panted. ‘That... Was awesome...’

‘It sure was...’ Mikasa smiled. ‘But sadly, we got a match still on.’

‘Yeah...’ Ryuko raised her hands. ‘Test for strength?’

Mikasa smiled and clasped hands with her. ‘You’re on.’

They pushed each other back, grunting and moaning until Ryuko kneed Mikasa in the crotch and when she bent forward: Ryuko put her head under her left arm and DDT her into the mat. Ryuko grabbed the groaning Mikasa by the hair and first slammed her into the wall before slamming her back on her knee: Mikasa spitting out saliva. As Mikasa leaned on her knee, Ryuko plunged two fingers into her vagina and fingering her roughly. Mikasa gasped and moaned as Ryuko pushed her fingers deeper into Mikasa’s vagina. Soon, Mikasa gasped out loud as she orgasmed: covering Ryuko’s fingers and filling the pool. Ryuko pulled out her fingers and forced Mikasa onto her back, pinning her in a face sit: the referee making the count.

‘1... 2...’

Mikasa rolled Ryuko off her and in anger, Ryuko tightened her head in a head scissors: squeezing with all her might. Mikasa moved deep between Ryuko’s thighs and bit down hard on Ryuko’s clitoris, making Ryuko screamed in pain. Mikasa forced Ryuko onto her back and getting into knee position and lifted Ryuko rear into the air, Mikasa started sucking Ryuko’s clitoris: pushing her tongue deeper into it as well. Ryuko moaned as Mikasa poked all her sensitive spots with her tongue until Ryuko gasped sexually and exploded with cum: covering Mikasa’s face with thick fluids. Mikasa licked her lips and pulled the panting Ryuko onto her feet and laid her on her back on the edge of the pool.

Mikasa widened Ryuko’s legs and pressed her wet clitoris onto her, rubbing her gently at first before ramming violently on Ryuko’s crotch. Ryuko’s sexual moans turned to screams as Mikasa slammed and grinded her vagina onto Ryuko’s roughly: making cum flow out of Ryuko’s vagina and into the pool like a water fall. Unable to take it, Ryuko tapped on the floor: submitting to Mikasa. The bell rang as Mikasa leaned above Ryuko: both girls panting heavily.

‘Winner by submission!’ the referee announced. ‘Mikasa Achermann!’

Mikasa smiled at the moaning Ryuko and helping her onto her feet.

‘Fuck!’ Ryuko swore as she stood up. ‘I was so close... You’re good Mikasa!’

‘Thanks!’ Mikasa smiled. ‘I admit you almost had me. I really enjoyed this match.’

‘Same here.’ Ryuko smiled. ‘Wanna make out?’

Mikasa looked at Ryuko then smiled. ‘Sure.’

Mikasa and Ryuko locked lips and kissed deeply: pressing their pink nipples and pushing them into each other. They sat down into the pool and connecting their wet black hairy clitoris, they started grinding: still kissing. They moaned in each other’s mouths as they increased the pace and their tongues swirling around one another. Then they broke the kiss and gasped sexually as both of them orgasmed: covering one another with cum. After they released their fluids, they kissed and hugged as they stood up slowly: smiling when they broke away.

‘That was wonderful.’ Ryuko said. ‘You know, I think the both of us has something in common: besides looking alike.’

Mikasa smiled and rubbed her nose on Ryuko’s. ‘I would love to be your girlfriend.’

Ryuko rubbed and smiled back. ‘Let’s go somewhere to celebrate our new bond.’

Mikasa smiled and she and Ryuko climbed out of the pool and left the arena: holding hands.
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