CWF: Raven vs Jinx


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Oct 19, 2015
It was another day at the CWF with the arena full of people as they took their seats, waiting for the matches to begin. A female referee stood in the ring as the lights slowly dimmed: leaving the spotlights above the ring. Just then, the announcer’s voice boomed across the arena.


The doors opened and an eighteen-year-old girl with pink hair shaped in a horseshoe with metallic bands around the tips and pink eyes. Her skin was light grey and her body was slim. She wore black bikini and black boots. She waved and smiled at the cheering fans as she rolled into the ring and waited in the middle of the ring.

‘AND HER OPPONENT!’ the announcer continued. ‘FROM JUMP CITY: RAVEN!’

The doors opened again and another eighteen-year-old girl with short violet hair and violet eyes entered the arena. Like Jinx, she has dark grey skin and her body was slim. She wore dark blue bikini and dark blue boots. She walked through the cheering crowd and rolled into the ring: immediately facing Jinx and not doing any poses. The crowd became silent as the two girls stared at each other.

‘Ready to get your butt kicked Raven?’ Jinx teased. ‘Let’s see whose the better girl!’

‘You do realise that we can’t use magic.’ Raven said. ‘It’s a fight with strength and skills.’

Jinx shrugged. ‘I can take you. Magic or no magic.’

Raven smiled grimly. ‘We shall see.’

The bell rang and Jinx charged towards Raven but to her surprise, Raven lifted her right leg and kicked her in the throat: sending Jinx down to the mat and making her choked as she clutched her throat. As Jinx cough, Raven hooked her legs to Jinx in a figure four hold and asserted force into Jinx’s legs: putting pain into Jinx’s legs. Jinx screamed in pain as Raven put more force onto Jinx legs. In desperation, Jinx forced her upper body to lean forward and she managed to grab Raven’s bikini bottom and when she fell back onto her back: she exposed Raven’s violet hairy vagina. Surprised, Raven let go of Jinx to cover her crotch but as she did, Jinx jumped onto her feet and grabbing Raven by the hand: Irish whipped Raven into a corner.

Raven gasped in pain as her back slammed onto the turnbuckle and she cried further as Jinx slammed into her. Jinx grinned and ripped off Raven’s bikini top, showing Raven’s dark grey nipples, and pinched and twisted them cruelly: making Raven cried out in pain. Raven desperately kneed Jinx in the crotch, making her gasped in pain and stumbled backwards, and quickly pulled herself up on top of the turnbuckle. Raven leaped from the turnbuckle, landed on top of Jinx’s shoulders and delivered a hurricana on her: slamming Jinx’s face into the mat. As Jinx cried in pain, Raven pinned her in a double cradle hold: the referee making the count.

‘1... 2...’

Jinx quickly kicked out and Raven was sent on her back. Before Raven could get up, Jinx was on her feet and elbow dropped towards Raven: only to meet Raven’s feet in the side. Jinx cried in pain and clutched her sides as she fell onto her back on the mat: Raven crawled onto her and sat on her belly. As Jinx moaned under her, Raven tore out Jinx’s bikini: showing her light grey nipples and pink hairy vagina. Raven threw her bikini aside as Jinx moaned before punching her in the face and breasts. Jinx yelped every time Raven’s punches hit her until Jinx rolled Raven off her and slammed her elbow into Raven’s stomach: making Raven spat out saliva. Jinx quickly pulled Raven onto her feet and putting her head under her left arm: DDT Raven into the mat. Raven groaned in pain as Jinx rolled her onto her back and pinned her in a schoolgirl’s pin: the referee making the count.


The referee did go far because Jinx suddenly screamed in pain as Raven had bit hard on her clitoris, even pushing her tongue into it. Jinx tried to stand up but it apparently became painful since Raven’s teeth were on her clitoris and any other movements will only increase the pain. Jinx had no choice but to hover above Raven’s face as Raven licked her vagina. Finally with a sexual gasp, Jinx orgasmed all over Raven’s face: covering her with cum. As Raven licked her lips, Jinx angrily grabbed hold of Raven’s head and slammed it into the mat.

‘You bitch!’ Jinx screamed as she continued slamming Raven’s head into the mat. ‘I will never forgive you for this!’

Jinx pulled Raven onto her feet and hip tossed her onto the mat and when Raven sat up in a sitting position, Jinx dropkicked Raven by the back of her head: making Raven screamed in pain. As Raven lay on the mat in pain, Jinx pulled her up onto her feet and Irish whipped her to the ropes: following closely behind her. Raven rebounded from the ropes and Jinx prepared a clothesline attack but Raven ducked and plunged her middle finger into Jinx’s vagina: making Jinx shuddered and gasped a loud. With a smirk, Raven fingered her roughly: going deeper and touching all of Jinx’s sensitive spots. Jinx gasped in disbelief as cum exploded out of her vagina like a waterfall: creating a pool under her. Jinx fell limp as she orgasmed and fell towards Raven who caught her.

‘You’re quite sensitive aren’t you?’ Raven asked as Jinx panted heavily. ‘Don’t worry, it will all end soon.’

Raven lifted Jinx into the air and slammed her face-first into the mat: Jinx screaming in pain before falling silent. Raven rolled her onto her back and pinned her with one leg hooked into the air: the referee making the count.

‘1... 2... 3!’

Raven acted nonchalant as the referee raised her hands into the air as the crowd cheered out loud: the announcer declared her as the winner.


Raven was still unsmiling as the referee let go of her hand. She looked down at the moaning Jinx and shrugging, she sat on Jinx face and orgasmed all over her face and into her mouth: making Jinx squirmed and squealed. After she released her cum, Raven stood up and looked down at the cum-covered Jinx who was breathing heavily and moaning.

‘That was for before.’ Raven said and climbed out of the ring and went backstage: in need of a shower.
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