CWF - Neggy vs Lisa Hamilton


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Oct 19, 2015
Arena was pack with loud, applauding people as they waited for the fighters to make their way to the ring. The arena could fit a thousand people and there were enough room to move about despite the full house of tonight’s match. The arena’s light shone brightly down on the ring that was in the middle of the arena. Standing in the ring was a female referee with short brown hair and have fair skin. She wore a sleeveless black and white referee top and a black bikini bottoms. She, along with the crowd, was waiting for the wrestlers to enter the arena.

Then the doors that led backstage of the arena opened and a sixteen-year-old girl with dark skin and an unusual hair tied in a ponytail. The left side of her hair was black while the right side was snow white. Muscles were visible on her arms and legs and she had an eight pack on her abdominal. She wore a white bikini set and white fingerless gloves. A pair of black kneepads protected her knees and her leather white boots covered her thighs and feet.

‘MAKING HER WAY TO THE RING!’ the announcer’s voice announced. ‘FROM CHICAGO, IL! NEGGY!’

Neggy smiled and waved as the audience gave her a polite applause but she heard a loud clapping and whistling from loyal fans who had travelled all the way to watch her fight for the first time in the CWF: Crossover Wrestling Federation. Neggy entered the ring and flexing her biceps and abdominal muscles: earning a louder applause and catcalling from the audience. Neggy smiled and rested against her corner as her entrance music ended. Soon, another entrance music played: signaling the arrival of her opponent.


A twenty-three year old African- American woman walked towards the ring. Her skin was the same as Neggy but slightly lighter and her brown hair was cut to the base of her skull. Her eyes were dark brown and her full lips split into a smile as the applause and cheer hit her like a tsunami. Although it was not muscled, Lisa’s body was slender and athletic: making her agile in her movement. She wore a golden two-piece bikini: showing over her body. She jumped over the ropes into the ring and posed for her fans.

Lisa lowered her arms and turned to Neggy who was already standing up and approaching her. The referee raised both her hands to put distance between the two fighters until the bell ring. Neggy put up her fists while Lisa got into fighting position. The bell rang and the referee stepped aside and signaling the start of the match. Neggy attacked first and aimed a punch at Lisa’s face. Lisa ducked and dodge a left hook from Neggy: surprised at the taller woman agility. Lisa sent a backhand slapped onto Neggy’s chest: only to be blocked by Neggy. Neggy quickly grabbed Lisa’s hand and pulled her in for a bear hug: squeezing Lisa’s ribcage. Lisa double punched Neggy in her temple: forcing Neggy to let her go and stumbled backwards in pain. Neggy, surprised at Lisa’s attack, rubbed her temple and realized that she was opened for Lisa’s attack.

Neggy was forced to bend forward and Lisa lifted Neggy into the air: power bombing her into the mat. Neggy gasped as her back hit the mat with a thunderous smack. Lisa pulled her for a short-arm clothesline but Neggy raised her left elbow and smashed it into Lisa’s face. Lisa screamed in pain as she covered her face while Neggy placed her right hand on her hip and stepped forward with a smile on her face. Without warning, she struck Lisa with a right cross on the face.

Lisa stumbled backwards, holding her face. Confidentially, Neggy raised her arm and brought her right fist down on Lisa’s head. Then she readied her left hand for an uppercut into her belly. Lisa caught it and twisted Neggy’s left arm over her shoulders and brought it down: smashing Neggy’s face into the mat. Lisa raised her arms at the cheering crowd before lifting Neggy up by the hair. Lisa lifted Neggy into the air and delivered a muscle buster on her. Neggy gasped as her back arched in pain before falling down onto the mat, facing into the arena’s lights. Lisa took this chance to apply a matchbook pin: bending Neggy’s legs forward and pinning her hands to the mat. The referee hit the mat and made the count.

‘1! 2!’

Neggy kicked Lisa out, cancelling the countdown but she was still down. Lisa stood up and kicked Neggy in the face: making her opponent rolled away. Lisa grabbed her hair and dragged her onto her feet. She Irish whipped Neggy to the ropes and when Neggy rebounded back, Lisa caught her, turned her into a cartwheel before slamming Neggy’s back on her knee. Neggy screamed in pain as Lisa delivered more punishment on her: stomping on her thighs and flinging her to the other side of the ring by her legs.

Neggy writhed on the mat in pain as Lisa climbed onto the turnbuckle. Lisa stood on the turnbuckle and readied herself. She jumped from the turnbuckle and while in mid-air, she raised her right elbow and aimed it at Neggy’s exposed belly.

At the last second, Neggy rolled away and Lisa elbowed the mat. Lisa howled in pain as she held her elbow while Neggy stood up with help from the ropes. Lisa stopped screaming and charged towards Neggy: scooping her up into the air and slamming her down the mat. Lisa quickly applied a School Girl’s pin.

‘1! 2!’

Neggy kicked out before the referee could finish the count but did not bothered to roll away like she did before. Lisa pulled her up by the armpits and placed Neggy’s head under her arm for a body slam. To her surprise, Neggy did not rise into the air as Lisa expected. Only did Lisa realize that Neggy had locked one of her legs with hers: reversing the attack. Instead of being the attacker, Lisa was raised into the air and her back slammed down onto the mat.

Neggy rubbed her sore back as Lisa tried to recover quickly. She never had a chance.

Neggy pulled her up and gave Lisa a right punch in the nose, cracking it a bit. Lisa howled in pain as she hold her nose and as she did that, Neggy left hook her in the ribs. Lisa saw that Neggy was preparing a right hook and protected her right side. Neggy’s right arm swung towards Lisa’s ribs but as soon as Lisa tried to block it, Neggy directed her right fist into Lisa’s chin in an uppercut at the last minute. Lisa was about to fall down onto the mat but Neggy caught her and pulled her towards her: only to pull Lisa’s head under her arm and DDT her face into the mat. Lisa’s face made a sickening sound when it kissed the mat and lay her there, semi-conscious. Neggy pulled her up on her feet and let Lisa stand there groggy. Neggy raised her arms at the crowd before giving Lisa a right cross in the face and an uppercut in her jaws. Lisa, however, was still standing although her eyes were rolled back. Neggy smiled and delivered a fatal right cross into Lisa’s face: this time sending her down in the mat. Lisa lay there as Neggy made the pin: hooking Lisa’s right leg in the air. The referee went down and made the count.

‘1! 2! 3!!!’

The bell rang and Neggy let go of Lisa, letting her lay on the mat out cold. Neggy poses at the roaring crowd as she was announced the victor of the match. Neggy flexed her biceps and abdominal muscles before exiting the ring. The crowd were still cheering for her as she walked past them and left the arena.
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