CWF: Muffy Daiba vs Tigress


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Oct 19, 2015
After Ino and Asami Sato were carried to the infirmary, the third match was about to begin as the audience returned to their seats and the announcer’s voice boomed again.


The doors opened and a young woman with short black hair and brown eyes walked towards the ring. She wore pink lipsticks, pink skimpy bikini and boots with black and pink gauntlets: the only clothing covering her white muscular body with strong biceps and six-packs on her abdominal. She rolled into the ring and posed for her fans and flexed her muscles before leaning against the turnbuckle.


The doors opened again and Tigress, wearing her usual leopard skin bikini, black boots and studded gauntlets, ran towards the ring and jumped into it: flexing her biceps and posing for her fans. When her theme song ended, she turned to face Muffy who now stood in the middle of the ring: her arms folded beneath her breasts.

Tigress smiled and licked her lips. ‘Mmmmmm... You look tasty. I can’t wait to taste you.’

Wearing a cocky grin, Muffy opened her arms wide. ‘You have to beat me first if you want to get my body.’
Tigress grinned back. ‘All right!’

The bell rang and the two girls rammed into one another, grappling before clasping hands and entered a test of strength: Tigress pushing Muffy to her knees. Desperately, Muffy pulled her right hand away from Tigress and uppercut her in the crotch: making Tigress gasped in pain. With Tigress distracted, Muffy lifted her over her shoulders and above her head: turning in circles before throwing Tigress onto the mat. As Tigress lay on the mat, Muffy approached her but before she could attack, Tigress reached out with her left hand and grabbed hold of Muffy’s bikini top and pulled her towards her: Tigress punched Muffy in the face. Muffy’s body snapped backwards at the punch but as it did, Muffy’s bikini top was torn off: showing Muffy’s pink nipples.

Muffy covered her breasts in embarrassment as Tigress got onto her feet and wearing a grin, swung Muffy’s bikini top in the air before throwing it at her. Angered, Muffy speared Tigress into the ropes and grabbing her arm, Irish whipped her to the other side and when Tigress rebounded back: Muffy clotheslined her to the mat. As Tigress clutched her throat in pain and coughing loudly, Muffy learned forward and tore off Tigress’ bikini top: showing her dark brown nipples. Muffy threw the bikini top aside and fell down and fist dropped on Tigress’ head: making her cried in pain. Muffy was about to deliver another fist drop on Tigress’ head when Tigress grabbed hold of Muffy’s head and threw her on top of her.

As Muffy laid on top of Tigress, Tigress grabbed hold of Muffy’s bikini bottom and pulled them out before rolling Muffy onto her back: showing Muffy’s black hairy vagina. Before Muffy could react, Tigress slammed into her and pinned both of Muffy’s hands to the mat. Tigress then inserted two fingers into Muffy’s vagina, fingering her violently, while sucking and kissing Muffy’s right nipples. Muffy moaned sexually as Tigress’ fingers reached deeper and deeper into her vagina. Sweat poured out from both Muffy and Tigress’ bodies and at a gasp: Muffy exploded with cum. Muffy moaned loudly as cum flowed out of her vagina and her moans became muffled when Tigress sat on her and started pinching an twisting her nipples: making Muffy moaned loudly. Desperately, Muffy bit down hard on Tigress’ bikini bottom: even biting into her crotch but instead of being in pain, Tigress just moaned and continued tormenting Muffy. Muffy continued biting down on Tigress crotch until her bikini bottom became damped with cum. Muffy heard Tigress saying.

‘If you wanted my juice so badly then just say so hun.’

Tigress pulled out her bikini bottom, showing her black hairy vagina and release her cum all over Muffy’s face: making her choked and gurgled. Tigress rubbed her wet vagina into Muffy’s face while punching her breasts until she finished orgasmed and pulled Muffy onto her feet: extremely angry. Muffy swirled around to deliver a backhand slap, catching Tigress across the face. Tigress stumbled backwards and snarling, she kicked Muffy in the crotch and grabbed her head: DDT her to the mat. Muffy groaned in pain as Tigress pulled her onto her feet and head butted her on the forehead, Muffy stumbling backwards holding her head in pain before charging towards Tigress and started grappling with her.

Both girls grappled each other, trying to throw one of them down to the mat, only for Tigress to push Muffy backwards and slammed her into the turnbuckle: making Muffy gasped in pain. Tigress smiled as she pressed her breasts into Muffy’s, raising her right leg so that their clitoris connected and pinned her arms against the top ropes. Tigress grinned at the moaning Muffy.

‘You taste so good that I can eat you now.’ She whispered into Muffy’s ears.

Muffy spat on Tigress’ face. ‘Fuck you bitch!’

Tigress’ grin widened ‘Oh good, you still got some fight left. Take this!’

Tigress slammed her vagina against Muffy’s, making Muffy screamed in ecstasy but her screams became muffled when Tigress locked lips with her: dominating her mouth with her tongue. Muffy tried to fight back but Tigress was also rubbing her dark brown nipples against Muffy’s pink nipples: arousing Muffy more. With both her vagina and nipples being attacked and her mouth dominated, Muffy could only moaned when she gasped out loudly: lactase squirting out from her nipples and her vagina exploded from orgasm. Tigress broke the kiss and Muffy breathed in air: moaning loudly as her fluids flowed down her legs to the mat and drool flowing out of her mouth.

Tigress, still not satisfied, pushed Muffy on top of the turnbuckle and faced her to the crowd: showing her nudity to them. The crowd went wild and whistled and catcalled while taking pictures of Muffy’s naked body. Muffy was still panting heavily when she screamed again as Tigress’ left hand played with her left nipple and her right fingers sliding in and out of Muffy’s vagina. Muffy tried to control herself but with Tigress’ fingers dwelling deeper into her vagina and touching her sensitive spots, Muffy gave in and cried as she orgasmed again: her thick cum flowing down the turnbuckle and onto the arena’s floor. Muffy panted heavily as she orgasmed while Tigress dropped onto the mat and holding by the throat, lifting her off the turnbuckle and choke slammed her down onto the mat: Muffy lying in an spread-eagle position and breathing heavily. Tigress climbed the turnbuckle and raising her fists into the air, she leaped from the turnbuckle and slammed down on Muffy: making sweat and cum flying everywhere. Muffy cried in pain before falling flat on her back as Tigress pinned her: the referee made the count.

‘1... 2... 3!’

Tigress smiled and raised her fists into the air as she stood: the crowd cheering for her and the announcer’s voice booming throughout the arena.


Tigress smiled and flexed her biceps: happy that she finally won. When the cheers died down, she looked down at Muffy who was moaning and holding her leaking vagina. Tigress, still hungry, sat down on the mat and pulled Muffy towards her: slamming their vaginas against each other. Muffy gasped as their vaginas reconnected and looked at Tigress.

‘P-please...’ Muffy begged. ‘No more...’

Tigress grinned like a predator. ‘Sorry babe but I’m still not satisfied!’

Tigress rammed and slammed her vagina against Muffy’s: making smacking sounds and grinding as roughly as she could while Muffy could only moaned loudly. Muffy tried to reach forward but could not as Tigress always managed to touch her sensitive spots. Finally, Muffy exploded with cum: bathing Tigress in her thick cum and Muffy lay on her back, too exhausted. As Muffy panted heavily and drool flowed out of her mouth, Tigress licked her lips: tasting Muffy’s cum. Then she crawled onto Muffy and planted her wet vagina onto Muffy’s face.

‘Mmmmmm...’ Tigress said. ‘If I wasn’t married, I would had make you mine. Thank you so much for the meal... I meant, match. Here, have some of my juice.’

With a moan of pleasure, Tigress orgasmed into Muffy’s mouth: Muffy choked and gagged as she tried to swallow as much cum as she could. As she orgasmed, Tigress flexed her muscles and kissed them as Muffy moaned under her. Once she was done, Tigress stood up and looked down at Muffy, her face covered in thick cum and she was breathing heavily.

Tigress winked and blew a kiss. ‘Hope we can wrestle again. See ya, Muffy!’

Tigress smiled and slid out of the ring and went backstage as CWF’s aides rushed in to carry Muffy to the infirmary. Once Muffy was taken to the infirmary, the crowd left the arena and lights were turned off: ending another day at the CWF.
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