CWF: Ino Yamanaka & Asami Sato vs Sakura Haruno & Korra


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Oct 19, 2015
The CWF arena filled up with audience again as their favorite tag team was in the schedule of todays matches. A female referee with shaved head and white skin wearing the referee bikini stood inside of the ring as the lights around the ring dimmed.


The doors opened arid the crowd cheered as Ino Yamanaka and Asami Sato stepped into the arena, Ino's blonde hair tied into a ponytail and Asami's long black hair swayed left and right as they walked towards the ring.

Ino wore purple bikini and purple boots and Asami wore red bikini and red boots: the only thing covering their slim white bodies. They helped each other into the ring and they made sexual poses to the crowd until their theme music died down.


The doors opened and both Sakura and Korra ran into the arena: waving and smiling at the cheering crowd. Sakura wore pink bikini and pink boots while Korra wore blue bikini and blue boots: barely covering their muscular bodies with strong biceps arid six-packs on their abdominal. They jumped into the ring and posed for their fans before turning to Ino and Asami: their former lovers.

'Wow Asami!' Korra exclaimed. 'I didn't know you joined the CWF?'

'You too Ino?' Sakuma asked.

Ino smiled. 'Yes we did! We thought we looked hot and sexy in the ring '

'But more importantly, we want to beat you two!' Asami cried pointing at Korra. 'You broke my heart when you and Sakura became couples! So now I'm going to beat the stuffing out of you!'

Korra looked apologetic. 'Look Asami, I'm sorry but you're too gentle for me... '

'I hope that you guys can understand that and we can still be friends.' Sakura said hopefully but her hopes were dashed by no who shook her head.

'No!' Ino shouted. 'For your betrayal, we're going to pound you two into pulps!'

Without waiting for the bell to ring, Ino speared Sakura out of the ring and into the arena's floor. Korra looked back in shock.

'Sakura!' she cried but she had the wind knocked out of her as Asami kicked her in the belly and karate chop on the back other neck. Korra spat out saliva but growled.

'Oh it's on!'

Korra rammed into Asami, knocking Asami off her feet, and elbow dropped on Asami's belly: making Asami gasped in pain but she trapped Korra in a body scissors and reached out and tore her bikini top. Having her dark brown nipples so early in the match, Korra grabbed hold of Asami's bikini bottom and wedged it into Asami's vagina: making Asami screamed loudly and releasing Korra from the hold. Korra smiled at the screaming Asami.

'You're still sensitive there.' She said, as she pulled harder, making Asami screamed loudly until she gasped as her bikini bottom damped with orgasm. Asami moaned sexually as she lay on her back while Korra pulled out Asami's bikini bottom, showing Asami's black trimmed vagina, and started sucking on Asami's clitoris: making Asami screamed louder.

Outside of the ring, Ino was sitting on Sakura and tearing away her bikini: showing Sakura's pink nipples and pink hairy vagina. Angry, Sakura right hooked no in the face and left crossed her in the breasts: making no yelped in pain. Sakuma ripped off no's bikini top, showing no's pink nipples, and kneed her in the crotch: making Ino screamed louder. Sakura kneed Ino in the crotch once more and Ino gasped sexually, her bikini bottom becoming damped as cum flowed through the materials. Ino moaned and rolled off Sakura as she held her crotch while Sakura stood up: pulling no's bildni bottoms off and showing Ino's blonde hairy vagina.

Sakura pulled Ino onto her feet but Ino angrily pushed Sakura against the ring post and punched her several times in the sides before giving her a knee missile in her crotch: making Sakura gasped as she exploded with cum onto the area's floor. As Sakura moaned, Ino slammed her face onto the apron before throwing her into the ring: following behind her. Both Ino and Sakura stood up at the same time, with Sakura holding her leaking vagina, and growling: grappled each other and trying to throw one another down into the mat.

Kona and Asami were now naked, Kona showing her black hairy vagina and Asami showing her brown nipples, as Korra charged towards Asami with a raised fist: only for Asami to trip her and sent Korra crashing into the turnbuckle. Asami turned Korma to face her and hooked her left leg up: kissing Korra on the lips and slamming her crotch onto Korra's. Korra moaned as she tried to out kiss Asami but felt that her mouth was being dominated and that she was reaching her climax. Korra gasped as she exploded with cum onto the mat. Asami broke the loss and smiled seductively at the panting Korra.

'Well Korra, was that good enough for you?'

'Quite impressive Asami.' Korra panted but smiled. 'But like I said you're not as rough as Sakura!'

To Asami's surprise, Korra kneed her in the belly, right hooked her in the face and swept her feet: causing Asami to fall onto the mat. As Asami groaned in pain, Korra pulled her up and turned her upside down. She saw Sakura had pushed Ino into the turnbuckle and had kneed her in the belly before DDT her into the mat: now pulling the groaning Ino up and turned her upside down like Korra did to Asami. They waddled towards each other until they met in the middle of the ring: smiling at each other.

'On three? Korra shouted and Sakura nodded before they shouted together. '1, 2, 3!'

At the same time, they deliver a tombstone piledriver on both Ino and Asami; slamming their heads into the mat. Ino and Asami screamed in pain but became silent as both Korra and Sakuma sat on their faces and pinned them in a sit out pin, also lapping on their wet hairy clitoris. The referee made the count as Korra and Sakura licked Asami and Ino's vaginas.

'1...' Lick. '2...' Lick. '3!'

As the bell rang, cum erupted out of Asami and Ino's vagina like a volcano: spraying cum all over Korra and Sakura's faces and down on them. Unable to resist, Korra and Sakura put their mouths on Asami and lno's vagina and drank as much as they could while also releasing their orgasms: covering Asami and Ino's faces in thick cum. Korra and Sakura cleaned their opponents' clitoris and licked their lips, letting go of Asami and Ino as they kissed each other deeply: their arms wrapped around each other. They broke the kiss and looked down at the moaning Asami and Ino who were still on the mat.

'Sorry guys.' Korra said. 'I hope there's no hard feelings between us.'

'We treat you guys for dinner one of these days.' Sakura added. 'We promise.'

Holding hands, Sakura and Korra left the ring and the arena as CWF's aides carried Asami and Ino to the infirmary.


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May 16, 2018
I'd probably commission another with these four.....though a much nicer "fight". ;)
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