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Custom script for HeroineMovies - Could someone pay to have it made?

Discussion in 'Superheroines' started by kained, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. kained

    kained Ryonani Teamster

    Dec 26, 2009
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    Want a Custom Video with Supra Girl or Robyn? ? Heroine Movies

    I'm kained in the comments of that thread.

    I wrote a script last year that was going to star Robyn. I don't know if you guys have seen Brit before; but she's a genuine fan of the whole ryona thing, and it shows in her performances, so I wrote a script specifically to star her. They were going to make my script but after a couple of months I couldn't follow through as I needed the money for university and today I couldn't afford it. I think its a shame, though, 'cause I think its a good script. If anyone comes forward that's serious about paying to have the script made, I can send you further details of what its about and send you the script itself, then you could discuss it with HM and Damian Woods.