Crossover Wrestling Federation - WrestLicious: Valhalla match #2 - The Black & White Petals Sakura & Korra Vs Heaven’s Wrath Panty & Orihime (1 Viewer)


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Oct 19, 2015
CWF Tag Team Match: Black & White Petals Sakura Haruno & Korra vs Heaven’s Wrath Panty Anarchy & Orihime Inoue

When Kagome Higurashi was carried out of the ring and to the infirmary, Kazumi Asakura’s voice boomed throughout the arena.


The lights in the arena dimmed and a spotlight shined down on the entrance into the arena. Two women wearing white bikini, heels and angel wings were shown to the crowd. Both their hairs were long with one orange and one blonde. Their white toned bodies featured their biceps and six-packs as they were pulled up into the air by invisible strings and were seen gliding towards the ring. They were lowered into the ring and they posed for the crowd, their angelic wings flying off with the invisible strings as the crowd cheered loudly at them. Soon the cheering died down as Panty and Orihime retreated to their corner. Kazumi’s voice boomed through out the arena once more.


The lights of the arena dimmed again and rose petals fluttered down to the floor as Korra and Sakura stepped into the arena. Korra wore blue bikini and Sakura wore pink bikini with wrestling boots, displaying their biceps and six-packs off their toned bodies. They shared a kiss before running towards the ring, Korra sliding into the ring while Sakura jumped over the ropes. Korra got onto her knees and caught Sakura in her arms before putting her onto her feet. Then they posed for their fans to see, receiving a warm cheer from them. Soon the cheering died down and the lights returned. Korra and Sakura faced their opponents as Panty and Orihime walked towards them, meeting them in the middle of the ring.

‘Ready for this babe?’ Korra asked, glancing at Sakura.

‘Yeah.’ Sakura nodded with conviction. ‘Don’t worry hun. My focus is now defending our titles.’

Korra nodded, relieved. ‘Good. Erm… About yesterday…’

‘Don’t talk about it.’ Sakura interrupted gently. ‘Erza and I had a talk. We… Came to an understanding.’



Sakura was sitting in her favourite cafe, sipping green tea latte, as she turned her attention to the television hanging above the counter. It was showing the day’s match and it looked like the Heaven’s Wrath, consisted of Panty and Orihime, defeated their opponents and won a shot for the Tag Team Championship. Looks like she and Korra would have challengers.

She frowned as she glanced at the clock hanging above the cafe’s counter before looking outside of the cafe’s windows. Korra was late which was unusual with her. She was never late on their dates. Sakura sighed as she looked at her wedding ring.

Ever since her fight with Erza Scarlet, Korra had been seen distracted. Although that their time together were intimate, Sakura can tell that there was something on Korra’s mind. Sakura sighed as she was supposed to spend time together with her lover but Korra called it off, explaining she had something to do.

Sakura head lifted up when the cafe’s door violently swung opened, Korra rushing in. Her face was flushed and covered in sweat as she sat opposite to Sakura, panting heavily. she waved for the waitress who placed a menu on the table.

‘Sorry I was late.’ She began as she grabbed some tissue, wiping the sweat off her brows. ‘I was… Engaged with something so much that… I lost track of time! So sorry Sakura!’

Sakura brought up a smile, pushing down her annoyance. ‘It’s okay baby. I didn’t wait long. So what did you do last night?’

Korra looked uncomfortable but tried to hide it with a smile. ‘Nothing much. Just… Getting to know someone better.’

The smile disappeared on Sakura’s face as she finished her latte. ‘Is that someone Erza Scarlet?’ Before Korra could reply, she snorted. ‘Looks like you found a kindred soul to spend time with.’

Korra shrugged. ‘What’s not to like about Erza? She’s beautiful, strong, a sweet talker… Just last night, she showed me different ways of…’

Korra tried to stop herself from saying more but it was too late. Sakura grabbed her handbag and stood up, glaring down at her wife. ‘I see… Instead of spending time with your wife, you would rather spent time with someone else.’

‘Wait… Sakura…’ Korra tried to explain. ‘It’s not like that…’

‘I going for a walk!’

With that, Sakura stormed out of the cafe and left a speechless Korra at the table. Sakura walked passed other people, blinking away angry tears. When she was certain she was far away from the cafe and Korra, she leaned against a wall. She sighed as she took in some breaths. Only one month in their marriage and Korra was already seeing another woman. The nerve of her! At the thoughts of Korra and Erza making out, Sakura sobbed softly.

‘Haruno Sakura? What are you doing here?’

Sakura quickly rubbed the tears away from her eyes and looked up at the stranger, annoyed. Her annoyance grew when she recognised Erza Scarlet, her red hair swaying sideways and wearing a white dress.

‘Oh… It’s you.’ Sakura said, unable to hide her animosity.

Erza must have noticed it for she said. ‘Looks like Korra didn’t get the chance to explain.’ She sighed and leaned against the wall, looking at Sakura. ‘Listen, Korra didn’t cheat behind your back last night. I only invited her over to my place so she can show me some wrestling moves and then I treated to waffles this morning as thanks. There’s nothing going between us.’

Sakura eyed the red-head with suspicious. ‘How do I know you’re not covering up for her?’

Erza raised an eyebrow to the pink-head. ‘The question you should be asking; is Korra capable of cheating?’

Sakura opened her mouth, closed it she thought on what Erza said. After a while, she shook her head. ‘No. Man… I look like a jerk now. Sorry…’

‘It should not be me you should be apologising to.’ Erza shrugged. ‘It’s Korra. She must feeling so upset now.’

Sakura nodded and after thanking Erza, she ran back to the cafe.



The bell rang as Korra and Orihime left the ring while Sakura and Panty engaged each other, circling around the ring. Then they charged as they flung their arms around each other heads, trying to grapple one of the other down to the mat. Being stronger, Sakura pushed Panty towards the ropes where she grabbed her wrist and Irish whipped her to the other side of the ring.

Panty rebounded from the ropes and she ran straight back to Sakura, who was preparing a clothesline attack on her. Panty simply ducked under Sakura’s arm, stepped behind and wrapped her arms around her waist. Then with a grin, Panty slammed Sakura into the mat in a German suplex.

Sakura screamed in surprise and pain as she hit the mat, her upper back hurting. She gave out two more gasps as Panty delivered two more German suplex on her before letting her go. Sakura fell onto her stomach, groaning in pain. She did not resist when Panty pulled her up onto her feet, tearing off her bikinis. Soon Sakura pink nipples and hairy vagina was exposed.

Panty smirked and Irish whipped her into of the corners, watching her slammed into the turnbuckle. Sakura arched her back in pain as Panty scooped her bikini up before heading towards her. When Panty was closed enough, Sakura growled and kicked the blonde in the stomach before grabbing her by the head.

With a yell, Sakura slammed Panty’s face on top of the turnbuckle. The blonde woman screamed and dropped Sakura’s bikini, holding her face in pain. With Panty dazed, Sakura slowly pulled the strings of Panty’s bikini; letting them fall onto the mat. Panty gasped as her perky breasts with pink nipples and blonde hairy vagina were exposed.

A furious Panty tried to elbow Sakura in the face but the pink-haired simply ducked her elbow and pushed her back. Sakura pulled her arm back and right hooked Panty in the face and followed by a left hook, forcing Panty to the centre of the ring. As the blonde woman groaned in pain, Sakura scooped Panty up into the air by her vagina before slamming her hard into the mat.

With Panty groaning on her back, Sakura walked up to Korra and tagged with her. Sakura stepped out of the ring while Korra stepped in, just as Panty climbed onto her feet. Panty gasped as Korra lowered herself to ram her elbow into the blonde’s stomach, sending sweat and saliva flying into the air. Korra did not stop there as she scooped Panty onto her shoulder and slammed her back into one of the turnbuckle.

Panty screamed as she felt her back on fire, slumping back down onto her feet. As Panty leaned against the turnbuckle, Korra took a step back and began slamming her fists into Panty’s face and breasts. Panty’s head snapped sideways and her breasts bounced as Korra’s fists slammed into her. Before Korra could hammer Panty more with more punches, the blonde woman snarled and kneed Korra in between her legs.

Korra gasped in shock as both her hands went to her sore crotch, leaving herself vulnerable. Before she could raise her hands to defend herself, Panty shot her hands behind Korra’s head and grabbed her by the back. Panty stepped aside and as she did, slammed Korra’s face on top of the turnbuckle.

Dazed, Korra groaned and allowed Panty to turn her around to face her before turning her upside down. Panty hung Korra upside down on the turnbuckle in a Tree of Woe as she slowly removed her bikini, exposing Korra’s dark brown nipples and black hairy vagina. Panty threw Korra’s bikini out of the ring and began punching her lower stomach and hairy clitoris. Korra screamed in agonising pain as Panty treated her vagina like a punching bag, making Korra aroused.

To add insult to injury, Panty stopped punching Korra’s clitoris but placed her mouth on it; sucking it hard and licking her insides. Korra gasped lewdly when she felt Panty’s tongue inside of her but she was not ready to give up the fight. Korra tilted her head upwards and began eating out Panty’s vagina. Both women ate each other hairy vaginas, trying to make one of them cum first.

Finally with a poke from Panty’s tongue, Korra moaned inside the blonde’s vagina as she orgasmed all over Panty’s face. Panty laughed as her face was covered in Korra’s cum, licking her lips. She released Korra from the Tree of Woe and allowed her to fall onto the mat, watching her orgasmed all over the canvas. As Korra moaned while holding her leaking clitoris, Panty dragged to the centre of the ring and pinned her down. The referee began counting out loud.

‘1… 2….’

Korra kicked out from the pin right after two, pushing Panty off her. The blonde woman growled as she grabbed Korra by the hair, dragging her to her corner. She tagged with Orihime and stepped out of the ring while Orihime held onto Korra’s hair. She looked down at her opponent before turning to her partner.

‘What should I do with her?’

Panty face-palmed. ‘Just do anything… Bad to her!’

Orihime nodded but before she could do anything, Korra grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her off her feet. Orihime yelped as her head hit the turnbuckle before falling flat onto her back, facing the ceiling. Orihime screamed when Korra swung her around in a circle before tossing her onto her back. Korra roared and leapt into the air, slamming both her knees into Orihime’s stomach.

Orihime screamed as saliva flew out from her mouth as Korra ripped off her bikini, exposing her pink nipples and hairy vagina. Korra grinned as she threw Orihime’s bikini away, the orange-head groaning lewdly. Orihime screamed again when Korra slammed her knees into her breasts and clitoris before being pulled up onto her feet.

Korra kneed Orihime in the face twice before tagging with Sakura, stepping out of the ring while Sakura took her place. Holding Orihime by the hair, Sakura smashed her face on top of the turnbuckle before dragging her to the centre of the ring. Then the pink-haired girl slowly lifted the orange-haired girl onto her shoulders before bringing her down into the mat in a brain-buster. Orihime screamed in pain as Sakura dropped her onto her back, quickly climbing on top of her. Sakura laid on top of Orihime and pinned her, the referee making the count.

‘1… 2…’

Sakura smiled as she was going to win, since Orihime could not budge her off. Before the referee could finish the count however, Sakura gasped when she felt someone grabbing her by the hair and pulling her off Orihime; ending the pin-fall. Panty roared as she pulled Sakura onto her feet, kneeing her in the face before slamming her face into the mat.

Sakura’s screams mingled with the shouting of Korra and the referee who was trying to push Panty out of the ring. Before the referee could force the blonde woman out of the ring, Korra entered the ring and angrily right hooked Panty in the face before slamming her knee into her hairy vagina. Panty screamed in rage as she punched Korra in the stomach followed by a head-butt, sending the ebony wrestler back.

As Panty and Korra fought each other, Orihime crawled towards Sakura and rolled her onto her back. Orihime moaned as she laid on top of the pink-haired and attempted to pin her. Puzzled that there was no counting, Orihime looked up. She saw that the referee was occupied with Panty and Korra that she did not realise the pin-fall.

Since she was not getting a quick win, Orihime pulled Sakura onto her feet and pushed her into a corner. The orange-head slapped Sakura in the face twice before hooking her legs on the middle ropes, opening her vagina wide. Orihime smiled as she fell down onto her knees and slowly pushed one of her nipple into Sakura’s vagina.

Sakura’s moans grew louder and louder as Orihime pushed her nipple in and out of her clitoris. Then with a gasp, Sakura orgasmed all over Orihime’s breasts and chest; her thick cum flowing down Orihime’s body. The orange-head giggled as she grabbed the gasping Sakura by the hair and away from the turnbuckle. She turned back as Panty had Korra on her shoulders and slamming her face on top of the turnbuckle. Korra screamed and leaned against the turnbuckle, in a daze.

‘Orihime!’ Panty turned to her partner. ‘Let’s do the thing!’

Orihime beamed. ‘Okay!’

Orihime pushed Sakura down and wrapped her arms around her waist, watching as Panty climbed up a turnbuckle. When Panty stood on top of the turnbuckle, Orihime lifted Sakura into the air and power-bombed her into the mat. Sakura’s scream was cut short when Panty jumped off the turnbuckle and slammed her bottoms onto her face, knocking the pink-haired out. Orihime continued to hold Sakura down as Panty pulled her legs down, pinning the pink-haired in their Tag-Team Move: Doomsday Device. The referee began the count.

‘1…. 2….’

Before the referee could finish the count however, Panty screeched when she was pulled up onto her feet by the hair and Orihime was kicked off Sakura. Both members of the Heaven’s Wrath yelped and looked up. To their surprise it was Korra, still up and angry as hell. With a roar, Korra lifted Panty up into the air and threw her head-first into Orihime’s stomach. Both women screamed as they were sent skidding backwards on the mat. As both Panty and Orihime groaned in pain, Korra helped Sakura onto her feet.

‘Sakura?’ Korra whispered gently to her lover, tapping on her face. ‘Come on baby, wake up! We got a match to do.’

To her relief, Sakura slowly opened her eyes. ‘K-Korra?’

‘Yeah I’m here.’ Korra assured her. ‘Can you stand?’

Sakura slowly nodded as she firmly placed her feet onto the mat. ‘Y-eah,,, I can. Thanks for the save baby.’

Korra grinned as she let go of Sakura. ‘No problem hun. Now, let’s teach these bitches a lesson.’

Sakura turned to the Heaven’s Wrath who were still on their fours, groaning and trying to get up. She smiled. ‘Yeah!’

Both Korra and Sakura approached their opponents. Korra grabbed Panty by the hair and yanked her up onto her feet none too gently, slamming fists and knee missiles into her. While Korra took care of Panty, Sakura pulled Orihime up onto her feet and pushed her against a corner. She proceeded to punch Orihime in the face and breasts, treating her like a punching bag. Soon the orange-head was reduced to a drooling mess, strings of saliva touching the mat.

With a deep breath, Sakura gathered all her strength and slammed her right fist into Orihime’s stomach. The blow was so powerful that it not only made Orihime screamed loudly but she began to orgasmed and lactate all over the mat, her body fluids spraying out from her. Orihime moaned and swayed before falling flat onto the mat, lactating and orgasming still. Sakura panted heavily before she too fell next to Orihime, exhausted.

It was all left to Korra.

Panty snarled as she slapped Korra in the face and kneed Korra in her vagina, making the ebony wrestler hold her sore crotch. Then the blonde grabbed Korra by the wrist and Irish whipped her to the ropes. Korra rebounded from the ropes and ran back to Panty who had her arm stretched outward for a clothesline. Instead of being slammed onto her back, Korra ducked under Panty’s arm and rebounded from the ropes. Before Panty could defend herself, Korra leapt into the air and drop-kicked the blonde in the face.

Panty’s eyes rolled back as she fell onto her back, out cold. Korra panted heavily as she fel onto her side, crawling painfully towards her opponent. She crawled on top of the unconscious Panty and laid on top of her, pinning her. The referee began the count.

‘1….. 2….. 3!’

The bell rang as Korra rolled off Panty, panting heavily as sweat flowed down onto the mat. She looked up at the ceilings, breathing deeply, as her and Sakura’s name rang through the air.


The crowd cheered loudly as Korra turned her head to Sakura, who was also looking at her. Korra smiled and gave her partner a thumbs-up, receiving one in return. Then Korra mouthed the words “Let’s fuck them up”. Sakura smirked weakly and nodded, rolling on top of Orihime. She moaned as she began rubbing her sweaty body onto Orihime’s wet one, rubbing her knee into her hairy vagina and sucking on her lactating nipple.

Orihime moaned loudly and sexually as Sakura had her way with her, pressing her knee harder into the orange-head’s clitoris and nibbling her nipple with her teeth. It was not long before Orihime gave a sharp gasp when Sakura stabbed her knee onto her crotch, making her orgasmed all over her knee and onto the mat. Orihime’s fell flat onto her back and her eyes rolled back, drooling and orgasming onto the mat. Sakura grinned and looked up at what Korra was doing to Panty.

Not as exhausted as her partner, Korra pulled Panty onto her feet and stood behind her; holding the blonde up for the crowd to see. Then the ebony wrestler gave Panty a long lick on the cheeks as she began fingering her vagina, her fingers sliding in and out of her clitoris. Panty shook her head as screamed, becoming louder and louder. Finally cum exploded out from the blonde’s vagina, covering Korra’s fingers and coating the mat.

The crowd cheered loudly as Korra pushed Panty down onto the mat before falling onto her knees, barely standing up herself. She and Sakura were too tired to move. The referee noticed this for she gestured. CWF aides rushed out of the backstage and towards the ring, helping the wrestlers onto her feet. Both teams faced each other, covered in sweat and breathing heavily.

‘Hey…’ Korra began tiredly. ‘You guys did great… You almost had us.’

‘Hear, hear.’ Sakura nodded in agreement.

Orihime beamed and gave them a thumbs-up. ‘Thanks for the great fight. Panty and I had fun. Right?’

Panty snorted and flipped them the middle finger. ‘Don’t act so modest you bitches! Next time, we will kick your asses and take your title belts away from you!’

‘Panty, be nice!’ Orihime said.

This exchange was made when the aides helped them out of the arena and into the infirmary, placing the two teams into separate rooms. Korra and Sakura were gently placed on beds and were left alone. Korra pushed herself into sitting position, smiling down at Sakura.

‘Good fight baby.’

Sakura nodded and smiled, pushing herself up suddenly. Before Korra could stop her, their lips met. Sakura kissed Korra deeply before breaking, licking her lips.

‘You were amazing baby. Rescuing me and beating both of them at the same time.’

‘Hey, you do the same for me.’ Korra grinned.

Korra and Sakura smiled but before they could continue their love-making, the door opened. Both of them looked up to see Erza entered the infirmary, smiling at both of them. Behind her was a woman with long blue hair tied in two pony-tails that flowed down her waist and brown eyes. She wore a sleeveless green dress and sandals.

‘Well done the both of you.’ Erza smiled. ‘I knew you would defend your titles.’

Korra grinned. ‘Thanks Erza.’

Sakura smiled politely before asking. ‘Whose this behind you?’

Erza smiled and stepped aside to reveal her companion. ‘Oh, how rude of me. This here is Wendy Marvell. I brought her here so she can make you guys better. We don’t want you two not at your best shape when our Triple-Threat match comes next week. Wendy, do your thing.’

Wendy nodded and stepped in between Korra and Sakura. Without warning, she gave both of them a quick kiss on the lips. To their astonishment, all their injuries they had sustained during their match disappeared. In fact, it was as if they had never fought in the match in the first place.

Sakura looked at her body in amazement before turning to Wendy, grateful for what she had done. She turned to Korra, who gave her a wink, before pulling Wendy on top of her; slowly undressing her as they made out. Korra chuckled as she turned to Erza, who was naked already. The red-head climbed on top of Korra and began kissing her. Soon the infirmary was full of loud smacking sounds as they continued to make out.

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