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Sep 11, 2012
Here is a list of the most common questions asked on the forums, and their answers
I may add pictures to some of the answers over time.

I can't make any posts!?! --or-- Why are these topics hidden to me!?!
new users need to first make a post in the 'Welcome' thread. this is so to prevent bots from spamming the forums
Super Deepthroat | Undertow

new forum move edit - not sure if this is still a thing

How do I open the game or flash .swf files (specifically loader.swf or superdeepthroat.swf) on my computer?
you could open the .swf in a browser, but the suggested method is to grab the standalone flash player from adobe. Then right click your .swf file and choose the 'open with' option, and select default program. navigate and select your standalone flash player you downloaded
you can get the adobe standalone flash player here (they call it the projector): Adobe Flash Player - Debug Downloads

also, the game seems to run the best in the flash version it was compiled for, something around 10.5 or 11 works best. these old versions are in the archives at adobe.

How can i download mods?
you can find and download various stuff around the forum to 'mod' the game with. some users choose to attach stuff on the forum posts themselves, others post links to file sharing sites they have uploaded to.

if you are looking for something specific, the forum is organized with the various mods in mind:
there are sub forums for specific things like backgrounds and dialogs.
then there is a generic 'imports' category for things like clothing, hair, or other swf mods.
if you use the loader, loader-only mods also have their own forum section

to find out how to use the mods you downloaded, check out the other common asked questions

How do I get the extra stat stuff I see on the top on a lot of screenshots?
that is a couple of default mods that come with the loader

What is the 'loader'?
the loader is an extension to the vanilla sdt game that allows much more modding capabilities and allows a file structure for saving custom characters.
here is the forum board for it: Loader | Undertow
here is it's thread: SDT Loader | Undertow

I downloaded the loader, but it says 'SDT.swf' is missing
the loader comes in a compressed folder. decompress the entire folder and then try to use the 'loader.swf'

How do I setup loader character folders?
The loader comes with included documentation. see the 'savings guide.txt' file that comes with the loader.
for visual ease, check out the simplified revised savings guide: Loader Revised Saving Guide | Undertow

this also covers it: [W.I.P] SDT Tutorial for Very Newbie User | Undertow

i also threw together a tutorial video:
sdt + loader tutorial jan2015.mp4

Where did the loader tab go that used to pop out on the right side of the screen? (from older versions of loader, pre 5.25)
the popout loader tab has been removed. loader characters can now be found next to the vanilla characters, and the other functionality is now embedded into the vanilla menu system under the 'loader' tab

image from savings guide: Loader Revised Saving Guide | Undertow
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This thing I downloaded from the forum is said to be a virus from my antivirus?!?
the hosting sites we use may try to trick you into downloading their crap. always make sure to use the direct download link. if the file extension is not .jpg, .png, .txt or .swf, you are probably downloading the wrong thing.
direct link.JPG

The game runs slow, how can i make it run faster?
flash is mostly cpu intensive (although it attempts hardware acceleration) so it may run bad even if you have your super duper graphics card. there are in-game settings to turn down the quality and disable strand shaders on the 'options' menu.
using the standalone flash player versions from 10.5 to 11 should help a little as well.
you can also try toggling the 'hardware acceleration' option for your flash player by right-clicking anywhere in-game and choosing 'settings', then find the hardware acceleration tab.

How do I use the charcodes for characters I see posted around the forums?
you paste them into the custom save data inputfield on the modding tab

if using the loader, you can also paste them into a text file called 'code.txt' to be placed inside a character folder, and then the charcode will be automatically loaded when that character folder is loaded.

The dialog I downloaded is not working
first make sure that you have the dialog option enabled in the options tab. if it is a complicated dialog, it may require the loader mod 'diaglogactions'
see "Where can I find the Dialogue Actions mod?" for more information about dialogueactions

How to get doggystyle or other sex positions? --or-- Where can i find animtools?
animtools is a loader mod that does custom positioning that can be found in my thread.
if you don't know what the loader is, see help question 'what is the 'loader'?'
for how to get to my mods, see help question 'sby, where is your mod'

How do I use the custom positions around the forum?
these are positions that the loader mod 'animtools' uses to represent a position. the text should be saved as a text file, and then they can be loaded by the animtools mod.

animtools key to load a position manually is f2. see animtools' included documentation for more info on how to setup position hotkeys.

animtools is a loader mod; see 'What is the 'loader'?' and 'sby, where is your mod (insert mod name here)?' questions for more

How do I change her clothes?
sdt has a bunch of built in clothes that you can use on the 'scene' tab
[W.I.P] SDT Tutorial for Very Newbie User | Undertow

How do I use hair mods?
in the 'modding' tab of sdt, there is a button labeled 'Hair..' that loads .jpg and .png hairs. if your hair is a .swf hair, use the 'Swf mod..' button to load the hair

How do i use clothing mods?
in the 'modding' tab of sdt, there is a button labeled 'Swf mod..' that you can use to load clothing mods

The 'Him' mods I downloaded are not working
'him' mods require the loader to be used, see 'What is the 'loader'?' question

How do i use audio dialog mods?
in the modding tab, use the 'swf mod..' button to load your audio mod

Where can I find the Dialogue Actions mod?
dialogue actions is a loader mod that can be found in the 'loader imports' subsection.
it is located in Pim_gd's imports thread: Pim_gd's Mods - DialogueActions v4.01 (7 Aug 2015) | Undertow
see "What is the 'loader'?" if you don't know what the loader is.
see "What is the password to the 'loader imports' board?" if you have never been in the 'loader imports' board

This is confusing, aren't there guides and stuff for new people?
there are various guides stickied around the forum in their respective subforums.
here is a few links:
Getting Started with SDT | Undertow
[W.I.P] SDT Tutorial for Very Newbie User | Undertow
Loader Revised Saving Guide | Undertow
Pim_gd's Advanced Dialogue Guide (v1.01 - updated 10 December 2013) | Undertow
The Comprehensive Dialogue Guide | Undertow
Tutorials | Undertow

i also made an all-around tutorial of using sdt and the loader:

getting started loader tutorial3: a thorough from-start walkthrough of setting up and using the loader & SDT
2015/01/24 - sdt + loader tutorial jan2015.mp4

Content thread links of various awesome artists, writers, and coders (thanks zzaaapp002 for the collection)
forum move edit - these links don't work anymore, not sure if a new list will be built up. however, the usernames can still be searched on

Dante - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
idkmybffdave - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
Mak - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
sclover13 - Super Deepthroat | Undertow

BG's - ( STATIC )
Astounded - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
Hauser - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
HentaiBob (SAO) - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
Kuroryuu - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
Lolkien - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
Mineur - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
Moocher (Star Wars) - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
silentsky - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
silentsky - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
SDTDreamline - (Star Wars, Etc ) - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
Spiky - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
SyntaxTerror - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
TorqueAOD - Super Deepthroat | Undertow

Dialogues - ( AUDIO )
Anon - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
sclover13 - Super Deepthroat | Undertow
TetsuyaHikari -;u=2576;area=showposts;sa=attach

Dialogue - ( CHECKER ) -
( aka "How to Fix Your Broke@SS Script" )
Pim_gd -

Dialogues - ( TEXT )
AaRL -
booster -
cwking -
Delev -
EO -
f93 -
Pim_gd -
Slingerbuilt -
TorqueAOD -
VincentL -
WeeWillie -

THE LOADER - aka "Sexy Chocolate"

Anon's Archive -
cwking -
f93 -
ModGuy's Loader -
sby -
WeeWillie -

AnimTool Positions -
al1enh0mIn1d -
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BlackCobra (Nipples) -
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ORIGINAL SDT - aka "Vixen Vanilla"
Anon -
Maineim -

Alohade -
Rufferto -
Rusty -
TheCount -

AH P -
Clayman8 -
Darkbones -
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Ton3 -;area=showposts;sa=attach;u=3235
Vashikur -

questions directed at specific people:

sby, where is your mod (insert mod name here)?

sby, how do i use the animtools positioning mod?
animtools comes with a bunch of text documentation on how to set it up and use it.
i also have a tutorial video i threw together:
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