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Dusty Choplin

Hey everyone,

Long time lurker, first time poster. Been mooching off the SDT community for too long to not give back something. I present to you: "Got the Lead!" my first dialogue. It's not the best thing in the world, but I figure y'all will get a kick out of it.
Got the Lead!
You're an average guy back in High School who tried out for his school productions on a whim and somehow landed the lead. A regular theater girl has taken notice of this and decides to fuck you silly-- she has a thing for leads. I'm hoping to do a sequel to this if I get good feedback :) It moves forward to different positions on its own after you cum.

I used the sby_loader.v5.45. Put "Pigtails.png" in the Skins folder found in the root folder and then put "music_room.png" in the $INIT folder. This runs off of AnimtoolsV14 as well as DialogueActions. Make sure those are installed properly in your Mods folder!

11/16/15 -- Added a fixed version courtesy of tmb. Thank you very much! :) Hopefully it is a bit more enjoyable for everyone.

Awesome. Again, this is my first post, so let me know if I'm missing anything. Happy fapping, friends. Hope you enjoy!


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Oct 1, 2015
Wow, pretty impressive for a first dialogue. The scenario is unique, and the dialogue is quite large and complex. Although this scenario doesn't particularly interest me, I'm looking forward for more dialogues from you.


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Mar 5, 2015
Thank you very much for your dialogue, I enjoyed it very much.

I ran it through Pim_gd's DialogueChecker (DialogueChecker (Latest version: V3.02, 8 August 2015) | Undertow), which "found 51 issue(s) with your dialogue, of which 1 were severe, 19 were major issues, and 31 were minor issues".

DialogueChecker ensures that everything will run smoothly in-game. In your dialogue, the severe issue and some major issues where just typos, some triggers were erroneous (ARM_LEGS instead of ARMS_LEGS, FACE_FUCK instead of FACE_FUCK_STYLE) and minor issues are usually caused by multiple spaces due to variable substitution, for instance: "Oh hey, *YOU*, ББББyou..." is best written "Oh hey*, YOU*, ББББyou", so if "*YOU*" isn't set, there aren't multiple spaces.

Attached is my try at fixing the dialogue.

Keep up the good work. :smile:



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Apr 26, 2012
Hey! I just wanted to say I really liked this. I'm always happy to see more people using DA & Animtools as well.
My only suggestions are to maybe have someway of advancing to the next scene manually, so you could keep cumming in/on her without it advancing on its own and perhaps either add additional dialogue or vary it a bit, so for instance the part about Mr. Green doesn't keep playing. Hehe


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Aug 23, 2015
K, so I have a bit of a problem. I don't have any of the animtool mods used, specifically the one for titfucks. I dunno if it's somethin wrong with my game, or if I was supposed to have them before hand. All I know is, when it gets to the part where she's supposed to get into the titfuck position, it just removes the background mod as well as any changes to the male character.

Just hoping you have a solution to this. All in all, I really liked the dialogue (reading it at least) and hope to use it its fullest potential when I get the chance. Thabks.


Hey, I'm trying to run the dialogue, but it appears to crash on the first line, which displays a blank text box and just keeps repeating. I downloaded the SBY pack to replicate your setup, but there's no skins folder anywhere on the download.
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