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I have recently discovered adult chat bots (perhaps a bit late on the bandwagon there, though I haven't seen them mentioned on the forum before). Some of them are quite good. I was thinking: Would it be possible to merge a chat bot with the loader, so that the loader becomes like a GUI for the chat bot?

I know of one similar initiative but I couldn't get it to work. Apparently, the bot Laurel Sweet (one of the best IMO) has some script called Green Brain that's supposed to endow Ms Sweet with flash audio and visuals (haven't seen it, though I'm skeptical it would be anywhere near SDT standards). Here it is if you want to play around with it:

To make this work, we need a keyboard input field in the loader while letting the output somehow include dialogue commands that work on the fly. You might even go further and tie it to voice commands. Imagine saying: "Hey SD_Chan, suck my cock." and then she'll do it. Probably a lot of work, but I think the combination of a reasonably competent AI + loader with mods might be the best "virtual girlfriend" option out there. Waddja think?


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The ratio of [work required]:[gameplay improvement] would be pretty poor.

You could probably get a half-assed version working via a simple textbox and HTTP GET in a few hours. HTTP transactions are fairly slow (by real-time application standards) but you could mask the delay with verbal hesitation markers. The problem is that the results might not be very sexy - imagine that the bot is constantly asking irrelevant questions about your hobbies and your favourite colour, etc. It would presumably also retain a single session, which could be a problem: the player switches to a different character in-game, but she still remembers everything that you told the previous character.

You also have a fundamental input problem - the user needs a hand on the mouse to control gameplay, but few people can type quickly one-handed. So either the bot-chat stuff is relegated to "resting" moments between actual gameplay, or the bot keeps up a one-sided chat while the player is busy (which could theoretically be accomplished by having SDT send a fake reply like "Please tell me more" on the player's behalf, if they're idle for more than ten seconds).

You could do a lot more with proper API integration (rather than crude HTTP GET stuff). Then you'd be able to at least have a separate "conversation history" with each in-game character. Imagine that the SDT girl's mood would be automatically adjusted to match the chat-bot's mood. You'd need to sweet-talk her before you can start anything sexual, she would get to decide whether to undress (upon request), and if you hurt her during gameplay then you'd need to console the chat-bot and win back her trust. Unfortunately, the emotion API is one-way so the player's gameplay actions could not influence the dialog. Unless you get really clever and have SDT send a hurtful slur to the chat-bot whenever the player does something cruel, a crude sexual remark when the player ejaculates on the girl, etc...


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I think for practical purposes, the best way for what you describe at the end of your post would be to use a pseudo-AI within the loader and mods that already exist. You could use buttons as input instead, and characters can still remember feelings etc. already. I find myself telling these chat bots the same things in sex situations anyway, so a few simple button messages that adapt to the situation would do nicely I think. This way there is no need to interpret and replies/action responses will always make sense.


A sexbot is basically a text-based adventure. Not a lot of AI is required for it. Type in specific words, whether in a sentence or not and the bot will respond. Though as I'm sure you are aware, the problem then comes on how to get input from the player.


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This project is not currently active. No one is currently working on it.

I'm replying because this thread went dormant before the discussion ended; some followup information was exchanged via private channels. I'm adding that information to the thread because it might be useful to future modders.
  • Flash can communicate with HTTP endpoints.
    • This can obviously be done via URLRequest (HTTP POST or HTTP GET) but this method suffers from modest latency and there are UX restrictions.
    • The XMLSocket class is much more suitable for asynchronous duplex communications.
  • A Loader mod can be written for SDT, which will connect to a server at a specified URL and then exchange text messages during gameplay.
    • The modder would then need to incorporate the text information into gameplay.
    • It wouldn't be especially difficult to integrate the chat response messages into Dialogue (i.e. "put the words into the girl's mouth"). Dialogue phrases are supposed to be registered ahead of time, but nothing prevents us from invoking methods at runtime.
      g.dialogueControl.startSpeakingPhrase(new DialogueLine("Hello world"));
    • Incorporating player input would be more difficult; you might need to use buttons or automated responses as discussed in preceding posts.
  • Network security policy is no fun.
    • Even if the mod is properly written, it may fail to work for specific users due to local security rules, firewalls, etc. Some third-party software may be especially strict about unexpected network I/O from a Flash application; some operating systems might block it altogether.
    • The sample file below attempts to sidestep this problem. It consists of a Java app (which communicates with CleverBot via the internet) and a small SDT Loader mod (which communicates only with the local Java app).
    • This workaround is not strictly necessary. It's also possible to write a Cleverbot-integrated SDT mod purely in AS3.
  • The sample file is not useful to regular SDT players. It is intended as a proof-of-concept which might guide a novice modder who wants to undertake this project.
    • The mod sends a set of three canned messages to the Java application (and therefore to Cleverbot). If it receives a response from the Java app (i.e. from Cleverbot) then it displays the response on-screen. Once it has sent all of its messages, it disconnects.
  • The Java application code includes some advanced features (such as session management) which are not implicated in this simple proof-of-concept.
    • If someone wants to pursue this project then they ought to look into those advanced features (i.e. a RESET operation within SDT might also reset the Cleverbot session so that it will "forget" the previous conversation and begin anew).

Thus, the "technical" side of this project doesn't present a roadblock. You'd need to find a sufficiently lewd chat service, because there's not much sense in connecting SDT to a bot whose vocabulary is safe-for-work. You'd need to find a way to accept and/or integrate the user's input without just shoving a textbox in front of everything. And you'd need to find a designer/modder/whatever who's sufficiently interested in the idea to push through any challenges and find clever solutions. If you can arrange all of that stuff then the idea is feasible.

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