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Changing dialogue font results in text being clipped

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Spinner, May 29, 2015.

  1. Spinner

    Spinner Potential Patron

    Apr 28, 2015
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    NB: I previously posted this issue in help (on the chance the issue had a solution). No replies there, so am posting as a bug for others to be aware of.

    If you change the dialogue font (using font:"fontame") all text beyond the first line is clipped (i.e. not displayed).
    The text does not auto-wrap and inserting %0A results in everything after the %0A being clipped.... :'(

    Notes on my testing:
    • This is not an issue with the dialog. I ran a cut-down test with and without the font: line.
      cum_on_face:"aaaaa %0A aaaaa "{"style":"Him"}
    • The problem only occurs when the font: line is used.
    • It is also not an issue with my system fonts... the font is indeed changing to the specified font.
    • The problem happens in both SDT vanilla (SDT_1_21_1b.swf) and in the Loader (5.45).
    • I am running Flash player stand-alone (flashplayer_11_sa.exe)
    • I tried various fonts (Arial, Comic San PS, et al). All have the same issue.
    I spent some time searching the subject here... and have not found the issue discussed. (Which seems a little surprising). ???

    I thought I saw something related to "supported fonts" when I first looked into dialogues on this site (but cannot find it now and suspect it is just my bad memory)... :-\
  2. Macnagum

    Macnagum Vivacious Visitor

    Jan 17, 2015
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    I also have a bug if I changes the font, but different : the text is not displayed from the %0A, but other lines dialogs that do not contain %0A are read without problems. By against the game will display the characters as cyrillic ББББББББ that served to a waiting time with the default font, and that even by loading another dialogue. You need to empty your browser cache / flash drive to return to normal.

    What is strange is the carriage return - %OA - works with the font by default of the game, and other hexa value of ASCII character are well read even changing of font. Perhaps there are bug prevention script have been added to the normal reading of the texts, but are no longer present when the default font is changed.
  3. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    This bug is caused by the combination of several factors:
    • SDT dialogue text is displayed in a TextField control.
    • the TextField is drawn in the same place as the blue-ish dialogue box, but it does not fill all of the available space.
    • the height of the TextField has been fine-tuned so that it will fit exactly two lines of text in the default font (Raleway Thin).
    • if you choose a font which is slightly taller than Raleway Thin, then the fine-tuning breaks down. The TextField can no longer fit two lines of text.
      • note: most fonts are taller than Raleway Thin.
    • the vertical scrolling behavior of a TextField is fairly rudimentary. It cannot smoothly scroll downwards by a few pixels; it can only "jump" up or down by one entire line of text.
    • the TextField will not display a partial line of text. If it lacks the vertical space to fit another line at the bottom then it will omit that line entirely.
    I had hoped to directly fix the problem by enlarging the TextField (to use the full size of the blue-ish box) but I ran into some difficulty with text scaling.

    For now, I've shared a mod which allows you to configure the text size. You can therefore fine-tune your text so that two lines of it will fit within the dimensions of the TextField.

    I'm still working on the broader topic of Russian-language support, so there may be further developments or improvements. If you'd like to test out this mod then please feel free to do so; if you can find any limitations or bugs then please let me know about them.