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Casie Vs The Destroyer

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Chainsaw, Apr 29, 2011.

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    Apr 29, 2011
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    My first attempt at a Mixed Combat Story..WARNING!! Pretty Graphic

    Casie Vs The Destroyer
    By The ShredHead [email protected]
    Casie Leigh takes on a 7 foot Muscle Monster.


    The challenges had dried up and the trail for a better fight had gone cold.
    Casie sat on the computer looking for a reply to the thousands of E-mails she
    had sent out to Combatants all over the world, In the last year alone, Her
    beautiful 6"2 inch 34D-27-34 frame had laid waste to 24 hard as nails men, some
    bigger, some smaller but none a serious challenge. The monitors blue light
    flickered and illuminated her beautiful exotic face, her pale blue eyes
    perfectly complementing her striking red hair. "Not one reply, are there no
    fighters left no more" she sighed as she turned off the computer and got up
    from the chair. A train passing by threw light at brief intervals which danced
    through the room's window onto her spectacular body, she was standing topless
    wearing boxing trunk beneath, her beautiful 6 pack abs enjoyed the dancing
    white light, her body was all muscle but retained all the feminine charms, she
    wasn't a bodybuilder by a long stretch but her body was hard as steel as her
    opponents often found out, yet she hadn't worked out once in her life, her
    body was a gift of science, an experiment gone wrong, which gave her body
    immense strength and agility with the power to withstand an unsually high
    amount of pain, "Maybe that's why i can't find a challenge, there has to be
    someone like me." she wondered aloud as she made her way to the shower, her
    long legs carrying her towards her goal, soon the trunks came off, the shower
    came on and water sparkled in the light through the window as it hit her body.

    The Destroyer

    "What is her name?" his voice seemed to fill the room with a booming echo.
    "Casie, that bitch got tony to squeal and the don's are fearing their lives on
    this" came the reply from an unusally short man with a faint glint in the eye,
    "She got tony to squeal? the steelfist tony?" the booming voice sounded
    genuinely surprised. "Yes, good ol steel fist himself, he got beaten up bad."
    The short man quipped. "Well, Tony should have known the dangers when he
    entered the contest with a price on his head, but tell me Shorty, tell me more
    about this Casie." As shorty related more of Casie's wondrous tales, the
    booming voice rose from the chair, out of the shadow steped a 7'2 inch man,
    black as the night itself, and made out of pure muscle, from head to toe,
    there was nothing but cold steel muscle. "Shorty, i think the destroyer has
    found his latest victim. set it up"

    The calm before the storm

    "Destroyer, yeah i heard of him, nothing but bad news, was in the intergender
    division a few years ago, battered a lot of women shitless, he had to be taken
    out of the league becuase no woman would step into the ring with him, he moved
    on to male combatants for a while and destroyed them but had to stop there too
    becuase he ran out of opponents, a bit of pschyo too." Jake seemed worried his
    short 5'0 inch body barely matching casie's tall frame. "Intresting" Casie
    quipped. "Oh no..no" Jake sounded irritated "What?" Casie said innocently, "I
    know that look, come on you can't be thinking of fighing this guy, he is a
    pschyo, you know what?" "what?" Casie retored quizzically "He likes to fight
    women more because he likes to maul thier breasts and crotches, he once gave a
    woman 9 low-blows on the trot and then raked her tits afterwards." Jake was
    now walking back and forth in his small office. "Jake, you know that is not
    going to stop me from fighting him." Casie replied annoyingly, she stood up
    and kissed jake on the forehead "Don't worry your little brains out, this is
    me your'e talking about remember, i will be ok." Casie now hugged him gently.
    "Sheesh, i dunno Casie, this guy looks tough, but if you wanna we shall have a
    meet and greet tommorow."

    In Todays Forecast, Bad Weather..

    The park was usually isolated this time of the day, and it was a prefect place
    to set up a illegal fight. Casie and the destroyer approached with their
    manager's in tow, the two of the them met in the middle, "Casie, i presume"
    The loud booming voice roared "The destroyer, you look every bit the steel
    slab i hoped you would be." The black man let out a small laugh "And you look
    like the slender target practice i hoped you would be, by the time i am
    through with you, you will be a beaten leftover snack." The two fighters now
    moved towards each other their foreheads touching each other's. "Pretty
    confident of yourself huh? tell you what? i want to fight on you terms, what
    are your rules big man?" Casie retorted, The destroyer seemed surprised at
    first but his face then seemed to settle into a wry smile. "My rules are
    simple, there are no rules, anything goes, and the fight happens in an arena
    of my choosing the old ware house up the street, those are my terms." "I
    accept" Casie replied confidently, Jake just looked at her quizzically. They
    both looked at each other's managers and shorty and Jake understood the time
    to fill in the paperwork had come. The paperwork now signed the match was set
    up for Mid-night the next day. As Jake and Casie made thier way out of the
    park, Jake asked Casie one last time "You sure you know what you are doing
    right?" Casie stared at Jake and said "No, but it sure as hell is going to be

    We danced in the moonlight

    Casie stood next to the old structure, it was a small two floor ware house,
    the once prominent steel now decaying and old, her attire for the match were
    tight black hot pants matched with a black sports bra, she wore gloves on her
    hands and black boots on her legs. she entered the warehouse to find
    Destroyer's huge black bulk waiting there next to broken down old ring. He
    wore army pants paired with black army boots, tapes on his hand completed his
    look, his big bald head seemed to attract moonlight from the roof. He watched
    her enter and fixed his steely orange gaze upon her, for the first time he
    really admired her body. "Welcome, Casie Leigh, welcome to my little home away
    from home, this was the old ICW ring, i have beaten tons of women senseless in
    there, these hands have raked a lotta tits in there and kicked and punched a
    lotta crotches." The voice filled the room and seemed to head skyward into the
    night. "I know you cannot be bruised or mortally injured easily, which is why
    i am going to enjoy this even more, you will beg to me, Casie Leigh" Roared
    the destroyer.

    Before Casie could retort with a reply, The destoryer rushed towards Casie
    with amazing agility, within a flash of a second Casie could feel the power of
    his huge shoulders attack her midriff, He picked her up in a Bearhug and
    squeezed with all his might, Casie let a roar as pain shot through her lower
    back, The destroyer let go of Casie and she slumped to the ground, Picking her
    up her beautiful red hair, the destoryer sent a stinging knee into her
    stomach, doubling her over, her followed up with a huge elbow to her back,
    leaving her reeling on all fours, he then unleashed a violent kick into her
    lower abdoben sending her flying.

    Casie landed right next to the old ring, winded and out of breath she
    struggled to get up, Just as she got up, The destroyer was already upon her,
    he grabbed a handful of beautiful and unleashed a barrage of punches on her
    face, the first puch landed squarely on her chin, bruising it a little, the
    next landed on her nose causing blood to spew from the nose, the third left a
    vicious cut on her right cheek, the fourth cut open her left eye a bit and the
    fifth landed on her jaw which snapped her head backwards causing blood and
    sweat to spew in an arc, Cassie's body slumped to the floor. The Destroyer had
    caught her off guard with great agility and was now hammering her.

    He picked her up by her hair and bought her face closer to his. "Time to get
    really physical" In one swift motion the destroyer sprang his forehead right
    into Casie's jaw snapping her head backwards and staggering her body towards
    the apron, She landed back first on one of the ring posts. The destoryer sent
    a stinging punch into her belly causing her to scream out in pain and she
    doubled over. he grabbed her hair and sent her face first into the post. Casie
    saw stars as her head hit the ring post, and she slumped on all fours next to
    the ring apron. The Destoryer vanished under the ring for a moment and came
    out with an assortment of Objects, he had come prepared.

    The Kendo stick made a sick meaty thud as it collided with Casie's back and
    her hands instinctively went to the lower back where she was hit, The
    destroyer then grabbed her and turned her around to face him and let the tip
    of the Kendo stick hit her lower abdomen, causing blood to spew out from her
    mouth, she doubled over and let out a huge cry of pain, The detroyer picked
    her by the hair and made her stand up and sent another blow from the Kendo
    stick into her stomach, causing her clutch her stomach and fall on the floor
    in the cradle postion, He kicked her in the back causing her body re-align in
    a spread eagle positon, And he sent down a few more stick blows for good
    measure. "Ah i see, already healing your face is almost back to your beautiful
    self again, i can do this all night with you and not kill you, i can do this
    to you everyday and satisfy my desires, your'e mine bitch" The destoryer
    straddled her and pinned her arms with his knees, he let loose with a bevy of
    punches on her face, when he was done, one of Casie's eyes was shut, her nose
    was bloodied and blood ran profusley from her lips. "Oh what's this? don't
    want to soil your clothes now do we" He ripped open her sports Bra, exposing
    her perfect 34D tits, "I am going to have fun with these" he bit the right
    nipple of her breast causing her to scream in pain.

    Casie was a mess, her face was bloodied and she was topless at the destroyer's
    mercy and he only to seemed to be getting worse in between punching her face
    and sending Kendo Stick blows down her abdobmen, he would rake and maul her
    breasts sending shockwaves of pain through her broken body. He went underneath
    the ring once more and bought out a steel chair, he picked her up by the hair
    and made her stand once more only to send her down hard with a brutal
    chairshot on her tits, her breasts were stinging with pain and her nipples had
    bruised and gone red, she just couldn't find any momentum, The Destoryer was
    relentless, another chair shot, this time on her back echoed through the
    warehouse mixed with her screams of pain, it created an unusual high pitched

    "Time to move this to the ring" He threw Casie's battered body into the ring,
    Casie shouted in pain, as her hair threatened to seperate from her scalp, The
    destoryer had cruelly stepped on her hair and yanked her arms upwards. He let
    go of the hold and let her slump to the ground. He kicked her viciously in the
    jaw, The impact from the kick was so huge that it rocked her entire body in
    the opposite direction causing her to lie down face first on the canvas. He
    straddled her back and grabbed her neck backwards, resting her arms on his
    knees in a camel clutch. "why don't you give up and make this easy on
    yourself?, i can go all day kicking your ass!!" Casie spit a mixture of spit
    and blood in the Destroyer's face. "Good, good, still some fight in you, we
    will have to do something about that" The Destroyer let go of the hold and
    Casie fell face first on the canvas. he picked her up by the hair and with and
    arm under her crotch and the other by the side of her neck, he picked her up
    and delivered a vicious scoop slam, that sent pain waves through Casie's lower
    back. He picked her up again but this time parted her legs to either side of
    his face in an almost 69 position.

    Casie knew what was coming next but she was too winded to stop it, The
    detroyer hit her with not one but four piledrivers each one more vicious than
    the other, Her mind was in a daze after the drivers and cobwebs engulfed her

    Her body lay limp on the canvas but she wasn't out cold yet, she was still
    stirring, still looking for an opening, her face had almost healed now but she
    was still too winded to mount an offence, she decided to wait for the right
    time, She felt fingers hard as steel threaten to tear her abdoben apart, she
    felt a punch land like a frieght train on her left cheek cutting it open
    again, She felt cold fingers twist her nipples in ungodly fashion, yet she
    somewhere deep inside she was enjoying all of this, this was the most her body
    had been put through in a long time and it was still surviving and healing
    quickly than she expected, She just had to wait, she knew that he was tiring,
    she didn't have to wait long now.

    The Destroyer was tiring, he had thrown everything he had at her but she was
    still recovering, he had to do something to knock her out. He picked her up
    and scoop slammed her hard on the canvas, He straddled her once again and went
    to work on her breasts, punching, biting and twisting her nipples. The ware
    house filled with Casie's cry of agony as her breasts seemed like they would
    seperate from her body any second. "And now for the destroyer special." He
    ripped apart her hot pants leaving her nude except her gloves and boots.
    "Hello, what a beautiful view, nice and shaved, all the better for my hands to
    go to work on."

    He picked Casie up by her hair and grabbed her in an inverted bearhug,
    squeezing her tits with all his might, he then dropped her crotch first onto
    his waiting knee and repeated the atomic drop for good measure, Casie
    collapsed holding her crotch, fire shot through her pussy and she was in the
    purest form of pain. The destroyer grabbed both her legs and split them open
    and delivered a huge knee to her crotch. He straddled her again and started
    punching her crotch while squeezing an alternative tit with the other. Casie
    lay on the canvas with a huge man straddling her stomach bearing the brunt of
    an all out assualt on her womanhood, but it was about get worst.

    The Destroyer flung her chest first into a ring post, he then turned her over
    and gave her a chop right on her tits, whose sound echoed through the
    warehouse followed by Casie's anguished scream. He split both her legs to rest
    on either end of the ring post. Casie knew what was coming next, the black
    studded leather of the boot met with the soft pink tissue of Cassie's pussy
    sending pain waves through her crotch, she collapsed holding her crotch and
    struggled to breathe.

    But he was relentless, he flung her to all the ring posts and repeated the
    move on all the posts, Casie's pussy had taken enormous amounts of punishment,
    yet she was still not knocked out, The Destoryer was begining to tire and it
    was only a matter of time now.

    4 hours had passed since the bout began, The Destroyer had hit her with
    everything he had, yet she refused to stay down, he had bloodied her face
    again and again but it only healed, he had abused her tits and pussy to no
    bounds and yet she stood, out of desperation he flung her to a ring post and
    began punching her stomach, but with each punch, he seemed to be getting
    weaker and weaker until finally he was too tired to continue, he collapsed on
    all fours with Casie breathing heavily on the ring post, she slowly began to
    stir and move, he knew what was coming next, out of desperation he threw
    another punch at her stomach, but the punch had no affect, he was to tired to
    hit anything now, He knew had been had, it was her plan all along.

    "You clever little Bitc.."

    The Swansong

    Before he could complete the sentence, he felt a brick land on his jaw and
    loosen it up, up next was a train that broke his nose, Casie grabbed his arm
    and in an astonishing display broke it, by sending an punch right on his
    elbow, the next punch closed his left eye, and the one after that his right
    eye, he was then stripped bare, "You seemed to enjoy my tits and pussy, now my
    turn to play with the family jewels" The knee landed right underneath the ball
    sack, and the destroyer vomited blood by the sheer force of the blow. Another
    knee left two of his ribs broken and he slumped to the ground. With whatever
    vision he saw an angel moving towards him, Casie was completly healed, she
    showed no signs of a fight on her body. The moonlight shone off her perfect
    figure casting an otherworldy aura upon her, The destroyer cried tears of joy,
    he had finally been defeated. "Good night big boy" The punch landed sqaurely
    on his jaw and sent him out cold.


    Jake was overjoyed to see her, he ran towards her and hugged her, Casie was
    slighly embarresed when she felt his manhood pertruding against her nude body,
    she had enough of a man touching her for one day. "Emm, Jake..ahem" Jake
    backed off immidieatly and went red in the face. "Just glad to see you that's
    all, i got clothes in the car, let's get out of here"

    Both of them dissapperead in the car, Shorty stood there for a moment, then
    proceeded to go towards the warehouse, he knew what he would find inside.