Can I customize Scene menu directories? - SOLVED


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Sep 12, 2018

Is it possible to customize what files or directories a character button on the scene menu loads, or more importantly where from?

Specifically I would like to create a setup where /Mods/Foldername 1/Alt versions

loads code.txt, dialogue.txt etc from /Mods/Foldername 2

The reason is that it was suggested to me that I make an alternative version for my dialogue bundle so the player could easily skip the prologue, and also possibly versions of different length. I like the idea but there's a problem. I'd prefer to have these variants in an "Alt Versions" folder so they don't clutter the scenes menu. That would involve changing the file pathways for every file the dialogue loads (quite a few) which I'm not super keen on since I'd have to do it for every update on possibly more than one alt version.
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