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Bridget Won vs Mighty Yukiko (Wrestle Angels)

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Raden, Jul 8, 2014.

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    Here is an absolutely fantastic RP that SufferingLily and I did this past Saturday, for my birthday. Usually when I RP involving Yukiko, I like to play her as the victim, but as a present, I got to give her the beating this time. And did I ever! Here we have the beautiful powerhouse, challenger Bridget Won, against the champion, Mighty Yukiko, in a no disqualification cage match for the title. Bridget is the Chinese woman in the white qipao about to destroy the crotch of Mighty Yukiko.


    This is probably my favourite RP I have ever done. Absolutely fantastic work by Lily really helped bring this scene to life in my mind as it was unfolding. Apologies for the error in formatting, I already edited it once for Notepad and I am not doing it again.


    <Raden> Bridget had told Cindy to stay in the back. She was aiming for the title belt, and wanted to prove she was championship material.
    <Raden> She came down to the ring, her white qipao almost gleaming with its purple trim and highlights, white leggings and purple hair to match.
    <Raden> She made her way into the ring, raising her arms and yelling out how she was the best, which prompted a sea of boos.
    <Raden> She settled into the far corner and awaited the champion's arrival.

    <Lily> The Mighty Yukiko comes out to an upbeat anthem and the entire crowd erupts in applause. The golden belt around her waist shimmers in the light as pyrotechnics go off around the entrance to further announce the champion's

    <Lily> Her green leotard fits snugly against her firm muscular figure and the Mighty Yukiko is all smiles as she makes her way down to the ring, waving at her fans the whole time.
    <Lily> As she enters the ring she hands her belt off to the referee before climbing to the top of one of the corner posts and basks in the cheers of her fans. After a minute of that she drops down and turns to face Bridget. "I'm not

    about to lose."

    <Raden> "You forget," Bridget said, "This is no disqualification match. I can do whatever to you. Hurt you in many ways."
    <Raden> The bell rang, signifying the start of the match.

    <Lily> Yukiko rushed forward, unconcerned by Bridget's threat. She wasn't called mighty or the champion for nothing.
    <Lily> She moved to grapple with her opponent, prepared to start the match with a display of power and technical prowess.

    <Raden> Bridget engaged Yukiko in a collar and elbow tieup, and pushed her into the corner.
    <Raden> "Back up, Bridget, let her out! Clean break!" the referee said.
    <Raden> Bridget slowly backed off, raising her arms... then lashed out with a slap across Yukiko's face and retreated, letting her out of the corner.

    <Lily> Yukiko's head snapped to the side and a red mark appeared on her cheek where Bridget smacked her. The champion's eyes flash with anger as her opponent retreats.
    <Lily> Then Yukiko approaches Bridget again, engaging in another collar and elbow tieup. This time Yukiko manages to get the upper hand and grabs hold of Bridget's arm and flings her toward the ropes, awaiting the purple haired girl's

    <Lily> The champion raises an arm preparing to clothesline her opponent when she returns.

    <Raden> Bridget engaged Yukiko in another tieup, which Yukiko won.
    <Raden> the larger woman was flung off into the ropes, and she hit them, coming back at Yukiko.
    <Raden> Yukiko knocked her off her feet with a clothesline, and she went down.
    <Raden> Bridget popped back up and headed at Yukiko again, who'd readied another clothesline.

    <Lily> Yukiko grins as she throws another clothesline at the approaching girl. Her arm hits with a smack and Bridget goes down again to a roar of approval from the crowd.
    <Lily> Again Bridget gets up and again a clothesline from Yukiko sends her sprawling to the mat, to the crowd's growing excitement.
    <Lily> Finally as Bridget gets up another time Yukiko grabs her arm once more and sends the purple haired wrestler running toward the ropes. Only this time Yukiko runs after her. Just as Bridget reaches the ropes Yukiko nails her with

    another clothesline that sends her twisting over the top rope and outside the ring.
    <Lily> Yukiko turns away and raises hand to a crowd that was loving every second.

    <Raden> Bridget took the second clothesline, grunted, and went down.
    <Raden> Popping up again, she was met with a third.
    <Raden> Before she could try for Yukiko again, she'd been sent off into the ropes.
    <Raden> She hit the ropes with her back but before being catapulted off, Yukiko had collided with her with considerable force, knocking the bigger girl over the top rope and sending her tumbling to the floor, the crowd roaring their

    approval and laughing at Bridget's plight.
    <Raden> Bridget took a moment to get up, shaking her head sharply.
    <Raden> She had an angry look on her face and gave the stairs a kick, which echoed with a bang.
    <Raden> Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. She stomped up the stairs in anger, glaring at Yukiko the whole time.
    <Raden> Bridget got back into the ring at the referee's seven count.
    <Raden> She made another collar and elbow tieup again, but as they connected, Bridget thrust her knee into Yukiko's stomach!

    <Lily> Yukiko smirked as Bridget stormed into the ring like a petulant child. She gladly went into another tieup when Bridget's knee suddenly shot out.
    <Lily> Yukiko is totally caught off guard by the force of the blow and bent forward with a gasp as it sunk into her stomach. Her grip on the other woman weakened considerably.

    <Raden> Bridget raised her arms over her head and clubbed Yukiko across the back, sending her to her hands and knees.
    <Raden> "You make fool of me? I going to repay that..."

    <Lily> Yukiko grunted as Bridget's hand swung down on her back with a thud, driving the champion to her hands and knees.
    <Lily> Yukiko gasped at the sudden pain blossoming in her back. She'd had no idea Bridget was this strong.
    <Lily> The champion moved to try and stand up.

    <Raden> Bridget saw Yukiko standing, and allowed her to expend the energy to do so.
    <Raden> Taking her by the arm, she sent Yukiko across the ring.
    <Raden> As she came back, Bridget raised her leg, trying to hit Yukiko with a Big Boot to the face.

    <Lily> Yukiko was flung across the ring to bounce off the ropes and come flying back toward Bridget. The champion saw the Big Boot coming and ducked beneath it, ending up behind Bridget.
    <Lily> Yukiko swung around and grabbed the larger woman from behind and prepared to deliver a german suplex. "Nice try."

    <Raden> Bridget stumbled forward a step when she missed the boot.
    <Raden> "Wha-?" Her confusion was only momentary as Yukiko grabbed her from behind, and then using a combination of her strength and technique, sent Bridget over backwards in a German suplex!
    <Raden> Bridget yelled out as she was taken over, and landed with a hard thump in the ring.

    <Lily> Yukiko releases the hold and quickly gets to her feet to stand tall above Bridget.

    <Raden> Bridget lays face down, momentum having carried her over backwards. She held her head and tried to shake the cobwebs off.

    <Lily> Yukiko bent down and grabbed a fistful of hair pulling her opponent back to her feet. Yukiko left the girl standing somewhat dazed and backed up a few steps.
    <Lily> Then Yukiko stuck out her arm and lunged forward with a lariat, looking for all the world as if she were trying to take Bridget's head off.

    <Raden> "UGH!" Bridget was struck with the lariat, a devastating clothesline variant made popular by a wrestler in the past named Stan Hansen. The lariat knocked Bridget off her feet and hard onto her back as Yukiko ran her over, her

    own strength quite deceptive.
    <Raden> Bridget did not immediately get back up...

    <Lily> Yukiko glanced down at her fallen opponent for a moment before walking toward the nearby ring post. She climbed to the top and stretched her arms toward the ceiling in celebration to her fans.
    <Lily> Moments later Yukiko was crouched on top of the post and preparing herself to leap forward. Yukiko made a graceful arc through the air as she aimed a flying elbow for Bridget.

    <Raden> Bridget lay on the canvas, reeling from the lariat.
    <Raden> Her view was suddenly filled with Yukiko getting larger and larger...
    <Raden> WHAM. The top rope elbow drop was pinpoint, slamming into her chest and knocking the wind out of her.
    <Raden> She lay still on the canvas.

    <Lily> Yukiko felt a wide grin spreading across her face. It seemed to her this title defense was already over.
    <Lily> The idol wrestler went for a pin and waited for the referee to begin counting.

    <Raden> Bridget felt a weight, and opened her eyes. Baby blue filled her vision.
    <Raden> Her confusion broke when she heard a thump and a female voice shout "ONE!"
    <Raden> Wrestler's instinct took over and she bucked her legs, breaking the pin at the count of one.
    <Raden> Bridget tried to push Yukiko away to create separation so she could recover a little and stand up.

    <Lily> Yukiko fell away with the shove and got quickly to her feet. It seemed as though Bridget had more fight in her than she'd expected.
    <Lily> Yukiko waited for Bridget to get to her feet. The moment Bridget was up Yukiko aimed a boot at her opponent's face.

    <Raden> Bridget got to her feet, her thick, powerful legs looking less powerful as she wobbled a little.
    <Raden> When she turned around, she was met with a boot in the face from Yukiko, the same move she had tried earlier.
    <Raden> The boot caught her in the jaw and floored her, dropping her again!

    <Lily> Yukiko lifted Bridget to her feet once more with a handful of hair. This time the idol wrestler wrapped an arm around Bridget's neck before she was fully standing.
    <Lily> Yukiko stood like that for a moment with Bridget's thighs exposed as she bent over in her skimpy outfit. Then Yukiko fell backward and slammed Bridget's head into the ground in a DDT.

    <Raden> Bridget was picked up by Yukiko again. She was beginning to hurt from the match.
    <Raden> The larger woman was bent over, her body bent and her white-clad strong legs and bare, muscular thighs on display for the crowd as Yukiko bent her over and hooked her neck.
    <Raden> Suddenly, Bridget was dropped in a free-fall with a DDT, her head bouncing off the ring mat.
    <Raden> She grunted once as she hit and lay limp.

    <Lily> Yukiko dropped on top of Bridget in another pin. Surely the challenger was done now.
    <Lily> The champion waited for the count to start as she looked down on Bridget's prone form.

    <Raden> Bridget was being pinned again. This was not how she had evnisioned this match.
    <Raden> Yukiko draped her body over Bridget's again as the count started.
    <Raden> "ONE! TWO!" the referee yelled. Coming down for three, Bridget kicked out again, interrupting the count.
    <Raden> She breathed heavily, trying to get her bearings back.

    <Lily> Yukiko growled as the challenger kicked out of the pin at a two count. She stood up and brushed herself off dragging the seemingly helpless Bridget to her feet again.
    <Lily> Yukiko yanked Bridget's head between her impressive thighs, bending the challenger over once more. The crowd cheered wildly in anticipation of what would come next.

    <Raden> Bridget was pulled up to her feet again by Yukiko. She wasn't the champ for no reason.
    <Raden> Yukiko bent Bridget over and pulled her between her legs. Once again, her body curved and pleased the crowd as her tight qipao revealed curves and muscles.
    <Raden> Bridget waited for the move, hoping to be able to counter it. Moves that started like this generally did not end well!

    <Lily> Yukiko flipped Bridget up onto her shoulders, an impressive feat of strength given Bridget's larger size.
    <Lily> The champion took a few running steps forward to make the powerbomb even more effective. She prepared to use the momentum to slam Bridget hard against the mat. It wouldn't be pleasant.

    <Raden> Yukiko flipped Bridget up and then held her, a feat that surprised even Bridget.
    <Raden> She was even more surprised when Yukiko took a couple running steps.
    <Raden> Then she fell as Yukiko delivered a sitout powerbomb, slamming her into the canvas none too kindly.
    <Raden> Bridget moaned a little and her eyes rolled into her head for a moment.

    <Lily> Yukiko felt the ring vibrate with the force of the impact and smiled as Bridget was knocked senseless.
    <Lily> The champion climbed on top of Bridget for what she assumed would be the final time. The referee started the count once more.

    <Raden> "ONE! TWO!" the referee shouted. The crowd counted along, wanting their champion to retain her belt...
    <Raden> ... but Bridget kicked out just before three, cutting it marginally close.
    <Raden> It wasn't an authoritative kickout so much as it was Bridget simply rolling her shoulder up, either.
    <Raden> Bridget panted now, sore and tired from her beating.

    <Lily> Yukiko looked down at Bridget with a frown. "Just stay down Bridget. You're already done."
    <Lily> The champion pinned Bridget again, this time putting plenty of pressure on Bridget's shoulders.
    <Lily> "You're not championship material."

    <Raden> "ONE! TWO!" the referee counted out again.
    <Raden> Bridget kicked her legs this time, breaking the count again.
    <Raden> "I am stronger than you think.... and I do what needs to be done..."
    <Raden> As Bridget and Yukiko got to their knees, Bridget shot her hand out at Yukiko's face, thumbing her in the eye!

    <Lily> Yukiko reeled back with a shout as Bridget shoved a thumb in her eye. The champion's hands shot up to her face reflexively and she stumbled back.
    <Lily> "Why you little..."

    <Raden> Bridget went on the offensive, hitting the ropes and charging at Yukiko.
    <Raden> "HYAAAHH!" she yelled out as she charged at Yukiko, raising her right leg and drilling her in the face with a big boot, hitting her like a locomotive with it.

    <Lily> Yukiko lowered her hands just in time to see the sole of a boot filling her vision. It was like Yukiko had been struck by a boulder and she slammed back first to the mat.
    <Lily> She writhed on her back for a moment, hand moving up to her face once more to soothe her aching jaw.
    <Lily> "I'll teach you what happens to cheaters." Yukiko growled.

    <Raden> Bridget held her head and shook it hard, clearing away the dizziness as she tried to recover from Yukiko's previous onslaught.
    <Raden> Bridget heard Yukiko's words and responded by pushing her over onto her stomach.
    <Raden> She stomped down once on Yukiko's back before taking her arms and squatting, then hooking them over her impressive legs.
    <Raden> Cupping Yukiko's chin in her hands, she began to pull back with a camel clutch!
    <Raden> The referee was there to stop the match if necessary. "Yukiko, do you give up?" she asked.

    <Lily> Yukiko twitched as the foot slammed into her back but she hardly had time to react to the pain before Bridget was sitting on her back.
    <Lily> Yukiko's struggled to get away but Bridget restrained her arms quickly as hands wrapped around Yukiko's chin.
    <Lily> The champion groaned and kicked her legs wildly as Bridget started to painfully apply a camel clutch. Yukiko's impressive bust thrust forward as her body was stretched.

    <Raden> Bridget dug her tailbone into Yukiko's spine, bending the champion back a little more, showing off her fantastic chest to the crowd.
    <Raden> "Just quit, Yukiko, and then I won't have to break your spine!"

    <Lily> "Yeah right" Yukiko grunted from underneath Bridget. "I'm far from done yet."
    <Lily> Yukiko tried desperately to gain some traction with her feet, to move even a little and dislodge the woman on top of her.

    <Raden> Sensing she was losing the hold, Bridget stood quickly and then gave a hop, coming back down with a hip press onto Yukiko's back and flattening her to the canvas again.
    <Raden> She stood over Yukiko, watching her squirm for a little.

    <Lily> Yukiko grunted as she was flattened against the mat and reached back for a moment to rub her aching back.
    <Lily> She started getting to her hands and knees slowly and glared up at the woman standing above her.

    <Raden> Bridget measured Yukiko, waiting for her to get to... when she sees her chance, she launches a superkick into Yukiko's jaw, her leg firing out like a piston.

    <Lily> Yukiko is on her knees when she sees the kick coming and has time to do nothing but flinch.
    <Lily> Bridget's kick slams into the side of Yukiko's head and the champion goes motionless for a moment, her expression blank.
    <Lily> Then Yukiko falls face down onto the mat.

    <Raden> This time it is Bridget's turn to cover Yukiko for the pin, in the hopes of gaining her first Wrestle Angels Championship title...

    <Lily> The referee starts counting and her eyes fly wide open the moment "1" leaves her mouth, adrenaline and instincts alerting her.
    <Lily> Yukiko quickly thrusts an arm upward, her shoulder leaving the mat.

    <Raden> Bridget is pushed off, as Yukiko gets her shoulder up.
    <Raden> Bridget grabs Yukiko by her pink hair, pulling her up to her feet.
    <Raden> Now it's Bridget on the offensive as she hooks up Yukiko's arm and her neck, then pushes backward fiercely and throws her with an overhead head and arm suplex!

    <Lily> Yukiko gets to her feet still dazed from the earlier kick. Before she can do much Bridget's arms are wrapped around her and the champion is sailing through the air.
    <Lily> Yukiko hits the mat with a grunt, her eyes bulging out and her breathing heavy.

    <Raden> Bridget wants to pay Yukiko back in spades for her earlier beating.
    <Raden> She picks Yukiko up off the canvas by her hair, and now it's her turn to display the champion's legs and rump as she pulls her between her legs, trapping her with her powerful thighs.

    <Lily> The dazed Yukiko is pulled roughly upward by hear hair and then bent over by the challenger. The thin leotard hides little from the audience as Yukiko's head is pushed between Bridget's thighs.
    <Lily> The champion struggles to be free but she is the one in pain now and she can't seem to overpower the larger woman.

    <Raden> Bridget wraps her arms around Yukiko's slender waist.
    <Raden> Easily picking the smaller girl up, she holds her upside down, and then drops to a seated position, demolishing her with a sitout piledriver.

    <Lily> Yukiko shakes her head back and forth as she is lifted into the air, both to clear it and in denial of what is about to happen.
    <Lily> Suddenly the champion slams headfirst into the mat, her head and neck exploding with pain from the impact.
    <Lily> Yukiko collapses to the mat and twitches from the sheer strength of Bridget's attack.

    <Raden> "Get up. I'm not through paying you back!"
    <Raden> Bridget pulls Yukiko up to her feet again.
    <Raden> Then she grabs Yukiko by the throat, and throws one of her arms over her own.
    <Raden> Hoisting her up into the air, she brings Yukiko down hard with a chokeslam.

    <Lily> Yukiko stands on shaky legs as Bridget drags her to her feet.
    <Lily> The challenger grips Yukiko's throat in a strong grip and the champion looks into her eyes and sees a burning desire for revenge.
    <Lily> Moments later Yukiko sees nothing as Bridget slams her into the mat with incredible force, enough that Yukiko blacks out for just a short moment.

    <Raden> Bridget leaves the ring, and retrieves a steel chair from under it.
    <Raden> Sliding it into the ring, she rolls back in under the bottom rope and takes up the chair.
    <Raden> She stands over Yukiko's budy and holds the chair by the sides, then raises it above her head and plows Yukiko in the stomach with the edge of it.

    <Lily> Yukiko jack knifes with the impact and her eyes fling open with a scream as the edge of the chair drives into her stomach. The idol wrestler looks up at Bridget with an expression equally horror and anger.
    <Lily> Then Yukiko's body collapses back to the mat. Most likely a terrible bruise would be forming under her leotard.

    <Raden> Bridget smirks down at the champion she is towering over, then raises the chair and hammers her in the chest with the edge of it as well.
    <Raden> "Bitch!" she yells out. "That is all you are!"

    <Lily> Yukiko shouts as the chair slams into her chest this time, leaving behind a piece of bruised flesh once more.
    <Lily> "I'm more than you'll ever hope to be." Yukiko growls and her hands shoot up as Bridget pulls the chair away.
    <Lily> Yukiko latches onto it with a vice like grip as she tries to pry the chair from Bridget's hands.

    <Raden> Bridget tries to draw the chair back, but Yukiko grabs it and it becomes a tug of war for it.
    <Raden> After a little back and forth, with Bridget unable to yank it forcefully from her grasp, she raises a leg and stomps on Yukiko's crotch with a vicious low blow!

    <Lily> Yukiko lets out an uncharacteristic squeal as Bridget stomps on her crotch, causing the champion to relinquish her hold on the chair.
    <Lily> Yukiko's hands travel down to cup her crotch as a single tear of pain appears in the corner of her eye.

    <Raden> Bridget prods Yukiko with her boot, rolling her face down again.
    <Raden> "YAAAAAAHHH!" she roars out as she raises the chair, then slams the flat of it across Yukiko's back, creating the very familiar CRACK sound of metal impacting flesh.

    <Lily> Yukiko screams again as the chair crashes painfully into her back causing her to writhe pathetically on the floor.
    <Lily> After a moment her writhing stops and Yukiko lays exhausted on the mat. "Can't win... without a chair huh. What a champion."

    <Raden> "You accepted the "no disqualification" stipulation."
    <Raden> Bridget drops the chair in the ring and then picks Yukiko up, tossing her through the middle rope out of the ring.
    <Raden> Following her out, she picks Yukiko up to her feet and grabs her by her link, bright pink hair, pressing her up against the side of the cage that surrounded the ring and was large enough to allow the competitors some space on

    the floor. Then Bridget began rubbing Yukiko's beautiful face across the chain link!

    <Lily> Yukiko is nearly helpless as Bridget drags her across the ring and throws her out onto the floor below. Moments later Bridget is carelessly dragging the champion across the floor by her feet.
    <Lily> Then she displays her current domination over the champion, lifting Yukiko and rubbing her face across the chain links. Yukiko can only stare helplessly at the dismayed fans beyond.
    <Lily> "You are no champion." she manages in little more than a whisper.

    <Raden> "Not until I take your belt from you by force!" she yelled out, as she drew Yukiko back by the hair and then bounced her head off the cage wall.

    <Lily> Yukiko slammed savagely against the cage wall, a link scraping against her forehead and creating a thin red line from which a small trail of blood flowed down.

    <Raden> Seeing Yukiko begin to bleed made Bridget smile, as she took hold of Yukiko and pushed her in an Irish Whip...
    <Raden> but instead of sending her into the ropes, she pushed Yukiko into the ring post!

    <Lily> Yukiko ran forward on legs that felt like they shouldn't be able to carry her. She watched the approaching post and was unable to change her course.
    <Lily> Yukiko slammed face first into the post and collapsed backward with a shout, falling again to the ground.

    <Raden> Bridget pulled back some of the protective mats, revealing a patch of bare concrete floor.
    <Raden> Turning her attention back to Yukiko, she picked the champion up and then hoisted her up, then delivered a bodyslam on the floor.
    <Raden> It was a basic move, but the concrete magnified the agony.

    <Lily> The dazed Yukiko was lifted up into the air, no longer resembling the proud champion she was at the start of the match.
    <Lily> When she slammed into the bare concrete her eyes opened wide and her mouth opened in a pathetic scream of agony. It felt as if she were going to explode into a million pieces as pain surged through her body.

    <Raden> Bridget took hold of Yukiko and picked her up, rolling her back under the ring ropes into the ring again.
    <Raden> Climbing back in after her, she pinned the champion, looking to take her belt from her.

    <Lily> The referee started to count and Yukiko simply stared blankly up at the ceiling. "1"
    <Lily> At the sound of that she stirred slightly, light coming back to her eyes. "2"
    <Lily> Suddenly almost without thinking Yukiko shot up her shoulder halting the count just before the referee count count 3.

    <Raden> Bridget looked down at Yukiko in shock, then at the referee.
    <Raden> "That was a three count!" she exploded, anger bubbling up. "That belt should be mine! Do your job and count faster!"
    <Raden> Bridget had to get a grip on her rage. She couldn't afford to make a mistake and have Yukiko snatch victory from her.
    <Raden> Taking a couple deep breaths, she rolled back outside and separated the two sections of the steel stairs that ran up the ring.
    <Raden> She brought both halves into the ring, laying the larger, flat section down and off to the side, then she took up the smaller top section.
    <Raden> Gritting her teeth, she hefted the stairs onto her shouder, her biceps flexing, showing off not only her strength, but her statuesque physique.
    <Raden> Waiting for Yukiko to get to her feet, she charged at Yukiko and hit her in the head with them like a battering ram.

    <Lily> Yukiko rose slowly to her feet, steadying herself on legs like jelly and looking around for where Bridget had gone.
    <Lily> She shook her dazed head to clear her vision and then saw Bridget coming... with stairs.
    <Lily> "Wait..." Yukiko shouted reflexively trying to raise her hands but she was too slow. The stairs nailed Yukiko in the head.
    <Lily> The champion remained standing for a moment, looking at Bridget with something like fear before her body went slack and a new cut bled down onto her face.
    <Lily> Then the champion swooned and fell over backwards.

    <Raden> Bridget discarded the top half of the stairs, and brought the lower section into the middle of the ring.
    <Raden> Gathering up Yukiko, she hooked her around the neck and bent her backwards over her thigh.
    <Raden> With a twist, she corkscrewed the champion, banging her head off the flat section of the steel stairs instead of in the ring.

    <Lily> Yukiko barely notices as Bridget lays her sexy broken body across her thigh. The champion lays nearly motionless across the challenger's thigh.
    <Lily> The Yukiko corkscrews through the air and smashes face first into the steps. There is a dull thud as her head collides with the metal and a third cut opens on her head.
    <Lily> The champion lays stretched over the step, nearly lifeless.

    <Raden> Bridget pinned Yukiko, pinning her to the steps instead of the ring.
    <Raden> "ONE! TWO" the referee counted... but Bridget grabbed her by the hair and ripped her shoulders up before the ref could count three.
    <Raden> The crowd booed harshly now.
    <Raden> Rolling her off the stairs, Bridget bent her leg inward, and then her bodyweight was on Yukiko.
    <Raden> Hooking her hands around her chin, she reared back and laid in an STF.

    <Lily> Yukiko came back to her senses to searing pain. Panic flooded her as she felt like she was being broken and she could hardly see for the blood leaking down into her eyes.
    <Lily> Yukiko screamed pathetically as her body was stretched out underneath the sadistic challenger who was systematically taking the champion apart.

    <Raden> Bridget punished Yukiko's tight body with her submission hold, Yukiko's blood getting on the backs of her hands.
    <Raden> the referee was right there, in Yukiko's face.
    <Raden> "What do you say, Yukiko, you submit?" she asked.

    <Lily> Yukiko heard the words from the referee but rather than making her want to submit it lit a fire inside her.
    <Lily> "Never." Yukiko growled through her pain. She started struggling widly to escape the agonizing hold.

    <Raden> "Never?" Bridget asked. "I change your mind, fast."
    <Raden> Bridget released the punishing STF and manhandled the idol again, roughly pulling her up.
    <Raden> Snaking an arm between her legs, she pulled Yukiko onto her broad, hard shoulders, and began to pull on her thigh and chin, bending her backward in a torture rack.
    <Raden> "How about now, bitch?" Bridget yelled out. "I could pin you but I want you to say it! Say you quit! Give me the belt!"

    <Lily> Yukiko screeched in pain as Bridget applied the torture rack. It felt as if the challenger were trying to tear her in half but there was still some pride deep inside her that refused to let her submit.
    <Lily> Somehow, someway she could still win. She had to believe that.
    <Lily> "I won't say it." Then Yukiko screamed louder as Bridget applied even more pressure.

    <Raden> "Do it!" Bridget shouted, angry.
    <Raden> She dropped to her knees, delivering a nasty backbreaker across her shoulders to Yukiko.
    <Raden> Then, still on her knees, she continued the torture rack! She was putting her full power on display now.

    <Lily> Yukiko screamed again as Bridget delivered a vicious backbreaker that caused the idol champion no end of pain. In truly felt as though she had snapped in half now and Bridget only compounded that by continuing the torture rack.
    <Lily> "No I won't, I won't." The champion screamed in desperation as a few tears started to trail down her cheeks.

    <Raden> Bridget dropped Yukiko before she tired out.
    <Raden> "Your will is strong, I give you this."
    <Raden> "But I have ways."
    <Raden> Once more, Yukiko experienced the familiar feel of Bridget's hands on her body, knowing pain was coming her way.
    <Raden> Picking her up, she inverted the champion, then climbed up the steel stairs, standing on the flat section.
    <Raden> "God, no," the commentators implored, who had already called an amazing match. "Bridget, don't do it!"
    <Raden> Bridget dropped to her knees, thumping Yukiko off the steel with a tombstone piledriver.
    <Raden> "God Almighty..." said one of the commentators. "If that doesn't do it, I don't know what will."
    <Raden> Yukiko lay flat in the ring as Bridget covered her.... only to tease her and pull her up at the count of two again.

    <Lily> Yukiko could barely tell what was happening as she was lifted into the air again and then moved upward. She could only hear shouts and she knew something awful was about to happen.
    <Lily> Then her head and neck exploded in pain once more that elicited another terrified pathetic scream from her throat before it was cut off by unconsciousness.
    <Lily> The champion lay under Bridget with empty eyes and drool leaking out of the corner of her mouth. She was barely conscious as the challenger released the pin.

    <Raden> "For the love of God!" one of the commentators exclaimed. "Just pin her already! Enough is enough, Bridget! What more do you want to do to the woman?"
    <Raden> Bridget could not hear them in the ring, but as if in answer, she scraped Yukiko up off the canvas again.
    <Raden> She pulled the bleeding idol into a vicious bearhug.
    <Raden> "Say you quit!" Bridget screamed in her face. "Say it! Give me that belt!"

    <Lily> Yukiko strained to breathe in Bridget's bear hug, her beautiful face that made her an idol drenched in her own blood. Yukiko's once confident demeanor was replaced by a screaming victim. Yet still Yukiko would not surrender.
    <Lily> "I can't... I won't." She barely manages to say through restricted lungs, squeezed tight by the woman dominating her.

    <Raden> Yukiko's continued defiance made Bridget mad.
    <Raden> She forced one of Yukiko's arms behind her, hammerlocking it and adding a shoulder twist to the bear hug now.
    <Raden> "You have a free hand! Tap out! Tap out!!" she was angry now. She hated Yukiko for holding out, for withholding the prize she was so close to obtaining.

    <Lily> Yukiko felt like her arm was about to break off and she could barely breathe anymore. The champions tears mixed with the blood running down her face.
    <Lily> "No no no no" she shouted almost as much to herself as to Bridget.
    <Lily> Yukiko had never submitted even once in her life. She couldn't change that now, she just couldn't.

    <Raden> Bridget's anger boiled over, and she readjusted the hold. Squatting now, she drew Yukiko's legs up over her own, so that it looked amost like Yukiko was sitting on her.
    <Raden> With her other arm, she reached up and hooked Yukiko's neck, pulling her forward.
    <Raden> She cinched up the hold around her neck, and then flexed her biceps, viciously tightening the hold around Yukiko's throat, choking her.
    <Raden> Blood was squeezed from her wounds, marring Bridget's white qipao and dripping onto her leggings, as Bridget tortured Yukiko.
    <Raden> "TAP!" she yelled out.

    <Lily> Yukiko's vision started to go dark as she was made unable to breath and a sudden terror overwhelmed her. It felt like Bridget would get her submission or she would kill Yukiko in the process.
    <Lily> The broken champion was cradled on Bridget's lap like a child and she felt just as helpless as one. Her whole world started to spin and her hand twitched almost on it's own.
    <Lily> Yukiko's hand lifted slightly as if about to tap out.

    <Raden> Bridget continued the onslaught, so close to that belt she could taste it.
    <Raden> She bounced Yukiko up and down in the hold now, bucking her in it as she choked her, more blood pouring from her forehead as the squeezing pressure forced it out. Her right legging was now stained all on one side as Yukiko's

    blood dripped on her.

    <Lily> Yukiko's gaze went blurry as she was about to pass out and a few final tears dripped from her eyes.
    <Lily> Then the champion's hand tapped repeatedly against Bridget's thigh. Yukiko had surrendered for the first time ever and it was all because of Bridget.

    <Raden> The referee was watching Yukiko intently, and as Yukiko's hand slapped against Bridget's thigh repeatedly, the referee signaled for the bell.
    <Raden> The crowd was stunned into silence as Bridget's music played. They had just witnessed their idol not only submit the match, but the title belt as well.
    <Raden> Bridget did not immediately let the hold go, continuing to choke Yukiko as she passed out in her iron grip. She continued flexing, pouring pressure into the hold.
    <Raden> The referee started trying to pull Bridget's arms off Yukiko, as if this was going to happen.
    <Raden> Then she began counting.
    <Raden> "ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FI-"
    <Raden> just before the referee reached the disqualifying count of five that would have seen the match reversed with the decision going to Yukiko, Bridget dropped over backwards, banging the unconscious idol's head off the stairs again

    and leaving a smear of blood where she hit.
    <Raden> She limply fell into the ring, flat on her back.
    <Raden> Bridget slapped Yukiko until she was barely awake, then roughly picked her up again. Setting her on her feet, she drew back with her arm and demolished her with a lariat, spinning her in the air in a half-corkscrew twist and

    causing her to land with a splat on the steel stairs, knocking her out again. Bridget smirked and pushed her off into the ring with her boot.
    <Raden> Bridget was presented with the world championship, and she held the title up proudly, to some of the loudest boos she had ever received.
    <Raden> As icing on the cake, Bridget left the ring, putting the belt in the corner.
    <Raden> She retrieved a can of spray paint and started to shake it up.
    <Raden> She then leaned down and sprayed an outline around Yukiko's body, tracing around her splayed arms and limbs, creating the same figure one would see at a crime scene. This match nearly resembled one anyway.
    <Raden> She tossed aside the can and retrieved HER title belt, proudly displaying it once again.
    <Raden> She kissed it and raised it into the air.
    <Raden> Finally, she left, and the medics were able to tend to Yukiko, very gingerly putting her on the backboard and sliding it onto the gurney.
    <Raden> They strapped her in and wheeled her body up the ramp, stabilizing her with a neck brace.
    <Raden> Suddenly, Bridget attacked again, this time aimed at the EMTs. She scattered them as she threw punches, missing them all but succeeding in commandeering the gurney.
    <Raden> Turning it to the side, she undid the straps and pulled the neck brace off Yukiko.
    <Raden> Then she took the gurney and took a few charging steps, launching it off the ramp, sending it crashing to the floor with Yukiko landing in a heap on it.
    <Raden> Bridget celebrated on the stage with her title belt again, her sister coming out and hugging her, joining in the festivities as the program went off the air.
    <Raden> Yukiko would have a long road to recovery, and now had a submission on her record as well.