Black Widow vs. Three (for a story request)

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Mar 25, 2018

Somewhere in New York City…


Natasha Romanoff opened her eyes and saw a vast expanse of water in front of her. The Space Stone she was carrying had brought her to a dock by the Hudson River, just like she planned.

“Come now, you’re smarter than this. You know you can’t get away; just give me the Space Stone and I’ll leave you be.” The spy-slash-heroine turned around and saw Loki standing a few feet behind her. She had been running from him for a while now, but even with the power of the Space Stone, she just could not lose him. Wherever Natasha went, Loki was somehow always able to track her. Loki held out his hand, asking for the stone. Natasha looked at him, and then vanished.

“When will she learn? I can trace her use of the Space Stone and know where she’s going to go. Right now, she’s… still here?” Loki’s smug grin turned into a puzzled frown. And then he realized what was going on. He twisted his body to throw an elbow behind him, knowing that Natasha was going to reappear there.

But Natasha was faster. She ducked his swing and used shot her Widow’s Bite point-blank into Loki’s face.

“GRAAGGHHH!!!” Loki may have been a god, but a full charge of 30,000 volts was still very much enough to hurt him. He dropped his scepter as both his hands flew to his face, letting Natasha pick it up and drive it straight through his chest. Loki’s eyes bulged as blood spewed from his mouth. The scepter was pulled out of the gaping hole made in him, letting him fall to the ground.

“It’s over now…” A wave of relief washed over Natasha. She had finally eliminated Loki and could stop running, at least for now. Natasha took a mental snapshot of an old building she saw a few blocks away and closed her eyes. She focused her thoughts on that building, and when she opened her eyes once more, she found herself… in the exact same spot as before.

“What?” Confused, the spy looked down at her hands; the Space Stone and the scepter were nowhere to be seen. Before Natasha could even realize what happened, a blunt object crashed into the back of her head.

“Ungh!” The blow knocked Natasha onto her hands and knees, and it was strong enough to make her see stars. Stunned by the pain ringing through her head, Natasha was unaware of Loki walking up to her and kicking her hard in her gut.

“AUUUGH!” The force of the kick lifted Natasha off the concrete. She hit the ground and rolled a few feet away from Loki, ending up on her back. Natasha groaned softly; despite her enhanced durability, a mere two blows from Loki already had her dizzy.

“You hurt me pretty good back there! Let me pay you back.” Loki’s “corpse” fizzled and disappeared. His death was nothing but an illusion to trick Natasha into lowering her guard.

What just happ- Natasha’s thoughts were interrupted by Loki suddenly appearing over her. She instinctively pointed her fists at him and fired two bolts of electricity at his face, but he lazily deflected them with a wave of his scepter before putting his boot down harshly on Natasha’s abs.

“OUGGGHHH!!” Natasha’s body shot up and her eyes and mouth all went wide. Her mind went blank from the sensation of Loki crushing her stomach against the ground. Natasha’s poor belly felt like it was exploding with pain, and to make matters worse, the stomp also forced the air out of her body. Loki would not give her any chance to rest as he grabbed her hair and pulled her up with one arm, and with his scepter, sent a powerful blast of energy point-blank into Natasha’s beaten abs.


She didn’t have enough air in her to let out more than a short cry of pain. Natasha’s eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth stayed agape. What little oxygen she had left in her lungs was knocked out of her, and that plus the blunt force trauma made her body shut down. Natasha had passed out, leaving her beaten body dangling limply in Loki’s grasp. He brought her closer to him and stared intently at her sleeping, defeated-looking face. “Beaten already? How disappointing, I thought you’d have some more fight in you after that little stunt you pulled.”

Loki brought his other hand up to his eyes, examining a small gem with a gentle blue glow. With the Space Stone now in his possession, he could now take himself to the other Infinity Stones. But before resuming his hunt for the other stones, Loki knew he had to do something about the unconscious heroine still in his hold.


The sorcerer now found himself in a massive room only lit by moonlight that shone through the large glass windows that lined an entire wall. He casually dropped the KOed Natasha Romanoff as he looked around the place. The room stretched out into a dark and empty void towards his right, but to his left were shelves and a long table lined with brass antiques. Nothing occupied the space in front of him for up to a few meters, where there was a long wooden table. The sound of Natasha’s body hitting the floor drew the attention of two shadowy figures who were seated at the table. They stood up and approached the source of the sound.
“Gentlemen! Bullseye and Kingpin, yes? I come with a gift for you,” Loki rolled Natasha onto her back to let them see her face and recognize her.

“That’s the Black Widow! Why have you brought her here?”

“Quite simple, really. I want her to suffer for something that she did. But doing that all by myself can get quite boring, I’m afraid. So I looked through the minds of people in this place for anyone who also has a grudge against this Black Widow- “ Loki tapped Natasha’s body with his scepter-

“-and I found you both. Now, are we going to talk, or are we going to release our frustrations in a healthy manner?” Loki extended his arm as an invitation for the two villains. Bullseye stepped forward first and crouched just over Natasha.

“Wake up!”

Bullseye slapped Natasha’s right cheek for all he was worth. Her skin started turning red, but she remained unconscious. He punted her roughly to roll her over on her back and sat on her stomach.

"Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up!" The villain slapped Natasha over and over, knocking her pretty face left and right until he saw her stir slightly.

"uuungh…" A groan from the heroine alerted the trio that she was finally awake. Bullseye stood and got off of her, and as soon as he did, Loki brought Natasha in front of him with his magic. An invisible force pulled her up and held her slightly off the floor. Natasha was forced in a vulnerable position; her arms and legs were slightly spread to her sides, and the force held her still, leaving her unable to defend herself.

"Bullseye, take the gauntlets off her wrists and bring them to me." Natasha desperately tried to move, but the force holding her was too strong. Bullseye pulled her gauntlets off her wrists and tossed them perfectly into Loki's hands. Loki looked at them, then at Natasha, and smiled.

Natasha's screams pierced the room as her body spasmed violently after receiving a powerful shock from her own gauntlets. Her throat was straining hard from the combination of her screaming and her muscles contracting wildly from the electricity. Loki let her go from his invisible hold, letting Natasha drop to the ground on her knees. Immediately after, Bullseye slammed his foot into the side of her face, blasting her to the side and knocking her face-down.

“Urgh!” Natasha stayed down on the floor. Her hands were balled into fists; her mind was screaming at herself to get up, but her body was far from cooperative. She was far too dazed and weak to push her weight off the floor, so Loki did it for her. Again, Natasha was pulled up and forced to stand with Loki’s magic. She saw Bullseye and Kingpin right in front of her, grinning and cracking their knuckles. Her hands were again out to her sides, leaving her completely defenseless. All Natasha could do was close her eyes and grit her teeth as the blows started coming in.

“Umph! Ugh! Augh!” Natasha cried out as Bullseye once again rocked her pretty face left and right with alternating punches, and then her gut was subjected to a strong knee. Her mouth formed an O and her body pitched forward only slightly, because Loki still held her in place. Bullseye used Natasha’s position to throw both his fists down to the back of her head. “Ergh!” Her head was forced to look down by the blow, but she remained standing. Bullseye then followed up with a strong uppercut to Natasha’s head that threw her head back and made her stand straight again.

“Ahhh!” Bullseye then grabbed Natasha by her hair and used it to hold her head still as he bashed her face repeatedly with several punches. Her eyes were forced to be shut tightly as she was helplessly battered by the villain… all she could do was take each and every blow that came and punished her beautiful features.


Both of them lost count of how many punches Natasha took to her face; at some point her grunts turned into long, low moans as unconsciousness crept up on her again. Natasha’s beaten face started looking more and more submissive and relaxed, her expression loosening up as her lights were getting punched out. “Loki, she’s passing out again! Wake her up, I’m not through with her yet!”

With that, Loki tapped the small of Natasha’s back with the tip of his scepter. Her eyes shot back to life as her mental alertness returned. Unfortunately, the only person who would benefit from this was Bullseye; the villain grinned and hurled his boot straight into Natasha’s abs.

“AUGH!” The kick doubled Natasha over, and Bullseye followed up by quickly dropping
to the floor and throwing his leg upwards at her face.


Natasha screamed as the kick launched her off the floor by a few millimeters. Before her body could fall back to the ground, Loki used the Space Stone to bring her right to himself. He pushed Natasha harshly, straight into Bullseye’s waiting fist.

The haymaker to Natasha’s face stunned her and turned her round so that she was facing Loki’s direction again. Dizzy, she stumbled towards Loki, who in turn smacked her hard in the face with his scepter.

“Ungh! Augh! Agghhh! Ohh!” Natasha was pinballed between the two villains, taking shots and slams over and over again to her face and her body. Loki held her in place after hitting her face, forcing her to face Bullseye, who was now holding playing cards in his hand. Bullseye threw several cards at once, all of them cutting Natasha on her thighs, arms, and body.

“AGGGHHH!!” Natasha’s loud scream encouraged Bullseye, who threw more cards that grazed the against sides of her chest and her midriff. Her screams grew louder as she felt herself get slashed on both sides. This gave Loki an idea; once Bullseye stopped, he teleported behind Natasha and slashed her across her back with his scepter.

“AAAAAAGGGHHHH!!” Natasha’s screams reached a fever pitch as Loki’s scepter easily ripped through the material of her suit and cut her skin. But Loki was just getting started. He teleported in front of her and landed a blow to Natasha’s face that twisted her upper body a little bit to the left, and then slashed at her stomach, making a light but excruciating wound across her abs. Natasha’s eyelids were clamped shut as her mouth opened in a silent scream, and then her face was jolted again by a set of hard knuckles.

“AUGH! AAAGGH! URGH!” Poor Natasha could do nothing but stumble about and howl as Loki assaulted her lithe body over and over. The blade on Loki’s scepter was becoming increasingly more stained with Natasha’s blood. She was trapped in the center of a whirlwind of cuts and blows; Natasha would stagger in one direction, get slashed somewhere across her body or her limbs, take a punch to her pretty face that staggered her in another direction, and then Loki would slash her vulnerable figure once more. He kept this up for a few moments, slashing at Natasha and hitting her to lead her wherever he wanted her to go.

“Guh!” A backhanded punch to Natasha’s face made her fall to her knees. She was seeing double from the beatdown she just got, and her body was in too much pain to move willingly. Natasha stayed there, staring blankly at the space in front of her. The heroine was already hurt bad, but the villains weren’t done. Kingpin hadn’t had his turn yet. Loki and Bullseye stepped aside to watch what the gargantuan crime boss was going to do to Natasha.

“This… this is payback for all the setbacks you’ve given me through the years.” Kingpin’s face was grim, but inside, he felt a sense of sick satisfaction. He simply walked up to the dazed heroine; Natasha was merely fighting to stay awake in the state that she was in, so she didn’t even realize Kingpin was already in front of her.

Natasha felt like she was hit by a large block of concrete. Kingpin’s huge fist crashed into her and sent her exhausted body flying through the air. Natasha made no sound even as her body impacted the floor with a loud thud. She kept completely still after she landed; Natasha’s body lay spread-eagled on the floor. Loki used his magic to drag the listless superheroine across the floor and back in front of Kingpin. A small trail of blood followed her, no doubt due to all the wounds Bullseye and Loki had already given her. Kingpin grabbed the front of her suit with two hands and pulled her up, and then slammed his head into Natasha’s.


The heroine immediately went limp after Kingpin’s headbutt. He then let go of one hand, letting Natasha dangle limply in the other. This let him brutalize Natasha with several fast shots to her abs. Natasha’s body bucked multiple times in Kingpin’s hold as he mercilessly pounded her beaten midriff with his oversized fists. Each blow woke Natasha up, but she didn’t have enough in her to even react to anything. Her body was useless and defenseless against Kingpin’s onslaught… all Natasha could do was wake up and black out rhythmically as Kingpin punched her stomach again… and again… and again.

“Loki! Stand her up!” Kingpin set her down on the floor, and once again Loki forced her in a standing position. Kingpin took an antique vase from a nearby table and then slammed it hard into the back of her head. Natasha crumbled to her knees, but Loki’s magic prevented her from falling any further.

Natasha was a mess; her suit was ripped and torn in many different places. Blood was splattered on it in the areas where Loki and Bullseye had slashed her. A few bruises dotted her alluring face and a thin stream of blood ran down the side of her slightly-gaping mouth. Natasha’s eyes were shut; the heroine had already been out cold ever since Kingpin started beating her up. Kingpin lowered himself to level with Natasha’s slumbering face. He could hear faint breaths from her, and then he stood up again.

“She’s still alive. We can stop here for now, I don’t want to break her for good just yet.” Loki released Natasha from his hold, letting her drop limply to the floor. “We’ll take her from here, Loki. We’ve got some unfinished business with her. Thank you kindly for your service,” Kingpin said in a gruff voice.

“Oh, it’s nothing. In fact, I’m still willing to help you!” Loki snapped his fingers, and a perfect copy of himself appeared beside him. “I have to leave, but this copy here has some of my powers with him. I know you’ll have lots more to do with this sorry excuse for an Avenger, so I’m sure this copy will come in handy for whatever you want to do.” With another snap of his fingers, the actual Loki vanished.

Natasha Romanoff was completely destroyed; she lay helpless at the feet of her enemies, bleeding out on the floor. And somehow, despite all that, they weren’t through with her yet. Kingpin took Natasha by the front of her ruined suit and dragged her into a small, lit room. Bullseye was taking pictures of Natasha’s ruined and defeated body lying beneath them, and sending it to their allies. Soon, all the villains they worked with would have their turn getting revenge on the heroine. But for now, it was Kingpin, Bullseye, and a copy of Loki about to have their way with Natasha Romanoff...
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