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Believe in The Shield(A DOA/WWE crossover)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by anotherguttersnipe, Nov 7, 2013.

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    Mar 15, 2011
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    DWA Friday Night Carnage, Toronto Canada....

    Still clad in her red wrestling attire, Tina armstrong sat within her private dressing room, watching her father wrestle some luchadore. One could easily make the mistake of thinking she'd just gotten out of a shower. The truth is that the shiny wet varnish over her fair skin was the result of a long, yet one sided match. Her opponent was one Sakura Hagiwara. A former pop idol who thought she'd try her hand at pro-wrestling. She had alittle skill, but nowhere near the level Tina was used to wrestling at. She didn't even need to throw a strike. After a brief lockup, Tina landed a backbreaker, then it was all submissions from there. Tina held her in a toe hold, figure 4 leglock, single leg boston, sharpshooter, and a reverse bearhug. Until finally Tina scored the tappout with an abdominal stretch. Each hold was long, and no doubt excruciating for the poor idol. And yet the more effort Tina put into a hold, the more the she took. The match had left Tina feeling exhausted, and strangely satisfied. She'd make a point of catching up with the young idol for a casual sparring session.

    Her father seemed to be having the time of his life in the ring as usual. The luchadore managed to get a few attacks here and there, but for the most part, Bass was powerhousing his way through his match. The luchadore had managed to get the top of the turnbuckle. He leaped at Bass, but only to be plucked out of the air and slammed back down with a powerslam. He pointed his finger to the air, and let out a mighty roar. The crowd roared back tenfold. Bass hurled the poor luchadore to his feet, before hoisting him into the air in a whirlwind-like motion, and finally, powerbombing him hard enough for the ring to shake. The referee counted 1, 2, 3-signifying another opponent to fall to the superfreak. As Bass's theme played, he climbed the turnbuckles, waving his hands about to stir the crowd into a frenzy as he took in the fanfare that comes with victory.

    "Oh papa..... I swear you're just getting better with age." Tina chuckled.

    Then the music stopped....

    "S ierra"
    "H otel"
    "I ndia"
    "E cho"
    "L ima"
    "D elta"


    A chill ran up Tina's spine.

    She'd seen this happen before in other wrestling leagues and fighting tournaments. When that music played, three men clad in black pseudo military gear would stalk through the audience, and move to surround the ring. If their hapless victim tried to stand their ground, the men would be ruthless in their attack, beating them beyond the point of career ending injuries. Whenever security and fans try to intercept them, they were quickly and painfully cast aside. There was one time when a whole locker room full of wrestlers came out to defend a comrade from The Shield's wrath. in about two minutes, The Shield left the ring and apron littered with bodies. Having seen them deal with far superior numbers, Tina was convinced that individually, they could hold their own in the Dead or Alive Tournament. These men claim to be 'cleansing' the wrestling world of injustice.

    ...And now they had come for her father.

    "Oh god no....."

    Without another word, Tina bolted out of her dressing room, and tore down the hallways to the main arena, almost knocking staff members off their feet in her wake. She had to hurry. Knowing her dad, he would try to stand his ground. Bass was strong, there was no doubting that. But The Shield were something else. And without Tina's help, they would surely end his career-or worse. She sped out of the backstage area, and into the arena proper. Already the boos of an upset crowd filled her ears. Already there was a bad sign. On top of that, she couldn't see Bass or The Shield in the ring. No doubt the fight had spilled to the apron. Still moving towards the ring, she decided that the quickest way to bass was through the ring itself. But as she slid through the ring, two Shield members had come through the other side, stopping her in her tracks.

    The first man was clean shaven, with slicked back brown hair. On his knuckles, Tina caught the tell tale shine of knuckle dusters. Dean Ambrose was the group's all-rounder and unofficial leader. He was the man that spoke the most whenever a titantron was hacked to deliver their unique brand of warning. To his left, with the right side of his shoulder length hair dyed blond, was the bearded figure of Seth Rollins. Being the lightest and fastest of the three, he was often the first to the fight, and strangely the most fanatical member of the group. Ambrose and Rollins were accounted for, but where was the other one. Then, out the corner of her eye, Tina saw him. She saw the monsterous samoan figure of Roman Reigns violently drive Bass's head into the ring post as though he were trying to crack open a coconut. Looking at Bass's condition, Tina had arrived too late. The Shield had already beaten the fight out of her father. This was now blatant overkill.....

    "Papa!" Tina gasped.

    "You've got bigger problems now, honey." Ambrose taunted.

    In that brief moment of distraction, Ambrose had taken up a boxing stance, and was fast approaching. Meanwhile Rollins managed to circle around behind her. She could already see their strategy. Ambrose would pepper her with punches, forcing her to retreat right into Rollins. When Ambrose closed the gap, Tina blocked his left punch, but then dodged the following right punch, and moved to his side in one fluid motion. Before Ambrose could withdraw the arm, she caught it, before executing a quick russian legsweep, slamming him back first into the mat. This now gave her alittle time to deal with Rollins, who was now making his move. He opted with a high kick to Tina's head, but her reflexes kicked in. She caught him at the shin, and before he could react, her freehand clutched his neck before he was driven hard into the mat. With Rollins down, Tina had to act quickly. She placed a boot on is free ankle, while she held the other in her hands. She was in a position to break Seth's ankle. She would break it. She had to. She looked down at him, expecting to find fear in his face, but finding instead a shit-eating grin.

    "What the hell are you-"

    In her career as both a wrestler and a fighter, Tina Armstrong had taken many powerful blows. She'd felt the power of her father's finishing move, the Superfreak. She'd had the wind taken out of her by La Mariposa's aerial dives. She'd even been on the receiving end of Hitomi's and Jann Lee's power. Both of whom could literally put the force of a freight train behind their attacks. But all of that paled in comparison to the impact Roman Reign's shoulder had on Tina's side. With the sound of a snap, she blacked out briefly. Then, overwhelming pain took over her body, so much that it overrode the sensation of hitting the ground. This spear tackle of Reigns was probably enough to end the careers of many of The Shield's victims on its own. Of course, it was never just left at that.

    With her vision blurred from the impact of that spear tackle, she could make out the almost motionless figure of her father, and two pairs of black boots approaching him. While Tina was fighting Ambrose and Rollins, Reigns had managed to throw Bass back into the ring before unleashing that attack which all but broke her. Her breaths were small and labored. Anything bigger caused her side to shoot up in intense pain. There were at least a few broken ribs. She was sure of it. Suddenly, she felt herself pulled to her knees, before her arm was pulled behind her. Finally, a forearm slid over her chin and pulled upwards, completing the chickenwing hold. Though the hold was secured lightly, it was enough to cause panic. Her eyes darted back and forth, and her vision cleared. She could now clearly see Rollins and Reigns standing over the broken figure of bass. It was Ambrose that had her in the hold.

    "And there he is. Bass Armstrong. The reigning DWA world heavyweight champion!" Ambrose mocked in her ear. He was close enough that she could feel his breath.

    ".....why.......?" Tina squeaked out in response.

    "What was that? You're gonna have to speak up!" Ambrose suddenly tensed up, increasing the pressure of the hold.

    "uh.......huhhhhh.........w.........why........?" Tina struggled to get the word out of her lungs. Ambrose held the lock with calculated malice, supressing its strength so that Tina wouldn't pass out prematurely.

    "It's quite simple really. Both you and daddy have been on easy street for far too long." Ambrose replied.

    He continued as Reigns plucked Bass to his knees by the back of his head.

    "See, we've watched you both week in, and week out. We've watched you feed your egos on rookies in your little exhibition matches like vultures. You take in the love and adoration of your fans, but you don't deserve it....."

    While Ambrose continued his rhetoric, Rollins began booting Bass in the chest while Reigns held him up......

    "And you are especially guilty of the injustice we're ridding our industry of. You prance around changing careers as much as you change clothes. What's your latest endeavour? Governor or something? REALLY? You personally sicken me! There are guys and girls out there like me that are busting themselves up in underground fight clubs to maybe earn the privelliges you were given!"

    There was clear anger in the man's voice now, as finally, Reigns pulled bass to his feet-only to slam his head back down for Rollins' knee to meet it half way. As Tina watched her father's head bounce lifelessly from the impact, she could feel nothing else but pure terror now. The Shield had cut of all avenues of escape for them. They would be lucky to even be breathing at all after this-let alone be in any sort of fighting condition.

    ".....s-stop......." Tina weakly begged, as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

    "Oh, and as for your idol toy, her deciding to jump in a ring without earning her place is another injustice. One that we'll rectify very soon." Tina's pleading had fallen on on deaf ears, as Ambrose pulled her to her feet.


    On command, Rollins abandoned Bass, before positioning himself at the otherside of the ring. Ambrose released the hold on Tina, and somehow, she stayed on her feet-although not on her own power. She wouldn't stay on them for long, as Rollins charged in, and in a move quite similar to Jann-Lee's dragon kick, Rollins' heel struck home against Tina's forehead, sending her over the ropes, and crashing down a few feet from the announcer's table. Now suffering the strength of a thousand miagranes at once, Tina somehow maintained consciousness. The pain in her side was even further intensified. The fall had somehow aggravated her broken ribs. She was pretty sure that was what was keeping her conscious throughout this ordeal. One thing was dead certain though: She had to get out of here. She tried willing every bone in her body to move, but for her efforts, only her arms flipped about like dying fish. And to make matters worse, The Shield were not done with her. She felt herself pulled up again-this time by Reigns. He hoisted her up onto her shoulders, primed to drive her right through the table. Even in her dazed state, she could recognise Ambrose and Rollins standing on the edge of the apron.

    "Believe in justice." Rollins chanted.

    "Believe in The Shield." Ambrose added.

    Tina's eyes widened as the two men leaped off the apron. Time seemed to slow down as their palms drew forward, catching her face, and driving downwards, adding to the velocity of Reigns' powerbomb. She felt the table splinter and crack beneath as her back made impact. And with a mighty crash, Tina Armstrong now lay amongst the debris of what was once an announcement table. Pain had petrified her entire body now-at least the parts she could still feel. Anything from the waist down registered nothing. As she gazed up at the blurry lights, she openly sobbed amongst the table debris. It was all over. Her wrestling career, ambitions, even her permanent health. All of it was torn away by these heartless, brutal men in the name of justice. Lying here in her moment of weakness, her mind began to accept that maybe they were right. Her thought of her best friend Mila, who dedicated every fiber of her being to becoming a professional fighter. While Tina posed for cameras in bikinis, Mila was in a gym making herself stronger and faster through training. While Tina foolishly toyed with the idea of becoming a rockstar, Mila was fighting to survive in seedy underground fightclubs. Yes, Tina could wrestle. But it was something she never took seriously. Most of her fights were against carefully selected opponents intended just to showcase Tina's 'skills' rather than for genuine competition. Infact, the only time she'd ever been in truly competitive fights, were during the Dead or Alive tournaments-where her opponents skills and dedication were on a whole different level to hers.

    As cruel as this ending was, Tina Armstrong could see it clearly now.

    She deserved this.

    Her last conscious vision was a dark shadow blotting out the lights above her. In a final act of mercy, Tina Armstrong blacked out before The Hounds of Justice powerbombed Bass on top of her in the same way they put her through the table.

    On this night, The Shield ended two more careers....
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    Wow, that is really great. It was only a couple moves, but less DEFINITELY was more here. Fantastic story.
  3. kirakuya1101

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    It's about time Tina Armstrong got some punishment. I always like throwing her around like a rag doll
  4. TheCrimsonRisk

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    This is one of the best stories I've read in a while. I'm impressed by how well you voiced the characters. Everything felt consistent and logical so I really cared about Tina and Bass when they were decimated and I was scared of The Shield guys too. What a bunch of creeps!

    There is a real sense of danger in your story. These pro wrestling moves and strikes sound like they could do some serious damage. That triple team powerbomb at the end was insane.

    Don't know what to say other than you should write more. I don't care if it takes away from your 3D work if it produces stuff this good.
  5. KevinFace

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    Short and sweet. Like a donut.