Bare Tackle - Akiba's Road (a pro wrestling game)


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Your links are youtube re-direct links. Cut out the middle man ;) Your signature links into the void of 404.
About the game, is there a demo? is it just wrestling (ryona) or are there some titties and sex gameplay? Thx :)


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there is no ads in my youtube videos so i think it's ok

i got banned from patreon so i deleted my account., that's why it's 404. I wrote my subscribestar and pixiv fanbox in the initial post.

the game is still in early development so no demo. Right now it''s just ryona and sexy stuff, so no porn/H-gameplay. I don't have the budget for those, sadly.


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The title says the move is called V-Driver but it's now changed to Witch Guillotine to fit with her personality & hobby
if you like what you see, you can help the development by clicking my subscribestar/pixiv fanbox in my signature. Thanks!

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