Background Rules


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Feb 16, 2011
Board Rules and FAQ

Read the FAQ and Rules before posting, rules apply here too.

Do not post hair imports here.
Do not post requests for hair imports.
Do not request backgrounds here.
Only Post backgrounds.

If you need to request a background, go to the miscellany board.

Backgrounds are 700x600, thank you.


Backgrounds appear to be 700x825 now that zoom is available.

The board dislikes large attachments, so please do not post your backgrounds as .zip/.rar/.tar.gz/.7z or the likes.

I would prefer you host your backgrounds elsewhere (such as imgur), but none of you are going to listen to that rule and I smite you anyway.

So again, if you are having trouble with the attachment system, upload your images elsewhere. If you have tons of images, upload them elsewhere. This site is mainly for hair imports, so they get special treatment.
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