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Back Broken

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by daman077c, Feb 18, 2013.

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    I've had this written for a while, and after talking to several people over the past few days, I went back and finished doing edits on it. Now finished, here is the story! It features Angela Fong taking on April Hunter, a match I've done several times in RP's, and have had made into a custom with Slamminladies. For those who have read my stories in the Punishment Series thread, what's done in this story shouldn't be too surprising (Backbreakers, bearhugs and the like). Hope everyone likes it!

    In a small studio, the beautiful Angela Fong paced back and forth in the center of a wrestling ring, stretching her arms, her neck and her back, as she prepared for an upcoming video shoot. It was a customs match, one someone had paid a lot of money for, and she jumped at every opportunity to make a tiny bit of cash. She was dressed in a deep, dark blue two piece bikini-ish top and tight pants costume, her long jet black hair flowing over her body. She twisted side to side, stretching her abdominal muscles. Her hands rubbed over her core, feeling her pierced belly button, which was adorned with a barbell, a deep blue stone inlaid that matched her costume.

    Her "opponent" for this custom was Nikki Roxx, who wasn't quite ready, and thus wasn't in the room, nor was the referee for the custom, Angela's close friend Kristin Astara. Angela was left all alone. She let out a deep sigh, as she was starting to get impatient.

    "Gah, where are they..." she said to herself, stretching her arms across her chest. Out of the corner of her eyes, she caught the door opening, a creaking sound echoing through the small room. "There you are, I've been..." She trailed off as she saw not Nikki Roxx, nor Kristin Astara. It was the powerful April Hunter, who flexed as she walked through the doorway and into the studio, a large grin on her face. She was dressed in a black two piece costume with matching kneepads, boots and wrist tape. April flipped her long red hair over her shoulders as she looked at Angela.

    "Where's... where's Nikki and Kristin?" Angela asked inquisitively, stepping towards the ropes. There was a bit of fear in her eyes, looking over the much larger April.

    "Where do you think? They're certainly not going to be here... for a while, at least." April slowly walked towards the ring, and Angela took down a gulp, backing away from the ropes and into the center of the ring. April rolled in and stretched her arms out quickly. "In fact, I don't think they'll be here... at all."

    Angela's eyes opened slightly, as she wondered about Nikki and Kristin's conditions. "What... what happened... to them?"

    April smirked, stepping towards Angela. "I... took them out. Nikki I took down with a chairshot to the back, then one to the head... and Kristin. Poor, poor Kristin... I think I broke her ribs, she broke so easily." April was so matter of fact with her information, it was making Angela sick. Her face began to get slightly red from anger, her hands trembling as she stared down April.

    "And now... now I'm gonna take you out. Break that back of yours piece... by agonizing piece... and there's nothing you can do about it." Angela gulped down another big breath, a lump forming in her neck. She again began to back up, and quickly felt a cold chill run up her back as her shoulder blades touched the top rope. There was nowhere else for her to run. She could feel her hands clenching into fists, her breathing coming faster and faster... she could only fight back.

    "You won't... you can't!"

    "I can, and I WILL." April stepped forward, and Angela lashed out to fight back, socking April across the jaw with a right hand! She stumbled back several steps as Angela stepped forward, shaking out her hand. It was stinging in pain; April's jaw was tough, but she, Angela, was tougher. She reared back her right hand again, but this time slammed a stiff smack across April's face. April's face turned red, not from the slap, but from anger! The red of April's face very nearly matched the red color of her hair as she snapped out a toe kick. It easily found a home, snugly thumping against Angela's taut abdomen, just above her belly button.

    "WHOOF!" Angela groaned, quickly doubling over. Her right hand wrapped across her stomach, over her belly button as April's right arm reared back. She took in a deep breath. Her eyes grew large, as she slammed the forearm across Angela's back; a clubbing blow that caused a big thud to echo through the room. Angela collapsed to the mat and onto her hands and knees, her right hand quickly bracing her spine. She let out a deep groan of pain. April stood tall over her, and quickly straddled the Asian beauty's back. She leapt into the air, coming down with a big thigh press; the move flattening Angela to the canvas! Angela yelped in pain, her face twisting, her eyes shutting as pain began to overwhelm her body.

    "What's the matter, Angela? Can't fight back?" April again stood over Angela, still straddling her body. Angela pressed herself up to her hands and knees, but April again flattened her out with another thigh press. "Aggh!" Angela groaned, pressing her right hand against the small of her back. April was a much larger woman, and held every advantage you could think of - size, strength, experience... Angela was very much over matched.

    Angela slowly tried to crawl away, as another large grin formed on April's face. "Where do you think you're going, dear?" April moved much faster than the grounded Angela. She circled around Angela and grabbed a handful of hair, yanking her up to her feet. April pulled her right hand back, and then slammed a punch into Angela's stomach, who let a weak moan escape her lips. She stumbled back against the ropes, her left arm flopping over the top rope, her right hand grabbing her stomach, covering her navel.

    "Hnngh... April... why are you... unngh... doing this?" Angela asked. April was silent, grabbing Angela's left hand and whipping her hard into the ropes. Angela rebounded and ran directly into April's bent over body, her hands pressing onto Angela's waist as she stood up, sending Angela flipping up and over with a back body drop! Angela crashed to the mat in a heap, arching her back upwards quickly as a stinging pain shot through her lower back. April turned as Angela slowly rolled onto her side, then her stomach, and she quickly circled around her and grabbed a front facelock, lifting her back up to her feet.

    Throwing Angela's left arm over her neck, April then grabbed a handful of her blue pants, lifting her up straight into the air.

    "I can... hold this all... day, Angela," April grunted. She slowly walked into the center of the ring, and then fell back, pulling Angela down with a colossal vertical suplex! "AGGH!" Angela cried out, flopping on the mat, grabbing at her damaged lower back. Something was definitely wrong with Angela's spine, and April knew it. Angela's face was twisted in an evil looking snarl, soft moans escaping her lips as she tried to claw her way to the ropes with her left hand.

    "Where... do you think... you're going..." April said, stalking Angela, who grabbed the bottom rope to start helping herself up. She slowly rose upwards, her head softly butting into April's stomach. Her right hand seemed to be attached to her lower back. "I'm not done breaking you."

    Angela threw out a right hand in a feeble attempt to fight back, but April easily caught the punch, grabbing Angela's shoulder and tossing her hard into the corner. Angela slowly began to collapse out of the corner, moaning, but April kept her pressed against the turnbuckles; there was nowhere for Angela to go. She slowly turned Ms. Fong around, exposing her weakened back, and bent over, pressing her broad right shoulder into Angela's hurting back.

    "This... is gonna hurt. A LOT. Not for me, though... but certainly for you, hehe." April exuded cockiness as she reared backwards, then drove her shoulder hard into the small of Angela's back. It was an almost perfect fit; April's shoulder snugly fit into the natural arc of Angela's spine, and the impact caused a loud smack to echo through the room. Angela hung backwards, her mouth open. She tried to cry out, moan, but nothing came out. April stepped away, and Angela crashed to the mat, quickly rolling onto her side as her hands rubbed at her lower back, trying to assuage the excruciating pain.

    "You know, Angela... your friends were just too easy to take down, you know? Nikki... she didn't put up much of a fight, considering I hit her from behind. Kristin, well... when that chair hit her stomach... she just wilted into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her waist, squeezed down tightly... felt her ribs and back crunching and breaking... kinda like what you're going to do, now that I think about it."

    April's diatribe seemingly stretched on forever for Angela, who writhed in pain on the canvas, her back hurting too much to get up and fight back. April grabbed two big handful's of Angela's hair and tossed her back into the corner, and again slammed her shoulder into Ms. Fong's injured spine. "Aggh!" Angela moaned, bending backwards over April, who reared back and drove another blow into the Asian's lower back. "Owwf! April... stop, please!" Angela pleaded. She bent backwards over April's shoulder again, the red haired vixen wrapping her arms around Angela and dragging her back into the center of the ring.

    "Oh, I'm not even remotely done with yet," April said, sweeping Angela from her feet, holding her perpendicular to the mat. Angela knew, with her wounded back, what was coming, and as she flailed her legs, she knew there was nothing she could do to stop April. "Please, not this... please..." Angela pleaded again.

    April didn't listen. She took in a deep breath, then dropped to a knee, driving Angela down across her outstretched right knee with a savage backbreaker. Deep within Angela's spine, there was a muffled pop, as a vertebrae gave out. "AAGGHH!" Angela screamed. She fell to the mat in a heap, rolling onto her side and quickly she braced her lower back with her left hand. "No... noho... unngh..." she moaned, rolling onto her stomach. April was already back to her feet, licking her lips. She could tell the backbreaker had crushed Angela's back, and there was almost no fight left in her. All this, and yet, April wasn't done.

    "That looked like it hurt..." April said, slowly taking the few steps around to Angela's head, reaching down to grab her hair. "Lets do it one more time, shall we?" She grabbed a large handful of Angela's black hair and yanked her body up. Angela was almost lifeless; sandbagging was a last resort to defend herself. There simply was nothing else she could do. April again swept Angela off her feet, and in a swift motion, drilled the beauty across her knee with a second backbreaker, feeling yet another pop come from Angela's wounded spine.

    "HAAGGH! Uuunnnhhh..." Angela's cry of pain turned into a moan as she flopped to the mat. She couldn't take much more. She laid on the mat, her chest heaving with each breath, her right hand slowly reaching for her crippled back. April had solidly picked apart her back with every move, and Angela was nearly defenseless. April paced back and forth in the ring. She was starting to get nervous, wondering if someone was going to bust through the doorway and find her beating on Angela. She rubbed her chin as her eyes searched over the room, then over Angela's body.

    "I can't... STAND... girls like you, like Kristin... like Nikki... girls who think they're just so hot, that they're unbeatable. Gah, it's just... annoying! That's why I'm here... why I took out Kristin... why I smacked that chair over Nikki's head... she's probably laying in a pool of her own blood right now! Soon... soon you'll join them. Soon your back will be in pieces, your career in this business... over."

    Angela cringed at April's comments. Her friends were in serious trouble, and yet there was nothing she could do to help them. Hell, she couldn't even defend herself! April somewhat easily lifted her body up, wrapping her tree trunk-like arms around Angela's waist in an air sapping, back crushing bearhug. She made the move even more embarrassing for Angela by dropping to a knee, rather than lifting her into the air. It was as if to say 'I know you want to escape, but can't' to her. Angela's arms weakly pushed against April's shoulders, but she wasn't budging.

    "Hnngh... my... back... I can't... unngh..."

    Angela's arms flopped weakly to her sides as she began to fade. She leaned back slightly, in an effort to release the building pressure in her lower back. Her head slowly listed to the right, as did her body; her eyes slowly shut as well. "That's it... give into the pain, Angela..." April said, licking her lips as she watched Angela slowly begin to pass out from the agony of the bearhug. She pumped the bearhug, loosening and tightening the hold over and over again, causing weak moans to slip through her pursed lips.

    "Ooooh... Aaaaaapril... I give... give up..." Angela softly groaned. She'd had enough, but April, she wasn't done, as she squeezed the bearhug tighter. She felt her body straining, the vertebrae in her back shifting slightly as she slowly poured the pressure into the bearhug. "Owwww..." Angela moaned.

    April grunted as her arms bulged. A bead of sweat ran down her forehead to her chin, dripping onto the mat below. Angela was nearly passed out, but still cognizant, April's squeezes bringing her back to reality just long enough for a breathless moan to escape her mouth.

    One big squeeze, however, caused another muffled pop, as a vertebrae in Angela's lower back collapsed.

    "AAAGGGHHH! Aaah... unngh... uuuunnnnhhhh..."

    Angela stiffened as she screamed in terror, but quickly faded from there, quickly passing out from the immense pain flooding her back, her senses. She fell limp in April's arms, leaning far backwards. The beating was finally over. April softly laid Angela to the mat, and stepped backwards to the ropes, looking over Angela's body. Angela's breaths were short and rapid, her head listlessly rolling to the left.

    April rolled from the ring to the outside, and heard a shuffling outside. It wasn't from the room; it seemingly came from the distance, like thunder rolling over a hill. April's eyes grew wide. What if... no, she couldn't let that happen. She couldn't be found with Nikki, Kristin and Angela's blood on her hands. She quickly rushed to the door and opened it up slightly, peering into the hallway outside the room. There was nothing. She quickly looked back to the ring, watching Angela's chest heaving up and down slightly.

    "Zài jiàn, Angela," April said, blowing a kiss to Angela's unmoving body. She slipped through the doorway, softly closing the door behind her. Someone would find Angela, Nikki & Kristin. They might even point out that April was the one to do it. But for now, April was scot free, and she certainly liked that sound. Deep down inside her, she liked beating down Nikki, Kristin & Angela. She'd even like to do it again, maybe...
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    Nice one :D Not a big wrestling fan personally but still, good fic, well written :)