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Ashford Episode 1: Ain't nothing in life is free. Victim: Jenia Rowan (Continues RP)

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by RyonaSensei, Mar 16, 2013.


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    This continues RP was started back in early January I believe, this was to be a mix between a normal RP and a ryona oriented RP so that some chapter's will have Ryona and others will not, I will warn you now that this is VERY story heavy as it gets further into story and character development. Each chapter lacking Ryona will be noted before it is posted so you won't read it expecting ryona if the chapter is without it.

    Jenia Rowan


    [02:38] <RyonaSensei> The day was bright and sunny, an average day in the mildly wild town. Jenia was finishing up with her patients and walks about the place getting distracted by everything. "Jeniaaaa"
    [02:39] <RyonaSensei> Evelyn pokes her shoulder.
    [02:39] <WilHiteWarrior> "Yeah Eve, what is it?" She asks as she muches on a candy bar and looks over one of her patients medical records
    [02:40] <RyonaSensei> "You were supposed to meet me outside.. we were supposed to pick up Mimis cake an hour ago." Mimi being Emmas daughter, Jenia hadnt noticed what time it was.
    [02:42] <WilHiteWarrior> "Wha... An hour??" For the first time in hours hse looks at the clock. "Oh GOSH! Im so sorry! I got so busy here time got away from me!" She tosses her stethoscope and docs coat
    [02:43] <RyonaSensei> "Hurry hurry." She says as she walks out of the hospital with her. "Mimi just turned 15, can you believe it? I remember when she was too short to huge us without standing on a chair..where did the time go?"
    [02:45] <WilHiteWarrior> "It disappears faster than youd believe. Seems only yesterday Krysten was sucking my thumb. Now shes getting into all sorts of mischeif and building houses out of legos. Actual houses. Not tiny lego houses."
    [02:46] <RyonaSensei> "I saw.. I had to stop her from tossing Jeremy out the window when he knocked it down." she laughs as she enters the store and pays for the cake.
    [02:48] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia giggles with her. "Can't say I'd have been happy either. She spent days on it. I had to put Jeremy in the corner for three hours... Why do I get the feeling theyre going to end up together when they grow up..." Jenia shudders at the thought of already thinking about her daughters wedding.
    [02:49] <RyonaSensei> "Well Jeremy like any boy at that age hates girls for making them feel confusing emotions, he is always trying to act tough around here. How old is she again? Cant keep track of all the kids."
    [02:50] <WilHiteWarrior> "She'll be 6 next month."
    [02:51] <RyonaSensei> "Think she will like the cake? You know Mimi..shes so shy for her age she'd never tell us if she was upset with the cake or anyone,"
    [02:52] <WilHiteWarrior> "Well we did ask her what her favorite kind of cake in the world was"
    [02:53] <RyonaSensei> "Then the other kids started saying what she should get instead,, Those kids should really be nicer to her. But i think theyre jealous that Emma is her..well real mom."
    [02:54] <WilHiteWarrior> "Yeah... I should probably explain to them again that we love them just as much as we love our own children
    [02:56] <RyonaSensei> "I agree.." Evelyn says as she sees a sign. "Prize fights? This Saturday. When was the last time you got in the ring Jen?"
    [02:56] <WilHiteWarrior> "Mmm its been a while... I dont know. some part of me thinks i shouldnt be doing that anymore... im a mother and a caretaker of __ children... Am I setting a bad example?"
    [02:57] <RyonaSensei> "Well..orphans are picked on a lot..may need to learn to defend themselves."
    [02:58] <WilHiteWarrior> "Yeah... I suppose thats true. Alright... I'll do it. but I need to sit the kids down and explain to them that we only fight when its absolutely necessary to protect themselves or someone else or if its a friendly one"
    [02:59] <RyonaSensei> "Yes yes mommy," She says teasing her scolding attitude. They walk inside to the kids running to them to say hi.
    [03:00] <RyonaSensei> "Hi Jeni!" Jeremy says.
    [03:01] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia plops her on the back of the head with a smirk then squats down to hug the kids. "Hey Jeremy! Hi guys! Miss us?"
    [03:02] <RyonaSensei> All kids saying yes. "Happy birthday Mimi!" Evelyn says and kisses her cheek.
    [03:02] <RyonaSensei> "Thank you.." She blushes embarrassed from all the attention
    [03:02] <WilHiteWarrior> "So Mimi, how old are you today?"
    [03:03] <RyonaSensei> "15.." She says with her head down and eyes up blushing
    [03:03] <WilHiteWarrior> "Well then youre almost old enough to smoke! ... But dont!" She says with a grin and rubs her head
    [03:04] <RyonaSensei> "I wont i promise," She smiles.
    [03:04] <RyonaSensei> Jeremy yells, "Lame! Smoking makes you look cool!"
    [03:05] <WilHiteWarrior> See if these guys all think you still look cool in the casket jeremy. *plops him on the head gentle but firm*
    [03:06] <RyonaSensei> Mimi looks at the clock, "You dont have to go to work tonight too do you Evelyn?.." Evelyn works a lot and shes like Mmis big sister so hates when she works late especially on her birthday.
    [03:07] <WilHiteWarrior> "No sweetie." She assures with a smile. "I made sure they gave me the day off today. Todays your day."
    [03:07] <RyonaSensei> Mimi smiles and hugs her.
    [03:08] <WilHiteWarrior> She hugs back. "Now whats say we all go and dig into this ginormous cake??" Jenia asks, partly to excite the kids, partly cuz her own sweet tooth is craving it
    [03:09] <RyonaSensei> "Settle down kids and Jeni the kid, we have to sing happy birthday." She says lighting the candles.
    [03:09] <RyonaSensei> The kids all sing to her as she gets redder from embarrassment,
    [03:10] <WilHiteWarrior> Jeni sings with them, holding and rocking Mimi while she sings
    [03:11] <RyonaSensei> Mimi smiles and blushes then blows out the candles. Everyone claps and Emma begins cutting the cake.
    [03:12] <WilHiteWarrior> Krysten runs up and starts jumping next to mimi "Whatd ya wish for mimi?"
    [03:12] <RyonaSensei> "I uh..i wished.."
    [03:13] <RyonaSensei> "No! If she says then it wont come true!" Jeremy says
    [03:15] <WilHiteWarrior> "Awwww! But I told garfield (stuffed) my wish on my last birthday... does that mean it wont come true?"
    [03:15] <RyonaSensei> "YEP!" Jeremy says laughing at her.
    [03:16] <WilHiteWarrior> "No sweetie." Jenia assures. "You can tell Garfield because you he'll neeeever tell anyone else."
    [03:16] <RyonaSensei> "He told me!" Jeremy says.
    [03:16] <WilHiteWarrior> "Jeremy." She says in a slight scolding tone
    [03:17] <RyonaSensei> He laughs harder thinking hes just the funniest person ever, "Jenia, Evelyn can you both meet me in my room?" Emma says, "Sakura watch them for us."
    [03:19] <WilHiteWarrior> "Sure." She says as Krysten starts to cry. "Don't worry sweetie. Jeremy's just giving you a hard time." She kisses her on the head and goes to meet Emma in her room, unaware that krysten's wish was for a baby brother
    [03:21] <RyonaSensei> "So Ive been crunching numbers and it looks like we should be okay for a little while but..thanks to higher living costs we're lacking.. After this week we need to bring in some extra cash or the kids wont have as much to eat at school anymore and we cant afford school lunches..i dont like them getting them away."
    [03:21] <RyonaSensei> This reminds Evelyn of the sign she saw.
    [03:22] <WilHiteWarrior> Jeni sighs. "well... The Lord works in mysterious ways I suppose." Jenia says with a sigh
    [03:22] <RyonaSensei> "What do you mean? Did you see a way to make extra cash?"
    [03:23] <WilHiteWarrior> "I saw a sign for a prize fight earlier and told Jeni she needed to get back in the ring." Evelyn answers
    [03:24] <RyonaSensei> "Oh.. Are you sure about this? Been some time since you stepped foot in the ring."
    [03:24] <WilHiteWarrior> "Eh it's like riding a bike." Jenia assures. "I'll be fine."
    [03:25] <WilHiteWarrior> "Besides, its 500k if she wins." Evelyn says with a smile
    [03:26] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia spits out her juice in emma's face when she hears that figure
    [03:27] <RyonaSensei> Emma stands and rasies her eye brow at her then takes a towel and wipes her face, "Gross.." she laughs
    [03:27] <WilHiteWarrior> "I'm sorry!" Jenia says, laughing too and putting her juice down
    [03:28] <RyonaSensei> As they come out Sakura jumps in Jenias face, "Can I go?! I wanna see you fight again! I havent gotten to see it since Krysten was in diapers!"
    [03:28] <RyonaSensei> "You mean last week?" Jeremy says next to Krysten
    [03:29] <WilHiteWarrior> Krysten tackles Jeremy
    [03:30] <RyonaSensei> Jenia pulls Krysten off of him and Emma pulls Jeremy away and sends him to his room.
    [03:30] <WilHiteWarrior> "Now Krys, stop that! you dont attack somebody just because they're being a smart alec... besides it makes him want to do it more. understand?"
    [03:32] <RyonaSensei> After Jenia scolds her daughter Emma quietly asks, "Youve both been here for so long..i appreciate everything you do. But Jenia you have your own child, a steady job.. I dont want you to feel obligated to have to stay here at this cramped home if you dont want to. You could afford a nice big house for you and Krysten."
    [03:33] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia sends her daughter off to play. "Are you kidding, Emma? I love these kids, I'd never want to leave them."
    [03:34] <WilHiteWarrior> "Besides, Krys has a lot of friends here... I don't think she'd want to leave either"
    [03:34] <RyonaSensei> "Im glad you feel that way, i couldnt ask for better friends." She says with a smile and hugs Jenia.
    [03:34] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia hugs back and kisses her cheek
    [03:36] <RyonaSensei> The next day Jenia gets prepared to walk over to the prized fight but before she can leave Sakura meets her at the door with her cheerleading outfit on "Im not taking no for an answer!" Sakura says before even asking if she can go again.
    [03:36] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia blinks and laughs. "I dont think we ordinarilly have cheerleaders at these things sweetie
    [03:37] <RyonaSensei> "Then its about time you start!" She says with her hands and pulm pulms to her waist,
    [03:38] <WilHiteWarrior> She giggles. "Alright, you can come."
    [03:40] <RyonaSensei> As they walk in they get a lot of weird looks, "You sure about this Jeni?"
    [03:40] <WilHiteWarrior> "But look, unless its one of us you dont take anything from anyone in there. And if someone tries to pick you up you say no. I dont care if its Brad Pitt. You say no. Got it?"
    [03:42] <RyonaSensei> "Brad Pitt" Sakura says, "I prefer the guy who plays Neil Caffrey in white collar.. Too bad hes gay."
    [03:42] <WilHiteWarrior> "Yeah Im sure. Ive been in worse places than this. Theyre just staring at our asses"
    [03:43] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia just laughs and shakes her head
    [03:43] <RyonaSensei> "Thats soooo creepy!" She says as she takes a seat and the ref takes someone out of the ring.
    [03:44] <RyonaSensei> A large man with a wrestling tank top and leather pants with a belt bald head and beard looks out in the crowd. "This is now open challenge time! For each minute you last with me you get 25 dollars, cash money baby!"
    [03:44] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia goes over to the bar and orders a coke. While she sits, waiting for her turn to be called into the ring an obvious scoundral comes up to jenia clearly just wanting a piece of ass from her. "Hey baby, what's your sign?" He says, using the oldest pickup line in human history. "Wrong way." Jenia answers, sipping her coke
    [03:45] <RyonaSensei> Sakura laughs at her response.
    [03:45] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia stands "I'll do it!" She responds and heads toward the ring
    [03:46] <RyonaSensei> He looks up and down her body, "This aint no place for little ladies."
    [03:47] <WilHiteWarrior> "Just take it kinda easy on me." She hustles. "I'm a fragile little thing."
    [03:47] <RyonaSensei> "Ill be nice and gentle" He says licking his lips and Sakura shutters.
    [03:47] <RyonaSensei> "Dont let those gross things touch you..by gross things i mean his whole body"
    [03:48] <RyonaSensei> Sakura says
    [03:48] <WilHiteWarrior> She gives sakura a wink
    [03:48] <RyonaSensei> He opens his palms and circles and waits like hes ready for a grapple hold. He was clearly more of a wrestler than martial artist.
    [03:49] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia having never had trouble with a wrestler in her life isnt a bit worried but fakes it, circling around him
    [03:49] <RyonaSensei> He turns and tries to grab her.
    [03:50] <WilHiteWarrior> In an instant she's gone and sliding under his legs. She spreads her legs into a full spilt whilst sliding, kicking both of his and knocking them out from under him
    [03:51] <RyonaSensei> He falls on his back and rubs his bald head, "That..wasnt very nice.." He gets up and tries to grab her again as Sakura cheers.
    [03:52] <WilHiteWarrior> She circles around him and kicks him in the side
    [03:52] <WilHiteWarrior> "Somehow i doubt you were planning to take me to dinner and a movie honey."
    [03:54] <RyonaSensei> He takes the kick then goes against the ropes then suddenly out of nowhere he yells and closelines her in the neck making her fall on her back and hit her head hard on the matt. "No, i planned to just take you down early." He grins like a pervert.
    [03:54] <RyonaSensei> "You ok?!" Sakura asks.
    [03:55] <WilHiteWarrior> "You might find it a little tougher than that." Sakura gets her answer as Jenia literally flies off the ground, pushing herself with her hands. her legs shoot toward his face but she spreads them as the near and wrap them around his neck in a lock and as she falls back toward the ground, he comes with her but all her body weight shifted onto his head
    [03:57] <RyonaSensei> He is able to grab her legs with his hands before his head is dragged down to lift her up with her legs on opposite sides of his shouldersand her crotch in his face he powerbombs her down hard on her spine.
    [03:58] <WilHiteWarrior> She groans in pain but responds by rolling in a spinning 360 and slamming her foot hard into his jaw
    [03:58] <RyonaSensei> He falls back into the ropes immobile for a moment.
    [03:58] <RyonaSensei> "Good job!" Sakura cheers.
    [03:59] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia chases, sliding down to one knee to duck any attack he might throw and drives her fist into his gut hard, twisting it as it impacts so as to make a larger damage radius
    [04:00] <RyonaSensei> He coughs lightly then grabs her arm she punched him with then twists it and begins to bend it hard. He was much stronger than her so she couldnt break free by just pulling as he looked like he wanted to snap her arm.
    [04:01] <WilHiteWarrior> a guy probably twice her age approaches Sakura, staring at her legs for a bit before looking at her face. "Hey baby... whats your sign?"
    [04:01] <RyonaSensei> Without turning around at him she shows her sign as a middle finger.
    [04:03] <WilHiteWarrior> He walks off, Jenia having seen that, proud of her but goes back to her opponent. She groans in pain but instead of trying to pull herself free, she grips the arm thats gripping hers, bringing the other arm over to grip it too and starts spinning them both around in circles. As theyre spinning, Jenia jumps up and extends her leg for him to meet it with his face with his momentum
    [04:05] <RyonaSensei> He walks back a bit then lungs forward with a punches to her belly so hard it left like she was just slugged with the business side of a hammer.
    [04:05] <RyonaSensei> "Jeni!"
    [04:06] <WilHiteWarrior> "OOF!" Jenia grunts but still hasnt lost yet. Before he manages to move it away, she grips his right hand with her own, spins behind him, twisting his arm over top of him, takes her left hand, puts it on his forehead and sends him flying to the mat so hard that several glasses fall off the bar
    [04:08] <RyonaSensei> The crowd jumps and cheers and Sakura does a cheer as well. He is now very upset as he then suddenly gets up and pucnhes her so hard in the face she walls into the corner as she rushes in not giving her a moment to recoop he begins punching her belly repeatedly, hes so angry his vains his head pop out
    [04:08] <RyonaSensei> ""Jeni! Fight back!" She yells
    [04:09] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia grunts and groans and using the turnbuckle for a support, she locks her legs around his ankles and yanks them toward her
    [04:10] <RyonaSensei> He grabs the rops to keep himself from falling then grabs her neck and forces her high into the air then slams her hard onto the matt with all his might making her bounce from the force
    [04:11] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia groans and rolls toward him, her head underneath his crotch. "Ooo! No wonder youre mad!" She brings her feet up at a 90 degree angle, slamming both her feet into his gut then rolls away from him
    [04:13] <RyonaSensei> He doubles over huffing and Sakura jumps on the outside of the ropes. "Youre doing great!" She points the water bottle at Jenia for her to open her mouth before he gets back toward her.
    [04:14] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia grabs the water bottle and takes a swig real quick
    [04:15] <RyonaSensei> "Hey..i could have done that!" She says laughing then takuing the bottle back when shes done. He charges at her with his head.
    [04:16] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia' "POO"'s out some air as he strikes her and her reflexes kick in and she lets herself fall to the ground so that he runs right past her
    [04:18] <RyonaSensei> He runs into the ring post and Sakura laughs still standing on the outside of rope. He sees her laughing and to make Jenia angry he takes his fist and punches Sakura in the gut. She gasps hard and falls to the floor holding her belly and crying.
    [04:20] <WilHiteWarrior> "SAKURA!! Alright thats IT!" She runs and while his back is still turned to her, she leaps off the ground, turning her whole body horizontal and using about 30 mph of momentum she slams both her feet into his spine
    [04:21] <RyonaSensei> He falls forward into the ropes then in one swift motion thrrusts himself around and punches her un the belly so hard shes lifting off her feet forcefully and falls on her face,
    [04:22] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia grunts and gets back to her feet, running on adrenaline now and damn pissed. This had just been a friendly match before until he made it personal. Jenia had no tolerance for someone hurting one of her kids
    [04:22] <WilHiteWarrior> Meanwhile, Razael having just made it in the door runs over to where Sakura is on the floor and kneels by her, helping her sit up
    [04:23] <RyonaSensei> He then throws more punches very fast jabbing Jenia in the face and over and over again then upper cutting her in the air.
    [04:24] <RyonaSensei> Sakura coughs and says "If childbirth is anything like that..im never becoming a parent.." She jokes and smiles at him so not to worry
    [04:25] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia grabs the ropes as she's flying, keeping herself balanced upside-down with her hands and does an upside down split, spinning her body around and kicking him in the face, once, twice, three times before leaping off of them and stomping on his shoulders
    [04:26] <WilHiteWarrior> Razael just smirks and helps her up, looking at that guy as if he wanted to kill him
    [04:26] <RyonaSensei> He falls back and out of the ring causing her to win by ring out. The crowd cheers.
    [04:26] <RyonaSensei> Sakura gets up and jumps "I knew you could do it!"
    [04:27] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia clenches her gut and smiles at her, walking over to them. "Are you okay sakura?"
    [04:28] <RyonaSensei> "Forget me, im fine are you okay? He hit you hard!"
    [04:28] <WilHiteWarrior> "mm... ill have a tummyache for a bit.. but yeah ill be okay. nothing broken" Razael rubs her shoulder in worry
    [04:29] <RyonaSensei> The owner walks over to them, "That was a great match!"
    [04:30] <WilHiteWarrior> "Thanks." Jenia says with a smile. "But that bastard hit one of my babies for no reason."
    [04:31] <RyonaSensei> He counts the money while placing it in her hand. "20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 150, 160, 170 and 175 and. I hope to see you back real soon."
    [04:33] <WilHiteWarrior> "You may just... maybe not her for a bit. But youll see me again at the tournament. Pleasure doing business with you"
    [04:34] <RyonaSensei> The owner smiles and walks out, "Just wait til we tell Ms Emma about the winnings!" Sakura says cheerfully.
    [04:35] <WilHiteWarrior> "Congrats baby." Razael congratulates. "Not that i ever doubted you for a second." They kiss one another. "I'll catch up with you guys in a few minutes though, you head on home. I'll be there in a little bit."
    [04:36] <RyonaSensei> Sakura walks out with Jenia. "You guys are too cute."
    [04:36] <WilHiteWarrior> Jenia giggles
    [04:37] <WilHiteWarrior> after pulling himself up off the floor, the guy Jenia fought goes into the bathroom to piss and wash up when he feels three really hard and slow pokes on his shoulder
    [04:37] <RyonaSensei> "The fuck you want?"
    [04:38] <WilHiteWarrior> "Hey buddy." Razael says in a friendly tone at first. "Let's see how long you can last in the ring with ME." Razael says in an acidic tone. Outside in the club the people begin hearing screams of intense pain and the shattering of porcelain and tile
    [04:39] <RyonaSensei> People rush in to see whats happening.
    [04:40] <WilHiteWarrior> They see the man in the long black coat fixing his jacket and walking out. Heading further inside they see the other guy severely beaten and the bathroom in serious need of repairs
    [04:41] <RyonaSensei> As they call 911 Sakura talks with Jenia on the way home.
    (To Be Continued)