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Artist Alley

Discussion in 'Artist Alley' started by anonymous, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. anonymous

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    Feb 16, 2011
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    This is our home to our artists. If you were an artist on the last board and would like to be placed back into here, post your thread with all of your work and PM me.

    If you were not in the artist alley before there is a slightly different structure.

    1) Post a thread containing all of your work and put your name in the thread title.
    2) PM me and request access to the Artist alley.
    3) I will look over your content and determine if you will be granted access (See below)
    4) I will promote you and move your thread/deny your request and state why.
    5) Now you can go to your profile, select group membership, and request membership to the Artist group.

    Generally the requirements are as follows:

    If you have a lot of quality imports, you can be an artist. If you stop updating, you'll be removed. Real simple, just request through your profile and I'll likely put it through.

    1) you have an allotted amount of imports, generally low quality imports aren't counted.
    2) you are an active member of the community/you post updates often. We don't want artists who update less than once a month. That makes for a dead artist alley.
    3) you have good karmic standing, at least non-negative.
    4) you have filled or partially filled a request on the forum.