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Archeage Stocking and Lingerie Lab

Discussion in 'Adult Mods (Archive)' started by Exgenesis, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Exgenesis

    Exgenesis Content Creator

    Dec 14, 2013
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    Archeage Stocking, Bikini, and Lingerie Mods


    Thanks to the feedback from RogueDemon and the contents of Eddieboy and Pufferfish's Mods and helpful comments, I've managed to get some basic alternate nude textures in the works. Here is my current working draft of Chainmail Stockings. I'm using Henturok's invisible armor mod (cool cool idea) in conjunction with Eddieboy's and Pufferfish's mods. I'm really down with old school Frank Frazetta artwork, so I really want to create some designs based on his stuff.

    Big thanks also to RogueDemon who tipped me off on the reimporting of textures and how to fix them!


    Proof of Concept

    So the chainmail looks a bit ratty. That's because I grabbed a texture I had sitting around my hard drive and chopped it up and resized it. Not a best practice. But its working. I also have some texture fighting at a distance problems (LOD) and some image deformation probably the result of where I am deleting the bytes in the file.

    Now that I can do this, I can actually go about making some decent looking chainmail stockings, lingerie, or chainmail bikinis. Feel free to voice up if you have a special request.

    How it would work

    Essentially, the new style textures replace the original nudes from any of the various mods. I will post instructions and an installer when I get ready to release something. Note, by mixing and matching textures you can have all the same options you already have, but more choices.

    Sexy new bikini and panty styles

    As I was digging around in the pak file I found that you have a pretty wide variety of underwear colors. So including some of these in a stocking set could give you more variety. Maybey the developers just decided to go with one color, and had left over files. I'm not really sure of their origin... But making different colored underwear or lingerie sets would be straightforward.

    So thanks to all, and I will keep posting my proof of concept work here until my ADD OCD power meter runs dry. Hopefully by then there will be a working mod of one form or another. :-)


    - - - Updated - - -

    Nuian Panty and Bra designs

    This is a compilation of the 7 additional panty and bra designs for Nuians. I am not sure what they are for, but you don't have to be stuck with default Red anymore. To clarify, I did not make these textures. They were simply in my unpacked game_pak file.



    I haven't looked at the other races yet.
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  2. Exgenesis

    Exgenesis Content Creator

    Dec 14, 2013
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    Winterbreeze & Black Magic Panties for Pufferfish Nude Mod

    Starting off with some projects that are relatively easy. Usage the same: Install your favorite nude mod, make your armor invisible, and drop the textures into the appropriate folder after backing up the mod authors originals.

    Work in Progress

    Topless Winterbreeze -Hi Res nipples (WIP)

    Topless.png Topless2.png Topless3.png

    Black Magic For Nuians (WIP)

    BlackMagic.png closeup.png rear.png

    -features enhanced nipple texture
    -sexy outfit
    -stocking version upcoming
    -minor touchups.

    Winterbreeze Panties v1.0 for Nuian Females
    A Micro-Mod for
    Pufferfish's Nude Mod & Henturok's Invisible Armor

    Download v1.0: Winterbreeze.7z, Winterbreeze.rar


    How to use this mod:

    1. Download my Winterbreeze textures above, then Pufferfish's nude mod
    2. Relative to your install path, back up the contents of the folder:


    3. Copy the contents of my nude directory over the nuian\female\nude files.
    4. Rerun the "install.bat" file provided by Pufferfish to install the Panty textures into your game pak.

    5. Mod only works on nuian females and other models that share the nuian nude texture.

    6. Download Henturok's invisible armor mod

    7. Customize the mod how you like. For example, if you want boots to show up (like in my image), then delete the \bo folder from:


    8. Run the installer.bat
    9.Enjoy your new bikini look

    Credits: Eddieboy, Henturok, Pufferfish, & RogueDemon

    Suggestion Box

    I prefer Micro Mods for other people's mods for the reason that my stuff doesn't compete with theirs, but gives users more options while giving you even more of a reason to download their stuff. This type of thing is pretty common in the Daz3d world, like alternate bikinis for Victoria. Its just a way of adding more to something already great. This is my way of giving back to people who have been so generous with their time, advice, and patience.

    I will continue to make these mini-mods, so keep checking back. Feel free to post your feedback here as well because I would love to hear your ideas about what you would like to see or have added.

    Thanks for the support!

    Future plans
    1.1 Instructions for using Winterbreeze textures with Eddieboy's nude mod.
    1.1 Add in the next set of panty textures (haven't decided yet which ones).
    1.2 Add in other races, minor release with each race
    1.3 custom lingerie and Frazetta style chain belts and panties & stockings

    I did not create the winterbreeze set. Unpacking the game_pak has several varieties of bikini/panty styles that are present but not used in the game. So this is essentially, to my knowledge, just adding in features that were left out of the release.

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  3. Exgenesis

    Exgenesis Content Creator

    Dec 14, 2013
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    Lingerie Lab - Hex Editing textures

    So, texture repair, or adding more realistic anatomies, or even added a swimsuit top to any existing texture is really interesting.

    First, know this. The DDS images supplied with Archeage are malformed, I think intentionally. In other words, the developers removed 16 bytes from the DDS file to break with the specification of how a DDS image should be formatted. As a result, Photoshop gives you a disk error making you think the file is corrupt. As a result, it is impossible to mod this game :-P

    It just so happens that Paint.net is a lot less picky about DDS specifications, and it will open just about anything. But, when you save it out, it saves it out with 16 extra bytes that break the archeage import format. And this will prevent the image from importing.

    <Hint, if you want to use photoshop, open it with Paint.net, save it out, open it in Adobe photoshop, edit away, save it out as a DTX1 if its 342 bytes on disk or DTX3 if its 683 bytes on disk, and then chop chop the extra 16 bytes as per instructions below.>

    In my new style bikini mod, I had to use a hex editor to eliminate 16 bytes. It does matter where you remove these bytes from.

    Lets take a look at a hex edited and non hex edited image. Its the very same image. On the right is before I hex edited it, and on the left is the hex edited version.


    Some tips from the lab...

    1. Yep, you have to delete bytes from the file you save out. In this case, 16 bytes is what you need to delete.

    2. When you right click the file, don't be fooled by the "size on disk value". The file sizes have to be exactly the same number of bytes.

    The value in "C" in the image below is what is important, so just subtract that size from your image size and that will tell you how many bytes you need to delete.


    3. Chop Chop!

    I have adopted the strategy of deleting null bytes from the end of the file \x00. I don't recommend deleting from the front of the file because it causes artifacting and can even warp your image just enough to leave a tan seam bisecting your model....

    4. Be random. Eliminate a null byte from here and a null bute from there. Scatter it around the areas on the image marked "A" and "B" in the first image shown.

    5. Maybey its superstition, but I get the best results when I never delete two bytes that are contiguous. Only delete one byte and then skip several lines. You can go a little higher in the file than shown in "A" in the first image, but remember, just don't delete a string of nulls that are next to each other. Like I say, I don't know why randomness works best for me but it does.

    This obviously affects the image, but since you are taking bytes that are randomly spread out, the effect is equivalent to creating a small amount of noise that isn't visible to the human eye.

    Good luck and happy hex editing!! Maybey someone with a CS degree will swoop in and clarify this mess, but until then, what I am telling you works and will work for you.

    Of course, a very patient person could take an original image of the game and cycle through all available save formats until the settings were identical, and then compare the two images and then probably write something in ruby, python, or .NET to munge to post process your edited image and make it archeage compatible. But then you wouldnt get to use the hex editor :-P

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  4. NotMe

    NotMe Content Creator

    Apr 16, 2012
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    Hmm, I actually never had any problem opening the original texture files with photoshop. Did that happen with you?
  5. Exgenesis

    Exgenesis Content Creator

    Dec 14, 2013
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    yeah. its wierd. my version of photoshop wont open the images until I open in paint.net the bytes or manually add 16 bytes. I have the nvidia DDS plugins installed, everything seems as it should, but I have to shuffle between paint.net to photoshop on a good 80% of the images i have manipulated. not a huge problem, but annoying.

    Well, at least the problem doesn't affect everybody