Aqua (costume, minus leggings/boots), Kingdom Hearts!

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Jan 25, 2019
So Aqua was once being worked on by a couple of content creators way back in 2013 (Synonymous was doing the outfit, and Dante completed her hair), but she was never finished. Her leggings/boots and dynamic hair are already done, amazingly so I must add.
Aqua from Kingdom Hearts

Now that Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally released, I figured there may be enough hype for someone to continue this project!

Ive attached pictures from her 3D model located at Kingdom Hearts - Aqua - Download Free 3D model by peedr0o0 (@peedr0o0)
Ive also attached some screenshots of her in-game, figures, etc.

The biggest problem regarding her outfit seems to be the blue-hanging threads on her shorts. Im not sure what the best way around this might be (shortening their length or omitting them altogether?) but I’d love to hear some ideas thrown around.

Finally (im not sure if this is allowed but I thought Id throw it out there) id be willing to pay someone to finish this in similar quality to what has already been done, amnt to be discussed with artist (mod feel free to delete this paragraph if this is not allowed)


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Feb 6, 2014
Don't attach the reference image (it's a waste of server space). Instead, upload them elsewhere and add the links to your post.

There is a lot of images but only 2 or 3 are useful. But anyway, keep in mind that most modder prefer 2D references (3D is not that useful even with the proper angle).
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