Animate CC: 1021 Duplicate function definition


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Sep 12, 2018
EDIT: Never mind me. I tried reexporting something I knew worked and I got the same error. I extracted the SDTMods folder again and replaced the one I had and now it works. I don't know how that got altered but now everything works at least. Process of elimination is as tedious as it is effective.


So I'm on my Animate CC trial and I've been playing around with dantethedarkprince's FLA dump.

With several of his mods though I keep getting this error message....

Main, Layer 'Settings', Frame 1, Line 1, Column 1_________1021 Duplicate function definition

...when I export to swf. I have no idea what to do about it. I even tried just deleting the contents on that line ("import SDTMods.*;") assuming it'd just publish a blank swf but even when I delete the line it's still claiming there's a duplicate. Does anyone know what to do?


PS. And a bonus question: Does the amount of layers the content is distributed over affect performance in the swf - not talking sdt layers, just the number of layers within the modtype template?
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