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[AngelCity] Promethus Introduction

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by bryanthunder, Oct 9, 2012.

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    Feb 23, 2010
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    This will be the first of at least three character sketches I'll be posting. Each featuring a different major character in the "Angel City" universe I've created.
    Naturally they're about super humans and their origins. They were created to get a feel for each character, and develop aspects of their personality. I hope you enjoy even if they are a bit on the short side:

    When I was young, I, like all other boys went through puberty. That "delightful" little time in a boy's life when he realizes three things: One, that women are attractive. Two; that he is socially awkward around said women. And three; that he can create flames hot enough to melt steel with a snap of his fingers. Oh wait, I suppose that last one isn't normal now is it?
    But that's my reality: At a young age I realized I was different, tremendously so; I had something most people didn't, and as such I wasn't human anymore I was something... else.

    I had special powers, like a character in a comic book. I thought about how amazing it was, about what I could do with them; that if I kept them under control I'd be just fine.
    My father thought differently. When he found out I came home to hear him arguing with my mother about what to do with me.
    Don't get me wrong; I understand the concern about a such powers: When your kid can throw around fire-balls hot enough to melt the wheels on a car... you worry about not only his safety, but your own. You wonder just how long it'll be before the kid explodes into an inferno, and takes the whole damn neighborhood with him. Even the simple act of touching him becomes worrisome when you think his skin might be like a stove-top, just waiting to burn you.

    I'm sure when he sat me down and talked about sending me off to lab to be tested he had the best of intentions... but it scared me too much... I didn't want to be dragged away to some underground lab, experimented on, and turned into a weapon or something.
    So I did what any boy would do I imagine... I ran away.
    I told my family I was leaving; and before they could stop me, I was gone. I didn't care where I went. I just knew that I wouldn't be subject to experimentation, besides, this worked for them as well... they wouldn't have to be afraid of me or my power if I wasn't anywhere near them.

    Furthermore I had another gift; this one I had far before puberty, before my fire throwing abilities: I had a gift few people are blessed with: Foresight.
    I knew couldn't keep using my real name. That would leave a trail, not only to me, but back to my family, I couldn't risk causing trouble for them down the line... and likewise I couldn't risk them catching up with me.

    What's my name you ask? It's now Allen Edward. Obviously I chose a new name. I based it off an old deceased poet, and when I chose it I swore to think of my old name nevermore... and not just my name; when I arrived in Angel City the first thing I said was:
    "I will forget everything, so not even I can track myself home."
    With that I struggled for years to never think of my former life: My name, my hometown, my parents names, things that should be burned into your memory forever... I struggled to forget them.

    Turns out forgetting your past life isn't so hard though; just go to the roughest part of the roughest city in the USA while being unemployed, homeless, and hungry. You'll spend most of your time just trying to survive; struggling to find any scraps of food and money. You won't have any time to think of the past. Do this daily grind long enough and you'll begin to forget it almost completely.

    And besides... My thoughts of the past were quickly replaced; with disgust for the present. Although I stayed quiet and out of the way of others, I couldn't help but detest the putrid worms who writhed in their own filth, as they made a mockery of life, polluting this world with each of their corrosive footsteps... humanity's underbelly. The side most don't want to admit is there.
    Thugs, gangs, psychopaths, the vomit educing members of society who prey on the weak.
    As days turned into weeks, turned into months, I stayed quiet; afraid to step in, afraid of drawing attention to myself. But all the while I could see the corruption grow; spreading throughout the city with each passing day; cancerous parasites that disgracefully call themselves "humans."
    I was a fool, who was afraid; I felt I was unable to do anything... that I wouldn't make a difference, power or not. And then fate happened.

    It was a cold night, cold enough that I had spent a majority of the day looking for newspaper to use as insulation. While tearing up my findings and stuffing pieces into my clothes; I noticed an article that caught my eye: it was about some failing bill over in the capital about turning meta-humans into some kind of super police force. It didn't sound like it would pass, but it was an interesting idea; making legal superheroes.
    Part of me wondered if I had what it took to do something like fight crime.

    But I made my way to my little home, some small box in an alleyway. I was hungry and tired, and I had no money for food; so I just tried to get some sleep. That's when fate slapped me in the face.
    Across the street I watched as some kid was thrown to the ground by three older men, who just started laughing as they stomped and kicked him. I didn't do anything. I just stared, in shock, in disgust, and in fear.
    One of the punks pulled a knife, and started stabbing; the kid screamed... and the situation hit me like a brick: This was murder. It only took a few quick strikes before the kid stopped moving, and speaking. From the stomping to the stabbing, to his stillness, it was only about forty seconds.
    Forty seconds was enough to change me forever.

    The punks never saw it coming; by the time any of them noticed me, I had already set two on fire, sending them screaming into a panic as their hair and coats burned. The punk with the knife just stood there; staring at me in in pure amazement, wondering aloud what the fuck had just happened. My face was likely the last thing he ever saw. I set his skull ablaze and didn't stop burning it till his eyes melted in their sockets.

    I had enough of hiding; of being some unassuming bum on the streets. I'd had enough of the cancer infecting this city I'd begun to call home. Angel City, now had a new protector, and the criminals something to fear: I'd give the gift of fire to this city darkened with a plague.

    Times have changed since then; but that's my origin: I was just a humble unassuming boy; now the vigilante man before you. I have no illusions about my actions or my choices, I know the old quote:
    "Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster. For when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you."
    I am a murderer, a murderer that many call a hero, that many call a monster. I'm not human anymore... and I don't need pyrokinesis to tell me that. Through my actions I have sunk below humans, and become the filth that I so hate: but in doing so I will save lives, even if I must end some.

    I. Am. Prometheus.
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