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Ami vs Thug Trio

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Raden, Apr 14, 2015.

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    So, Idoro has cooked up an elven woman called Amia'al, or Ami for short. Meet Ami!


    We've been meaning to have Ami catch a beating for a while, but circumstances kept messing things up and then as it looked like we were going to be able to, a two week long interlude came up. But tonight we finally found some time, and Ami squared off against a trio of would-be thugs, found in the Blades of Kriegmar here:


    Read that post and take note of how they speak. I don't usually toot my own horn but I pulled this shit off for four and a half hours, only messing up once and even then I covered it. :D

    So, here is the ensuing altercation.....


    <Raden> The still forest trail's silence was shattered by the raucous laughter of three would-be thugs. Basic clothing, the styles all identical but differing colours. Two of them had strangely coloured hair.
    <Raden> As they came around the corner, they could see someone off in the distance, alone.
    <Raden> "Shhh, shh shh!" said Trixie, the one with the pink hair. "Look, guys, up there ahead. A stupid looking elven inbred!"
    <Raden> The three split up, moving through the trees as they approached their target...

    <Ami> Bent down, the wood elf Amia'al- who shortened her name to Ami for easier pronunciation- was collecting sticks from the ground to use for firewood as the night drew in closer. The elf girl had settled in to a small village not far from this area, having to find a place to live after her sister's group's sudden and mysterious disappearance.
    <Ami> Despite her small frame and innocent demeanor, she was a strong girl, trained in the art of the Wind Fist. Her parents had picked up on her gift in the art at an early age and encouraged her to train in the discipline. Since then, she had become a remarkable fighter, though lacking tact in other areas, such as socializing and street smarts.
    <Ami> She had reached maturity some time ago, and her elven lifespan had made it a slow process. She was quite a few decades old, and still looked like a young teen, barely of age. She had a fair complexion, with smoky brown eyes and turquoise hair of shoulder-length.
    <Ami> Her attire was very similar to what her own sister wore, but a bit more revealing and form-fitting to her athletic build. A small, strapless leotard wrapped around her chest, riding nicely up between her legs and showing off her firm rear. Her decently-sized beasts could be seen in the revealing top portion of her outfit, though they were held in place nicely by the tightness it provided.
    <Ami> She wore matching gloves, boots and even a hairband that allowed for her bangs to lean over. Underneath her boots and gloves, she wore wraps similar to those a pit fighter may wear. Anything to keep her toes and fingers from callousing!
    <Ami> She was attractive, to say the least.. and most men she encountered were enamored with her sweet disposition and appearance. But she didn't stay in places for too long- her similarity to her sister and her gang soon brought up topics such as her affiliation and intentions. Thus, she was forced to find new lodgings before she was found out.
    <Ami> Her elf ears pricked up as she heard some far-off laughing. She looked up from her position and looked around to see if she could see anyone approaching.

    <Raden> The trio had gone off the path and now moved through the dense forest. The setting sun reduced visibility through the shadow-covered foliage.
    <Raden> It wasn't until the group was nearly on top of Ami that they showed themselves, one by one.
    <Raden> Trixie was first to emerge. "Give us all your money!" she said.
    <Raden> Off to Ami's left, the rustling of branches was heard and then another figure emerged, with purple hair. "Let's have it, honey."
    <Raden> Behind Ami, a third figure completed the formation they used to bully and harass a single target. "DON'T try anything funny."
    <Raden> The three slowly began to circle around Ami, almost as a group of sharks would at sea.

    <Ami> Ami by now had stood up, being able to hear their approach due to her keener senses, developed by living in the forest all her life. She looked at the girls oddly for a moment, until they made their demands.
    <Ami> "Money?" she said incredulously, blinking her large eyes. She chuckled and shook her head. "Sorry girls, I'm broke! And besides.. I don't have any pockets to carry a wallet on me, now do I? Hehe."
    <Ami> These girls looked quite silly, and she believed it to be some sort of joke. Humans could be so eccentric.

    <Raden> "I don't think you understood, we want your money now!" Trixie said.
    <Raden> "You're hiding it somewhere, so turn it out right now!" said Pixie, the purple haired one.
    <Raden> "Or we'll extract it from you, you stupid, ugly sow." The black-haired one, Lixie, spoke from behind her.
    <Raden> Trixie took a swipe at Ami's hands, slapping the pile of wood out of them!

    <Ami> Ami stared blankly ahead, in complete disbelief of her situation. These girls had to be joking, right?
    <Ami> Then suddenly, one of them took a swipe at her hands, knocking the wood onto the ground. "Hey!"
    <Ami> She lowered her hands and tightened her fists. "That was rude!" she said, looking angrily at Trixie.

    <Raden> "That was rude, that was ruuuude!" the three began mocking her.
    <Raden> Trixie shoved her into Pixie, who shoved her into Lixie. The three began pushing her around while mimicking "THAT WAS RUUUUDE" and laughing.

    <Ami> "Guah?!" Ami gasped as she was pushed around, bullied by the three similar-looking girls. It was bad enough that her sister's gang would often group up and bully the little sister, but now she had to deal with it from these weirdos?
    <Ami> "Cut it out!" she growled, managing to slip between the three of them and backing off a few yards. "Go find someone else to pick on!"

    <Raden> Trixie went for a shove, but missed! "Wha-?"
    <Raden> Ami had slipped between them and was out of the circle now, backing away.
    <Raden> "Get her!" Trixie growled, as the three gave chase!

    <Ami> "Aw nuts.." Ami muttered as she turned and made a run for it, building speed quickly and trying to put distance between her and her pursuers. "I don't have any mooooney!"

    <Raden> The three chased Ami down the path, until they came back to the curve.
    <Raden> Knowing the path winded around a little, Trixie took to running through the trees, in a straight path to get ahead of Ami.
    <Raden> As Ami went to run past, Trixie sprang out and tackled her to the dirt forest path.
    <Raden> "I did it, sisters, I got her good! I cut her off up through the wood!" Trixie announced, before raising a fist and punching Ami in the stomach!

    <Ami> Ami rounded the corner, sure she had gotten some distance on the girls.. when only a little bit further..
    <Ami> One of them came out of the trees, tackling her and knocking her to the ground. "OOF!"
    <Ami> The ground was soft, covered by grass and leaves.. but the impact still hurt. By now she could tell these girls were serious. Her discernment was only compounded when she was laid into her rather soft belly with a punch.
    <Ami> "OOuugh.." she groaned as her body curled inwards in reaction to the blow. Her eyes shut tightly and she moved her arms to cover her injured area.

    <Raden> "You say you don't have any money?" Trixie said, as if such a thing was strange to her.
    <Raden> "We'll just take it out on your tummy!" Pixie said, as she kicked Ami while she was down, her boot colliding with Ami's chest.

    <Ami> "B-but I don- OOWW!" she howled, as the boot drove into the side of her chest quite roughly. She clenched her teeth and moaned.. looking up at Trixie who was still on top of her.
    <Ami> "That does it.." she said softly, placing both of her hands on Trixie's chest.. she then attempted to push the girl away, with a surprising amount of force behind the simple maneuver!

    <Raden> "Hey, you cow, you hurt my friend!" Lixie shouted. As Ami stood, Lixie leapt up onto her back trying to take her back down. "Now you're going to meet your end!"
    <Raden> Lixie wriggled a little but couldn't pull her over. "Hey, what the-!"

    <Ami> "Gh.." she grunted, with a passenger now on her back. The trip would be a short one however, as Ami would grab hold of Lixie's shoulders, and hurl her towards a nearby tree!
    <Ami> "Don't mess with me!" she said, settling into a defensive stance, and looking around her to track the location of her assailants..

    <Raden> "Wha- hey!" Lixie shouted as Ami took hold of her. "Uhoh..."
    <Raden> With a quick movement, Ami had thrown Lixie over her shoulder!
    <Raden> "Yaahhh!!" she shrieked, the cry being cut off by a THUNK as Lixie hit a tree, upside down, falling to the ground.
    <Raden> "Lixie!" Trixie rushed to her aid as Pixie regrouped, trying to kick Ami's legs out from under her!

    <Ami> Ami jumped back, just in time to avoid the sweep. She grinned, motioning to Pixie to come closer. "Hey come on, is that all you got?"
    <Ami> If this was all these girls had to offer, she could clear them out quite easily.. especially if they came at her one at a time!

    <Raden> Trixie helped Lixie to her feet, making sure she was okay. She gestured to Pixie who was drawing Ami's attention, and motioned for her to go around circling right. while Trixie went into the woods circling left, trying to get the drop on Ami.
    <Raden> Pixie saw her thug partners disappear into the woods. When she knew they wouldn't be seen, she tried an old trick, pointing behind Ami. "Oh my Gods, what is that there?!" she cried.

    <Ami> Ami was preparing to attack her foe when she suddenly pointed something out. "?"
    <Ami> Being the gullible sort, she turned around, wide eyes blinking. "What?"

    <Raden> Pixie used the ploy to take two running steps and leap at Ami, raising a knee. If she were successful she'd barrel into Ami and blow her off her feet with a knee strike using her momentum.

    <Ami> Though gullible, Ami was quick to turn back once she didn't see anything out of the ordinary. However, Pixie acted quickly, and she was forced to bring her arms up in a guard!
    <Ami> The result was that Ami was knocked back several steps, and thrown off balance. "Ggrrhkkn.."

    <Raden> Trixie cut her journey short as she saw Pixie strike. Immediately she darted out of the trees and dropped to her hands and knees behind Ami.

    <Ami> Ami kept backing up... right into Trixie, inadvertantly tripping over her! "WhooOAAA!" she cried out as she fell right over onto her back, legs flying up into the air..

    <Raden> Lixie leapt out of her hiding place and grabbed Ami's wrists while Pixie took her legs.
    <Raden> "Alright, on three, we slam the clown!" said Trixie, standing up. "Raise her up and bring her down! One... two... THREE!"
    <Raden> At the same time, Lixie and Pixie lifted Ami up horizintally off the ground, then yanked her back down, slamming her flat on her back!

    <Ami> "Nyyuuhh..." she groaned idly, the impact dazing her slightly. Ami could feel her limbs being grabbed even in her daze.
    <Ami> "L..let me go.." she protested weakly as she was brought up, then slammed back down on her back. The second impact brought her back to her senses quite painfully. "ERGGH!!"
    <Ami> She tensed her body up, and then tried to wriggle free from their grasp. "S-stop this!!"

    <Raden> The two held on to her as Trixie took a quick two-step and then kicked Ami in the ribs like she were a child playing kickball again.
    <Raden> *THUMP!*

    <Ami> "AAUGH!" she cried out, no more restraint in her voice... that one really hurt! She wiggled a bit more, becomign desperate to escape them now..
    <Ami> The two holding her could feel her tugs becoming stronger.. threatening to break free!

    <Raden> Pixie and Lixie were struggling now to hold Ami, who seemed to be mustering strength from... somewhere!
    <Raden> "Hey, you tool belts, hold her down...!" But one of Ami's ankles slipped out of Pixie's grasp before she could finish!

    <Ami> "Gah.." the injured elf grunted, sliding her leg back and then shooting it back up at Pixie's chin with fierce power! "EyyAAH!"
    <Ami> If sucessful, she would land back on her one foot and try and twist herself out of Lixie's grasp!

    <Raden> *POW*
    <Raden> No sooner had Ami's boot slipped out of Pixie's hand than it had been drawn back and then shot forward again.
    <Raden> The sole of Ami's boot caught Pixie in the face, stunning her for a moment as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fell to her back.
    <Raden> Ami used some meticulous balance and twisted, breaking Lixie's grip on her hands.
    <Raden> As Ami stood, she felt a weight on her back again as Trixie jumped on her, trying to snake an arm around her neck for a sleeper or choke of some sort... if she could distract Ami just for a moment, Lixie would scramble to her feet and take aim at Ami's stomach with a solid roundhouse punch.

    <Ami> "Arrgh!" Ami growled, not even on her feet yet. As Trixie took hold of her neck, she would grab hold of her arm with one hand..
    <Ami> ..and use her other to punch Trixie square in the face, with the force of a large stone!
    <Ami> Unfortunately, this would leave her open to Lixie's maneuver as she jumped in and swung at her with a powerful punch..
    <Ami> "OOOouufgh.." she groaned as nearly all the air left her lungs, causing her to keel over on the floor..


    <Raden> "uuurngh..." It was Trixie's turn to feel Ami's wrath as the punch caught her directly in the face, feeling like a stone slamming into her.
    <Raden> She fell to the path, dazed, holding her face.
    <Raden> Lixie had managed to drive a punch into Ami's stomach, who had landed on her hands and knees.
    <Raden> Lixie raised up a leg and then stomped down on Ami's back, driving her to the forest floor, flattening her out.
    <Raden> "You bitch, you cur, you dirty whore!" she yelled. "How do you like the taste of that floor?"
    <Raden> Lixie knelt down and took a handful of Ami's beautiful hair... then picked up a handful of dirt and began shoving it in her mouth!

    <Ami> Ami struggled with the pain, crawling forward a few inches when suddenly, a hard foot slammed into her back...
    <Ami> "AAIIEE!" she cried out, eyes widening and her limbs flopping up from the force of the stomp...


    <Ami> For a moment, she had a brief respite as her body laid back onto the ground, panting for a few seconds...


    <Ami> But soon, her opponents were on her once more- Lixie lifted her up by her hair and shoved sand into her mouth, causing Ami to gag and cough!

    <Raden> In a bid to keep Ami from spitting out the sand, Lixie quickly pulled Ami's arm out to the side and then scissored it with her legs, clamping her hands across Ami's mouth in a crossface hold.
    <Raden> Lixie arched back, stretching out Ami's shoulder and neck, and keeping her from spitting out the dirt!

    <Ami> "MMMffgh!!" she mumbled as she was pulled into the crossface hold.. she didn't know what was more agonizing, the and in her mouth, or the pain of this hold!
    <Ami> As Lixie leaned back and stretched the elf out, the answer became clear to her, quite quickly. "MMMPH!!!!" she cried out in a muffled tone as her lithe bod was stretched out farther than any warm up exercises would do her..
    <Ami> She slammed her free fist onto the ground, stretching her fingers out and waving it around.. her legs kicked out, her boots slamming onto the dirt and kicking up dust..

    <Raden> Pixie and Trixie were recovering from the blows tot he head they took, shaking off the cloudiness slowly.
    <Raden> They saw Lixie stretching out Ami, and decided to help out.
    <Raden> Both of them took hold of one of Ami's legs and then wrapped their own around it, stretching them backwards with both girls applying a knee bar.
    <Raden> "We'll do it, we'll break your legs!" shouted Trixie.
    <Raden> "Just like they were a couple of eggs!" added Pixie.
    <Raden> Lixie changed the hold to one around Ami's neck with one arm, which allowed her to spit out the sand-turned-mud in her mouth... but it left Lixie a free hand as she punched Ami in the nose!

    <Ami> Ami was quickly growing tired as the girl cruely added on to their assault. She felt her legs pulled out and slammed the ground more. "MMMMMMMM!!!"
    <Ami> As Lixie transitioned her hold, Ami heard the other girls comment on breaking her legs.. she spat out the sand in her mouth and shook her head! "NO DON'T!!" she cried as Lixie laid in a punch to Ami's nose. "Hyaa!"
    <Ami> She could feel blood begin to well up inside as a result.. but that was the least of her troubles as she tried to pull her legs away from the other two.

    <Raden> Using their whole bodies to grapple Ami's legs meant they had the advantage, and they were happy to hang on and let Ami tire herself out by struggling.
    <Raden> "What's the matter, feeling a little down?" Lixie asked. "Can't you escape a simple beatdown?"
    <Raden> "You rhymed "down" with "down", you simple tool!" Trixie admonished her. "Now you look like a massive fool!"
    <Raden> Pixie couldn't resist teasing as well. "You really dropped the ball there, didn't you?" she said. "Wasn't there any other word you could use?"
    <Raden> "Be quiet and work her legs you tarts!" she yelled back. "Next up, stretching out the lady parts...!"

    <Ami> "Ahhhh... aaahhnnn...." she groaned, her struggling beginning to slow down.
    <Ami> "P-please stop.." she begged, raking her fingers across the dirt.. "I.. I really don't have any m-money.. I h-have to work for food..nnngh.."
    <Ami> The perspiration on her body began to increase, making her body more slippery for her foes. Her breasts were beginning to pop out of her leotard a bit..
    <Ami> Tears could be seen forming in her eyes, and a bit of blood was starting to trickle down her nose..

    <Raden> Simultaneously, the three released Ami from their holds, while Trixie and Pixie rolled her onto her back, each taking up a leg.
    <Raden> "Now make a wish and hold on tight," Lixie said. "On the count of three, add to her plight!"
    <Raden> "Hey, that was good, you've been redeemed!" Trixie said to her.
    <Raden> "Now we don't have to be mean!" Pixie added.
    <Raden> "You too be quiet, or your skulls I'll bean..." Lixie glared at them.
    <Raden> Then they all laughed.
    <Raden> "one, two, three!"
    <Raden> At the same time, Pixie and Trixie pulled Ami's legs in opposore directions, splitting her legs like a wishbone, and straining her groin muscles hard.

    <Ami> Ami was given yet another moment of respite... lasting all too short as the other two were on top of her once more, and at her legs..
    <Ami> "N-no.." Ami begged, tears streaking down her cheeks. "Have.. m-mercyyYYYYYY!!!" she cried as her legs were stretched out, causing her body to tremble from the agony.
    <Ami> A sharp pained formed in her groin, making her scream out like a banshee. She had never been in this kind of pain before..
    <Ami> "STOP!! STOOOP!!" she yelped out, banging on the ground with her palm, signaling submission..

    <Raden> "You hear that girls, she's saying stop!" Trixie said.
    <Raden> "I think I'd rather hear a pop..." said Pixie... as she started to pull harder!

    <Ami> "GYAAAAHH!!" Ami screamed again, her eyes clenching shut..
    <Ami> 'Spirits, please make them stop...' she begged in her mind, as her mouth was too occupied with screaming.
    <Ami> Her joints felt like they were going to pop out of place any moment now. Busy fingers had already dug quite an impression into the dirt by this time as well.

    <Raden> Just as Ami felt like her hip joints were going to dislocate, the pressure eased up... but the reprieve was less than a second as Pixie fired a punch into Ami's crotch!
    <Raden> "I hit her low, did you see, did you watch?" Pixie laughed. "I really took it to her crotch!"

    <Ami> "Nnnn...mmm.." she groaned, her eyelids relaxing as the pressure eased up. Her chest heaved up and down with every breath.... and then
    <Ami> The punch to her crotch came hard and out of nowhere, causing Ami to yelp and bite her lip. "Hhrrnnnn!!"
    <Ami> It stung, but the pain wasn't as bad as what she had felt in her joints...

    <Raden> "No no, this is how you pound a crotch. You just sit there and YOU watch!"
    <Raden> Trixie stepped in front of Ami's spread out legs, and then dropped a knee straight into her vagina!
    <Raden> "You took my rhyme and said it in reverse!" Pixie said, shaking her fist at Trixie.
    <Raden> "Would you two be quiet? Ugh, you're the worst!" said Lixie, feigning disgust.
    <Raden> "Get back on target and beat the elf!"
    <Raden> "Blue haired elf? More like smellf!" Trixie said.
    <Raden> "That one sucked, did you come up with that yourself?" Pixie asked.
    <Raden> "Hush your face and move out the way. It's time I REALLY made her pay...."

    <Ami> "MMMpgh.." she moaned again, the stinging pain returning as Trixie laid her knee into her. It lingered, not going away. "Mmmnn.."
    <Ami> Ami looked at the nearest girl with pleading eyes. Tears still filled the small ducts at the corner of her eyes, giving them a shiny impression.

    <Raden> "Pull her up, she hasn't suffered enough!" said Trixie. Lixie pulled her up by her arms and held her vertical.
    <Raden> "Now it's time to really get rough!"
    <Raden> Trixie drew her leg back and then unleashed a fierce kick, hammering Ami in the vagina again.

    <Ami> After being positioned face up once more, Ami tried to quickly devise a plan to hopefully escape her predicament.. she would have to act fast though, as Trixie was planning on another attack.
    <Ami> As soon as she came for her with another kick to her pussy, Ami would quickly pull down on Lixie's head, trying to use the element of surprice to catch her off-guard. Her aim was to place the thief girl's head in the way of Trixie's foot.. so she would take the blow instead!

    <Raden> "WAGH!"Lixie was caught off guard as Ami fought back again, tripping her up and throwing her down.... right into Trixie's kick.
    <Raden> It snapped her head back and whiplashed her as she bucked forward, back to her knees, before slumping face down on the trail.
    <Raden> "You made her kick our friend instead!" Pixie yelled out. "Let's see how you like it in the head!"
    <Raden> Pixie jumped at Ami, trying to roundhouse kick her in the head, hoping that her legs would not be able to respond fast enough to counter or move.

    <Ami> Ami looked up in time to see the fierce kick come for her face.. "Cra-"
    <Ami> The blow made the elf see white.. and before she realized it, she had collapsed onto her side, nearly knocked out by the brutal attack.


    <Ami> She was slow to come to her senses, taking in labored breaths and slowly opening her eyes. "...."

    <Raden> "Wake up, wake up, sleepy head!" Pixie said. She was still rhyming, but angry now. "I know that you are not yet dead..."
    <Raden> *WHUMP!* Pixie laid another hard kick into her stomach.

    <Ami> Ami moved, but only slightly, coughing up more saliva as her belly was drilled. She curled up in response, drawing her knees in and trembling.. "Nnyyuhh.."


    <Raden> Pixie walked around Ami. "It's time to lay waste to that back...!"
    <Raden> *WHUMP!* Another kick, this one to the spine.
    <Raden> Trixie was helping up Lixie. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you. I went for the kick but she you and threw!"

    <Ami> "Uuaaagh..." Ami groaned and rolled over onto her back. The pain was immense, and some parts of her body felt numb now..
    <Ami> She rolled onto her belly and squirmed away from Trixie as much as she could..

    <Raden> "Get her up, girls. Her spine we will crack..." Lixie finished.
    <Raden> Trixie knelt down, extending one knee and leaning back a little.
    <Raden> Pixie and Lixie grabbed Ami by the wrists and ankles again.
    <Raden> In the same similar fashion as last time, they hauled her into the air, and then pulled down, but this time, brought her spine down across Trixie's knee in a tremendous triple-team backbreaker.

    <Ami> Ami's body bent unnaturally, and her eyes and mouth opened wide..
    <Ami> ...but no sound came out. Her voice had given out already, and now only her face could contort in horror.. and agony.
    <Ami> A pathetic whimper escaped her lips as she went limp across Trixie's knee. She looked like a broken doll.. with her leotard riding way up into her crotch, and her nipples now poking out of the top portion.

    <Raden> The trio looked down at the beaten elf and smiled at her.
    <Raden> "Let's finish this stupid ding-a-ling. I think I have just the thing. Follow me, girls, and drag her ass... we're going to strip her of her class!"
    <Raden> Trixie set off into the woods, with Pixie and Lixie carrying the beaten Ami with them.
    <Raden> Only thirty paces into the woods, they came across a pond ensconced by mud all around.
    <Raden> The three threw Ami down and then dragged her upper body into the water, where they held her in by her hair.
    <Raden> "That's it, drown the ugly rat!" Pixie cheered. "Just don't kill her, we don't want to get done in for that!"

    <Ami> *blublublblb..* Ami wasn't even able to fight back at this point- the harsh treatment of her back made sure of that.
    <Ami> Fear filled her mind as she moved her head slightly around in the water... were they going to drown her and take her life?
    <Ami> She began to think of her sister.. and her companions.. really the only family she ever knew after her parents died when she was young.
    <Ami> She probably wasn't going to see any of them again now. 'I'm sorry..' she thought to herself, closing her eyes and surrendering to her fate. 'Sis was right.. I'm just a big.. failure..'

    <Raden> After Ami had passed out and her body had settled into the muck, they pulled her up and out of the water.
    <Raden> She was unconscious, but started breathing on her own again.
    <Raden> Trixie threw Ami into a large puddle of thick, sticky mud nearby, and the three then covered it with leaves and other forest foliage.
    <Raden> "We'll leave the rat to nap out here. Come on girls, lets go get a beer!"
    <Raden> The thieves headed into the neaby town for a round as the sun set, with Ami in the mud. She would wake up later, but for now, all was still in the forest again.