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All bets on Tifa

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by ghost13, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. ghost13

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    Nov 27, 2010
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    Hey! So.. this is my first time writing ryona fiction... hopefully it doesnt suck. a little forewarning though, this is going to be a lengthy read broken up into parts, i (try to) write descriptively.. also, I dont enjoy guro, rape, or death so this isn't going to be one of those stories.. so if this turns into a thing, my future stories will probably avoid those categories as well. anyways.. enjoy and feel free to leave some helpful criticism.

    ---- PART ONE : PRELUDE -----


    The letter Tifa had received left little to question. Scrawled by a clumsy hand and accompanied by an address, it read:

    "Show up alone. Tell anyone and she dies." 

    The letter had come with a picture. Slightly blurry but the message was crystal clear... they had in captivity a small child, a slum kid by the condition of her dress and hair... no one looks for lost slum kids... she was probably no older than Marlene. The young girl looked frightened naturally, but there was courage in her eyes as well. Defiance almost, as though she could look through the picture, right at Tifa, and know that she would be ok. Whoever they were, they knew what buttons to press... There was no way that Tifa could abandon the child... Her mind was made up.

    That was last night. Tonight, Tifa was ready for anything. She tugged at her red leather gloves and boots and adjusted her suspenders as she set out for the address written on the paper.. alone, as per the deal... she knew it was foolish, but the child's safety was first priority. Any plan that deviated from the instructions could get the child killed.

    It was about an hour's trip. Far from the borders of the slums and even further from 7th Heaven. The building was a large cargo warehouse by appearance. Run down but slightly repurposed... for what, she would soon come to find out. Tifa approached the door. The scum that littered this place ogled her with devious intent. No surprises there... Long, dark hair. Her kind, inviting red eyes replaced with a sharp, icy glare. A toned physique. Long, toned legs that were brought further attention by the black skirt she wore. She was stunning. Any woman would have to be crazy wandering around this locale alone... But Tifa was no ordinary woman. Any advancement from the peanut gallery and they would all wake up missing teeth.. her posture and glare assured the dregs of that.

    Tifa approached the establishment's bouncer, a wall of neanderthal muscle in a baby blue suit sporting earrings and a pink mohawk. A cakewalk should he attack.

    He smiled and spoke slowly..


" Miss Lockhart! The Boss is expectin' youse! Yeah, Yeah! He's in the locker room. Just take this here hall and it's the fif-.... fourth room on yer left!" He smiled again and stepped to the side, gesturing the young woman inside.


Tifa remained silent and calmly walked past the thug. Flickering lights peppered the hallway with a fitting ambience... She approached the door.. her hand hesitated at the knob for a second, not due to fear, however. She instantaneously strategized for whatever could lie in wait beyond the door; Guns, knives, pipes. whatever may come, she was prepared. Much to her surprise, however, the locker room was empty.. empty except for a lingering gut feeling.. a presence... the scent of stale cigarette smoke.. Tifa shot a glare that could kill a rhino into the shadows. 

    "Out. Now." she demanded. She stood at the ready, fists clenched and guard up.

    " Hey hey, kiddo. C'mon. No need for that.. I ain't gonna fight ya. Yeesh.. I couldn't fight ya. Been in this game long enough to know what a losing fight looks like.."


Tifa's guard remained up as a stout man in a red suit emerged from the darkness. Skeezeball goatee. Tall blond hair that belayed his height. Hands adorned with gold and diamonds.

    "We both wants the same thing here, kiddo. and that would be the safety of the gi--"

    He was cut off by a lightning quick hand around his throat. Tifa had pinned him against the lockers within a fraction of a second.

    "Where. Is. She." she inquired with a calm fury.


"Ack--- I was-- trying to help!!" her grip loosened and the man writhed free. "Geez. Lemme talk and you would get some answers! Children these days... I swear... Now the girl is safe and she's gonna stay that way as long as you go with the plan, good? Good."

    "... Plan?"

    "Yes a plan. You see, this place ain't exactly what you would call the Gold Saucer, but it's got potential. What we lack, and desperately need, is some traction to get the big dollars in here. Booze, cards, whatever, we got it... but what we need is a good fight, you follow? Something to heat a few collars and lighten a few wallets. Thats where you come in, doll! You've gained some fans over the years. The crowd loves a tough lady!"

    Tifa glared at the man. A fight would be too simple... There had to be a catch.

    "There is a catch, however!" --damn.-- "You are billed to go against the boss's brat. Thing is.. he ain't the best. Not close. But he wants to be a fighter... I dunno.. Now, we can't have the kid's debut, much less the club's fight debut, stink, right? That's your job. Make it good. REALLY good."

    The gears clicked.. "You... want me to throw the fight..?" The words painfully came out.

    "Bingo. You're tough. Everyone knows it. The boss has to look tough and consequently, he kid's gotta look tough. What better way to gain fame that to take on --much less defeat-- THE Tifa Lockhart?"

    She stared at the short man, at a loss for words.

    " --Sigh-- Look... kid.. Taking the child.. It's dirty.. Dirtier job than I care to be involved with.. but you can't disagree with the boss and be alive at the same time, y'know?.. It took all of my not-so-insignificant bargaining just to ensure her safety.. You do this and tomorrow this will all be just a bad dream for the both of youse... I promise.."

    His eyes were telling the truth. After about a minute of silence, Tifa silently nodded. "Just take a few punches and lie on the floor.." she thought to herself "easy enough.."

    "Great!!" the short man lit up again, "Now you gotta make it look good though, get me? Knock the chump around a little! Spice it up! Give them their money's worth!

    ... And kid..

    Good luck."

    ---- END PART 1-----
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  2. mm_mml

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    Nov 30, 2010
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    Always a fan of more Tifa and a heroine that has the power to just wreck people but being forced to not use that power for other's entertainment.
  3. sooperhero1

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    Nov 15, 2011
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    Awesome start and an interesting idea! I can't wait to see how this goes!
  4. ghost13

    ghost13 Avid Affiliate

    Nov 27, 2010
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    --- PART 2 ----

    The man in red left the locker room. before he had departed he had left Tifa with a small bracelet. 

    “Now this here is gonna tell you how you’re doing.” the man explained, ”When it’s doing nothing, you’re good. When it buzzes though, the Boss ain’t happy..”

    “Great.” the raven haired girl replied, “This boss isn’t asking me to take a dive, he’s orchestrating the whole fight..”

    “Sorry, kiddo.... them’s the breaks..”

    An eternity seemed to pass for Tifa in the locker room. Her heart was in her stomach.. then----


    Tifa heard her name loud and clear as the crowd erupted. There was no backing out of this now... not that that was ever an option. “You’re doing this for the girl.. remember that.” Tifa thought to herself as she opened the door to the arena.

    The room was brightly lit and rather well maintained in stark contrast to the hallways. There were about one hundred people in attendance and they were all eager... bloodthirsty. They wanted the fight and they wanted it now... As Tifa made her way to the ring she noticed a private room seated high above the rest. Through the glass pane she could make out a few figures. There were about three goons surrounding what looked like a throne, probably being occupied by this Boss she’s been hearing so much about... she could faintly distinguish the short man in the red suit from earlier... and there she was... the child. Safe.. they wanted Tifa to see her. To assure her that her life depended on Tifa’s “fight”.

    The young woman’s focus shifted to the ring. It was an ordinary wrestling ring; mat, posts, ropes. The usual. Tifa climbed the stairs and weaved herself between the ropes and into the ring. She could feel the warmth of the spotlight as her heart began to race. She paced the mat in anticipation for what was to come.

    The crowd grew into a frenzy as the second fighter burst onto the entrance ramp. Loud music, spotlights.. the boss’s son was welcomed like a champion. He was a formidable sight. Tall and built like a bull.


    Again, easy pickings for a fighter of Tifa’s caliber... but this was no ordinary match. The man had donned a traditional black and green wrestling mask with pants and boots to match. His iron form employed a confident gait to the ring. Once inside, he stared Tifa up and down. He admired her figure, though he questioned her choice of attire.

    “I can’t believe it.. Tifa Lockhart is going to be my first victory. Ohh I can’t wait. I hope you put up a good fight.. Heard you’re one tough gal.” Tifa glared at him. She realized that he had no idea about the fight being rigged.. that complicated matters. “Do you like the arena? Little gift from Pops. Told him that Junior would like to start earning some cash for the family...”

    A smug grin crept onto the wrestler’s face. He was confident.. this fight would fill his head with steam.. ignorance is bliss, after all..

    Tifa remained silent and readied her guard. This is it.


    --END PART TWO--

    - - - Updated - - -

    Alright, everyone. here's the meat and potatoes of the story. Thanks again for reading and let me know what you think.


    The bell rung and the arena erupted. Tensions were high as Tifa and Junior circled the ring. The air was heavy in anticipation of the first move.. The crowd’s eyes were glued to the ring. “Who would emerge victorious? Tifa? She is obviously the smart bet, years of training had honed the young woman into a living weapon. Speed and precision were her weapons and she knew how to utilize them. Or would the wrestler’s slams and submissions be too much for her? He had the advantage in strength but.. would it be enough?” These questions filled the arena.

    Junior lunged at Tifa like an amateur. He swung wide and hard, a move that the young girl easily ducked under. She used his momentum against him to tag a good shot to his kidney.

    “AUGH! YOU LITTLE--” Junior attempted a backhanded swing. Again, Tifa was too fast and ducked under. From a crouching position, Tifa leapt into a backflip kick to punish the green brute.

    “NNNGH--” Junior flew backwards and landed back first on the mat. The crowd was in awe of the graceful warrior, but Tifa had held back.. she had to be careful not to knock him out on accident.

    Much to the raven haired scrapper’s dismay, she felt the bracelet she was given vibrate. The Boss wanted the fight to be a little more even. “damn..” Tifa let out a small grumble. She had to take a hit.

    Junior caught his breath and readied himself once more. He was overcome with anger as he rushed Tifa. She brought her hands into a defensive position but left a small enough opening. The wrestler caught Tifa in the jaw. Her hands took some of the force but the brunt of the attack broke through her defenses.

    “UNF”. Tifa’s vision blurred as she flew backwards into the ropes. Her arms had draped over the top rope leaving her vulnerable to another attack. An opportunity Junior wasn’t going to let slip by. He ran in close and delivered a vicious uppercut to the young fighter’s stomach. His huge fist pressed into Tifa’s subtle abs. “OOWF” Tifa was brought back to reality with that last hit. Her eyes widened and her mouth was left agape as the wind was slightly knocked out of her. He hit hard... It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how long you’ve trained. Getting hit or slammed or stretched still hurt...

    Tifa was slightly stunned and doubled over.. not a good situation to find yourself in... Junior delivered two more swift uppercuts into her stomach for good measure.

    “HNG-- GAH” Tifa bounced with each attack. Her backside slightly rebounding off of the ropes as she was lifted.. those with privileged seating would catch a tiny glimpse underneath Tifa’s black skirt.

    Junior grabbed her arm and irish whipped her into the ropes across the ring. Tifa was propelled at an uncontrollable speed. She bounced off of the ropes and was heading straight for Junior, who had his right arm out, prepared for a clothesline. Tifa’s reaction time was nothing to scoff at, however. Instinctually, the young woman ducked underneath the oncoming attack and used her momentum to quickly bound off of the ropes she had been pinned against earlier to deliver a devastating drop kick to the brute’s chest, who had just turned to face his opponent..

    “AUGGGHH” the wrestler was caught off guard and he was sent flying. Both fighter’s landed on their backs. Tifa’s chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath.. Those hits had taken a lot out of her.

    Both fighters had gotten to their feet. The battle was in full swing and the audience was eating it up. The two warriors entered a test of strength and locked hands.. Tifa’s hands were more or less engulfed by Junior’s.. The wrestler applied force and began to gain some ground, but Tifa managed to slink behind Junior and get his right arm into a hammerlock. She wrenched his arm a few times before moving to a side headlock and began wrenching his neck.

    A small buzz interrupted Tifa’s momentum however... She shot a glare at the private room where the boss sat as she slightly loosened her grip, just enough to give the wrestler an opening.

    With the pressure off his head, Junior placed his hands on the back of Tifa’s supple thighs. He lifted her waaaay off the ground, high above his head. Tifa had a look of surprise and fear on her face as her legs were spread (giving the crowd a much better view of Tifa’s delicates.) and she faced the ceiling. The Brute enjoyed this feeling.

    “AAAAHHHHHH!!!” Tifa shrieked as she was harshly brought down into an atomic drop. Her eyes widened as pain shot through her tailbone. The crowd erupted at the display of strength and Tifa was left sitting on the wrestler’s knee breathing heavily with one arm draped over his neck. She was vulnerable.. An unusual predicament for the female fighter.

    Her head hung low in pain... She was struggling to keep her thoughts coherent as her training had taught her. This fight was getting out of hand.. From this position, Junior snaked his legs around Tifa’s and spread them, her arm was already in a perfect position to be maneuvered for his next move; a standing abdominal stretch.

    “AAAHHHHH!!!!” Tifa yelped again. She had never been put into these moves before... This was all so unfamiliar. Her toned core was being stretched while her legs and arms were all splayed out. The crowd enjoyed seeing the young woman get slammed and bent.. they began cheering for more.

    Junior was momentarily distracted by the limelight.. this was an opportunity for Tifa to writhe just enough to wrap her arm around the wrestler’s neck. From here she twisted her body to flip Junior over her. He landed with a thud on his back and Tifa tried to regain some momentum, almost forgetting she had to lose this fight for the sake of the child..

    Tifa was panting on all fours trying to compose herself. She clenched her fist and was ready to spring an atta---- *BUZZ*---

    “What?!” She stared in awe at the bracelet and then at the private room. She couldn’t attack without risking the child... The Boss was always one to give the crowd what they wanted, after all...

    Without a moment’s notice, Junior was on her again. He grabbed Tifa by the hair, lifted her to her feet, and grabbed onto her thighs. Straight from that, Junior hoisted her up and dropped her into an inverted atomic drop. Pain surged through Tifa’s womanhood.
    “... mmf...” was all that could escape Tifa’s mouth as she straddled the larger fighter’s knee.

    He lifted her again and looked her dead in the eyes.. “Whatever fight you have left in you... I’m taking it right now!”

    He forced Tifa’s head between his legs. "W-What??" She didn’t know what was coming next... She could just feel his arms wrap around her slender waist. With a grunt, Junior hoisted Tifa into the air.. The next thing she knew, the whole world had been turned upside down, her legs were pointing straight to the arena lights, her arms were holding onto the wrestler’s thighs, and the blood was rushing to her head.. She knew she was in trouble now... She’d only seen this move once before..

    “ A-a piledriver?! N-NO!!”

    Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Junior held Tifa in a piledriver position for a long time.. He walked around the ring to play to the crowd. They were loving it. Her face turned red due to the blood rush and the humiliation of being paraded around in this position.

    “DRIVE HER! DRIVE HER! DRIVE HER!” the crowd began to chant as Tifa's heart sank...

    He let the blood rush to her head a moment more before falling into a seated position.. The top of the young girl’s head collided with the mat with a thud.. The crowd exploded as Tifa’s eyes went dull.. Junior held her in that position for a few seconds longer than necessary to savor the feeling. Tifa.. right there.. so helpless. Limp arms rested on the mat and her whole body was folded over , held up only by the his grip on her waist.. Her head was still in a vice grip in the wrestler’s thighs. Her long, dark hair draped over his legs.

    Junior tossed her to the side and she plopped down onto the mat unceremoniously. Cobwebs filled her head and heavy breaths made her chest heave as she stared at the lights.. Junior hooked her leg and went for the pin.

    The crowd began to count.



    --- BUZZ ---- Tifa’s eyes instantly shot to life and she instinctually kicked out of the pin in confusion.

    “ THR--- AAAAAAWWW” The crowd was cut short.

    “WHAT?! HOW DID YOU KICK OUT?!?” The wrestler demanded to know. In a fit of rage, he lifted her by the hair once again and forced her into a headlock. “ ...nnh...” she quietly complained. Junior threw her arm over his shoulder and then grabbed a hold of the belt on her skirt and hoisted Tifa into the air for a stalling suplex. The wrestler placed on hand on Tifa’s stomach to balance her and once again the world was upside down. Tifa had a scared and defeated look on her face as her legs once more pointed straight to the lights for a good while... so high up...

    BOOM - A thunderous noise echoed with the cheers of the audience as Tifa was slammed to the mat back first. her eyes were glazed over in a daze as her chest heaved. He covered her again.

    “ONE... TWO.. --BUZZ--- THR--AWWWW!”

    “DAMMIT!!!! NO MORE!”

    He prepared her for his most vicious move.. She offered no resistance as she was lifted once more to her feet. He looked her dead in the eyes again and once more her head was tucked in between Junior’s thighs. He played up the crowd as Tifa stay prone in his vice grip. The crowd roared. The wrestler then tucked her arms between her body and his own arms so that they were pinned to her sides as he grabbed the back of the woman’s thighs. With a roar he lifted Tifa and once more her world had gone upside down... Her legs were once again spread for all to see...She was in position for Junior’s package piledriver.

    “...n-nn...” she whimpered.. She couldn’t fight out of it... she had nothing left.. she was already done...

    The crowd broke into their familiar chant...

    “ DRIVE HER. DRIVE HER. DRIVE HER.” Tifa heard through the haze as she stared out to those who so eagerly wish to see her piledriven.

    After a few moments of savoring this feeling he jumped into the air.. the crowd went silent...

    -- THUD ---



    Junior landed in a seated position as Tifa’s head once again collided with the ring.. and once again, Junior held her in that position.. savoring the moment.. her eyes had gone dull and her hands went slack in the air... She had been rendered unconscious with that final piledriver.

    After about ten seconds of silence and holding her prone body, the crowd exploded louder than ever.

    He dropped her and rolled her over and then proceeded to straddle his knees on either side her face and hooked both of her legs under his arms for the final time.





    Junior dropped Tifa’s knocked out body and paraded about the ring in celebration of his first...no... the arena’s first victory.. while Tifa lay utterly defeated...

    Up in the private lounge, the Boss was smiling.. he looked over to the little girl.

    “Daddy, who will brother fight next?”

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  5. kained

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    Very well written, very descriptive. It was a great idea to have Tifa blackmailed into throwing the fight, and the buzzer to let her know to kick out and prolong her suffering was inspired. Great first ryona story. I look forward to seeing more. Have a look at some of my stories too. My Teen Girl story for example, I haven't been able to update in a long time due to heavy studying.
  6. ghost13

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    hey thanks, man. I appreciate it. i will definitely check that out!
  7. Kargan3033

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    Nicely done Ghost13 I loved the surprise ending with the Boss and the little girl.
  8. ghost13

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    Nov 27, 2010
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