All Bets on Tifa - The Weeks Between


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Nov 27, 2010
PART 1 All bets on Tifa

PART 2 All Bets on Tifa II: The League

This story takes place between all bets on Tifa 2 & 3, so if you don't know the stipulations that Tifa fights under, take a gander at the other stories first. Also, I wanted to try to write from the other wrestlers perspective not from a semi omniscient standpoint.

P.S. Sebastian suffers from delusional behavior.

Ch. 2.1 - "Binary"

“C’mon, Sebastian... You can do this. Now is your time to shine.” I say as I clap my hands firmly against my cheeks to fire myself up. The nerves are there. A constant tickle in my stomach sending electric tremors throughout my entire body, reminding me of how much stronger I have to get. I wasn’t really built for fighting. I’m more bookish and analytical than I care to admit, given my dreams of being a wrestler... But I’ve worked my body and mind hard to get to where I am.

“-sigh- It’s been a rough couple of weeks..” I whine as I reminisce. I managed to barely win my first match against some other rookie no-name, like that actually matters. Was barely enough to earn my keep here. And for SOME REASON, I was paired against friggin’ Popovich the very next week! The giant dismantled me so now I have to dial in a hail mary just to not get fired.

And a hail mary I got. “Tifa Lockhart...” She’s part of the Boss’s new initiative to bring in a more... eclectic crowd. “Y’know I heard she was pretty damn strong but she’s just proven herself a jobber in her first two fights.. I need to capitalize on this.”

Junior managed to beat her in her first fight, but what interests me was her match against Clemence Keliburn. THE Clemence Keliburn. The Veteran, The Champion, The Legend. Call him what you will, but his reputation as the best of the best precedes him. It wasn’t so much that he won, but rather how he won.. He used his most gilded move against her, the tombstone piledriver, to get the pin. “It was so awesome!!” I say, starstruck. “-sigh- I still have some pictures on my phone...” From what I’ve researched, he only would ever use that move against someone who he deems an equal... so why... Maybe I’m missing something. Need more data.

I shake my head to get back in the game. I fasten my boots, check my wrist tape, and tug at my red pants.

“Ok! I’m rea--..”

I take off my glasses and place them in my locker.

“Ok! I’m ready!”



I hear my name called as I walk through the double doors and make my way down the ramp. I play to the relatively quiet crowd as I head up the steel steps and weave between the ropes. “One day they’ll cheer for me..” I say to myself in a nervous chuckle as I wave and make my way to the corner. With a sigh, I scrape my heels against the bottom turnbuckle and await my opponent.


My heart skips a beat as she made her way down the ramp. “Wow...” I whisper breathlessly. Taunts erupt from the crowd surrounding the walkway as she lowers her gaze. Though her head hangs low, she still maintains a proud strong gait. “She’s a fighter... that’s for certain.” I say to myself, nervously. She weaves her way between the ropes and immediately heads to her corner. “Here we go.. Gotta win.”



We both head towards the center of the ring. She’s even more stunning up close.. her long dark hair, red eyes, her perfect figure... Her black skirt and thigh high socks only add to the visage. I break into a nervous sweat as I extend my hands and see if she will lock up with me. She sharpens her eyes and grimaces as she accepts my challenge. We lock up and I immediately notice something strange. She’s already breathing heavily and starting to sweat.

“No time to dwell!” I think to myself as I begin to push. I hear her cute voice groan as I gain ground and force her back into her corner. “Ngh!” She exclaims as her back collides with the turnbuckles. I manage to break her hold on me and force her arms over the top ropes as I reach back and deliver a chop across her ample chest. I’m surprised to hear the audience cheering as she cries out in pain. “Huh... so this is what it takes to get something out of them.”

I smile as I reel back again and deliver another chop across her chest and again the audience cheers for me. I signal out to the crowd and raise my fist high before turning back to my opponent. Her chest is heaving and her skin is beginning to glisten with sweat. I reel my arm back but this time, ball up my fist and aim an uppercut right into her solar plexus.

“Guaghh” She wheezes as she bucks against the turnbuckle and wraps around my fist. I deliver another uppercut for good measure. Tifa’s eyes go wide and I can feel the breath leave her. I pull back my punch and let her slump to her knees. Part of me feels guilty.. but another part revels in the cheers of the crowd. With my opponent down, I turn to the audience and take in the limelight. “This is it. It’s my turn to take my place. I don’t care if I have to fight Tifa Lockhart to achieve it.”

I took my eyes off of my opponent. I find out that that is a fatal mistake.

To my surprise, I feel a strong grip on my shoulder. I get turned back around and am greeted with a strong left hook to my jaw. I see spots as I stagger backwards, vulnerable and off balance. I get a side kick to my ribs and reel over trying to protect myself, only to get a powerful uppercut to my jaw.

“NGH... Damn, she’s strong...” I think to myself as I feel her two gloved hands grab me around the head. She pulls me in close and traps me in a front headlock. She then grabs my arm and throws it over her shoulders, setting me up for a suplex. “uh oh..”

“Ngh!” She grunts as she attempts to lift me.. Nothing.. She tries again to no avail.

“-huff huff-” I hear her panting. Strange. Her strength levels are incongruous. She can hit like a truck, but can’t seem to lift me. Is she.. faking? Unsure.. but regardless.

I decide to turn the situation to my advantage. I reach down and grab the cloth of her skirt for leverage, bunching it up. I feel the soft skin of her thigh on the tips of my fingers as I summon my strength and lift her off of her feet.

“Hrrrgh!!” I groan as I drag Tifa upside down into the air. I feel her long hair dragging across my side as gravity pulls against her. “ngh..” She whimpers as she reaches the peak of her ascent. “I’m not gonna lose this crowd..” I say to myself as I decide to play it up a little. I let go of her skirt and place my hand on the front of her skirt at her lower abdomen right above her crotch for balance, setting her up for my stalling suplex. “... She’s warm.. Gah! don’t get distracted!”

“Count!” I call to the audience as they cheer.


I parade my upside down opponent around the ring a little, giving equal showtime to all corners of the arena.


I can feel her sweat dripping off of her as it lands on my shoulder and arm. I look down to see how she’s doing. “Turning red.. I-I’m sorry, but don’t worry! I’m almost finished.” I say in some... awkward attempt at comforting her.


“Alright, that’s good enough. Ready?” I hear her whimper in protest as I decide to end my move and fall backwards.


I fall backward to nail her back flat across the mat, causing her to bounce a little, as the audience erupts. This... feels pretty good. I release my hold and get back to my feet as my opponent rolls over to her side, clutching her back and coughing. “This is good. She’s already showing signs of fatigue. Need to keep wearing her down.”

I reach down and force her back onto her back. She hazily stares up at the lights, chest heaving, sweaty and defenseless. I reach for her arm and place it between my legs and fall backwards into an arm bar.

“AAAHH!!” I hear her crying out. I feel sorta bad, but I need to win. I feel her breasts beneath my calves and her elbow against my crotch as I wrench the hold. I don’t want to break her arm, so I’m holding back a little.

After a few more minutes of applying my submission, I release the hold. Tifa rolls over, gripping at her arm and kicking her feet against the mat. Everything is in my favor. “Is she... letting me win? Maybe she.. Maybe she sees the potential in me.”

I walk over to Tifa and grab two handfuls of her luscious hair. I feel a little guilty as I slowly haul her to her feet, she doesn’t put up a fight. We catch each other’s gaze for a short moment. She has a tired expression. In pain, but resilient.. She’s fighting something.

I release her hair and grab her by the arm. With a grunt, I Irish whip her into the ropes across from us. Her back collides with the ropes as she is propelled at an uncontrollable speed back towards me. “Just keep working her over..” I think to myself as I reel back my arm, preparing for a big clothesline.

“W-.. WHAT?!” My expression drops as my opponent manages to duck underneath my attack. I hit the brakes as fast as possible and turn to face her.


“GAH!!” She’s tricky.. Fooling me into thinking we were working together. She managed to bound off of the ropes and dropkick me square in my chest using the momentum I gave her. I fly backwards into the ropes and find my arms tangled around the top rope. “ngh... This is bad..” I look ahead towards my opponent and find her careening towards me like a bullet. “Oh crap oh crap oh--”


Tifa leapt into the air and nailed me with a spinning kick right across my jaw, sending me into a daze. I crumple to the ground defenseless. “I.. her strength comes in bursts.. I don’t understand this inconsistency..” I hear the crowd booing as my opponent gains the upper hand.

“I need to turn this around.” Tifa grabs me by the shoulder and hauls me to my feet. Before I know it, she has managed to slink behind me and wrap her arms around my waist. “This again? I thought she couldn’t... HRK--” before I could finish my sentence, my world is turned topsy turvy and I land on the mat on my upper back in her German suplex.


“GUH” The crowd erupts in a wave of boos as I collapse to the mat. “ they were eating out of the palm of my hand! This was supposed to be my match!” Tifa stands me up again and grabs me around the wrist. “This was supposed to be MY--”


“NGH!” Tifa had flipped me head over heels yet again with some judo wrist throw. Everything’s falling apart. I’ve lost the crowd. I’m losing the match. What do I do?.. My dreams.. This was supposed to be my match.. Dammit.

What do I do?

Tifa props me up on my knees as she hauls me up again. And again she flips me by the wrist. Dammit.. The crowd’s boos flood my senses. Everything else is blocked out. Dammit!

What do I do?

She drags me to my knees yet again. The crowd just keeps booing. I don’t understand.. I need this win..


What do I do?
What do I do?


Nothing is happening?

I look up at Tifa and she is simply standing there, panting. She IS letting me win! Before I realize it, I capitalize.


“a-...ah-...” That’s all Tifa says. I-.. I’m not sure what happened. I look towards my opponent. My arm found it’s way between Tifa’s legs. My bicep connected with Tifa’s crotch and was currently being saddled by her warm thighs. I hit her with a..a low blow?

Our positions seemed to have reversed as I shoot to a stand, shocked at my actions, and Tifa collapses to her knees, cupping her crotch in her hands. “W-what did I do? That’s so.. wrong, I’m so sor-- What?”

My ears perk up as the sound I’ve been waiting for floods my senses. The cheers. The audience was on my side again. Did she do this? I smile as I look around the arena. Is this what they want? This is ok then? Is this what will help me achieve my dream?

Confused, I reach down and grab Tifa by the hair. She looks at me with pained eyes as she reaches a stand. I place one of her arms over my shoulder and grab her around the thighs. “Hey, I-I’m really sorry about this.. But..” I hear her whimper as I haul her into the air, spread her legs, and bring her down harshly onto my knee in a reverse atomic drop. “This is what they want, a-and I need to win..” The words fumble out. “Y-you understand, right?”

Tifa cries out with tears welling up in her eyes. A.. weird feeling comes over me. Am... Am I smiling? What is this odd sensation? My pulse is up. Everything feels good, buzzy almost. I think I’m really starting to enjoy this and to make matters better, Tifa is on my side!

Tifa’s head rests against my shoulder. I feel her sweat dripping onto me. “Hey, It’s o-.. ok! I just.. I really need this, y’know? heh heh.” I say as I pat the back of her head. I grab her by the hair as we both stand. “Oh! I know! It’ll be great!” I smile as I bend Tifa over and force her head between my legs. The audience cheers for me and everything feels good. I let out a weak chuckle and wave to everyone.

“This feels amazing. This is all I ever wanted.” I can feel my groin pressing against the back of Tifa’s head as I awkwardly blush. She’s actively trying to pry my legs apart and bucking her hips to get out of my setup. I raise a fist and nail her between the shoulder blades to cease any thoughts of resistance she might have.


“H-hey! It’ll be alright! D-Don’t worry! ^u^” I say. I can’t stop smiling.

I reach down and wrap my arms around her sweaty, slender waist and haul her up. The fabric covering her thighs brush against my ears as she reaches the peak of her ascent. I look down and I-... I can see her black undergarments underneath her skirt and I start to blush.. Tifa is being really cooperative as I set her up for a piledriver. Is she really this kind?

I stand there holding Tifa upside down for a good while as the audience erupts into cheers and camera flashes. I smile wide as Tifa’s legs point straight to the ceiling and sweat drips up her body. A few more moments of spotlight pass before I break the silence.

“M-ma’am? I just wanted to say t-thanks! It’s my dream to make it in wrestling. A-and I know you don’t really appreciate this move, so.. thanks for being so understanding about it!” I say with a smile. Tifa’s being really nice, helping me like this. :)

“ngh...” Tifa doesn’t really respond.

“M-ma’am? You ok? Um.. Ok. Well I’m gonna drop now!”

-Gulp- “O-ok.. here we go..” I lean back slowly off of my feet into a sitting position.


Tifa’s head lands flush with the mat as the audience explodes. I’m all smiles a her body spasms for a split second before she loosens up and collapses over my knees. She lands on her back. Her eyes look glassy and her chest heaves as she breathes through her mouth. “Nice work, ma’am! They loved it! :D Ok, last thing!” I place her arms closer to her sides as I reach down for her thigh and hook her leg for the pin. This is it!



“NGH!” Tifa exclaims as she forces me to break the pin. I look at her confused.

“M-ma’am? I don’t.. This is where we pin, ok? :/” I reach down and grab her leg again for the pin.


She kicks out again.

“MA’AM!!--...” I lose my temper a little before calming my tone. Her other matches ended like this.. We need to fix this error. “Ma’am... This is where we pin, right? :/ Isn’t that how this works? :/ Data suggests that I piledrive you and then we pin, right? :/” I explain as she stares through the haze. She doesn’t look like she agrees. Im not sure what I did wrong.. What is the solution to this?

A-.. another?..

I slowly stand and reach for Tifa’s hair. I stand her up and plant a boot into her stomach, just for good measure. “OUF” She wheezes as she doubles over. I force her head between my legs again and clamp down. “O-ok, if you insist, I guess we can try it again? You ready?”

I reach down to wrap my arms around her waist to set her up for another piledriver, but I notice increased levels of resistance.

“Hey! Ma’am? I’m trying to execute a move, could you stop wriggling? I need to-- WOAH HEY!!”

“Hurrraggh!!” Tifa exclaims as she summons all her strength and forces herself to a stand, launching me off of her and onto my back on the mat.

“Ngh!!” I feel a little winded but I do my best to scramble to me feet and face my opponent. “MA’AM! This behavior is unacceptable! I insist that--”


I’m interrupted by a shining wizard across my nose. I fall back with a thud as I grip my face. Both she and I are lying sweaty and tired on the mat. I look at my hand and notice a small dribble of blood coming from my nose. “TIFA! I CANNOT CONDONE--” And then it hits me. “Ohh! Of course!!” She wants to prolong the match to help me look better! I smile and slowly make my way to my feet as I look at my opponent. She managed to get to her knees, but looks rather drained and over exerted. “Ma’am.. really, I just want to say thanks. :) It’s really nice that you’re willing to go so far as to--”

“Are you crazy?” The only words she has said to me since this match had begun.

I’m slightly taken aback. “..C-crazy?” I laugh it off. Tifa’s ribbing is rather adorable. No time for jests though. We’re here to propel my status, so we should probably not dawdle in front of an anxious crowd. I wonder what she has planned for us?

Tifa slowly and shakily made her way to her feet. Wow.. she’s really good at this. She’s reaches a full stand but pretty soon, her body collapses and she catches herself, propping herself up with her hands on her knees. “I.. Suppose I’ll lead?” I say with a smile as I saunter over. She must really trust me!

“Ready, ma’am?” I ask with a smile. That ever defiant look is still sharp in her eyes. Amazing. “Let’s make it good. ;)”

I grab her around the head and swiftly raise my knee into her taught stomach. “OUF!” She gasps as I wind her. Can’t make it look too soft. She doubles over as I lead her into a front headlock. Power moves seem to be the most popular amongst the crowd, so sure, we can play to that tune. She offers no resistance as I grab her by the belt and tuck her deeper into my headlock. I slightly see the bottom of her rear from my position and try to avert my eyes. Sorry ma’am, not trying to... -ahem- I shake my head and whisper to my opponent. “~Ok, ma’am. We’re all set up. Are you ready? Let’s make it look good.~ ;)”


The audience cheers as I fall backwards and spike her head to the mat with a DDT. Tifa’s body shudders in air for a mere moment before she collapses onto the mat beside me. I keep her there for a few moments as whisper to her. “~That was great, Tifa! We’ve really got them hooked! Let’s keep it up! :D According to my calculations, this match is currently at a peak!~” Tifa’s arms lay unresponsive at her side.

I notice her fingers twitch every few seconds. She really manages to capture every small detail perfectly.
I decide to keep up the show, so I slightly adjust Tifa and snake my legs around her waist, still keeping her in my headlock. I stay on my back as I tighten my legs around her waist and wrench back on her head, executing a textbook guillotine choke. “How’s this, ma’am? I think a submission maneuver or two will serve well to break the pace a little!” I feel Tifa begin to stir as her blood and air supply are both cut off. She plants both of her hands onto the mat and tries to force herself up, and me with her. After about a minute of struggling, Tifa fades and falls to the mat again.

“...? Tifa? Ma’am? Are you holding up alright?” Her arms once again rest slack at her sides but now her body begins to quiver a little bit in my hold. “M-.. ma’am? Are you alright? I appreciate the authenticity, but I don’t think ending the match with a submission is optimal... ma’am? :/ ”

I feel some drool on my arm, so I break the hold. A submission KO? I disagree, Tifa. It’s not optimal. Not optimal at all. I stand up and look down at my partner. “... Need to spruce you up a little, ma’am. And I know just the trick!” I walk towards her legs. “Ma’am.. I don’t wish to subject you to any indecency, but studies show that the stadium attendees really appreciate you in.. precarious positions. -ahem- Aaaaanyways.”

I grab one of her legs and lift it, wrapping it around my neck into a stretch muffler. “This’ll put some pep in your step! We’re doing great, ma’am! Again, I just really appreciate you being so selfless and generous... It means the world to--”

“AAAAHHHHH!!!!” Ah! She’s ‘woken up’. ;)

I spread her legs further apart in the submission hold (confusing her short skirt in the process) as her back arches to a more and more extreme angle. “I read that this particular move stretches the thigh, groin, abdominals, and back all at once. AND its really showy! Fits our needs perfectly! :D”

The audience cheers as I flex my free arm, sorta hamming it up, but they like that sort of thing.. or so I’ve read.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!!!” Tifa continues to play her role to perfection. She’s so wonderful. T-T

“Oh!” I remember something important and relay the information to Tifa in a whisper. “~pst. Hey! I’ve not once asked you if you want to submit! It’ll really build the tension! Let’s play it up a little!~ ;)”

I summon a very chesty voice as I bellow out to the crowd. “DO YOU GIVE?? ~Pst! Now it’s your turn, ma’am!~”

“.......” No response. :/ Tifa’s just glaring at me, sweaty and panting.. Maybe I did it wrong?
Let’s try this again. Need to meet Tifa’s expectations!

I wrench back really hard on her leg and bellow out even harder. “DO YOU GIVE?!?”


“AAAHHHHHH!!!! N-... NO!”

There we go! :) I play it up some more, adding to the drama. “Are you sure??! This can all end now!! ~Pssst! Hey, don’t actually submit! Remember, a pin is the most optimal ending to our bout!~ ;)” I wrench back yet again to really give the impression that I’m working over her hips.


“YAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! NOOOO! NO!” She’s superb. T-T

“Fine then!!” I say out to the crowd almost Shakespearean. “ I can see that you won’t submit!!” The crowd roars simply to continue our match! This is great!

I drop Tifa’s supple leg as she reaches to ‘mend’ it. To play the oppressor well, I need to keep on the assault. I force Tifa onto her back and grab both of her ankles. I lift her legs and spread them slightly as I begin to blush. “-ahem- .. M-ma’am?” I say to her. She doesn’t look at me though, she looks as though her head is in a fog. Her chest is heaving and her skin is glistening with sweat. I address her again. “Ma’am.. T-this is awfully forward of me, but I think it will really push our match’s interestt..” I spread her legs a little further and can’t help but catch a glimpse beneath her skirt.. “D-don’t worry though, ma’am. I have this completely under control! :D” Again no response. Ok, well.. here I go..

I raise my foot and stomp down onto Tifa’s vulnerable groin.


The audience explodes as Tifa’s eyes shoot wide and her mouth hangs agape.. I almost think she’s selling a bit too well. The audience gives me that buzz again and I can’t resist playing them up a little more. :)
I smile out and look back down on Tifa. Her eyes are closed tight in ‘pain’. Those tears in the corner of her eyes look so good.

“~pst!! That was great, ma’am! Just.. one more? Please? They’ll really appreciate it! As will I!” ... no response.. I think that’s a yes?

I spread her legs yet again, her eyes are sorrowful as she lays there sweating. I wink at her to remind her that everything is under control. I raise my foot but instead this time, I drop my knee down onto her crotch. A.. little harder than intended, but it’ll sell well.

“A-... Ah....a-” Tifa’s eyes again go wide as her body recoils. Sending some sweat flying from her body onto the mat. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, tonight. I’ll remember everything you’ve done for me tonight, Tifa. I swear it. T-T

I drop her legs as Tifa rolls into a ball and cups her groin. I turn to the crowd and segue our play into the final act. “Time to finish this!!” I bellow out. I reach down for two handfuls of Tifa’s dark hair and drag her up. “~pst! This is it, ma’am! You’ve done so much for me and this has been the best night of my life, but it’s time for the finishing move! :D And I’ve got just the thing! The audience will love it, I guara--”


My head whips to the side as a burning pain rushes through my jaw. I’m completely in awe as I slowly take a few steps back. I can taste blood as spots flood my vision. I look up towards my partner.

“m-... ma’am? What’s going--” Before I can finish my sentence, Tifa bullets towards me.

“TIFA??!!” I cry out. I don’t understand whats happening, we had the whole match in the bag! what’s the meaning of these last minute alterations?? D:


Tifa spins and delivers a sharp elbow to my nose, stunning me. I don’t understand.


From what seems to be out of nowhere, a foot comes down flat atop my skull. She’s hitting really hard..
“Ma’am! You didn’t inform me that we were making adjust--”


Tifa unleashed a backflip kick to my chin that sent me across the ring. I landed hard on my back. It really hurt, but what hurt worse was the feeling of betrayal now occupying my chest. I slowly climb the ropes to get back to my feet. why would she do this? I don’t understand. What did I do wrong?! WHAT DID I---

“YOU’RE INSANE!!” Tifa cried out.

“W-.. What?” I slowly look up at Tifa. “But.. but we agreed that-”


Tifa didn’t even let me finish my sentence before she nailed me in the gut with a vicious uppercut.

“OUF” I wheezed. “T-Tifa! -kaff kaff- Please wait! I-I MMF!”

Tifa rudely grabbed me by the face as the crowd boos and, one handedly, lifted me into the air only to slam me on my back in the center of the ring. What is she thinking??


“GAH!!” I exclaimed as my back connects with the mat, winding me. Tifa releases my face and proceeds to take a few steps back. I slowly make my way to my knees, confused, sad, and hurt. “How could she do this... She was so kind and now she-- wait..”

I look up at Tifa as she collapses into the corner. She’s not able to stand as her chest heaves and her skin glistens with sweat. She had a tired look in her eye and all she does is stare at the back of her hand..

What could this mean. I don’t---

“Oh.. Ooooohhhhhh!!!” She’s brilliant. Simply brilliant. She even had me going! Of course!! She stages an upset only to be thwarted by the last minute turn around! The tension levels are currently at their peak! “I UNDERSTAND, MA’AM!! :D”

I gather my strength and rise to my feet, ready to close the curtains on what could be the greatest match I’ll ever have. I rush in on my prone opponent and deliver a stomp to her gut.

“OUF!” She gasps the wind leaves her lungs. I lean in a little bit. “Don’t worry ma’am! I understand and I’ll take it from here! We’re almost there! :)”

I grab her by the hair and she offers no resistance as I slowly lift her to her feet. A quick knee to the stomach doubles her over as I turn and grab her head in a rear headlock. “~Ready, ma’am?~”
I burst into a run and about halfway across the ring leap into the air.


I bring Tifa down into a running bulldog. Her face and chest bounce off of the mat as her arms and legs lazily drag behind. “Good job, ma’am! This is it! Let’s finish strong!! :D”

Her chest heaves as I grab her by the hair and haul her to her feet. I look her in her hazy eyes and simply smile at her. Nothing could ever repay what she’s done for me. I am forever in your debt, Tifa. “Let’s end this together..”

She is super cooperative as I reach between her legs and hoist her onto my shoulder. I feel her stomach sweat drip down onto me and I feel her breasts haggardly rising and falling on my chest. I slowly ease her into an inverted belly to belly bearhug, placing my head b-... between her legs as her head is close to my crotch. She complies and wraps her arms around my waist. “~Attagirl. This is going to be amazing!~”

From there I adjust my right arm and snake it around her leg, placing it underneath my armpit. I repeat for the opposite leg, until I’m standing with her arms around my waist and both her legs under my armpits in what I like to call the package tombstone piledriver!! The crowd erupts into roars and camera flashes.

I stay there a long while and let the moment just last for us. This is it. This Is the first step on the path to achieving my dream. And I couldn’t have done this without Tifa Lockhart.

I look down for a final word with my partner. “Tifa.. Thank you. For everything. You’ve single-handedly raised my status as a wrestler. If there’s anything I can do to repay you..”

She says nothing.. I just feel her sweat and her chest rising and falling against my pelvis. Altruistic as always. T-T

“W-... Well alright, ma’am. This is the last move. My calculations say that this is the best moment to end the match. I’m going to drop you now, and then we proceed to the pinfall.. ok?”

No response..

“A-alright then... Three, two,-- Hurgh!!”

And with a grunt I leapt up into the air and just as quickly plummeted back down to the mat on my knees and flush atop Tifa’s head. Her body quivered in my grasp for a mere second before her arms fell slack around my legs and she crumpled in my grasp. Masterful selling.

I kept her arms underneath my armpits as her shoulders connected with the mat, optimal positioning for a pin.

“Count!!” I yell to the audience.



That was it. We did it!

I release Tifa’s legs one by one as she fall onto her back. Her eyes are blank and her chest is slowly rising and falling. I simply smile at her and pat her cheek. “Hey.. ma’am? It’s over. It was as masterful show... ma’am?”

Ever quiet. Maybe she wants me to revel? Very well, Tifa.

I slowly stand and raise my arms in victory before I look down. “I.. Sorry, ma’am, allow me this one last gratitude..”

I place my foot between her breasts and flex to the audience in a display of dominance. Camera flashes flood the room as the audience chants my name.. All thanks to you, Tifa.

She’s too kind... T-T



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Awesome read! Cool to see the aggressors pov as well as giving more character to Sebastian... but now I feel a lil sorry for him for being so delusional lol


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Jul 15, 2016
That guy really was delusional lol. Thinking that he and Tifa were going by some script and that she was trying to help him and poor Tifa not only losing and getting K.O'ed but having to listen to this guys crazy ramblings as it happens.

Love your stories.


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Nov 27, 2010
That guy really was delusional lol. Thinking that he and Tifa were going by some script and that she was trying to help him and poor Tifa not only losing and getting K.O'ed but having to listen to this guys crazy ramblings as it happens.

Love your stories.
Thank you!

And yeah, the delusional wrestler wasn't planned lol. This was just going to be a regular story but that quirk worked its way in somehow..


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May 6, 2017
Loved it! Hahahaha Sebastian was really cool! Part of me found it really twisted, while being funny at the same time.

Love your stories!


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May 6, 2017
Will you write more stories with Tifa iin this same "In Between" setting? or are you going to keep going with the rest of the characters who are still in the league? hahahaha just curious about whether or not we'll see Tifa again :p
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Nov 27, 2010
Will you write more stories with Tifa iin this same "In Between" setting? or are you going to keep going with the rest of the characters who are still in the league? hahahaha just curious about whether or not we'll see Tifa again :p
As long as I continue to write, Tifa will keep showing up in some way lol.


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Aug 10, 2015
Ghost13, this latest chapter of your Tifa humiliation stories is top notch I like the fact you put a lose cannon in the ring with her, as always top marks for you in story writing I look forward to seeing what happens next, maybe a wardrobe malfunction?


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Nov 27, 2010
Ghost13, this latest chapter of your Tifa humiliation stories is top notch I like the fact you put a lose cannon in the ring with her, as always top marks for you in story writing I look forward to seeing what happens next, maybe a wardrobe malfunction?
Thank you!

And I don't think there will ever be blatant nudity in my stories lol. Everyone is probably tired of hearing it, but I'm gonna stay pg13 with my work.
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