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Sep 25, 2015
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I've decided to upload this story in segments. Just testing out a new method. The plan is to release a new part every day until it's finished. It's well on its way!


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Sep 30, 2012
I know the story hasn't even begun yet but I like it already. Alexa's worried face is so cute


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Sep 25, 2015
A throbbing beat hits the arena, blasting everyone to their feet to catch a look as Alexa Bliss enters the arena. Her arrogant smirk and confident strut radiate as loud as her fitting theme, and she stands proudly with the Women's Championship around her waist, letting the sight of its gold on her sink in on the crowd.
1a champion.jpg
She takes her time getting to the ring, taking any opportunity to taunt fans who have the audacity to jeer her. Once in the ring, she continues to parade around her championship, showing off everything she can about it and herself. Whether the people love her confidence or hate her attitude, no one can turn away or deny her their attention.
1b wink.gif
1c proud.jpg
Alexa takes up a mic as her music fades. She paces around the ring like a tiny wolf with skeletal claws at the ready. "Isn't this a great sight?" she asks the crowd. "Little old me... Standing here with the Women's Championship over my shoulder? It just feels so right."
2a mic.jpg
She pauses as the crowd lends their ears. Alexa basks in every second of attention.

"I told you all I'd be champion. I deserve this; I earned this! I'm the best woman here today! That orange disaster Becky couldn't touch me and no one will! I'm going to be your champion, your goddess, for a long, long time!"
A different theme suddenly echoes through the arena, the boss's theme. Stephanie McMahon herself appears down the ramp and strides to the ring as Alexa scowls at the interruption.
2b interrupted.jpg
"What are you doing here, Stephanie?" Alexa demands to know. "This is my moment. I'm in the spotlight now and I don't need to share it with someone with a deluded sense of authority who horns in on every angle just to hear herself talk."

An unimpressed smirk crosses Stephanie's lips, just as devilish as Alexa's. "I'll come out here whenever I see fit, Alexa" the boss chastises. "You're part of my women's division, the division I've been pushing to the limit. You owe me your success, so maybe show some gratitude."
3a steph amused.jpg
Alexa rolls her eyes and dons a sarcastic tone. "Oh, thank you sooooo much, Mrs. McMahon!" she chides. "I'm sooo thankful you put your body on the line out here winning matches and titles! You're such an inspiration!"
3b confident.gif
Alexa lowers her mic and glares daggers at her boss. "As if" she mutters with disgust.
3c alexa cuts in.jpg
"Don't think you're so tough" Stephanie suggests calmly with a furrowed brow. "You're just a small little barbie doll who thinks she's a badass. You're too short to sound threatening. You're too tiny for me to be scared of you. And you're too weak to stand up against a woman like me."

Anger wells up in Alexa's tiny face as Stephanie's words strike a nerve. "You remind me of past divas" Stephanie continues, twisting the knife. "You're not good enough to be champion in my division."

"Then why don't you prove it and do something?" Alexa dares angrily. "I'll take down anyone you through at me! I've already shown the world what a loser Becky Lynch is, so who's next?"
"Oh, I don't think any of them can quite humble you the way you need to be... I had someone else in mind, someone to really put you in your place."

"And who's that?"

"Me" Stephanie says simply. "You're going to take me on."

Alexa hesitates with surprise but quickly scoffs at the idea. "You?" she questions. "You're no wrestler. I'd destroy you. And then how would this place function with allllll that suuuuper important work you do here."
3d uninterested.jpg
"Are you afraid, little girl?" Stephanie asks. "If you're really this 'five feet of fury' everyone calls you, then you should take on anyone. And you should put your title on the line too. Come on, show me this fury of yours! I'd love to see you get all riled up!"
3e steph challenges.jpg
Alexa scoffs again and looks to the crowd. They seem to want the match despite Alexa's objections, so she shrugs and turns back to her boss. "Fine, you're on" she declares. "I'm going to show you what five feet of fury can do! I'm going-"
3f laughing.gif
3g bring it.gif
Stephanie hurls a hard, echoing slap across Alexa's face before she can finish mouthing off, and the little blonde doll falls to the mat in a heap. Stunned, Alexa grinds her teeth in frustration and holds her reddened cheek in pain. Stephanie just laughs above her, towering over her small frame.
4a slapped.jpg
"One hit..." Stephanie taunts. "That's all it took to put you down. This is going to be easy. See you later tonight, bitch."
4b steph stands tall.jpg

4c alexa down.gif
Stephanie emphatically drops her mic and drapes Alexa's title over her back. The proud boss saunters out of the ring as her music plays, leaving Alexa writhing in embarrassment in the ring, glaring after her enemy, dreaming of ways to repay her later in the night.
4f down and out.jpg
4d alexa angry.jpg


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Sep 25, 2015
Alexa is being interviewed backstage by Renee Young, proudly holding her championship for all to see. Once again, she doesn't look the slightest bug concerned for her match tonight. She seems to radiate confidence no matter the situation.

"Alexa, are you at all concerned for your match tonight?" asks Renee.

Alexa laughs at the very idea. "Worried?" she questions. "Why would I be worried? What kind of a stupid question is that? I'm the Women's Champion! I've beaten everyone who's come at me! Now the boss herself wants some? Fine! She's about to learn what it means to mess with me!"
5a not worried.jpg
"But, Alexa... She did just leave you lying in the ring after a single slap. Doesn't that affect your confidence, even a little?"

Alexa doesn't answer and just glares down on the stupid woman asking such things. Rather than say a word, she adjusts her championship, shows off her knuckles to the camera, and flips her hair back in Renee's face before strutting off. Maybe her confidence has wavered after all, just a little.
5b badass.gif
Alexa is ready backstage moments before the match is scheduled. As she waits, Stephanie walks up behind her gives her a surprise smack on the ass, catching her off guard. Before Alexa can turn around, Steph grabs a handful of her long locks and rams her hard against the unforgiving wall. Alexa is stunned at the blunt impact but Stephanie doesn't relent and drags her by her hair into a nearby breaker box.
5c backstage.jpg
Stephanie takes a step back to admire her work as Alexa holds her swirling head in pain. As she slowly gets her focus back, she glares up at Stephanie and lunges, furious at the unfair sneak attack. The boss has the blonde's small attack scouted though and catches her, using her own momentum to hurl her against the opposite wall. All five feet of her collides with a thud and then hits the floor, skin smacking against the concrete.
5d angry backstage.png
Alexa writhes in pain on the cold, loveless floor as Stephanie crouches down to get in her face. The smaller girl can only scowl as Steph feeds her a superior smirk. "I'm going to destroy you" Stephanie whispers to her in confidence. "You know that, right?"

A worried look crosses Alexa's face, and she even inches away from her attacker. Steph doesn't let up though and grabs her thick hair again, dragging her up by her pigtails and playing with them as Alexa screams and squirms. Her pink and blonde strands are wrapped together and pulled every way imaginable, torturing the poor champion as she flails to get free.
5e down backstage.jpg
5f hurt backstage.jpg
Stephanie finally pushes her hard into a large crate, bending her over it and knocking the wind from her tiny body. Alexa gasps as she leans over the large box, but Stephanie yanks her back by her hair again. "You my bitch yet?" Stephanie whispers in her ear. "You will be."

Steph throws Alexa back against the container to let her suffer quietly. She takes the bands from her hair as trophies, letting her pigtails fall into one long mess. Alexa barely notices though and doesn't fight it; she just stays bent over the container, sore and embarrassed.

Stephanie takes a step back to look over the champion, bent over, ass sticking out and legs just a little spread. It's a prime position, so Stephanie hurls her boot between the girl's thighs, jolting her up in pain and earning a surprised squeak from her lips.

The boss doesn't stop there though, and she grabs Alexa by the back of her tights, pulls her in close, and throws her arm up between her thighs again.

And again. And again.

Alexa cries out in pain and holds her sensitive area with both hands, trying but failing to protect herself. Stephanie stops when she can clearly hear Alexa's sobs, and she lets the champ go to fall to her knees. The boss leaves her like that as her entrance music hits the arena and she heads out. The match is about to start in seconds, and Alexa is writhing on the floor with pain between her legs and tears in her eyes.
5g upset backstage.jpg


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Jan 11, 2015
Love her shiny boots! Steph must humiliate Alexa extremely great! XDD


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Sep 25, 2015
As Stephanie's music plays, the authority figure strides out into the arena with utter smugness written in her face. After what she just did to Alexa, she has reason to be confident, and she plays it up as the crowd lets her know just how hated she is.
6a steph enters.jpg
6b steph enters.jpg
Alexa's music hits next, but the champion doesn't appear for an unusually long time. After the odd delay, the furious little blonde emerges with her title in tow, favoring her neck and walking with a slight limp. She tries to hide her weakened state by tussling her hair and staring down any fan who watches too long, but her injury is clear as day to her opponent. She's like a little lamb heading straight for the wolf that tore her open.
7a alexa hair toss.gif
7aa walk stare.gif
7g ready badass.jpg
7b sexy walk.jpg
7c thinks it's a joke.jpg
7dd little badass.gif
7g ready badass.jpg
Despite the earlier attack, Alexa still exudes confidence as any champion should, and she faces off with Steph unfazed.

"How you feeling?" mocks Stephanie as if Alexa was no threat at all. The blonde warrior is focused though and refuses to allow anymore sneak attacks to catch her off guard.
7h ready.jpg
8a steph unmoved.jpg
8b steph ready.jpg
8d about to start.gif
The bell rings as the crowd settles in to watch the match unfold. Alexa warily keeps her distance at first, studying Stephanie and watching for any sudden or cheap movement. Stephanie paces calmly around the ring, waiting for the smaller woman to do something, make any kind of move, so she can exploit it.

The impatient boss quickly tires of waiting though and lunges for a grapple. Alexa scouts her though and whips her across the ring with a swift arm drag, surprising Steph right away. The boss's impatience turns to frustration and she sneers the champ's way, staying down just to glare at her with stone cold daggers.

Alexa is merely amused by the death stare though, and she leans playfully on the ropes, again showing her overflowing confidence. She even starts earning cheers from the crowd. Despite her questionable persona, the little blonde champion is the lesser of two evils and firmly has the fans behind her.
8e arm drag cocky.jpg
8f cocky rope lean.jpg
With a smile and a laugh, Alexa hops off the ropes and turns toward Steph, expecting her to still be reeling. But she turns right into a stiff slap and drops hard. Stunned, the champion feels her cheek and winces in pain.
8g slapped.jpg
Alexa doesn't let the slap stop her though; it only aggravates her. She bursts to her feet and pushes Stephanie in a rage, seething that the boss is treating her like such an inferior specimen.
8h angry.gif
8i annoyed unimpressed.gif
9a pushing steph.jpg
Stephanie barely falters from the wild push though. She laughs at the attempt and puts all her weight behind shoving Alexa back, pushing her flailing body into the corner and trapping her there. The little champion's head is pressed back against the turnbuckle, unnaturally cranked as Stephanie uses her strength to press Alexa hard. The blonde kicks with her feet and squirms to escape, but she can't match the boss's power and is only saved by the referee counting to four and stopping the illegal hold.
9aa pushed back.jpg
9b annoyed.gif
Steph backs away as Alexa rests on the middle buckle to catch her breath. As she gasps for air, it's the boss's turn to gloat to the crowd. She stands proudly with the champion reeling, and the fans shower her with unhappy boos.
9c steph cocky.jpg
Alexa stumbles out of the corner and shakes off the cobwebs, ready to go again. She readies to grapple with her taller opponent and the two lock up, with Stephanie easily holding her position as Alexa pushes and twists to find an advantage. Even with all her weight fighting for position in the hold, Alexa is easily held at bay.

Stephanie sighs at the weak champion and grabs her hands in a test of strength, effortlessly straining Alexa's arms and bending her wrists back. Alexa again grimaces in pain and tries to shake off the simple hold, but Stephanie proves too strong for her.
10a grapple.jpg
10aa test of strength.jpg
Instead, Alexa kicks outwards with her feet, just enough to distract Steph to loosen her grip. Alexa takes advantage and uses her speed, sliding around her opponent and catching Steph in a waist lock. Stephanie grabs at Alexa's arms around her stomach momentarily, but she again easily counters by throwing elbows behind her, smacking the small champion in the isde of the head until her feeble grip is broken.

As Alexa loses control and stumbles, Stephanie turns things around with her own waist lock, holding Alexa firmly in her grasp. She hoists the little woman off her feet just to show her strength, scaring the champ with her power.
10ab grabbed around.jpg
10b grabbed behind.jpg
Stephanie sets Alexa back down, still holding her waist firmly as the blonde squirms and curses under her breath. She's grabbed by her hair next and violently tugged around, still fighting with what little power she has. Stephanie finally just whips her over with a snapmare, landing Alexa flat on her ass, ensuring she knows exactly who the stronger woman is.
10c hair grabbed.jpg
10d snapmare.jpg
11a annoyed.jpg
But Alexa still refuses to take the abuse lying down. The little package of dynamite gets back up and lunges angrily, clearly annoyed by Stephanie's treatment. The boss easily grabs her outstretched arm though and whips her off the ropes, ready to cream the little girl with a powerful clothesline.

Alexa ducks the blow though and wraps her feet around Stephanie's ankle, tripping her down to the mat. At last, Alexa is standing tall.

"You think you can treat me like a ragdoll?!" Alexa screams down at Steph. "I'm the Women's Champion! I'm the toughest, sexiest woman in the WWE!"

Alexa throws an arm up to play to the crowd, earning a wave of momentum. "Now stay down!" she cries at Stephanie, readying to drop an elbow. The five foot blonde even does a grinding dance before dropping the hammer, unable to help herself and her inflated ego from trying to return some of the humiliation.
11b dance.gif
But as Alexa swings her hips, Stephanie sits up and throws an uppercut between her legs. Alexa drops like a bag of sand and her momentum grinds to a sudden halt before it can hardly begin. Now it's the small blonde on her knees, face to the mat, as Stephanie stands above her.

"You're hardly the toughest woman here" Stephanie tells her proudly as Alexa can be heard whimpering. "You're just a dolled up diva like the women we used to hire; you try to hide it with a crazy attitude but you're a pathetic little loser."
11c kicked down.jpg


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Sep 25, 2015
Hurt by Stephanie's words, Alexa takes a wild swing, missing by a mile. She tries to stand, to even inch upwards, but the throbbing between her legs is too great and she stays on her knees, holding her crotch in pain.

Stephanie doesn't show any remorse though and grabs the weakened girl up by her blonde locks. She throws Alexa face-first into the turnbuckle, smashing her pretty face hard against the pad. Alexa's vision goes hazy and she starts to sway, barely on her feet. She slumps over and begins to slide down into the corner, so Stephanie smashes her face on the middle buckle as she goes down, finishing her descent to the mat.
12b turnbuckle throw.jpg
12c turnbuckle.jpg
12d corner slump.jpg
12dd corner slump.jpg
12e corner slump.jpg
With a laugh as Alexa moans on the floor, Stephanie towers over the wounded champion. "Is that all you got, little girl?" she boasts. Alexa lets out a hurt groan and holds her dizzy head. She makes it to all fours and crawls out of the corner, right past Steph as she looms over her, laughing all the while.

As Alexa crawls to the center of the ring, Stephanie drops a hard elbow on the small of her back, crushing the small girl's frame in two. Alexa cries out in pain, but her boss ignores it and grabs her up by her hair again, draping her viciously over her knee in a back-bending stretch. Alexa kicks desperately with her feet, but Stephanie holds her down and bends her body without remorse.
13a sub start.jpg
As the torture wears on, Stephanie loosens her grip just to see Alexa try to squirm free. The little champion manages to sit up and slide off Steph's knee, but the boss just cranks her head to the side in another lock.
13b sub continued.jpg
Even as Alexa continues trying to escape, Stephanie just laughs at her, endlessly amused at Alexa's pained expressions. "Oh, you're almost there..." Stephanie taunts her as she grabs Alexa's arms and yanks them back across her neck. "Just a little more and you can escape..."

But just as Alexa begins to fight her way out, Stephanie sits down on her back, pinned her in the uncomfortable hold. Alexa lets out an upset gasp as her body's weighed down and the realization comes that she can't escape. She's helpless as Stephanie contorts her neck, pulls out her hair, and mercilessly berates her for being the weaker woman.
13c sub almost out.jpg
13d sub back in.jpg
At long last, Stephanie slams Alexa's face to the mat and gets off her. The wounded champ is too hurt to stand though and only lies there, holding her neck and suffering quietly. Steph finally just grabs her up by her long hair once again and gets in her face.

"You should've never screwed with me..." Stephanie sneers to her, "Because I'm going to make you my bitch!"

The boss whips Alexa off the ropes and prepares for a back-body-drop. The little champ manages to scout it though and hoofs Steph in the shoulder, buying her an opening. Alexa takes advantage and runs off the ropes to deliver her comeback...

Only to be caught under Steph's arm and planted in a firm DDT.
14b ass spanked.jpg
With the blonde down and barely moving, Stephanie lets out yet another amused laugh as she towers over Alexa's prone body, face down and ass up. The boss slaps Alexa's ass for good measure, making it jiggle as her body lies still and weak.
14c ass spanked.jpg
Alexa slowly recovers, shifting her battered body around until her vision clears and her head stops pounding. She slowly crawls onto all fours, too hurt to even feel the handprint on her ass. Before she can fully stand though, Stephanie plants a boot on her fingers, trapping her on the mat.
15a hand stepped on.jpg
"Ahhh!" Alexa cries out, grabbing at her trapped hand.

"You don't get up until I say so" Stephanie talks down to her.

"Agh..! You bitch! Let me go!"

"Now, now..." Stephanie's teases, "Is that any way to talk to your boss? Ask nicely and I'll let you up."

Alexa furrows her brow in anger and squirms harder, desperate to avoid begging. But Steph only presses down harder. If she put any more weight behind it, she could break Alexa's poor fingers.

"Aggghh..! Alright! Alright!" Alexa finally pleads. "Let me up! Get off me!"

"Hm... That doesn't sound like you're quite begging..."

Alexa sighs sadly and shuts her eyes, not wanting to see how the crowd is looking down on her now. "Please, Stephanie, let me up" she finally mutters.

Stephanie laughs and removes her boot, letting Alexa spring to her knees and hold her aching hand. She looks back up from her wounds to see Steph looming before her, and Alexa asks her again to hold back.

"J-Just give me a second..." she asks sadly.
15b kneeling.jpg
A wicked smirk crosses Steph's lips. "No" she spits with disgust.

She throws a hard slap across Alexa's pouting face, knocking her back down to the mat in a heap. Alexa doesn't try to fight her way back up this time; she just lies there, mouth agape, softly drawing fragile breath.

15c slapped down.jpg
15d hurt.jpg


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Sep 25, 2015
The internet appears to be down at my place for whatever reason so possibly no update tonight... will resume as soon as it's back up.


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Sep 25, 2015
Steph stands above her for a long while, boasting to the disappointed crowd at the sight before them. Alexa is barely moving on the mat as authority bears down on her, completely in control. It's starting to become upsettingly clear that the little blonde fury has bitten off more than she can chew.

Alexa rolls weakly onto her back and stares at the lights above through glazed eyes. Stephanie's shadow blocks her blurred view and the boss reaches down, grabbing Alexa's top firmly in her hand. She pulls at it, dragging a limp Alexa up to her feet, holding her swaying back and forth by her small top as her knees wobble weakly.
16a alexa down.jpg
16aa alexa dragged.jpg
16ab steph taunts.jpg
The poor champion is a sad sight as she stands solely thanks to Stephanie's grip. Her head droops and she struggles for breath; even her arms dangle uselessly at her sides.

"You're pathetic" Stephanie tells her coldly. "You can't even fight back now. Some champion you are."

Steph blasts little Alexa with a hard slap and releases her grip on her top, letting her plummet to the mat. She lands sorely on her knees, face hurting and body hunched over in pain and embarrassment.
16b kneeling.jpg
Stephanie laughs at the sight of Alexa kneeling before her. "You look so perfect right there!" she exclaims. "Down on your knees... Bowing to your queen, your boss, your dominator..."

A weak little whimper escapes Alexa's lips. Her scowls and fury have been completely replaced with begging and sobbing, but Stephanie finds it amusing.

"Come back up here" she mutters as she drags Alexa back up by her top, again being the only thing keeping her on her feet. Alexa's head droops back this time, exposing her tired face as she stares miserably up at the lights. Stephanie holds her there for a long time, just letting her sway and wobble weakly in the palm of her hand.
16c dragged up.jpg
16d held in place.jpg
16e steph taunts.jpg
After her amusing subsides, Steph lashes out with another fierce slap, knocking Alexa against the ropes. She falls from exhaustion and ends up leaning against the middle rope, gasping for a breather. Stephanie doesn't grant her one though and instead presses down on her head, choking whatever life remains out of her on the ropes.
17a ropes 1.jpg
17b ropes 2.jpg
17c ropes 3.jpg
17d ropes 4.jpg
Alexa cries and sobs as her arms flail helplessly under Stephanie's weight. Her vision blurs even more as she chokes and gags, desperately hoping for some kind of opening to save her. Before her, blurred fans shout, cheer, and boo, but Alexa can no longer tell who's for her and who wants to see her suffer.

With a delighted laugh at Alexa's sad position, Stephanie lets up and gives her some air. She settles instead with a quick smack on her ass as she dangles exposed over the rope.
17e spanked on ropes.gif
Alexa cries out from the slap and tumbles over the ropes, falling clear out of the ring to the hard floor below. Her dominator doesn't give chase though and stays in the ring to gloat, letting the wounded blonde and pink girl recover just a little.

Alexa slowly pushes herself onto all fours, gingerly nursing her aches and pains as her vision returns to her and her head stops spinning. She manages to sit up some more as she crawls around weakly, getting her bearings. She notices Stephanie taunting her in the ring and glares back at her, but she wonders what she can actually do to turn things around. Frustrated, she forces herself to stand and begins pacing about, desperate to think of some way to pull off a win.
18a outside frustrated.jpg
18b outside hurt.jpg
18c outside standing back up.jpg
But Stephanie gets tired of waiting and quickly steps outside, surprising Alexa. The champ backs off right away rather than go for a cheap strike, knowing she'd just be overpowered once more. She can't think of any action plan though as Steph advances on her, and before she knows it, she backs into the barricade and is trapped.

Stephanie gets right in Alexa's face as she's cornered like a lost little mutt. "Go on" the boss mocks with a cocky grin. "Take a swing. Maybe you'll get lucky."

Alexa glances around in fear, but she decides to try it and throws a slap of her own. Steph grabs her wrist with ease though and shakes her head in disappointment. Alexa's just too tiny to offer any real offense.
18d cornered.jpg
18e grabbed.jpg
With Alexa held in place with wide, frightened eyes, Stephanie balls up her fist and buries it deep into Alexa's belly, keeling her small body in two. Alexa coughs hard as the wind is knocked out of her, and she sobs in great pain as Steph lets her fall down, curl up, and whine like a little loser.

Stephanie laughs to the fans sitting at ringside and sighs at Alexa's broken body. "Some champ, isn't she?" she mutters, shaking her head. "One punch and I broke her insides. You know, I think she's a lot better at taking punishment than dishing it. She's been taking an awful lot too... I wonder if she likes taking it..."

With her trademark superior smirk, Stephanie grabs Alexa's dead weight up and rolls her back into the ring. She'd had her fun and made her point. Now it was time to finally finish the little Harley Quinn wannabe once and for all.
18ee grabbed.jpg
18eee punched.jpg
18f down outside.jpg
18ff down hurting.jpg


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Sep 25, 2015
Alexa rolls inside and coughs weakly, trying to shake the butterflies from her head. She holds her sore belly and tries to move, even to crawl away, but she's too racked with pain. She ends up collapsing and rolls onto her back, looking up at her conqueror with wide, fearful eyes.

"S-Stop..." she begs pitifully. "Just give me a- ugh- second. Please..."

Alexa manages to push herself up to a sitting position, still favoring her belly, still red from Stephanie's fist. The dominant boss tilts her head as if laughing silently at the champ. She looks out at the booing crowd, erupting with hatred as Stephanie stands decisively dominant.

"You're done" she mutters at last, before slapping Alexa across her face.
19a slapped while begging.jpg
Alexa falls like a ragdoll and curls up in the fetal position, but Steph doesn't leave her that way. She grabs the poor girl up by her hair, light and loose in her hands, and stands her directly in front of her, barely on her feet, swaying on wobbly knees. Stephanie smirks at her one last time before hurling her boot between Alexa's thighs, bending her in half. She then plants her head between her knees, hooks both arms, and relishes the moment.

With the crowd throwing their disappointment down on the ring, Stephanie leaps and plants Alexa down with the pedigree, utterly flattening the little thing.
19b dragged up.jpg
19c pedigree 1.jpg
19d pedigree 2.jpg
Alexa is completely KO'd; even her pitiful moaning and coughing and whimpering subside. Steph roles her onto her back with zero effort, places her hands comfortably over her shoulders, and stares down at Alexa's silent, shut eyes as the referee mercifully makes the count.

"One!" Alexa's lips softly open, letting a single, weak breath escape.

"Two!!" Her eyelashes flutter, but never open. Her head stays drooped to the side.

"Three!!!" No more movement. No signs of life. Alexa is gone.
19e pinned.jpg
The referee signals the end of the match and is about to call for the bell when Stephanie stops him.

"No way" she tells him, "Not yet."

The ref hesitates, confused. "But you beat her..." he notes. "You kind of dominated her, Mrs. McMahon... I think she's had all she can take."

A wicked grin crosses Stephanie's lips. "Oh, I think she can take more. She'll take as much as I have to give, and I'm not done yet. Don't you dare ring that bell."

The ref hesitantly obeys as Steph paces around her victim. "This little bitch needs to learn a lesson" she mutters, her mind racing with how to further humiliate little Alexa. Stephanie exits the ring for a brief moment to retrieve something. She keeps it hidden as quickly reenters, planning something diabolical.

She bends over the champion's face and lightly smacks her cheek. "Wakey, wakey, little Lexie" she taunts until Alexa's eyes flutter open, pained by the blurs and bright lights above her. She slowly comes to and her eyes widen in fear, terrified at what had befallen her while she napped.

"W-What..?" Alexa mumbles weakly, weakly glancing around. She can hear the upset fans but hears no music, so she dares to hope she hasn't lost yet. "What happened..?"

"Oh, you lost" Steph tells her bluntly. "I pinned you clean. Easily. It was really sad."


Tears begin to well up in Alexa's eyes as she glances around in shame, scared of seeing the looks of disappointment that every single fan is directing at her.
20a defeated.jpg
"Aw, you look so sad, little Lexa...." Steph taunts. "But I've got some bad news. I'm not done with you yet. See, I don't think you've quite learned your lesson."

Alexa trembles and her mouth opens, but no words come out. She doesn't know whether to fire back or submit in shame just to spare more embarrassment.

Stephanie stretches her foot out with an evil grin. She also orders the ref to hand her a microphone so the entire arena hears her. "Kiss my feet" Stephanie tells Alexa.

A chorus of boos erupts as little Alexa panics, alone and hopelessly vulnerable. No matter how many fans hate the boss, no one does a thing to help the fallen goddess. Still, Alexa resists and shakes her head, disgusted by the very fact Stephanie would demand such a thing. But Stephanie has ways of forcing people to do her bidding.

The boss reveals what she got from the ring moments ago- a large six inch strapon. She hovers it before Alexa with a sinister smirk and raises the mic back to her lips. "Kiss my feet... Or this goes inside you!"

Utter disbelief and dread engulf Alexa's face. The fans murmur with a mixture of horror and intrigue. Everyone waits in stunned silence as they await Alexa's reaction. But the beaten girl only lies there, quivering at the sight of the strapon and disgusted by the idea of bowing to Stephanie's feet.
20b begging.jpg
20c shocked at request.gif
"Better decide fast" Steph warns her. "Kiss my feet or your little five feet of fury are going to get a fucking from this six-inch strapon. Do you really think your tiny little body can handle that?"

Steph thinks about it and laughs. "I'd like to see you try. You're so good at taking punishment, after all. Maybe you'd be right at home with this inside you."

"Okay!" Alexa cries out, no longer fighting her terrified emotions. "Okay, okay... Just stop it... I'll... I'll-"

"Kiss my feet?" Steph finishes for her.

Alexa nods meekly, hanging her head so no one can see her tears. She slowly crawls towards her conqueror and stops, hesitating, wishing there was some way out. But she gives in to the pressure and lowers her face to Stephanie's feet, gently pressing her lips against the rough leather boots that kicked her around so much.

The instant it's over, Alexa breaks down in tears. Stephanie relishes the complete victory though and shoves Alexa over, exposing her tears for the world to see.
20d kissing feet 1.jpg
20e kissing feet 2.jpg
20f kissing feet 3.jpg
Poor little Alexa thinks it's over for her. But as much as she's endured, the worst is yet to come. Stephanie is far from done with her submissive little toy.


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Sep 25, 2015
"You're so pathetic!" Stephanie laughs as Alexa sobs at her feet. "But I'm not letting you off so easy!"

"T-That wasn't easy..!" Alexa murmurs weakly, wiping away tears only for more to take their place.

Steph won't hear it though and shouts at Alexa to get up. "Better get ready, bitch" Steph warns the little champion. "We're not done until I saw we're done. I know you can take more."

Alexa shakily backs into the furthest corner and pulls herself to her feet. She doesn't look ready at all, just frightened and humiliated. But Stephanie holds up the six-inch strapon with a grin, widening Alexa's worried eyes.
21a scared.jpg
Alexa hesitates but has nowhere to go, so she warily moves in to strike Steph. All she gets is a slap across the face though- with the strapon. Shocked and appalled, Alexa freezes in place, holding her cheek with her mouth agape.

Stephanie laughs again and hurls a hard fist deep into Alexa's belly, bending her over with authority. Alexa gasps from the blow, then squeaks as Steph spanks her ass with delight. Alexa turns around, growing angry, but is stabbed in the gut with the strapon, keeling her over onto her knees.

With complete power in her grasp, Steph grabs Alexa by her hair and forces her to look up with wide, sad eyes. "You ready for this?" Steph asks her, but the little thing shakes her head no. Stephanie doesn't care though and begins trying to slide the cock down Alexa's throat. The champ turns her head to avoid it though, so she gets slapped with it again and falls in a heap.
21b gasp.jpg
Alexa curls up in fear as Stephanie mounts her without resistance. She slaps Alexa again and again with the strapon, pounding her face, the back of her head, and her belly with it. Alexa is helpless as she weakly takes the blows, flinching each and every time with a quiet little squeak or sob.

Stephanie tires of the ragdolling and pushes Alexa onto her back, her chest heaving in exhaustion. Slowly, Steph gets an idea and leans in close, gently placing her hand on Alexa's breast. She squeezes it, softly at first, feeling how tender her skin is. Alexa moans quietly, barely flopping her head about as Steph squeezes a little harder.

"No..." Alexa moans, barely audible. "Stop..."

Stephanie grins wickedly and leans in closer, feeling the heat from Alexa's body as she fondles her boobs as she pleases. As Alexa moans with a mix of disgust and pleasure, Steph takes the strapon and slides it down her top, right between her breasts. Alexa's groans grow a little deeper despite a scowl crossing her face, and Stephanie slides the dildo up and down as long as she delights.

With Alexa breathing heavily and her body heaving up and down, Steph sits up and looks to the crowd, pleased with her handiwork The fans sit in stunned silence at the scene, but as much as they may pity little Alexa, they can't turn away either. They all watch in a trance as Steph stands back up and drags Alexa to her knees, forcing her to sit meekly with her head up and eyes half-shut.

Stephanie holds Alexa's face up by her chin and smacks her cheek lightly. "Open up..." she whispers to her, readying the strapon. Alexa does nothing of the sort, probably too far gone to hear, but Steph presses the cock against her lips anyway, sliding it along her mouth as she moans with reluctance.

Impatient, Steph smacks her face with it until Alexa gasps at the grossness. But the second her mouth opens, the strapon slides right in, widening Alexa's eyes in horror. She's forced to suck it right then and there in the middle of the ring, arms dangling uselessly at her sides as she fails to fight it whatsoever.
21c sucking.png
Alexa sways weakly as the strapon is slide back and forth through her lips. She raises her hands and presses against Stephanie's thighs, but she lacks the strength to push her away. She stays kneeling, sucking, and looking up at her master with defeat in her teary eyes.

Stephanie loves the sight and slides the six-inch dildo as far down as she can. Alexa gags and coughs, so it's finally removed, but Steph finds it amusing. "I guess you can't handle it" she laughs. "Let's see if you can take it elsewhere."

Alexa sobs and whimpers something sad yet indiscernible, but Steph throws her down onto her belly anyway. She kicks Alexa's ass to force it into the air, then stops to laugh and let the sight sink in.

Stephanie squats behind Alexa as she writhes on the mat. A sad, low groan escapes Alexa's lips as Stephanie tears down her shorts, sitting just so the view for the fans is blocked. They get a full view of Alexa's defeated, whimpering face though as the realization of what's happening begins to hit her. Slowly, sensually, Steph slides the strapon into Alexa's pussy, breaking her down into a gasping, crying, frazzled, panting mess.

Steph slides her toy back and forth, in and out, as Alexa continues to gasp and sob and moan. She tries reaching her hands back to stop the assault, but she can't reach and her arms fall uselessly away. She succumbs to lying there and taking it, gasping and groaning with each thrust. Tears stream down her face, smearing her makeup, as she feels more and more of the strapon inside her with each passing push.

"Well, well, well..." Stephanie mocks from behind her. "Looks like you can take more than I thought, you little slut. But still..!"

Steph gives one hard thrust that drops Alexa's ass to the ground. She cries out but the strapon stays in, and the fucking continues with all five feet of the little girl pinned against the mat. Her groans grow louder and louder, so Steph drops her mic near her face just so the entire arena can hear what a bitch she's become.

"Can you take it, Alexa?" Stephanie taunts her. "You don't sound like you can! You sound like you're my bitch! You my bitch? Come on, just say it! You know you are! We all know you are!"

Alexa's sobs and groans reach their peak and she can't take anymore. The six inches proves too much for her little body to handle and she quivers in a body-rattling orgasm, crying out for the crowd to hear. Steph forces her face to mat as she cries out, messing up her hair and leaving her gasping in a degraded mess.
21g orgasm.gif
Stephanie leans in close to Alexa's hear, pressing against her burning body, and sneers "Who's my bitch?" to her. Alexa whimpers for a moment and tries to speak, but she can't muster a single word. She's completely worn out.

With a victorious laugh, Stephanie leaves the wet strapon in Alexa's exhausted mouth. The dominant woman then takes to celebrating, laughing as Alexa lays there, shorts down and dildo in her mouth. Stephanie, meanwhile, is handed her new championship and holds it high, preening to the still-shocked crowd.
21i steph wins.jpg
Many fans have their phones out, snapping as many pics and videos of little Alexa's shame as they can. Steph enjoys the sight and happily leaves them to it, leaving with Alexa's gold. The former champion is left vibrating subtly in the ring, exposed and embarrassed for the world to see.
21h ko.jpg
22a alexa fucked and destroyed.gif
22b alexa finished.gif


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Jan 11, 2015
Amazing! Purely amazing my friend! I want more! Naomi! She's the Alexa's true enemy! XDDD
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