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AJ Lee - Bottom Bitch of the WWE - Part 3

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by kained, Nov 3, 2013.

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    This fictional story plays out as if events within WWE wrestling are kayfabe (as if they are real and not scripted). Maybe I'll do a series of stories revolving around this particular Diva having the hell beat out of her, so let me know if you have any requests.

    This has been a long time coming and I've just sort of banged it out in one sitting. I tried to put in a lot of content to make up for the time since the last update. Let me know if the following story got too repetitive. There is sex in this chapter, if that isn't your sort of thing feel free to skip that part.

    AJ Lee - Bottom Bitch of the WWE - Part 1

    AJ Lee - Bottom Bitch of the WWE - Part 2

    AJ Lee
    23 years old



    AJ spars with a grappling coach she has been working with from outside the WWE. It's the early hours of the morning in the darkly lit gym as the large man pins her to the mat. AJ hooks his arm and grabs his neck between her legs in a vice grip. He taps and they switch positions. Training has become AJ's life on her off hours. They slow things down as the coach shows AJ a leg take down submission piece by piece. Steely eyed, focused, she is a dedicated student. It's AJ's turn to do the move, in real time, as the coach charges her. She ducks, wrapping her legs around his leg she makes him trip, keeping the leg gripped she tightens an ankle lock with her hands. The coach taps and they switch positions again.

    All the agony, all the shame, has become like fuel. The Authority had thrown everything at AJ over the last year. It began when her friend Kaitlyn betrayed her, when her ex-boyfriend Daniel Bryan mentally and physically abused her, and escalated into triple team beat downs at the hands of the Divas of Destruction. She did not know then how much worse.... and worse... and worse things would get. Her only chance for survival against a corporation that craved her destruction was to give back as good as she got.


    Months Earlier

    The cat and mouse games with the DOD were exhausting but necessary. Beth Phoenix, Kaitlyn, and Natalya simply refused to leave poor AJ alone. Every Raw and every Smackdown AJ would be booked into a match against a diva, only for one of the DOD to run interference. AJ was trying hard everyday to get better in the ring but those 3 cunts from hell were making it so much harder. After their last beat down, AJ was out of action for the next week. When she returned, she was facing Aksana. She was on her way to a victory when Natalya jumped the barrier and distracted both the ref and AJ just when AJ was pinning Aksana. From the other side of the ring, Kaitlyn had snuck in. The moment AJ turned around, Kaitlyn's body ploughed AJ down with a vicious spear. Kaitlyn was like an arrow through AJ's tiny waist. The poor girl was flattened, all the wind taken from her. AJ won by disqualification, but that didn't seem to make much difference with the DOD, who would only smile victoriously.

    Smackdown, this time AJ was booked against Alicia Fox. Fox had AJ in the corner, her foot on her throat, her long leg sticking upwards as AJ gasped for air. AJ though, had been working on new moves all the time. Fox pulled on AJ's hair, bringing her to the centre of the ring. AJ slapped her hand away and in a movement quick and graceful, she pounced in the air, wrapping her legs around the head of Alicia, slipping herself around Alicia's back, then pulled Alicia's arm back in an armbar while also locking Alicia's leg with her own leg. There were gasps from the audience as AJ contorted herself and her opponent, pulling back on Alicia's arm as the girl screamed. AJ called the new submission the Black Widow. And just as all three members of the DOD were coming down the ramp, Alicia had no choice but to tap - tapping her hand right on AJ's firm ass. The ref called for the bell and AJ slipped from the ring, grinning like a cheshire cat at the Divas of Destruction before making her escape over the barricade. The audience loved it. "AJ! AJ! AJ!". And the DOD were furious. Beth kicking the ring ropes and Natalya screaming in frustration while Kaitlyn stared on.

    The very next Raw, Natalya and Beth were storming through the corridors of the backstage. "Ugh! When I find that skinny little tramp I'm gonna snap her", Natalya said. "If she thought that last beating was bad, she has NO idea! None! None-"
    They stopped in their tracks, just outside their locker room Kaitlyn lay unconscious. Beth and Nattie go to her aid. Then from a door behind them, AJ ran out swinging a steel chair straight to the back of Beth. THWACK!! Beth fell helpless. AJ stared down Natalya who can only gasp in shock. AJ grinned wickedly before throwing the chair down. She charged Natalya, diving ontop of her, they both tumble over a table knocking plates and food everywhere. AJ pulled on her hair in rage before socking her jaw with hard elbow shots. Moments later the referees were there, grabbing her arms and pulling her off, she screamed in a mixture of anger and victory. "What now, bitch?? You're on your own!" Nattie, still in shock, could only rub her jaw.

    AJ stormed to the ring to ferocious applause from the audience before she demanded a mic. "NATALYA! Let's have a match, one on one, RIGHT NOW!!"

    AJ stared up at the ramp with daggers in her eyes. But there was no sign of Nattie. And for the next few weeks, the DOD stayed out of AJ's business.

    Things were good for AJ. She had the bitches of destruction off her back. She was piling up clean victories. The crowd loved her. And, the brunette spitfire had ran into the arms of a new man. The show off Dolph Ziggler was rising to the top quick and enjoyed the escort of both AJ and Big E Langston to the ring. What began as management was soon becoming romance. And when AJ fell for someone, she fell completely, she fell hard. Her brown eyes were glazed over with pure adulation as Dolph flicked his fingers at Christian who was laying on the mat, before delivering elbow drop after elbow drop as the crowd counted along.


    The crowd clapped as Christian regained the momentum, progressing in a game of wrestling chess, his experience out-matching Ziggler's show boating. He sent Ziggler down with an elbow from the second rope. It came time for AJ to act. They had discussed this before the match and worked it out to perfection. AJ jumped up to the mat. The referee rushed over as she screeched in his face, refusing to budge. Big E dragged Christian out of the ring and hit a devastating closeline, the big man just running through him like a freight train.

    After that, it was simply inevitable. Christian didn't know where he was and back in the ring Ziggler hit the Zig Zag for the pinfall. The trio of Ziggler, Big E, and AJ celebrate. AJ pounced on Ziggler, wrapping her luscious tan legs around his waist, she kissed him deeply.

    Later in the locker room, AJ and Ziggler are alone. "Oh babe, what a victory! You were in just the right place and the right time. Big E was awesome with that closeline. You make me proud, babe." She beamed up at him girlishly. "You work so hard Dolph. I know you'll win the big one soon. I know it!!"

    She looked to the ground for a few shy moments, unable to meet his gaze. "Listen, I've been wanting to say something. You know, you really don't need me and Big E to cheat for you like that. You steal the show, every single night! You go out there and prove that you're the hardest worker and no one can touch you! I'm sorry, but I'm uncomfortable doing that for you out there. I know you can do it alone".

    "What are you trying to say, sugartits?" Dolph snipped at her. "You don't want to support me? Is that what you're saying? You don't want to come to ring side and show you love me and will stand with me? How fucking selfish are you?!"

    She trembled, hurt. "That's not what I meant! That's not what I'm saying at all!"
    "Whatevs", he rolled his eyes. "Either you support me or you don't."
    "I do, I do support you. I'd... God Dolph, I'd do anything for you"
    "Good girl. Now," he opened his locker, taking out a suit jacket and showing off expensive black boots. "We're going out for dinner tonight, my treat. As usual, I want my shoes clean, babe, polished until I can see my face in 'em."
    "Yes, Dolph"
    "And tonight, you could do that thing you do... you know", he traced a finger from her lips down to her throat.
    Her cheeks flushed red.
    "Dolph, it hurts when I do that, I can't breath, I start choking".
    "Oh but babe, I love it! I've never known a girl to take it so deep!"
    "Okay, I'll do it, I love you"
    "See ya later, babe. When I'm back, have those shoes cleaned".

    She had to kneel down to polish Dolph's black boots as he had instructed her numerous times before, rubbing them with polish. They were made of an alligator leather, the expensive animal skin needed a lot of care. After, she fixed a shower, her naked body stepped into the hot jet of water. Her long brunette hair plastered down the small of her back. She cupped her breasts, soaping them, taking care that her body would be fresh and clean. She sighed, hugging herself, steam rising around her. Was Dolph just like Bryan? She had loved Bryan and only wanted to make him happy. He took advantage of that and used her, then threw her away like garbage. Dolph said awful, hurtful things. But sometimes when he looked at her, she could feel such tenderness. When they kissed she tingled all over. And, he had never hit her. She didn't mind doing things for him. Truly.

    Tomorrow she'd have a number 1 contender's match against Tamina Snuka. Everyone had been so impressed with how quickly she had progressed and how quickly she was making work of the other divas. Her time was coming and if she could beat Tamina she'd face the Divas Champion Eve Torres. Her dream was coming true. And then maybe, both her and Dolph could be champions, it would be perfect.

    WWE Corporate offices, Stanford

    "Why the hell do I even still have half these idiots on the roster!! Zack Ryder's merch doesn't sell anymore. No one can sell out the arenas like we could in the Attitude Era!! My dumb wife's spending a fortune on her failed political career!! Why can't I just fire HER, GOD DAMNIT!!" Vince was about ready to blow a blood vessel, his red face like satan himself, but then what else was new? The old man was transitioning his power to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon if only for the sake of his own health. The power couple sat before him across a grandiose oak desk, patiently waiting for Vince to run out of steam.

    "It's funny you should mention merch and sold out arenas, Vince. It's the reason we organized this meeting," said the COO. "Steph and I could hardly believe it when we saw the numbers, so we had them checked, and then double checked and triple checked. There's one star on the roster who's ratings are through the roof week in and week out, we can't make their merchandise fast enough for the stores, and attendance the last couple of months is way up, almost to sell out points of the past."
    "Errgh, don't tell me you're talking about Daniel Bryan" grunted Vince.
    "Not that bearded troll. Even more surprising than him", said Steph.

    "Look for yourself", Triple H passed over a chart of graphs, containing all the possible measurements of any one star's success.
    "... What is this... you can't be serious... AJ Lee??"
    "Vince, she goes across all the demographics. The kids wanna be like her. The women wanna be like her. The men want her. And, what's more surprising, you take a look at the figures on specific dates..."
    "And you look at the kind of buzz she's been getting online", said Steph. "There's... a surprisingly large demographic. Men, mostly. It's not just that a lot of men want her. A lot of men, specifically, enjoy seeing her get hurt."
    "Sadists," said Vince, a sick smile playing across his face.
    "That's what we're saying," Triple H leaned forward. "Make her a new contract. A special contract".
    The devil howled with laughter.

    AJ had been crying softly into her pillow before she got the call from Vince. Dolph enjoyed rough sex but last night was something else.

    He took her to a four star restaurant on Tampa Bay. She was dressed in a tight red dress, accentuating her petite body. Touring through Florida was something else. There was candle light, violins, wine, and Dolph had been sweet. He had even been apologizing for his behaviour. There was a long stroll through the beach as they held hands. Back at the hotel, there had been more wine. Dolph invited Big E without having said a word to AJ about it. There came a knock at the door and there he was. Then came the pestering.

    "Babe, have you ever tried double penetration?"
    How had they ever talked her into it? There was the wine, yes, and the kissing, and fondling. She had started dancing. She kicked off her heels and raised her hands up through her hair, shaking her body slowly, standing as though under a spotlight. She had looked beautiful. Most beautiful women only think they know or have a faint idea of the sort of effect they have on men. AJ had no idea. She swayed her hips. There were hands on her. Dolph's and Big E's, hands searching all over her. They stood either side. She could feel Big E behind her.

    Big E Langston... well, he had been very big, and no, she had never tried double penetration. And yet it was going to happen, too late to back out now. Dolph kissed her fiercely and she was lost to his whim. The straps came off her shoulders and off came her dress.

    Neither of them waited any longer. No more foreplay. She was on the bed and the both of them were on her, grabbing at her, rough hands over her soft skin. When they took her... God, it had felt like being split open, both of them had big cocks but Big E was ridiculous, almost like a forearm trying to bore its way into her. She had cried as they fucked her and she tried to bare the pain. Dolph took his dick out of her ass and forced it in her mouth. It was disgusting. It had just been in my ass! And he was so rough, as rough as Daniel ever was, gripping her long hair and face fucking her. Her cute little nose buried in his pubic hair, her throat full, she tried to hold it as long as she could before he pulled out, then went back in again. She was sure she could taste her own blood, the same cock that had split her ass open fucking her mouth. Big E pounded on her pussy and each time she'd try to groan she had a cock in her mouth.

    As she lay crying in the morning, her ass and pussy were still on fire. She felt so sore. And debased.

    When she saw it was Vince on the line, she tried to gather her senses. Vince wanted to talk about a new contract. Wanted to see her right away. So, she cleaned herself up and went to see him.

    "We're so impressed with how you've been doing," he said. "You're one of our very best rising stars".
    And the rough experience of the night before was, for the moment, gone in a rush of glee. "Oh wow, thankyou so much. I'm just so glad to have the opportunity".
    "Well we think you deserve something for how well you've been doing. The crowd loves you, we love you, we want to make sure you're being treated right. We've drawn up this new contract. It's expanded with increased pay, travel, health insurance, you're going to be treated like one of our very top stars".
    AJ couldn't help but smile. "That's just awesome, sir. Thankyou".
    "Just sign here, we'll send you a copy you can read over later. No need to read over it now"
    "Trust me, its all mostly legal babble. The bottom line is, more money, longer contract"
    Nervous, she signed.
    "Great! We'll see you tonight on Smackdown, AJ! Give 'em hell!"


    AJ had been walking funny all day and was hoping it wouldn't show. Her ass still felt very raw. But tonight was her big night - a number 1 contender's match! She couldn't let herself get distracted.

    She wore her cute cut-off version of Dolph's 'stealing the show' t-shirt. Sexily showing off her petite midriff. Her tanned legs showing off and her hot pants as tight as they could be. Her music hit and she bounced down to the ring to the applause and cheers of her fans. The whole arena was filled. Girls holding up 'Let's go AJ' signs. It seemed the whole crowd was on her side and she beamed happily.

    Dolph's music hit the speakers. Dolph and Big E Langston were on their way down, Dolph showing off as usual, telling the whole world how good he is. She was a little nervous considering last night, but it was sweet that Dolph was here to offer support, as she had supported him.

    She smiled up at him as he entered the ring, Big E at his side, a mic in his hand. "Hey babe. Listen, you're thinking I'm here to support you in your match, right?" And she smiled all the wider. "Well, you're wrong".

    BOO! Boo's from the audience, and confusion from AJ. "You see, I can't have someone that's not willing to do the dirty work I need done, some goodie two shoes who thinks she's better than me. And I just got a copy of your new contract. You didn't read it, did you? You dumb bitch!"

    The crowd were furious. "You know what your new contract says? Your contract's been increased, yeah, I mean the WWE basically own you now. There is NO pay increase. NO bonuses. And, they get to put you in any match they want, superstars get to do anything they want to you, you take injury leave when THEY tell you to, you're back at work from injury when THEY tell you"

    AJ shook her head in disgust as Dolph walks around berating her. "You have to WEAR what they tell you to wear. You have to work every event they tell you to. You're gonna have to work more than ever! In short, sugartits, just as you were OUR bottom bitch in the bed last night - you are now the bottom bitch of the W W E!!"

    Sheer embarrassment covered AJ's face but she doesn't have time to say a thing. In quick succession, Dolph took a stand back and delivered a mighty superkick straight to the chin of AJ. She was spun around into the arms of Big E Langston.


    The 290 pound monster picked up the tiny girl and fell backwards dropping her for the Big Ending, all the pressure crushing her chest. Dolph grabbed her from the ground onto her feet and leaped up into the air, pulling her down to the mat hitting the Zig Zag.

    From the superkick through to the zig zag only seconds had passed. The girl lay on the mat coughing, clutching at her chest and rolling over in agony. Dolph took the mic again. "Oh, babe? One more thing. The number 1 contender's match is off. You've got a different opponent. You're gonna have to get used to this, this is gonna be your life from now on, bitch!" One final insult, Dolph flicked his fingers at her, his trademark, before leaving with Big E Langston.

    The petite, auburn bombshell was barely able to move, feeling like her chest had caved in. She faded in and out of consciousness. Dolph, another man she thought she loved, a man she thought had shown her tenderness, just broke her heart. Was he telling her the truth? Had Vince really stabbed her in the back? She finally woke up. Long minutes had passed. Her eyes were watering as she tried sitting up. The crowd, sympathetic, clapped and cheered.

    And then...


    JR: Oh my god!

    The 7ft, 425 pound giant strutted his way down to the ring.

    JR: No! They can not be serious! This can not be the opponent the authority has chosen!

    The giant picked himself up onto the ring, stepping right over the top rope. He stood before AJ as a ref enters ready to ring the bell. She had barely registered his presence and when she did she was simply wide eyed.

    "You thought it was bad when I accidentally ran into you, little girl??? Do you know how bad you're gonna get hurt when I do it on purpose???" He bellowed down at her. "Stand up!! Stand up!!"

    This cannot be happening. She struggled on her knees, the giant helped her to her feet like some mock gentleman. She stood, mesmerized, simply staring up... ALL the way up...



    He grinned before pushing her into the ropes. To her credit, she ran the ropes hard, hoping to increase her momentum on the return. BOOM! He ran her over. Just ran straight over her. She was going fast and the impact sent her first on her back then head over heels upturned onto her stomach. It was the same move that had injured her in the past when the Big Show accidentally ran her over.


    That past incident had caused head trauma, cervical strain, and multiple contusions over her body.

    AJ lay on the mat, feeling crumpled up, her hair draped over her pretty face.

    "I'm just getting started!!!"

    He picked her up. It was like he was picking up a child. She seemed barely conscious as he carried her single handed to the corner. "Wake up!! Wake up AJ!!"

    The commotion in the audience was mesmerizing. There were shocked gasps and boos. But there was something else.

    Big Show raised one hand high into the air. "Shhhhhhh!" He brought the hand down - SMACK!!! The audience ooh'd and aah'd, AJ's eyes opened and she screamed. "SHHHHHH!!!" SMACK!!

    "AAAAWGGHHHH!!" AJ yelled desperately. Big Show's enormous hand slapping down on her chest was excruciating. The material of her blue t-shirt could barely hold up to it. "This time I'm gonna aim for something a little different".

    He brought up the giant hand again. SMAAAAAAAACK!! The large paw came smacking down onto her right breast. "NYAGGGGHHG!!" She clutched at her breast. The fire, the pain, indescribable. The t-shirt had been split in two. Big Show had backed up as AJ was doubled over in pain. He tore the rest of the t-shirt clean off her with one hand, the material coming apart in ribbons. AJ lay half nude covering herself, wearing a red satin bra.

    He picked her up and she kicked and screamed but it was no good. It was like a bratty child trying to act out, such as she was draped over one arm of the Big Show. He brought her to another corner and held her there. "SHHHHH!!"

    SMAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Again on her pert right breast. Then Show machine gunned the slaps to her chest and breasts. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!! A pause. SMACK!! SMACK!! She howled. Her chest was aflame, red with the welts.

    He picked her up in one arm walking to the centre of the ring, and dropped her onto the mat with his weight following her in a side slam. "UGH!!" The ring shook and their bodies bounced. She flung her head back, her hair starting to matt to her pretty face with the sweat. He stood, grinning. He placed his enormous boot onto her tiny waist, then stepped over her. For a brief moment his 425 pounds crushing her. She coughed, sputtered, turned over, which just allowed him to place his boot on her lower back. He stepped over her again and she moaned in agony.

    She coughed some more, shivering. "SPANK HER!" Someone yelled out from the audience. "Yeah, spank her!!" A greasy overweight fan yelled their agreement. Show smiled while picking her up and draping her across his knee. He called in for the camera man, who positioned himself right behind AJ, zooming up on her tight ass, the material of her hot pants like a second skin.

    Show put a finger to his lips. "SHHHHHHHH!!" Raised a giant hand in the air, and brought it down full force. The resounding slap echoed across the arena. AJ screamed, struggled uselessly. Like a whip crack, his hand came down again, CRACK!! CRACK!! The men of the audience counted along.

    1! 2! 3!

    The tears flowed freely down AJ's face, this was clearly agony, her ass and thighs reddening and bruising.

    4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!


    Show pushed the girl off his knee. She lay sobbing uncontrollably. But he wasn't done yet. Like a great old tree, he came falling down, elbow first to her chest. The ring shook and they both bounced. She wasn't moving at all yet Show continued. He pulled her out of the ring and she simply fell to the outside in an unmoving clump. Show took a soda drink from a member of the front row, and poured it over AJ's face. She wheezed, her eyelashes fluttering, her eyes staring out like a lamb. Show picked her up to her feet. He didn't irish whip her, he literally threw her from one side to the other into the metal steps. Her lithe body crashed against the metal, her back taking the worst of it, she spasmed and trashed with the aches. One large 'OOOOOOH' echoing around the engrossed audience.

    He lifted her up onto his shoulder, grinning around at the crowd. He dropped her over the top of his head to the floor. Her body fell 7ft through the air. He picked her up again, one hand on a leg, the other hand on an arm. He dropped her down as hard as he could back first into his knee, as if trying to break her in half. Her scream was guttural.

    JR: Stop the god damn match!!! This young girl likely has a serious back injury!! God DAMN it Big Show you may have broken this young woman's back!!

    He rolled her into the ring then dragged her to the corner. She was still struggling but she was little more than a ragdoll at this stage. He climbed to the 2nd rope and she was too out of it to move.

    JR: Don't do it Big Show! Don't do it! You'll crush her!!

    Show pushed himself off from the 2nd rope, his full weight fell down on top of the tiny girl. Her whole chest and ribs felt like they had exploded. She couldn't breath with his weight on top of her. Even the referee winced, but clearly powerless to stop the match. Show pinned her.

    1.... 2.... He lifted her up before the 3 count.

    He brushed the hair away from her graceful yet pain wrecked face. She moaned under him and it was difficult for any warm blooded male not to see the scene as anything other than erotic. This beautiful, petite girl of 23 laying before an absolute monster. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the centre of the ring. She could no longer struggle, only moaning and shaking her head. Her feet dangled around at his knees. He wrapped his arms around her body as tightly as he could and squeezed. Squeezing her in a bear hug, squeezing the poor life out of her. "AGHHHGH!" She cried helplessly, feeling as though her ribs were being crushed, every organ in her body screaming. Her back arching. "AGHH! AGHHH!" He enjoyed the feel of her soft body pressed against his solid frame. She was in and out of consciousness, arching her pained back further and further backwards, her head hung backwards.

    She was completely limp in his grasp as he wrapped his hand around her throat, lifting her up over 7 feet in the air, before sending her crashing down - he made sure to fall to his knees for the absolute maximum impact. Her body bounced up from the mat and down again. He pinned her.

    1.... 2.... 3!!

    JR: Thank God!! Now won't someone come out and help this poor woman!!

    The medical team are on their way with a stretcher and brace for AJ's neck. A pin could drop in the arena as Big Show looks on.. The unconscious AJ was lifted carefully onto the stretcher to the outside of the ring. The medical personnel taking care not to move her neck, getting a brace around it. Before they can wheel her away, Show pushed them off. Gazing down at poor AJ.

    He stood on the ring apron.

    JR: What on Earth does he have in mind!!

    Big Show jumped from the apron, elbow first onto AJ. The stretcher snapped right in half and again the audience is stunned. No one had ever seen anything like it. He lifted AJ by the hair and brought her into the ring again before straddling on top of her. Resting himself on the small of her back, he placed his hands on the front of her face, and pulled backwards. The colossal clutch. The freakish giant yelled out, pulling back with ALL his strength, bending AJ's back as far back as he can, pulling her head into his waist. Her eyes fluttered open and she screamed anew. New agony. Her back bent like a C shape. AJ screamed and screamed. For aching minutes, Show had her bent like that almost in half, before finally releasing her. He lifted her up one last time, sending his fist crashing into her skull. The KO Punch like a Jackhammer. She fell uselessly to the floor in a heap. Her brain felt flashes of light, maybe the signs of a concussion, she was seeing stars. Goodnight.

    At last, Big Show marched to the back. EMTs finally get AJ onto a brand new stretcher, then into the back of an ambulance.

    Days later. WWE Corporate offices, Stanford.

    "I have to hand it to you Hunter, when you're right you're right! Everyone's talking about what happened! The episode broke records - we've never had so many viewers on Smackdown! Stock is through the roof!" Vince gloated.
    "I knew it would be good" said Triple H. "And I know what you're thinking - Show maybe went a little too far. I've talked to the doctors and you know, she's recovering quick. The Divas of Destruction have given her a hell of a beat down before and she recovered quick from that. This is on a whole other level, but she will be back. Even with the intense cervical strain, we can have her back in a couple of months".
    "That won't do. See how she is over the next few weeks, then bring her back. We'll reward her. We'll let her fight for her shot at the title. I have my eye on a lot of new talent especially made for AJ. She won't have a chance. She won't have a chance in HELL!!"
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  2. TheCrimsonRisk

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    So happy to see this series continued. I confess, I've checked back on the previous editions more than once.

    The sexual stuff was strong, but consistent with the humiliation that AJ has endured thus far. It fit, is what I'm trying to say. I also love the idea that this is a universe where seeing AJ abused is an incredibly popular segment. Truly the best of all possible worlds.

    The beating by the Big Show was built up wonderfully. Even though AJ takes an almost Loony Tunes level of punishment, I never felt removed from the action. For a moment, I feared you weren't going to include a Colossal Clutch. I should have known better!

    Take as much time as you need with these, I think they're great.
  3. kained

    kained Ryonani Teamster

    Dec 26, 2009
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    Looking over it, I think some parts could have used some more technical description, a little more emphasis.

    Glad that the sex stuff wasn't out of place. Happy that the series has been enjoyed.

    I'm curious if anyone knows of anywhere else suitable that I could share these stories?

    Any and all suggestions for the future are welcome!
  4. neosushi

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    Big Show jogs into AJ, she gets injured

    Show beats the living crap out of AJ with the intent to injure... she'll wrestle in two weeks. I love it

    I also love that they beat AJ up before her match with the Big Show, just to even things up and make the match fair. It's such a mis-match, they had to do something to even it up
  5. kained

    kained Ryonani Teamster

    Dec 26, 2009
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    What can I say, I'm a huge fan of realism.

    On a serious note, the story would become kind of lame if every time she was beat down she had to take months off. Let's allow our imaginations to assume she's toughened up since the last time Big Show ran her over.

    Pro-wrestling has an absurd quality to it in the first place. If one of those guys punched the other in the face for real, he'd break the other guy's fucking jaw. They take chair shots and go through tables and have 15 to 40 minute matches, then they're back on tv the very next night.

    If you're uncomfortable with a girl in a fictional story taking that sort of beating and coming back from it, this series won't be for you.
  6. TheCrimsonRisk

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    You could always shoot an e-mail over to the guy at Seaking's Femfight. Most of the stories have sexual content in them and frankly, I think yours is better than about 90% of what is posted there.

    My only suggestion would be that Layla be involved somehow >:) Maybe she could try and help AJ out and end up suffering the same fate? I know part of the appeal of this storyline is how alone she is, but perhaps it would be even worse for her if she thought someone could help her and instead they both end up getting creamed. Also, I love Layla.

    Whatever you do next, I'll definitely check it out.
  7. neosushi

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    Sep 30, 2012
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    I'm being absolutely serious when I say I love it. I'm liking that the story carries the sort of ridiculousness that WWE is known for. It really draws me into the atmosphere more than just some beatdown
  8. kained

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    Dec 26, 2009
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    Oh. I thought you were being scathingly sarcastic. My bad.