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Vivacious Visitor

In the scene before, it is very clear that final the Karen clone is petrified after watching all the other clones get brutally beat down with ease. You can see her stepping away from Aika, likely trying to surrender. Aika has taken out several clones with ease so the final clone knew that she didn’t stand a chance on her own. Still Aika clearly didn’t feel the need to spare the young clone’s life and ops to finish the girl off. While this might seem in humane at first glance, it should be noted that these were only clones. Despite the clone’s human like features it is not exactly clear what they are. They have some basic fighting abilities and seem to be able to communicate with each other but they can’t really talk. Their cognitive abilities might be limited and it seems they are not fully developed clones yet. None the less, the young clones clearly possess the emotion of fear and have the ability to feel pain as every one of them seems to moan in agony as Aika finishes them off. Aika likely doesn’t feel any moral conviction as she terminates each clone. She shows no remorse as she decimates each girl.
While we don’t see exactly what happens when the screen goes dark, the picture comes back as the poor girl is seen screaming in terror for her life as Aika is grabs her body and hurls her head first into the ground. These were likely the most horrific moments of the helpless clone’s life.

When she brings down the clone, she does it in a rather unprofessional manner, screaming and being deeply agitated. Aika clearly has no regard for the Clone’s life as the brutal finishing was completely unnecessary. Even if Aika needed to kill off the final clone, the method that she used on the poor girl was unusually inhuman and painful.

The helpless clone’s head is facing away from Aika so as she comes crashing down this gives us a view of her breasts since her skimpy top falls all the way to the gound and leaves her totally exposed.
The Karen clone is, not by her own fault, is very unlucky due to Aika's lack of expertise at the time. Aika seems to just grab a hold of her as best she can, and pays no attention to details in her attempt to finish the young girl off.

With the defenseless clone firmly clenched in her arms, she just jumps upwards and then plummets down, seeking to simply kill the clone by making her hit the ground head first as hard as possible. Regardless of the terrified clone’s screams, she has no measure or control over the amount of force used, giving herself totally to gravity as she gets her head driven into the floor. The young clone screams in terror as her head hits the ground.

To make things much worse for the clone, in the sloppy position adopted by Aika, the girl is far too below her and her head hangs freely, with nothing to encase it as it hits the ground. As uncomfortable as it might be to the girl in question, it must be said that the position does allow us a clean and unobstructed vision of her large breasts as they bounce and jiggle in response to the impact. This also gives us a great look at the over all physique of the clone. While all the Karen clones look almost identical, aside from small differences, this angle allows us to see in more detail the physical details. It’s clear that her breasts were perky and soft as her breasts giggle aggressively at impact. Her thin torso is complimented by her thick legs. Sadly, this is view is violently interrupted as the young clone is slammed into the ground.

The clone hits the ground head first, but since she has it slightly tilted backwards as she screams in fear, the impact hits her square in the face. This causes her neck to bend further back, and the whole head turns backwards instead of to the front, as it should ideally be in this case.

Unfortunately for the clone, the affair is far from over, as Aika is yet to touch the ground. Sadly, as the clone is facing the same direction as her, the head turned backwards means that the poor girl has found her head precisely below the plummeting Salvager. Their bodies being strongly pressed against one another, it means that, even if we do not get to see it, there is only one way for things to turn out. As the clone is lying on the ground pretty much done for, Aika's ass has no other option but to land right on top of the back of her neck, further increasing the pressure on the spine, now unmercilessly trapped between the hard floor and the whole weight of the Salvager.

The normal thing in this cases would be for the body to naturally straighten itself up, by collapsing downwards and hitting the floor, releasing the tension caused by the nearly unthinkable position. If this was the case the clone may have lived. However, since Aika still has the clone firmly grabbed by the waist, this is impossible, and as the Salvager continues to strongly clutch the shaking girl out of fear she might get up, she further racks up pressure to the neck's vertebrae. A series of cracks and snaps ensure as Aika squeezes tight to the girl’s thin torso. You can hear the clone moan and whimper in pain as she trembles in shock, still firmly grabbed by Aika. The girls thick legs desperately flail around as her body struggles to absorb the impact. This continues as she cries whimpers as her vertebrae is painfully slowly shattered into a million pieces. Luckily for her, she does not hold up much longer, as her body is unable to take much more and finally succumbs.

With a final snap the tense Salvager finally feels the young clone go limp in her arms, the clone makes one final moan as the air leaves her body and her legs collapse. Aika's face ends up in front of her ass, as opossed to her crotch, so her legs crumble freely and not on top of the Salvager. This is why Aika has no need to move her to get up, and we always see her on the same position afterwards. We see the deceased clone several other times in the final scene in this unnatural position with her neck completely snapped out of position and her legs spread with her ass in the air. It is hard to tell for sure from the distant images but it appears as if the clone soiled herself posthumously.
It can then come as no surprise the poor girl subjected to probably the most brutal and unnecessary death in the whole series.


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