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Hello. I found this game from my lurking mission in ulmf forums.

The game is rpg game, much like VH

Recuirements rpg maker 2000

H-Scenes are animated sprites, and it has the same kind of charter status as in VH. When you get naked or pregnant it displays the charter in right side of screen

Game is fully english. It is not yet complete game, and movement is bit choppy still, but its verymuch playable.

Controls: z, for attack / interract, x for cancel / open item menu.

Combat is ( yet again VH reference xD ) samekind as in VH

Link to creators site with latest updates ( Download is from the litle ZIP icon, there is http icon right side of it. took me 20 mins to figure it out lol. https://github.com/gegerlan/aog dog_anim_02.png naga 2.png pregnant.png Untitled.png Untitled2.png
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Wht exactly does VH stand for? Sorry am not really diverse with all the games here in the forums. By the way interesting game. Any chance you could explain the basic mechanics of the game?
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If you are in guild, you wont get gameover from, getting killed by monster. But, there are scenes and triggers, that will result gameover if you make wrong choice. This game is been in development only few months, so this is still in early alpha. The main questline ends after you leave village.


Has anyone managed to find the 16 library books you need to get to learn magic? I found 14 of them but cant find the last 2. In case you dont know what im talking about the girl on the first floor of the magic library will talk about books the first time you talk to her but garnet will talk about learning magic the 2nd time you talk to her.

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Actually, darklink, there are 19 books, and it'd help if we knew which ones you already have. As a general rule, though, each building has one or more, and two are harder to find, one in the zombie crypt, and another in the pig barn.


let's see i have the one right by the book girl, the krypt, the pig barn, 2 at garnets bed, another in her bathroom, one in the sword room, one one the shelf next to the piano in her house , one in the inn 2nd floor, one from the maid in the guild, one from the farmer in the house,one at the old mans table in the bar,one in the bookshelf in felix's house, and one on the table on the 2nd floor of his house.


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Feb 3, 2010
Can someone post a save where i can see the scene with the lamias from the screenshot? The lag I get makes it impossible for me to fight.


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Jun 18, 2011
I have this suspicion that most of the art for H-scenes is not used. So right now H-scenes are only done at pixel-sized level (only the actual character, and no image to the right). But I could be wrong. Check out the graphics folder, this is where those three pictures are from.


the dog and lamia one's actually are in use in game, and the game does not end immediately after exiting the orc cave, you can proceed along the road and find the lamia cave and the next city, as well as a cave with slimes and an empty farm house :)
uploading copies of save game at dog in a minute

please note dog file is currently set to slot 4, to change what slot it goes in change the number to 1-4 depending on the desired slot and if all your slots are full backup your saves in a seperate folder or rename them to avoid overlap and loss of data.
save files go int ./gegerlan-aog-eae2c4d/game/
Dog- Save4.rxdata

I am now searching for the lamia scene, the scene i thought was it wasn't it. Will upload when i find the lamia's.
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The Lamia Scene where the Picture at the Top is from the first Town..one Quest is that u should help an "old" lady clear her kitchen from rats and a lamia..when u come to her u can say that u are from the guild, u can help her OR u can help her IF she will pay u for it.. if u choose that one u get to the scene


can someone please tell me the locations of the other books? i already listed the ones i have found.
i think there is one more in the sword room. and one in barracks.

oh... and in the library
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Jun 26, 2011
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everytime i try to run this game it says it failed because it can not load a script :( Did i download the wrong thing? Cause all i did was click on zip and saved it and its still not working.
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