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[PC] Adventures of anise

Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by rnbloodwolf, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. rnbloodwolf

    rnbloodwolf Guest

    This is a cool new little game made by the same developers who made Splatter school, except without the guro.

    The controls are as follows, Z-jump, X-Attack, C-cast spells, V-change spells, Up+Z is a flying kick acts as a super jump that can be used in addition to double jump, Down+Z is to slide attack, Z+Z in midair is double jump, while in midair press down twice controls are finicky but you'll make a powerful drop down attack with Anise's Ass LOL. I think S was pause

    Just like in splatter school there contains a separate folder with a save file it contains Anise at full level I highly recommend you use this will make several levels easier. You save the game by going to the world map and selecting the second option, from there it will take you you to a option screen. And its the first one at the top to save it should look like this (セーブ) to return to the main screen press the button that looks like this つづきから. The option that costs 200 is to buy skills and the one that cost 20 is extra lives which you WILL use LOL.

    The cloud level is a bit bugged once you get to the part where the clouds begin to float you up DO NOT JUMP and I repeat DO NOT JUMP, found this out the hard way for some reason the game doesn't acknowledge that as clear flooring and if your jump takes you above the floor then theres a good chance that the game will make you fall through the clouds preventing you from going forward and have to redo the level.

    Now all thanks goes to MajorKagami at [Incomplete] The Adventures of Anise (アニスの冒険) - Page 3 - The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums he was the one who uploaded it as a Xmas present :3 Just wanted you guys to know about this game


    For all info Pics and demo and vid look here
  2. In a way, it reminds me of Actraiser..
  3. bleeb

    bleeb Guest

    nice, but I open the game and it won't let me move around or click anything on the menu
  4. yinyangheart

    yinyangheart Guest

    I've downloaded The Adventure of Anise.,

    here's the link
    The Adventure of Anise – Side Scroll H Action Game | ToonLust - free Hentai, Anime, 3D toon porn videos, Hentai Games

    download it from filemonster., ;)

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    there seems to be a problem.,

    no double jump and i can't load my save game.,

    i might try to run it in applocale., ;)

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    oh you have to purchase the flying jump., applocale fixed the load and save game :)
  5. DeepSoul

    DeepSoul Potential Patron

    Jan 4, 2012
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    If you use the extra save file, how do you load another level?
  6. bleeb

    bleeb Guest

    anyone else unable to click anything on the game? or move around to select each of the menu options?
  7. yinyangheart

    yinyangheart Guest

    i don't know how to load another level., whenever i finished the stage i can't select the area.,

    i haven't completed the game though

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    seems i don't have problems clicking menu options
  8. amorant501

    amorant501 Ryonani Teamster

    Nov 4, 2010
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    I had issues clicking things, like others seem to have. Worked fine with my keyboard once I unplugged my game pad. . .
  9. bleeb

    bleeb Guest

    I don't have a game pad, so I wonder how to fix it
  10. fullmetal

    fullmetal Guest

    How do you actually get everything without finishing the entire game? Is that I can't read japanese at all, and I don't know how to load a game nor buy stuff. Is there a way to actually cheat in the game? If not, then could someone share their save file? Why am I asking so much? Thanks.
  11. Mefisto

    Mefisto Guest

  12. bleeb

    bleeb Guest

    so no one else here knows how to fix the unclickable menu issue?
  13. rnbloodwolf

    rnbloodwolf Guest

    The menu itself is unclickable you have to use the keyboard, as for going to extra levels there is no level select instead just do what I did Save at the end of each level and copy and paste that to a new folder example. Level 1 folder, level 2 folder all the way through level 9... and whenever you want to play a level place the file into the suggested file folder and then replace that with another save file from one of the various level folders. hopes this helps :3
  14. Neonie

    Neonie Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 25, 2010
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    There are quite a lot of menu options, what do they all do?
    Also it is too bad the animations are only after you lose all your hearts, would be cool if there was a way to get those without having to lose all your hearts.
  15. bleeb

    bleeb Guest

    I've clicked every button on my keyboard while this was open and nothing happens, just that intro thing of villagers then orc things plays over and over, every so often
  16. Celegar

    Celegar Potential Patron

    Jan 1, 2012
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    is it just me, or the name of this game pronounced suspiciously like adventures of anus?