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[Flash/Browser] Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault Aria

Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by alukardxisd, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. alukardxisd

    alukardxisd Guest


    Hello Guys! I am new here and I bring a fantastic game to who don't know.
    This game is called ARIA ( Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault) Is a very good game with all hentai scenes animated!! and it's free!!
    Here the developer site : SpiralVortexPlay
    On Newgrounds : Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault
    Some walkthrough(but I think is outdated ) : ARIA Walkthrough | SpiralVortexPlay
    and the patreon : https://www.patreon.com/vortex00
    The download for the version 2.2 will be posted soon

    This game is getting additional content and hentai animations.
    Arielle side story + hentai
    Amp side story + hentai
    Lynn hentai

    And have rape scenes but only for patreons. Hope you guys like because I liked so much.
    And sorry for bad english