Add Him template to Animtools objects?


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Jan 23, 2016
I'm a long time lurker who has been thinking of maybe finally contributing something by drawing new objects like new chairs and whatnot for the Animtools (if anyone's interested in putting them in, I'm a novice in coding.) Thinking of objects to draw I started wondering if its possible to add the Him template as an object itself. As in you would have a Him in standing motion, that would essentially be like a chair or a table?
Object tab already has tools to stretch and rotate an object so you could already get quite creative with it. Like for instance with a Him Object you could make group sex scenes without having to put a second guy with second set of controls for him in the Animtools, 5 min in photoshop example:


The guy under her would not be a second Him, but basically just a "chair" or "Sybian" that looks like Him. Also you could add all Him templates with both colors, Cock A and Cock B (maybe the fatty ones too) and you could have even more dudes on the screen and you could do something like this with it:


Himtemplate object + HimSizer and you could create scenes with a bunch of giant ogres having group sex with an elf. You could do a lot of creative stuff with it, only problem the Object Him would not move at all. It could be an easy way to setup different kind of group sex scenes for any player who is familiar with the Animtools chairs and tables.

Second question is, is it possible to add animated loops within an animtools object? As in could there be a Him template doing a back and forth option, or something like make a chair with vibrating dildos? Or is it strictly vectors or pngs/jpgs only?
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