[PC] [ACT][Unity3D][Anime] Elina: Return of Succubus


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May 11, 2020

This game will be quite big. There will be character transformations, succubus powers, huge bosses.

Game has adult content all voice acted

File on MEGA

Freeflow combat system with sex combo finishers (sounds confusing but it's lit.)
Procedural generated levels
Fully customizable clothing loadouts

-How long has the game been in development?
The game has been in development since December 2019. I believe the game has way more content to make. I released this may version publically and I even refunded every single patron this month for it.

-What is your future plan?
I will keep working on this for another 1-2 years providing content on a monthly basis exclusively at patreon.

-What about your newgrounds?
(It wont have any of the full game because file size limits, my recommendation: try the free public build above)
But if you want its here DEMO Elina: Return of Succubus

-I want a more recent build!
Support and newer GAME builds : Witch Studios is creating Elina: Return of Succubus, a 3D H-Game with intense action | Patreon




Strip Clubs


First Person Mode


Fuck Machines

General Game overview - 2020-04-14 18-38-54_1 - Streamable
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