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A Guide to Making Dialogues

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by EO, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Nov 17, 2011
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    For the sake of everyone's convenience, I thought someone should create a single resource for dialogue building. Then I figured, it may as well be me. So here goes:

    Open up new text file, or better yet, export the default dialogue from the game or open someone else's dialogue as a template. Do this in Notepad, or else the saved file will be gibberish and the game won't recognize it.

    By default the game will add your dialogue to the currently loaded dialogue, so generally you'll want to clear the currently loaded dialogue instead. The easiest way is to add this line anywhere in the text file:


    Alternatively, if you only want to clear certain types of dialogue (see below), use the format


    For example:

    intro:"CLEAR" or

    This is what your dialogue will be called in game. Use the format:


    These are the prompts for her to say different kinds of lines:

    intro - When idle, before any deep-throating happens ("during initial resistance").
    general - When idle, after deep-throating happens (once you see a "first_throat" dialogue).
    restart - When you continue after ejaculating.
    cough - Inserted into lines to represent coughing.
    interrupt - Inserted into lines when she's interrupted.
    resistance - When you/she pulls out, before any deep-throating happens.
    first_throat - When the first time her throat is hit (and I think until you/he goes all the way down).
    first_dt - What she says on the first full deep throat.
    pull_off - Somewhat unclear. I think any pull-out when deep-throating that doesn't satisfy the conditions for held, vigorous, etc. dialogue (Kona: "After actively pulling off.")
    held - What she says after you hold her down (i.e. with spacebar).
    wake - What she says when waking up, after she's passed out.
    vigorous - What she says after vigorous deepthroating (i.e. continuously fast deep-throating).
    pre_cum - What she says when your screen does that white, flashy thing before he cums.
    cum_on_face - When he comes on her face (she'll continue saying cum_on_face lines until he's finished ejaculating, so you may consider making these lines a little long).
    cum_in_mouth - After he comes in her mouth and pulls out.
    cum_in_throat - After he comes in her throat and pulls out.
    cum_in_eye - When he comes in her eye. You may consider making these short so she'll say some "cum_on_face" dialogue afterwards.
    cum_in_nose - I can't seem to trigger this. I assume this is suppose to happen when he CIMs and cum squirts out her nose.
    swallow - When she swallows after he cums.
    drool - What she says when you tilt her head down and she drools out his cum.

    For proper formatting, add a new line as:

    type:"Your dialogue."

    for example:

    Make sure you use quotation marks at beginning and end only and that there are no unnecessary spaces, or this will mess things up.

    "*FINISHES*" substitutes a different word or phrase into the line, depending on how many times your character has finished, so if you have a line like

    restart:"Again? But you already finished *FINISHES*!"

    it will appear in game as

    "Again? But you already finished once!"
    "Again? But you already finished twice!"
    "Again? But you already finished three times!"

    depending on how many times he has finished. To change the text inserted, make lines that say

    finish:"CLEAR" (removes already loaded "finish" lines)



    and so on, and then


    for any finishes in excess of what you included in the "finish(x)" lines.

    *YOU* *YOUR* *ME* AND *MY*:
    *YOU* and *ME* lines substitute either your name or the character's name, respectively, into the text.

    You can set your name in game, in the "Custom" tab under "Dialogue name." For custom characters, you can set her name in the Code.txt file with the command "charName:_______;".

    Anyhow, an example:

    intro:"Stupid *YOU*! *ME* hates you!"

    appears as

    "Stupid Shinji! Asuka hates you!"

    assuming the player entered his name as Shinji and selected Asuka (and assuming that the character refers to herself in third person...... whatever, it's an example).

    If no player name is entered, nothing will appear instead of the *YOU* wildcard. So, it's worth noting that extra characters can be included inside the asterisks. So that, if a player name isn't entered, a line like

    pull_out:"How am I doing*, YOU*?"

    will appear in game as

    How am I doing?

    If no character name is entered in the Code.txt file, the game will use one of the standard character names (probably "SD chan").

    *YOUR* and *MY* lines operate the same, but use the possessive form of the name (i.e. "Shinji's" or "Asuka's").

    You can substitute text into a line by using brackets in the text, for example, if you wanted to insert a random number, you could make a line like

    intro:"The number you're thinking of is [NUMBER]."

    and then other lines like


    and so on, so that the game will insert one of those numbers at random. Unfortunately, the game puts it as a new line, after the other text in the line, so a line like

    intro:"Uhm... [NUMBER] is my favorite number!

    will appear as, for example

    Uhm... is my favorite number!

    To get around this, format it like so:

    NUMBER:"Uhm... one is my favorite number!"
    NUMBER:"Uhm... two is my favorite number!"
    NUMBER:"Uhm... three is my favorite number!"

    You can also redirect to one of the standard dialogue lines in a similar fashion. For example:

    general:"Want some dirty talk? How about this......[vigorous]"

    will display the "general" line and then a "vigorous" line.

    You can tell her to adopt a certain mood by inserting [NORMAL_MOOD], [ANGRY_MOOD], [HAPPY_MOOD], or [AHEGAO_MOOD] into a line. You can to it anywhere in the line, and the character will switch moods at that point in the line.
    For example, a line like this will work:

    intro:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Oooo, I can't wait to get that into my mouth! [AHEGAO_MOOD]Give it to me now!"

    You can also have her do various things with the following commands:
    [BLINK] - She blinks.
    [COUGH] - She coughs, and the game inserts cough text.
    [WINCE] - She briefly shuts her mouth and furrows her brow.
    [SHOCK] - She briefly makes a wide-eyed, surprised expression.
    [CLOSE_EYES] - She closes her eyes (and they stay closed, I don't think there's an opposing [OPEN_EYES] command).
    [SWALLOW] - She swallows (the animation takes a few seconds and the text waits for the animation to finish before continuing).
    [CLENCH_TEETH] - She clenches her teeth for a moment, preventing further penetration. I think this might bug out the text, but test for yourself.
    [TAP_HANDS] - She taps her hands on her/his legs, as she does when held down for too long.
    [LOOK_UP] - She looks up at him and continues to do so.
    [LOOK_DOWN] - She looks "down" and continues to do so (more forward than down).
    [ARMS_BACK] - Positions her arms behind her back.
    [ARMS_LEGS] - Positions her arms on her legs.
    [ARMS_HIS_LEGS] - Positions her arms on his legs.
    [ARMS_LOOSE] - Causes her arms to hang loose.

    Some characters, namely quotes, asterisks, and colons can't be put inside a dialogue line since the game uses them for it's dialogue logic. So use these URL encoded characters:

    %22 = "
    %2A = *
    %3A = :
    %0A = Text continues on a new line (equivalent to hitting 'Enter' in word processing).

    So, if you want an intro line to say
    "Huh? What's a "cock"?"

    write it like this:
    intro:"Huh? What's a %22cock%22?"

    I'll explain through an example. Let's say you're making a daughter-incest dialogue, but then perhaps you want to make her a stepdaughter, or a niece, or a friend's daughter, or a daughters friend......

    For the most part, it's essentially the same dialogue. They all involve taboo sex with a much younger woman, so much of the dialogue could be interchangeable between these situations, but some lines are going to be rather specific. You could copy/paste the whole dialogue into multiple files and slightly alter each one, or you could do this:

    Make a line in the main body of text like

    and a set of lines at the beginning of the text file like this
    INTRO1:"We shouldn't be doing this, I'm your daughter!" (daughter situation)
    -INTRO1:"We shouldn't be doing this, I'm your niece!" (niece situation)
    -INTRO1:"We shouldn't be doing this, I'm your daughter's best friend!" (daughter's BFF situation)

    You'll notice that the second two lines have a dash at the beginning. This makes them invalid commands, so that the "intro" line will only be directed to the "daughter" line. Then, if the user wants the "niece" situation, s/he can just move the dashes around, so it looks like this:

    -INTRO1:"We shouldn't be doing this, what if mom finds out?" (daughter situation)
    INTRO1:"We shouldn't be doing this, what if my dad finds out?" (niece situation)
    -INTRO1:"We shouldn't be doing this, what if your daughter finds out?" (daughter's BFF situation)

    The real benefit of this is that if the user wants a slightly different situation that you didn't think of, he can easily put in a new line without having to go through the whole text file to make changes. For example, maybe the girl is his son's girlfriend. The user can make a new line, and the set will looks like this:

    -INTRO1:"We shouldn't be doing this, what if mom finds out?" (daughter situation)
    -INTRO1:"We shouldn't be doing this, what if my dad finds out?" (niece situation)
    -INTRO1:"We shouldn't be doing this, what if your daughter finds out?" (daughter's BFF situation)
    INTRO1:"We shouldn't be doing this, what if your son finds out?" (son's GF situation)

    Last thing to mention is that if you want to give the user the option of eliminating any specifically taboo dialogue, you can add a line like this.


    This would redirect the game to select one of the other (presumably more generic) intro lines you've made.

    USING *FINISHES* FOR ESCALATING DIALOGUE (I got this idea from raziel_seven)
    Again, an example to explain: Let's say you want her to say something more and more desperate on every restart dialogue. You can do something like this:

    Make the restart line read

    Then use the "finish" lines in such a fashion:
    finish1:"Again? You're going to wear me out!"
    finish2:"Twice isn't enough?! My throat can't take much more!"
    finish3:"You're STILL hard?! Please, I...... I need a break at least."
    finish4:"Seriously, no more! I'll even let you do anal, just not my throat!"
    finishOther:"Again...?! I think I'm getting blisters on my throat already......."

    MAKING BACK AND FORTH DIALOGUE (thanks to booster, or whoever originated this idea)
    By using *YOU* and *ME* commands with the "%0A" coding (begins a new line) you can make back and forth dialogue between him and her. Booster's example:

    intro:"*YOU*: Come on *ME*, you promised me, you would help me with my stress!
    %0A*ME*: Yes *YOU*, but are you sure this will help you?"

    will appear in game as:
    Anon: Come on SDT-Girl, you promised me, you would help me with my stress!
    SDT-Girl: Yes Anon, but are you sure this will help you?

    People have noted though that her lips do still move during the male's part of the dialogue, but hey, sometimes something isn't everything that you want.

    Whew...... hooray for giant OPs. That's all boys and girls. I think I've covered about everything, but let me know if I missed something. Also, feel free to share your own creative uses of dialogue logic.
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    I have a problem with the dialogues,
    well... i download a lot of dialogues but i can put it in a easy way :/
    And if i put "Log" dont load any word u.u
    Its a problem of my sdt?
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    Just so you know... dialogue help is in this thread.


    EOs thread is long out of date and Eo hasnt been around over a year...
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    Never mind then, i just solve the problem myself -w-
    Thanks for reply :)
  5. Thanks for the explanation. I'm planning on writing something now. I hope to post it when I've got it worked out.