[PC] 3DXCHAT a virtual world private server game


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Feb 7, 2014
Come join us for some Virtual world chat,hanging out, party and dance even more fun is sex.

Here's the client which is 7zipped and ready to play once you extract it.

IPChange Patch for the previous clients please extract it to your 3DXChat locations and overwrite it.

sorry guys there's a new IPchange patch for the new servers locations has been planned please download it.

Downloads ZeroTier at ZeroTier – Global Area Networking and install it. Then right-click ZeroTier One icons on your bottom-right status bar select Join network.
My network ID: 1d719394049d80c7

People on Windows 7 and 8.1 may need to do doubles installations because sometimes first installation doesn't install the zerotier one adapter onto your network connections. Always make sure you checks that if not your ZT won't work properly.

Register a 3DXCHAT account at
For the email usernames please do not use capital letters/uppercase for first letter because login servers only accept lowercase letters.
when you're login via the client capital or lowercase letters are acceptable, only during register capital letters/uppercase for the first letter won't work if used and accounts is made.
you can make up any email to register it because it doesn't need to be a valid e

For example, IF an email used during registration with [email protected] and successful made then this account cannot use on clients login because it contains J as capital\uppercase.

Lastly, please have fun and make new friends...


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Feb 7, 2014
Those whose has been on my Radmin VPN, I'm no longer using it because Radmin VPN hosts from Russia and sometimes it causing too lags. ZeroTier has worldwide servers and it solves these problems easily. I'm hope to hangout with all of you again.
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