[PC] 3DXCHAT a virtual world private server game


Casual Client
Feb 7, 2014
Come join us for some Virtual world chat,hanging out, party and dance even more fun is sex.

Here's the client which is 7zipped and ready to play once you extract it.

before you do that you need to join my Radmin VPN gaming network which is
3DXCHAT and password is: 123abc

Download Radmin VPN from their official website at Radmin VPN | Download Free VPN
Installation of Radmin VPN is super simple and straightforward, it doesn't need register an accounts with them. After you installed RadminVPN, go to Network-->Join an existing network--->private network then you enter my network's name and password.

Register a 3DXCHAT account at
For Usernames please do not use capital letters/uppercase for first letter because login servers only accept lowercase letters.
when you're login via the client capital or lowercase letters are acceptable, only during register capital letters/uppercase for the first letter won't work if used and accounts is made.

lastly, please have fun and make new friends...
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