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Variable auto-mode 1.1

Requires DialogueActions v.4.09dev10. The nature of this dialogue means that it tends to keep a blank dialogue box on the screen all the time; if you want to remove this, use the dialogue in conjunction with DialogDisplayEdit v5, and set alpha for both text and box to 0.

The dialogue sets the game to alternate between auto modes with random chance, specified by the user, and allows customisation of the girl's behaviour upon ejaculation.

The variables in the initial_settings can be adjusted to change the behaviour:

- softPercent, normalPercent, hardPercent, selfPercent: The chance of switching to the given mode (these don't need to add up to 100, you can set them low to make the changes less frequent. High values will make the changes frequent and possibly a bit abrupt.)

- pleasureThreshold: this determines when he ejaculates. It's set to 98 by default; you might want to set it a little bit lower if the girl has very low resistances or hard auto mode has high probability, as the time for SDT to process lines may be slower than the time for him to ejaculate, causing her not to react in time.

- swallowShallowChance, swallowHalfChance, swallowFullChance, facialChance: these are percentage chances of each reaction to ejaculation. They need to add up to 100.

- rand: This controls which options for the girl's reaction to ejaculation are available.
- set to 25: any of facial, full DT, halfway down, at the tip
- set to 33: last three options only
- set to 50: last two options only
- between 50 and 99: at the tip only

You can switch these around - you'd need to change the ordering of the cum_decide_ lines.

By default, she will stay in those positions for twelve seconds, then slowly go back to normal. To change that time, modify the "sh:12s" in the SET_MOVE_ you want to modify to be e.g. sh:6s for six seconds.

- swallowChance: chance for her to swallow upon ejaculation.
- tongueOutCIMChance / tongueOutFacialChance: chance for her to stick her tongue out upon coming in her mouth/throat or facial respectively.

Known Issues

It's occasionally possible due to auto mode's limitations that the girl will miss the penis upon an ejaculation and the cum ends up in her hair instead. Not common, but can occasionally happen - I'll try to figure out a solution to that.
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Latest updates

  1. Reworked version

    Rewrote the dialogue to not use the da.ejaculating variable (as it's not always fast enough)...
  2. Bug fix

    Fixed a typo that caused the dialogue to break after the first ejaculation.
  3. Changed defaults

    Changed the default values to be more balanced, users can then adjust to their liking.
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