DigitalSmutExports is very proud to present the Valkyrie dynamic hair.

It's fully RGB adjustable using the tonguepiercing sliders for the hair and the gag sliders for the headband (since it's compatible with lots of headwear mods despite the headband). Both the front strand and the braids are animated.

This took a lot of time and effort but I'm super happy with the result. I hope you'll like it too. If you do, please don't hesitate to give a rating or a like.

This goes very well with the Valkyrie Crown.
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  1. 2 bug fixes and minor touchups

    - Fixed an (embarassing) issue where the scalp poked out just the tiniest bit. - Fixed a strand...

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It's a really good mod, great job with this one! Just one question though, where is the headband in the 2nd screenshot from?
Thank you! The other one is an upcoming mod.
This looks awesome. I am not a fan of RGB adjustable hairs (besides accessories like the headband) so I was wondering if it would be possible to release a brunette version of this hair? Thanks. Also how come 1 screen shot has a different headband is that a separate mod?
Thanks! I could consider releasing a little pack with different colors. If you want you can PM me RGB values for fill, shade, highlight and outline for the brunette version. As for the alternate headband that's an upcoming mod (that will have an animated sparkle for the jewel if all goes to plan).
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