Valkyrie Crown

Valkyrie Crown 1.0

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A headband with a jewel attached at the forehead. As the tagline says that jewel has a little animation. It will periodically catch the light and give off a little twinkle.

It's RGB adjustable using the primary headwear slider for the headband and the secondary one for the jewel.

As is often the case with headwear that goes around the head it's hit and miss how well it fits with different hairs and it was really designed primarily to go with the Valkyrie Dynamic Hair (which you should download and try anyway since it's my SDT mod pride and joy).

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Very nice, indeed. Looks fantastic with the wings and armor. Also the whole composition of the character with the hair color and the dramatic background is simply breathtaking.
Thanks a lot for sharing your work.
How could I have missed this? Glad I found it now. Very beautiful like the hair you did as a match. The idea with the animation/twinkle gives it an extra nice touch. Just lovely. Thank you a lot.