Unwilling Payment

Unwilling Payment 2.1

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Heavily edited version of Antimatter42's "Proper Payment" dialogue. Scenario is the same, a wealthy widow is too greedy to part ways with her money, so she pays the poolboy with pleasure. Unlike "Proper Payment however, she is NOT happy or nice about it.

This is the first dialogue I have written in years, so it's rather basic.

Requires dialogueactions and moremoods to function properly. Character code can be anything you want which fits the scene, but was made with my Ms. Milford character in mind. Check my code thread for her current version.

Please let me know if you come across any issue, and I will try to fix them. Thank you, and enjoy!

Hank East
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  1. Reupload

    Reupload cuz I goofed.
  2. New lines + changes to old ones

    Added a lot of new lines to pretty much every line type + changed her thought lines to speech...
  3. Fixes and added lines

    Fixed a few more things I missed last time. Also added pull up/down and handjob lines, which I...

Latest reviews

Very good! Would like to maybe see some more back-and-forth for "authenticity" but otherwise very well written! Kudos!!!
A little late to the review party here, but I have to say, your version is much better than mine. My version was written during a time when I was still learning dialogue writing, so I may or may not update it, but that's besides the point. Good job!
Hank East
Hank East
Thanks for the review! And better late than never, right?