Traveller/Aether Outfit

Traveller/Aether Outfit 2021-03-05

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This mod requires the Loader and Template Extension to run.


Shot of his right hand:

A pre-set folder can be found here: MEGA
This mod, obviously, is a touch different from my other mods. While it has a pre-made folder, the folder in a vacuum doesn't customize the girl. The 3 components in the folder (the Mod itself, the Mods.txt file, and the Code.txt) can be added to another custom character folder to add this mod to that folder (i.e. for pairing Aether with, say, Amber, like the game seems to want to).

Do note that if the folder this is being added to already has a Mods.txt or a Code.txt, you will instead need to combine the text in my version of the file with the text in yours. Thankfully, the Code.txt line can just be appended to the end of an existing code without issue. (Unless there's an upper limit for code length. But that's a bridge I don't feel like crossing today.)

If you are unable to see part of the costume, make sure the guy's clothing has been set to "none" (for all pieces) in-game.
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Very nice. Always nice to have some options for customizing him for specific scenes. Excellent work!