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Takashima Shigure Dynamic Hair

Takashima Shigure Dynamic Hair 1.0

Answer to Rudgar Rudgar 's request. Based on IndianaJames Shigure Static Hair
Special thanks to @Faceless and @sby for their help with this mod.

Sans titre-1.jpg

Loader: required
Animtools rotation compliance:
360 degrees.
Costume Items: The hair pin can be toggled on/off by SHIFT-Clicking it.
Included code: Loading this mod automaticaly adjust her eyebrows and eyes colors.

Important note:
This dynamic hair mod uses the OVEREXTENDED layer from sby loader mod template, in order to ensure that the long hair strands fall above her forearm, therefore, it is only loader compatible.
If you load this mod with the vanila game, the ear lock hair strands layers will not show up.
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Latest reviews

I love this mod. Thank you for creating her. I look forward for more cool mods^^
Looks terrific. However I think it's much much better to make 2 versions rather than one with the ability to toggle elements on and off. Mods with that kind of interactivity makes the game move at glacial speed pretty much. Just my 2 cents. The execution is great though.
The toggle on/off ability is native, so there is no heavy addition to the mod about that. If it would be too slow with an accessory, you just have to hide it by SHIFT-Clicking and flash wouldn't have to calculate for its display. Currently, the number of vectors for the hairpin is so low that's it's irelevant about this mode ^^
Amazing! I just LOVE it! Thanks! Merci! Merci beaucoup!
You're very welcome. Thank you :)
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