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SpitFix 1

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Original mod made by @some_dude to fix a shading error in spit that would cause it to become white. This occurs in vanilla and the loader and particularly in SDTL when launching or loading a character. The mod works by automatically toggling strand shades back and forth keeping the user setting. Simply place in you INT folder and add to your mods.txt.
The Hacker Known As Snow
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(Tip: Put this mod into two additional folders named "$OVER$" & "$RESET$", so this mod will re-apply itself whenever you change character or click reset button.)
The Hacker Known As Snow
The Hacker Known As Snow
This should not be necessary because the mod is persistent.
Love the idea of this as the shader error is very annoying, however, it seems like this mod doesn't work. Can't load it using the mods.txt or load it manually. Please update this as I'd love to have a working version.
The Hacker Known As Snow
The Hacker Known As Snow
Thanks for the review, The mod doesn't get listed in green in the top right when starting the game but it does indeed get loaded. If you load it as a swf I'm not sure how it will behave. The triggers are startup and loading a scene folder. If anyone else has issues let me know.