Spider-Gwen (Into the Spider-Verse) hair

Spider-Gwen (Into the Spider-Verse) hair 2.0

Spider-Gwen as she appears in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (partial shaved off).
(the mask was edited from here by @polarbear ):

Default (Shaved)
Spider-Gwen Screen.png

Full (Before Shaved)
Spider-Gwen Full Screen.png

Hood Up, Hair (No Mask)
Spider-Gwen Hood Hair Screen.png

Hood Up, Mask (No Hair showing)
Spider-Gwen Hood Mask Screen.png

Hood Up, Mask, Hair (Some hair showing)
Spider-Gwen Hood Mask Hair Screen.png

No Hood, w/Mask
Spider-Gwen Mask Screen.png
download: Spider-Gwen Mask.png

No Hood, w/Mask, w/Hair
Spider-Gwen Mask Hair Screen.png
download: Spider-Gwen Mask Hair.png
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its really good, i just wonder if anyone will eventually make her costume......
This is fantastic! I've been trying to get this kind of hairstyle worked out for so long! One thing that I think would improve it is if you were to make the base (shaved texture part) black (/dark), so that the rgb sliders only affect the longer hair hanging down. That being said, thank you SO much!
thanks; I agree with the shaded part but the hue always changes color unless it's a grayscale color in my experience and it looks weird to me as black. It's actually easy enough to remove the shaded area if a person doesn't like it because it's in it's own quadrant. That said, I am uploading a darker shading as of this comment because it was barely noticeable before.
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