This is a beta version!! As such, the game might still have a few bugs... feel free to report these to me so i can fix them.

Best ran on lowest quality for max FPS. Press “O “ in game and change it. Updates may require a new game for changes to stick.

Note: the game itself has many many more positions than listed here but I selected some main ones to showcase here. Dl the game for a complete archive

Fresh out of prison, you are set up with a new life in Sin City. Buy weapons, sell drugs, pimp girls, and gamble. The choice is yours in Sin City with over 50 girls to interact with and over 600 different positions to play with.

Previews of most sex scenes and more can be seen in my thread ~~~> Sorrowww’s Kama Sutra <~~~

How to Play

Visit various places and talk to people to explore all the options. Raise your various stats to talk to higher level people in the city. The more you talk to people you meet the more they like you, resulting in more things you can do with that person. Automatic save so you can pick up where you left off.

The city works on a 7 day schedule just like real life, meaning every day there are new people to interact with and over 20 different places to visit! Almost every person can be interacted with and every sex scene is dynamic, meaning positions will change depending on the girls mood.

Enjoy the exciting Night Life by visiting the Strip Club for lap dances! Or hit up the Night Club and party with DJ's and the girls of Sin City! Or enjoy the Casino and play real casino games like Slot Machine's and Black Jack!

Be a player in Sin City's seedy Underground Life and earn money selling drugs, pimping women, and pulling off big heists/robberies for crime bosses or become your own!

Enjoy the High Life and Visit the Pool, Laundromat, Airport, Massage Parlour and 24h Gym! or Enrol in classes at Sin U to earn a degree and work as a Lawyer or Doctor!


Strip Club

screenshot0011ie.pngscreenshot0007 (2).pngpvt cg 2b.gifscreenshot0011jgj.png

Night Club

screenshot0003 (2).pngscreenshot0002qwewq.pngscreenshot0008hgt.pngscreenshot0009fjty.png




Buy Weapons/Do Missions

screenshot0014ghk.pngscreenshot0001.pngscreenshot00089.pngclip0240 (2).gif

Sell/do drugs




This download requires Animtools to run, which conveniently can be found here
Alternatively, this download comes in a pre packaged loader bundle (Thanks to @sby ) and is very easy to run as everything is done for you. Check spoiler for details.

1. Dowload file
2. Run Loader.SWF included in download

Special thanks to
- @WeeWillie for various talking lines I straight out used and the scripting I learned from, also for his display mod.
- @sby for all the mods and support frfr
- @Pim_gd for all the support available in the community and teaching me to script this game basically
- @Samoth for answering all my stupid questions
- @tickles for also answering my stupid questions as well as identifying major bugs && overhaul assistance
- @Perdition for his tattoos
-every other member who's clothing/hair is featured
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Bug Fixes and Updates

    New Features - Added updating display mod for gold & stats! - Molly during sex increase girls...
  2. Bug Fixes and Updates

    -Added missing hooker scenes -Revamped car sex system -Added new positions -Removed player car...
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Latest reviews

You've done unbelievable work, it is almost like a new look at SDT game and it is completely different! This is like almost for what I've been waiting to see this game evolve into. Im very glad the game is still alive! And there are some people like you, Sorrowww! I appreciate, this is amazing mod. However, there are some bugs but I hope it is the matter of time, for example:
1. I couldn't control the character during sex, after probably alleyway fight, I had to restart the game. (Or I just broke the trigger with the mouse moving so fast outside the sex scenes).
2. Some poses like doggy style at alleyway, they don't work as intended (it is not affecting arousal meter).
3. Doesn't saves money.
They're kinda smol ones, but Im pretty sure they're solvable, again, thanks for the masterpiece!
Thank you and very glad you enjoy it. I appreciate the bug report as it’s easy for myself to overlook minor details in hundreds of lines
Like it but there are a few bugs. The game stops after buying weapons and at other intervals, like when getting massages and it doesn't seem to like the 'auto buttons'. It also doesn't save the money, when I reload, so I have to start all over again.
Thanks for the report I appreciate it. I’ll look into it
I'm thoroughly enjoying this bundle right now. And have not encountered any bugs worth mentioning (though i haven't played much).
keep up, buddy.
can you add death scene for the girls were you choose to let them live or die i just download it it seem good
Bro, you are doing a very good job, I love the idea, the theme and the mechanics it has.

But there is another bug, about the numbers on the phone.

I don't know when it occurs but it may be random with very little probability or executing a series of specific actions.

It consists of that when you want to call any of the numbers below the first one, the screen goes black and does not let you do anything but call the first one, that if it works well.

PD: The other bugs that I found are those already commented on by other users.

PDD: I don't speak English, but I understand it, sorry.
Very good! I haven't seen a pack this deep in such a long time. Just curious, but is there a way to cheat in the game? I really enjoy it, but with the current workout bug I have no clue how to upgrade my stats
If you know your way around the code then anything's possible. The workout bug is fixed but I'm just adding as much as I can for the next update. Give it a couple days maybe
Such a great dialog, appreciated, man!
P.S.: if we are talking about bugs, i've only met some :
1. bug with 'work out' in the gym, when you press upper one it tells you that it costs 100 and then after pressing lower one nothing happens.
2. In the store buttons work wierd, making you buy alchogol when you pressing the oil button, sometimes before buying oil or by trying to purchase it for second time.
3. Also lil bag is a bit bugged i think, cause it costs 1000 in black market but you can sell it back for in alley for 500 only.
4. And it would be nice if the car cost will be given in magazine))
Thanks for that. Yeah they were brought to my attention and i fixed them already. Adding a few things for an update so in the next couple of days there will be a better version
Ok, this one is maybe the best bundle i've ever seen, keept de good work, i just got one problem, after 5 or 6 nights everytime i try to buy something or try to do something in the strip club, the screen gets black and all the buttons disappear, the button "continue" appear, but it doens't work.
Thank you, appreciate it. I'll look into that, thanks for bringing it to my attention
the button to delete a girl's number does not appear
Noted, tyvm. Another update should be coming soon
I am unable to download the mod somehow, when i press download i only download a single animtools position.
The mod looks great though and i really want to try it out.
The problem is fixed
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