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Sid Meier's Pirates Four Corners mod 27 Sept 2020

Yarr! This mod was updated by themodelcitizen based on the work of jlangsdo at, your resource for all things Pirates! Credit also goes to the salty seadogs Pirate and fleet for their help modding the game, along with the body of knowledge built up o'er the years at that very forum.

In the base mod, jlangsdo moved Barbados a few degrees west, along with making a minor adjustment to the "landscape" file to shift the actual island over. This corrected a glitch where you couldn't land on the island and march to the city.

At one point, jlangsdo also did the same with a created Bermuda and its island, but that mod was lost and then reconstructed over the Barbados mod by themodelcitizen. Eleuthera has been moved and changed to Bermuda, Nassau is Carolina, Leogane is Louisiana, Nevis is Belize, and Gibraltar is Guayana. Game economics seem to work fine, with the AI plying longer trade routes. Feedback is appreciated at the HookedonPirates forum, which also has an East Indies mod available by jlangsdo.

EDIT: Updated to 27 Spt version; the update renmes Nombre de Dios to Tampico and relocates it north of Vera Crus.

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  1. For corners mod for Sid Meier's Pirates, 27 Sept 2020

    Change log. Renamed Nombre de Dios to Tampico and relocated it to north of Vera Cruz.